Wall climber swinging fun
Swing Climb is all about timing and precision. Swing around complicated walls as you climb various shapes and advance to the next level. Are you ready to discover all the shapes? I..
Jump & fly at high speed!
Slide to sides to move your ball between platforms, but watch outit has a limited number of lives! You can bounce only 10 times, so make sure to collect more lives when you rush do..
Jump & fly between planets!
Prepare orbital manouver! All set? Engage! OrbitTap Adventure brings you the best space hopping experience ever! Tap to jump between orbits of various planets, just be sure to avoi..
Christmas Orbit Jumper Fun!
John SnowBall is here, and he's ready to fly! Help John the SnowBall man switch between snowflake orbits to get a massive high score! Jump between obstacles to dash your way to the..
Barbecue racing fun!
Sausage Slide is a brand new, fun racing game, where you have to steer three sausages down a hill of mustard. Jump through onion rings to get extra points on your way to that delic..
Fun Arcade Train Surfer!
Welcome to Rush Track Express, a fun train arcade game that will have you surfing between tracks in no time! Swipe to SWITCH TRACKS! Collect STARS and CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE! Ch..
Exciting line swinging fun!
Spooky Swing is all about precision and timing! Use a rope to speed your way through various awesome mazes on this spooky adventure. Collect gold gems and letters to unlock awesome..
Exciting hoops challenge!
点击点击扣篮! Tap Dunk是一款快节奏的游戏,它将把你的虚拟篮球技能推向极限! 在三个很棒的地方拍些篮球!在竞技场用一些史诗般的果酱给你的粉丝留下深刻印象,在操场上向你的邻居展示谁是老板,然后用一些海滨篮球放松一下! 赚明星买好看的球!你现在可以用一个8球,一个发光的球体等等来卡住! 你能打败你朋友的高分吗?立即安装以找出答案!当谈到乐趣,街机体验,这..
New games added weekly!
下载这个免费游戏的史诗集,充满了快节奏的街机动作。有很多关卡需要掌握,我们一直在添加新游戏。 Huuuge Gamepack (更多游戏在路上!) ◆ 过山车破折号 ◆ 哈巴狗道格 ◆ 哥们摇摆人 ◆ 漂流农业 ◆ 跳跃千斤顶 ◆ 3D乒乓狂热
Shoot the ball into the basket
Everyone who has ever worked at an office knows, that sometimes you just have to kick back and relax. Back in the day, you'd have to risk getting busted by your boss when playing o..
Jump your ball the top
Tap to jump with your ball over obstacles. See the colors switch as you ride down the road to get that elusive high score! Catch the timing and keep jumping to rush your way to the..
The iOS hit has finally arrived, rei..
The iOS hit has finally arrived, reinvisioned as a free-to-play game! * Game of the Year (Action) TouchArcade * Game of the Week, PocketGamer * “must have”, SlideToPlay review – 4/..
帮助Frognest的村民!加入你的朋友在Facebook和游戏中心英雄联盟,成为一个真正的英雄! 来自广受好评的怪物射手的创造者! 永无止境的冒险 穿越Frognest森林中..
帮助Frognest的村民!加入你的朋友在Facebook和游戏中心英雄联盟,成为一个真正的英雄! 来自广受好评的怪物射手的创造者! 永无止境的冒险 穿越Frognest森林中的无限区域。 装备并自定义您的角色 选择与敌人战斗的最佳策略,并使用无数的装甲选项和武器自定义您的角色。 沿着你的冒险进化 收集经验和白银,找到宝藏,并解锁大量独特的物品,包括魔术。 ..
Launch your slime to the top!
Super Slime World Adventure is a fun quick arcade game that will have you blasting your way to the top in no time. Transport a cute slime from beaker to beaker and avoid various ob..
Worldwide ball racing fun
这些球只是骑在当地的山上,所以现在他们决定把他们的业务带到世界各地! 在各种令人敬畏的地方,如希腊,日本,荷兰,埃及和夏威夷,比赛你的球下山!击败其他球代表你的国家!在排行榜上击败你的朋友,向他们展示谁是老板! 你还在等什么?立即安装开始比赛。准备好了吗?设置?快走。
Shoot your cat to the top!
The Catslingers are here, and they're looking to shoot their way to the top! Guide your dual wielding kitty, collect coins and bullets to keep going towards that elusive high score..
采取强大的现代军队的指挥,并在战争中征服盟军中的敌人,这是一种军事实时战略战斗游戏!建立你的基地,升级建筑物和防御,粉碎敌人的基地,教他们害怕你的联盟。捐赠解锁新的建筑,并帮助你的朋友击败老板在史诗般的战斗。 要赢得战争从挑战性的单人任务和史诗般的合作战斗收集奖金项目。与朋友和其他玩家形成联盟,并在每周锦标赛中争取大奖励。学习如何使用你的部队,陷阱和防御来赚..
Rush your block down a maze
Cube Run Deluxe是一个简单的,但具有挑战性的平台游戏,你必须用你的时机来击败你的朋友的高分,并向每个人展示谁的老板! 时间你的跳跃就在一个引人入胜的配乐的帮助下大胆地去哪里没有立方体已经去了。收集宝石为您的立方体购买新的皮肤,以获得独特的体验。 你还在等什么?是时候进行真正的豪华跑了!现在安装享受这个惊人的平台由Huuuuge给你带来的这个惊人..
Stack blocks & jump to the top
动物堆栈跳跃是一个惊人的街机游戏,在那里你必须用一个可爱的猫一样的生物跳跃,以建立最高的塔可能。 完美的跳跃时间,使用动物的翅膀在麻烦的时候保持漂浮,并堆叠一个块塔,你的朋友会羡慕,当他们看高分排行榜。 你还在等什么?是时候敲击到顶部了!现在安装享受这个惊人的街机游戏由Huuuuge给你带来的这个惊人的街机游戏!
Amazing Tower Building Fun!
It's time to raise the stakesand a tower, we suppose! Time your taps to raise the highest of high-rises in this amazing building simulator. Compete against your firiends to see who..
3个小动作,让你用最快的速度在山坡间冲刺!击败所有的对手冲到终点! ①于道路上长按画面加速前进 ②冲刺到一定程度后手指离开屏幕可以飞行 ③着陆时点击画面完成着陆
Snake tunnel running fun!
Ride, sling and race to the top! Drift Ride Expert is all about speed and precision! Control your car by slinging it around corners with an awesome rope. Race as far as you can wit..
移动你灵巧的手指,让弹力球不停往上跳。 每当踩到有特殊颜色的阶梯,可以获得额外的分数,同时场景也会跟着颜色做变化!爬越高难度越高! 快来试试你可以爬多高?得到多少分数? 还在等什么?找你的朋友们一起来比一比吧!
Addicting, colorful & fun game
跳动的小猫正在追求比任何猫都跳得更高!由你来帮助他。 瞄准好,从一个盒子到另一个盒子启动Jumpy,并与您的朋友竞争,看看谁得分最高。 你还在等什么?该跳了!
Neon Speed Rush is a thrilling casua..
Neon Speed Rush is a thrilling casual game in which you tap to switch lanes, as you try to dodge the obstacles in a colorful labyrinth and win the high score! With an endless colle..