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GEMBA Note for Business is a state-of-the-art app that can digitize the paper forms and workbooks used for services and industries involving field based activities. The app makes it possible to record information, create flexible to-do lists and to prioritize items and inspection results. Users can transform their notes into sophisticated organization plans, assessment reports, and action lists. The app combines the flexibility of a pen and paper with digital media, capturing directly from your tablet. Audio recording features enable users to capture an accurate record of conversations, environmental sounds, or just spoken notes.

Information comes in many forms, and GEMBA Note is designed to help you capture it quickly and efficiently. Combine structured and unstructured information, such as forms, spreadsheets, sketches, and free format notes. Forms can be designed within the application or imported from PDF and office documents. GEMBA Note is used in a wide variety of industries, including construction, civil engineering, facilities management, surveying, and servicing; to name a few.

Teams can co-edit documents in real time and even use the application as an interactive whiteboard. The Share function of the app is a group collaboration tool for dozens of editors or readers to share information and to visually express their ideas and show their current circumstances through live interactive sessions.

The Development option includes a development environment to create a package that includes customized tag schemas, filters, items, and templates.

The Data Integration option allows you to import data from an external system into GEMBA Note and used to populate custom designed GEMBA Note template page layouts with custom designed layouts. Data updates can by synchronized back to the system records using custom processes.

GEMBA Note utilizes award-winning technology from our Note and Share apps. For personal note-taking, it provides users with the capabilities to annotate PDF documents, hand write or type notes, draw diagrams using a wide selection of pen styles and colors, sketch designs, take photographs, capture web pages, and audio. Mash up all of these information capture approaches in a fully scalable and editable workbook.

Feature Overview:
• Use the included form and paper templates, import your existing forms or create new ones
• Maintain a diary with pages automatically timestamped
• Using the spreadsheet component enter data, automatically calculate results, and perform analysis
• Capture video and audio quickly with voice memos. Easily play within your note pages
• Jump to notes taken on a specific day using the calendar view
• Search for target templates or content using tags, enabling to-do lists and much more
• Customize search conditions
• Write, sketch and draw notes with a variety of pens, paper layouts, and graphics. Includes calligraphy pens and special inks from a vast color palette
• Take photographs using the camera or import existing images straight into your documents
• A vector graphics system (as used in CAD applications) means you can fine tune and edit anything you add
• Move, scale and rotate anything on your page without losing quality
• Import PDF documents as pages in a note, annotate and then save as a new PDF file
• Import multiple PDF documents on the same page for side by side information analysis
• Easily capture text from a keyboard
• Enhanced text formatting options include options to add bullets and increase & decrease indents
• Pre-defined basic shapes library for quick use
• Include web page links and visualizations within a note
• Smart cropping tool for photo editing
• Quickly access frequently used tools and commands, customized for different business scenarios
• Layers are stackable sheets of paper placed on top of each other

Share Features:
• Create teams and share templates, items, and toolboxes between members
• Convert to a Share Note to allow multiple users to visually interact with the documents and add text, handwriting, photos, new pages, graphics, spreadsheets, and any other content types.
• Tools for managing meetings:
Control a meeting by a presenter. The presenter can turn pages of the current Share Note and zoom in and out on the current editor screen
Easily view planned and ad-hoc future and past meetings

Development Features (Option):
• Create a package including contents such as tag schemas, filters, items, and papers
• Deploy packages to users
• Customize user interface

• This application is available on Windows 10
• The app supports Japanese and English
• Pre-installed notes, pages, and items are described in Japanese


GEMBA Note for Business是一款最先进的应用程序,可以将用于服务和涉及基于现场的活动的行业的纸质表格和工作簿数字化。该应用程序可以记录信息,创建灵活的待办事项列表,并确定项目和检查结果的优先级。用户可以将他们的笔记转换成复杂的组织计划、评估报告和行动清单。该应用程序结合了数字媒体的笔和纸的灵活性,直接从您的平板电脑捕捉。音频录制功能使用户能够准确地捕捉对话记录,环境声音,或者只是口语笔记。

信息以多种形式出现,GEMBA Note旨在帮助您快速有效地捕获它。合并结构化和非结构化信息,如表格、电子表格、草图和自由格式注释。表单可以在应用程序中设计,也可以从PDF和office文档中导入。GEMBA Note用于各种各样的行业,包括建筑,土木工程,设施管理,测量和服务; 仅举几例。



数据集成选项允许您将外部系统中的数据导入到GEMBA Note中,并用于使用自定义设计的布局填充自定义设计的GEMBA Note模板页面布局。数据更新可以通过使用自定义过程同步回系统记录。

GEMBA Note利用我们Note和Share应用程序的屡获殊荣的技术。对于个人笔记,它为用户提供了注释PDF文档,手写或键入笔记,使用多种选择的笔样式和颜色绘制图表,素描设计,拍照,捕捉网页和音频。在一个完全可扩展和可编辑的工作簿中混合所有这些信息捕获方法。

• 使用包含的表单和纸质模板,导入现有表单或创建新表单
• 维护与页面自动时间戳的日记
• 使用电子表格组件输入数据,自动计算结果,并执行分析
• 通过语音备忘录快速捕获视频和音频。轻松播放您的笔记页
• 跳转到使用日历视图在特定日期进行的笔记
• 使用标签搜索目标模板或内容,启用待办事项列表和更多
• 自定义搜索条件
• 用各种笔、纸张布局和图形书写、素描和绘制笔记。包括书法笔和来自广阔调色板的特殊墨水
• 使用相机拍照或将现有图像直接导入到您的文档中
• 矢量图形系统 (在CAD应用程序中使用) 意味着您可以微调和编辑添加的任何内容
• 移动,缩放和旋转页面上的任何东西,而不会失去质量
• 将PDF文档作为注释中的页面导入,注释,然后保存为新的PDF文件
• 在同一页面上导入多个PDF文档以进行并排信息分析
• 轻松地从键盘捕获文本
• 增强的文本格式选项包括添加项目符号和增加和减少缩进的选项
• 预先定义的基本形状库快速使用
• 在注释中包括网页链接和可视化
• 用于照片编辑的智能裁剪工具
• 快速访问经常使用的工具和命令,为不同的业务场景定制
• 图层是可堆叠的一张纸,放在彼此的顶部

• 创建团队并在成员之间共享模板、项目和工具箱
• 转换为共享笔记,允许多个用户与文档进行可视化交互,并添加文本,手写,照片,新页面,图形,电子表格和任何其他内容类型。
• 管理会议的工具:
由主持人控制会议。演示者可以翻页当前的Share Note,并在当前编辑器屏幕上放大和缩小

开发功能 (选项):
• 创建一个包,包括标签模式、过滤器、项目和论文等内容
· 向用户部署包
• 自定义用户界面

• 此应用程序在Windows 10上可用
• 该应用程序支持日语和英语
• 预先安装的注释,页面和项目在日语中描述