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The Sakura Splendor Rewards Pass is in full bloom with all-new exclusive rewards to collect! Join the celebration to reach higher levels and unlock exquisite new Tile Styles, Profile Frames, Stickers and more. Play your best words and experience effortless gameplay with this release’s updates and bug fixes!


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ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever before! Unscramble letters, train your brain and indulge in a plethora of word games and puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Connect with loved ones, expand your vocabulary, and show off your spelling bee skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved classic free word game. May the Best Friend Win.™


► The word games showdown starts here. Challenge your friends and family members to play, or use Smart Match to find your perfect opponent. Unscramble and search for the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword style puzzle!


► Play your best words to complete daily, weekend, and weekly goals to earn keys and unlock exclusive collectible rewards with Rewards Pass! With a new theme every 6 weeks, there is always something new and exciting to collect! Climb the rewards track and collect them all!


► The brain train is moving at full speed! Check out Quick Play, the new home for competitive minigames such as Duels! Tap on over to the Events tab to learn more.


► Play against themed WordMaster characters to test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills in this word puzzle ladder. Stay sharp, because as you move up, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat.


► Collaborative meets competitive gameplay in this new, multiplayer fast team mode. Play on a team of 5 players, and face off in a match to play your best words and be the fastest to score the most points!


► Do you love crossword puzzles? Do anagrams get your brain wheels turning? Unscramble and challenge your brain by playing solo in this easy-to-play, limited time text twist mini-game.


► Show off your word game persona and play words with flair through Stickers, Tile Styles and Profile Frames! You can now also equip Widgets to stay updated with your ongoing matches and favorite events!

Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

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Play one of the most fun, social word puzzles on mobile! Download Words With Friends 2 today!

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Words With Friends also offers subscriptions to provide you with an ads free experience for uninterrupted game play. A 30 Day purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the free trial or on confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. For more information, see our Terms of Service: https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service and Privacy Policy: https://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy







I am playing this game for a few years, and am sad to see that the quality is getting noticeably worse. After this latest software update the game comes misaligned. It also accepts more proper names, which was against the rules, but doesn’t accept words that are generally used scientific words. The latest is that is accepted “enrol” which is clearly a misspelled word! Shame on your quality testing Words team!


I love the game! But I am missing Word Duels! Any plans to bring it back? Also the chat feature is super annoying. I would not allow my kid to ever play this for that reason . It is always some man with a kid in their photo and when you don’t answer, they either demand you reply or resign. They usually do not play well and then they send messages. Note to people: this is not a dating site! There are plenty out there go find one.


Beware of scammers Great game....too many scammers. Unable to report them any more


It’s a fun app and I like keeping up with friends. The amount of ads and the glitches make it hard to use the app and it burns through my data. I get that some ads are needed to keep it going, but these are way over the top. I would upgrade to the ad-free version if it was $2-$5 instead of $10.


I’ve played WWF’s for years, have enjoyed this game very much except for the number of times( too many) I’ve had only vowels or only consonants. The Chat feature is a scammers heaven, beware. Presently my app is not working properly, tech support has been working on trying to fix it, but so far it’s still not working. 😡


I’ve been playing for years, and it is lots of fun. The only issue really comes with the newer “extra” games. So, not the main scrabble game. The extra games can be fun as well, but glitch all the time. The consolation is that you are just as likely to win from a glitch as lose from one.


Getting messages now that the server can’t be reached. My games shut down before they’re finished.


The only way to play I have to delete app then play but no games will reload so I have to delete again and it comes back with the same games and I play the same words. It’s like Ground Hogs Day the movie. It’s never new.


I've been bombarded by ads insisting that I need a bible on my phone. Miss me with that nonsense.


For the most part, I am happy with this game because it has gotten me through three years of surgeries and convalescence. However I am unhappy about not being able to contact the powers that be to suggest the addition of new words and because some days a word is not recognized and other days it is. Some days a proper noun is an acceptable word and some days not. I think the thing that annoys me the most is when I am playing with the characters and they use a word that has no meaning, and when I ask for the definition it says that it is an acceptable word, but a definition is not available. On the whole I would like to thank y’all for a good job on this game - love the updates and stuff.


You accept other languages. There is no way to challenge your rejection of a word. I do crossword puzzles all of the time. Words from crossword puzzles are not accepted. And you have “words” with no definitions. Very frustrating.


Covet Challenge froze my game. Grrrr!


I have been dealing with game glitches too long! Games keep disappearing. Nothing suggested by support helps. I was able to finally, after days, start a game with this friend on Thursday. Today, Sunday, it’s gone again! What is going on and why isn’t it being fixed. I will not spend any money on this app until this problem is fixed. I wish everyone else having problems would report it. In my case I talk to my friend besides the game. Some players probably think the other player just isn’t playing. This is a problem! Please fix it or I will delete this app!


again, seems like i am playing versus a bot and i do not mind the extras to allow for someone getting a bad set of letters to use a ' cheat ' as the purists would call it . It would be okay to allow for hints and help based on how far the point gap is at the time . but i still think i am just playing a bot . Or maybe i am the bot ?


Massive number of ads and horrible dictionary make for a very disappointing and just satisfying game


I really enjoy playing WwF but an ad after every single play is absurd. I understand the need for ads for those of us who do not wish to pay $30 to play the game, but I’ve never had to sit through so many, and long ones to boot. It wouldn’t hurt your profit margin to cut back to every other move at least.


This game would do very good without advertisements.. 👎🏾


Like the game. Wish there were more contests against the computer. Worth buying, also, as the commercials are plentiful and paying omits them.


Why do I start with one less turn than my “rival”? For every 2-3 games l get one less turn.


I enjoy Facebook and their great app’s and customer service. Thank you Facebook


I have been playing words with friends for. Few years. I enjoy the game. Lately the store does not work, and I cannot collect points. It is very annoying. Please fix it. In the last couple of months, men are coming in and staring games in order to speak to women. I do not play with them. They come back and back. It is annoying.


This used to be a very fun app. I loved playing with my family members. Now, it is an absolutely ridiculous of obnoxious game!It’s been utterly ruined! All of the tokens cost money, there are constantly all of these ridiculous annoying confusing things popping up. It is such a sad catastrophe!!!I I wish they allowed players to just play it without all the garbage they’ve added into it over the years! And instead of paying fees upon fees upon fees for components if you could just pay an annual subscription fee instead. There are actual adults who like to play this game! Consider your audience. They aren’t all 12-year-olds!!!!


I love the game However if only you go in settings and just have a way to select no chatting option


I have been playing since 2015 after retiring I found it to be the best game I have played very good to keep one’s intelluctual self and be cozinant of others. I have found friends in other States, and in England, to play. Thank you .....Word 2!!


Great game to keep mind sharp


I went from an iPhone 8 to 12 and found myself having to pay $1 a week so I could play uninterrupted by constant,annoying ads. Also I lost all my old opponents. And no way to get them back!


I love this game—when it works. But I find about half the time, my “rival” either quits or never plays and the game just stops. It gives no options except to “resign” and then I lose a star I have waited 2 hours for or “paid for” with other coins. Not fair! M. E.


Too many ads... that are too long


Love playing this game, but getting shut down in the middle of game in “events” is very frustrating. You lose coins and your turn.




I’ve been playing since maybe 2010 and I love that so much has been added. But, the amount of coins we get (as a “free” player) is too little. Three coins here, two coins there. I’d love to be able to buy more power ups but I can’t. And I don’t think it’s fair to pay $10.50 something a month for ad removals and all that. Most other games I play just have you buy a $0.99 power up for permanent ad removals. (And they reward you with 100 coins and such). Edit: and the ads where you have to “play” to continue is annoying.


Unable to use app, screen turns white after it loads.


I love the game. But there are now too many gimmicks and much too many ads. Let us buy it and have it ad free.


Needs more American words and abbreviations!


Thank you for hours of fun!


But for the last 7-10 days, I can no longer connect with my friend, and ALL our games are gone


A peculiar thing just happened in the Chat mode of this game and I really hope it’s a glitch and not a deliberate edit. I used the word sex in a chat message referring to the gender of a friend’s newborn, and the e in the word was replaced by a * so it appeared as s*x. I thought I might have made a typo so I tried it again but every time I typed sex it appeared as s*x. I sincerely hope the developers have not taken it upon themselves to censor our chat content. And if they actually have the audacity to censor I would really like to know who declared the word sex as objectionable. I removed a star pending an explanation and may have to find a new game to play.


Soooo many ads


Too Many Ads.


I’ve been playing W2 for almost a month now and have enjoyed it immensely. Today I’ve started seeing ads during my games. Now I paid $9.99, a premium price, so as not have to navigate ads. Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s unacceptable!!!


I’ve been playing and enjoying WWF for nine years now. For the last month or so I’ve noticed my stats have not updated, particularly the won/lost section. Other than that I’m satisfied with the app.


It’s gotten far to complicated with all the game play options. It always comes down to the simple game play, and all the stuff around that is extra busy. I miss the earlier version.


This app has become so slow it discourages playing. It is frustrating and Annoying.


To many ads. There’s an ad after every move. And ads at the top of the screen. Ugh.


I don't understand why you won't accept words that are in the dictionary and yet there are other words that people don't even know about and you except those


I like the new Rivals event but it crashes often and I lose my ticket to be able to play.


Still playing after all these years.....


I enjoyed the games when they were not filled with all of the points and other things, and miss the ones that no longer occur. In other words, I like the game itself.


None of my games will load! It has been a couple of days now! I have deleted the app and then added it again, changed my password, updated my phone and apps, restarted my phone, nothing helps?!


I have been playing this game for a number of years I am 81, I have enjoyed it so much until the last couple of days and for some reason it’s almost like I have been kicked off..I have done a number of things to try to fix the problem but no luck,do you have a solution?