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Bug fixes and minor improvements.


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Maximize your savings with the Albertsons app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now.

Find your Savings:
· Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout
· Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire
· Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app.
· View your Weekly Ad

Build your Shopping List:
• Using your purchase history
• Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials)
• Adding your own items
• Scan barcodes

Other Features you will find:
• Manage your account
• Store Locator/Gas Locator
• See your Rewards and Savings Summary

*Some features not available in all areas.







The Remodel with More Merchandice💖🙏💖and the Plentiful Fresh Produce, the New Starbucks 🥰👍❤️ and The New App which Rewards me for Every Shopping Trip. It’s way Better and I LOVE shopping There NOW. Mama Jo See You There ☺️😉😘


Efen, Meat Department Manager at Vista Albertsons is outstanding in customer service! He went above and beyond assisting me with meat selection today and checking pricing for me. He was very kind as well!


Although this app is very helpful to get the points needed to reduce prices, it is very difficult to use. it is always synching and once you do just for you coupons, you have to go back to the list and check every box again so you have to do it twice. I find this very annoying that it takes quite some time to do it. It should be a one click process for efficiency.


I can access my special offers with this app for Tom Thumb. I cant do that with the new updated Tom Thumb App. Please do not update this Albertsons app to the new version as you will have a lot of unhappy customers. The Tom Thumb newly updated app has a lot of missing functionality which should have been there.


I looooved the app but ever since the new update, it hasn’t worked. It always says “downloading problem” for the offers. If it worked again, I would love it and I really loved it before. But I can’t do anything with an app that isn’t working


I don’t understand what the developers of this app were thinking outside $$$. Why do you have to add items to your ‘added offers list’, then add them to your your ‘shopping list’ then AGAIN add them to your ‘checked - in store basket’? On what planet does this make sense?? How do you expect older people to use this app efficiently when there are so many steps involved just to add one coupon? Even as a young person, I’ve been struggling to use this app for my mom, and it’s only gotten worse. What are you guys thinking? Who’s forcing you to make horrible design choices like this? Like, it’s obvious what you’re doing.. people think they are getting coupons and deals, then they forget to click each item multiple times into the basket, so they end up spending the extra money, and you still get your precious shopping data. Should be ashamed of yourselves


Since this last update the app crashes every time I try to email my shopping list. Also items listed in the weekly ads are not available to add to the shopping list until 24 hours after newest ad is active. These issues are annoying since I shop primarily at Albertsons.


It is a great app that saves you y


The app is amazing, love the scan option to add deals!


I love using the app I earn a lot of rewards get free things and I save big at the same time💙


Every time I click coupons and savings from them....they never come off at the register and this after I have to click on the savings then put it into my list then click it again to put it in my basket where it clearly is every time I’m checking out with my phone number. And I can’t log out at all. Which I’m trying to do cuz somehow the website has my 6 year ago phone number so I can’t sign out to log back in under the phone number that I’m using now ( which has its own account). So I guess I’m not getting to use the site for savings from just for you and weekly sales. Which is the only reason I use the app for to begin with. Stupid service


Is there a way you can program the Albertsons app so that the deals come up when you’re in that department?


Everyone at the Albertsons 7975 on blue diamond in Las Vegas are all very friendly and helpful. Thank you


Love my store, love the sales loves , loves it just for you ! Everybody is very friendly Lety, Darlene, Cory, Alice, Robert, Pedro, Stephen,Camille ,


I currently scroll through all offers on Wednesday and select each Just For You offer to my list. That way I can make sure I am not missing any offer. Even after doing that I find more offers are added a couple of days later and the new offers are not at the top of the list even if I had selected recently added. An Add All Offers button would make this process faster since I am already added all individually.


Make a iPad version of this app


I find this app time consuming and difficult while shopping and navigating through newly redesigned stores while trying to keep up with the lists. For older people it is easier to circle what I need in the paper ad and move through the store quickly.


Been shopping at Carr’s over 20 years. My store. Palmer and Eagle River


I save more than I spend!


Can’t add to my list by tapping on something in the ad. JustforU additions don’t show up. Works fine on the website but the is broken


Cannot use if you gave existing anything within the Albertsons group if companies. At least with Kroger each grocery entity stands on its own.


Great offers. Pickups curb side is a terrific concept. Meats, dairy and veggies are always fresh and great quality. Everything I ask for is complete or I am alerted item not avail. Or substituted. thanks for taking care of this senior.


Always fresh produce,clean store and fast cashiers


App is hard to follow but not surprising for a store that has let its quality drop precipitously since merging with Safeway. Really sad what Albertsons has become.


Decent app, but half the time the coupons I select don’t apply when I check out. I shouldn’t have to watch the display like a hawk and hold up the line when coupons don’t apply. Not an improvement over paper, which you can at least trust.


The application used to be really easy to use and add coupons. However, they recently updated taking away your option to add rewards. I’m not sure if it was too easy to get money off so they moved it or they thought leaving the application, going to the website to add your rewards, then clicking back to the application was more convenient, it’s not. I wish everything was still included.


I’ve reported the problem numerous times but the error is never fixed. I can’t select any sale items to be added to the grocery list. When I actually received a response to an inquiry they totally misunderstood my complaint. When I tried to clear up their confusion, I never received another response. I guess they don’t care if their app works or not. Can’t wait for the new grocery store to open because I think I’m done with Albertsons


This app makes it soooo easy to save $$$$


Been trying for 6 months. Does recognize the Albertsons store next block.


I love the Just For U Coupons!


Used to love this app but something changed and now I can’t add items from the weekly ad to my list by clicking on it in the ad. Honestly, this was one of the main reasons I used the app and now not so much. Will probably use it just for the “just for you“ ease so I don’t have to clip coupons but for the rest, it’s back to old fashioned pen and paper. Bleh!


Nothing like a maddening app that you are FORCED to use to get the offered price. It’s insane to penalize the olders who aren’t tech savvy. Do you make enough off selling our data to make us want to stop shopping here? Forgot to click AGAIN what you already chose? No, they can’t adjust at the end. You have to “unbuy” your groceries and start all over again. Poor checkout staff.


My Family shops the Carson,Ca store. It’s close to our house and has some good deals. The value really helps us considering we are a family of six. We like the app it helps remind of previously shopped items and shows us deals. But sometimes the app fails to work. Especially if your in the far back of the store. Even if you have the store provided WiFi. It will just fail to connect or not scan items. So we have to wait until we walk closer to the front of the store. Food for thought. Weekly shopper


I saw a sale at checkout requiring download, so they had me, which is the point. Downloaded the app, mid checkout just fine, signed in just fine. But then the checker told me that the coupon had to be used prior to entering my phone number, so that it would have to be a separate transaction. Then I still needed to scan the item, gave permission to access camera, held over the barcode as instructed with and without light and it would not scan anything. So then I just had to ditch the item and will be uninstalling the app. I would have been a user but you need to create a better quick on boarding for people at checkout and it needs to work the first time.


Thanks again.


Love the app but I wish the size could be enlarged for the visually challenged


The app is challenging but I am learning. So keep on learning.


I would like to switch from shopping at Freddy’s to Albertsons/Safeway. I’m spoiled by the FM app where I can create a list that shows actual products and prices. It tallies the grocery bill. And I use it to shop by aisle in the store. Other than getting a few coupons, the Albertsons app is no more useful than making a list in a Notepad app.


ridiculous app. you have to click each item multiple times in multiple pages to get the discount at the store. some idiot must have been hired to write the software


Kind of a limited selection of deli meats. Can you bring in Boar’s Head?


Adrienne G. made me smile Saturday morning in the Alexandria, La store!!! She just said good morning with a smile it really made my day.


I wish I would have tried this sooner!! Fantastic service! I’ll be a frequent flyer of this benefit for sure! THANK YOU!!


Love their produce and sales and Just 4 You app


This is a good app, except that you must choose your coupons, then check them again to actually use them.


As above really


Prices are still a little high but the app helps most of the time worth having


I love to shop at Albertsons! The store setup makes things easy to find. The just for you app is easy to use and has some incredible deals! Check out is the very best and includes self check out. I never wait more than a couple of minutes in line with a cashier. It makes a quick trip to the grocery store possible. I love the workers and most have been there for years. I love using my grocery rewards and getting free groceries!


This app looks clean, but I won’t be using it to buy my groceries online. I don’t understand the list I just want to have a shopping cart. Kind of slow right now, developers can fix this.


The app is stuck on 1/27. It’s not working


The coupons never load and “just for u” coupons conveniently don’t get discounted to final price. Deleted and reinstalled app, still nothing.