Can you guess the word by looking at..
Can you guess the word by looking at four pictures? Countless levels from easy to hard for you to try! New levels are added continuously for endless word fun! HOW TO PLAY • Guess t..
Puzzle with Lily and Mojo!
Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle Oh no! Lily is under a curse by accident! She's turned into a cat and is in desperate need of your help! Start collecting as many gems as possible to ..
Relaxing crossword game!
Improve mindfulness and relieve stress with the brand new crossword game! HOW TO PLAY • Swipe the letters to rearrange them into making the words! FEATURES • EASY TO PLAYIt starts ..
Classic brick breaker game!
Enjoy a unique and fast-paced free brick breaker game with challenging levels and lots of fun! Shoot balls and break bricks to solve puzzles in a variety of layouts! Break as many ..
A Classic solitaire card game featur..
A Classic solitaire card game featuring the same addictive gameplay with a more stylish presentation! "Spider Solitaire: Kingdom" brings you the classic Solitaire feel with added p..
Calming word search games
Find inspiration and active your brain with the brand new word search game! HOW TO PLAY • Swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally! • Each puzzle has a clue to which all words are..
An Adorable Mahjong Adventure!
The best Mahjong game! Beautifully-designed, fun and challenging! Oh no! Chipmunk Rolly lost her precious stash of acorns! Go on an adventure with Rolly in search of her missing nu..
Enjoy cross word with cookies!
Are you ready to become the world’s best Word Cookies baker? Challenge yourself with this brilliant delicious game! Word Cookies Cross is a sweet mix of both crossword puzzles and ..
Cute bubble pop puzzle game!
Happy Bubble is a brand new bubble shooter game for everyone! Little girl, Emma's backyard is full of bubbles! Emma needs your help to blast all bubbles and finding her toys! Join ..
Addicting hexa puzzle!
Make Hexa Puzzle is a simple yet highly addictive hexablock puzzle game that will challenge and stimulate your brain for hours! Great for building spatial intelligence and geometri..
Relax with word stack games!
Put the outside world aside as you immerse yourself in this relaxing word search game! Improve mindfulness and relieve stress with the brand-new word search game, Word Tiles: Relax..
块拼图: 明星宝石 将宝石块放入网格中,并获得最大的奖金! 块拼图: 明星宝石是一个简单,但具有挑战性的大师益智游戏! 通过启用与星星的块旋转,为益智游戏增加更多的刺激! 用闪..
块拼图: 明星宝石 将宝石块放入网格中,并获得最大的奖金! 块拼图: 明星宝石是一个简单,但具有挑战性的大师益智游戏! 通过启用与星星的块旋转,为益智游戏增加更多的刺激! 用闪闪发光的宝石逗弄你的大脑 如何玩 1.只需拖动给定的块并将其放入网格中 2.通过制作完整的水平或垂直线条来移除块! 3.您可以通过给增压计充电来旋转积木! 4.尝试一次删除多行以获得更..
Perfect for brain trainining!
准备好搜索隐藏的单词了吗? 潜入最特别的单词搜索游戏拼图! 每个级别都包含无尽的主题单词搜索类别,涵盖了儿童和成人都可以享受的有趣和教育主题的组合!通过找到隐藏的秘密单词来增加更多的兴奋。单词搜索: 隐藏单词!是一个简单,经典的单词搜索游戏,你可以与家人和朋友一起享受! 如果你喜欢琐事,填字游戏或流行的文字游戏,如拼字游戏和单词饼干,你会沉迷于单词搜索: 隐..
match and collect the treasure
Jewel Pop: Treasure Island is the ultimate puzzle game you’ve been looking for, with exciting twists and surprises! It’s a delightful gem that’s bursting of hundreds of challenging..
免费享受世界上最心爱的益智游戏! “街区!” 是一款令人兴奋的街区合身游戏。 轻松游戏,适合所有年龄段的人。 只需拖动块,并填满所有的网格。 从现在开始,让我们享受..
免费享受世界上最心爱的益智游戏! “街区!” 是一款令人兴奋的街区合身游戏。 轻松游戏,适合所有年龄段的人。 只需拖动块,并填满所有的网格。 从现在开始,让我们享受一个简单而令人上瘾的益智游戏! 一旦你开始,你就会被迷住。 你可以免费玩游戏! 如何玩 • 拖动块以移动它们。 • 尝试将它们都放在框架中。 • 块不能旋..
Link all the colors!
The KING of BRAIN TEASERS, PIPE LINES returns with Hexa! Do you enjoy puzzle games? Are you enchanted by rainbow colors? Here’s the perfect game for you, PIPE LINES : HEXA! HOW TO ..
Swap and Match 3 jewels!
挑战你的极限没有限制!试试,试试,再试一次! 新的Match-3益智游戏创建自BitMango,命中应用程序的创建者,块!十六进制拼图。 如何玩 · 交换珠宝以匹配3个同类! 完成任务! • 实现3星,以获得更多硬币! • 与助推器获得高分! 特征 · “耐力” 没有限制,就像许多益智游戏一样。 &..
Discovering brand-new words!
Words Crush: Hidden Words! — A brain-stimulating word search game from the makers of Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle, Block! Hexa Puzzle & Line Puzzle: Pipe Art! The aim is to simp..
Match 3 & Blast Fruits
Fantastic Fruity Fun! Play the fruitiest match-3 puzzle game to save the poor fairies from the greedy racoons! Hungry for fruit? Satisfy your craving by using your strategic skills..
Swipe & Connect letters!
Tired of the fast-paced city life? Retreat to the countryside with Jack the dog as he goes on a farm adventure filled with the best word puzzles imaginable! If you like word games,..
简单但非常令人上瘾的益智游戏,每个人都会喜欢! 块拼图: 星星查找器是一个令人兴奋的线完成拼图使用各种形状的彩色木块。您所要做的就是使用木块来完成水平和垂直的线条。线路将在完成..
简单但非常令人上瘾的益智游戏,每个人都会喜欢! 块拼图: 星星查找器是一个令人兴奋的线完成拼图使用各种形状的彩色木块。您所要做的就是使用木块来完成水平和垂直的线条。线路将在完成后消失。听起来很容易,对吧? 这个听起来简单的难题将考验你的空间智能和几何技能! 你认为你准备好迎接挑战了吗?我们来一探究竟! 如何玩 1.拖动给定的块,并将它们放入网格中 2.通过水..
“移动块: 滑动拼图” 是一个简单而令人上瘾的滑块益智游戏。 完美解决阶段,而无需使用提示,并获得3颗星和一个超级皇冠! 如何玩 • 需要将红色块移动到出..
“移动块: 滑动拼图” 是一个简单而令人上瘾的滑块益智游戏。 完美解决阶段,而无需使用提示,并获得3颗星和一个超级皇冠! 如何玩 • 需要将红色块移动到出口。 • 水平块可以从一侧移动到另一侧。 • 垂直块可以上下移动。 特点 • 数百个级别 • 建立了一个提示系统,帮助你解决难题 • ..
fill a 9x9 grid with numbers
“数独咖啡馆” 是一款基于逻辑的益智游戏,用数字 (1到9) 填充9x9网格。 从现在开始,让我们享受一个简单而益智的游戏! 一旦你开始,你就会被迷住。 如何玩 • 9x9游戏板有9个3x3子区域。 · 九个3x3次区域中的每一个都包含从1到9的所有数字,没有重复的数字。 • 在9x9游戏板中,每一列和每一行都包..
Drag & Divide lines as you want!..
Drag & Divide lines as you want! Connect and weave lines to make wonderful shape and patterns of STRING ART. Line Puzzle: String Art is a Line puzzle game. Easy to play' game f..
A real-life take on the classic Pipe..
A real-life take on the classic Pipes aka Plumber puzzle game! Connect pipes of the same color to make vibrant shapes and patterns. Line Puzzle: Pipe Art is a Connect Line puzzle g..