Boo boo, hey you! If you love My Boo..
Boo boo, hey you! If you love My Boo, you can’t miss the official sticker album from your favorite pet monster! Earn FREE packets every day and rip them open to find surprise theme..
ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Do you have w..
ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Do you have what it takes to be A REAL ROCKSTAR? Then keep TUNED and prove it! In this EPIC game you will click yourself to the TOP! Be famous! Be glorious! ..
Build your team of monsters, break n..
Build your team of monsters, break new grounds and fight your way to become the greatest monster tamer of all times in Pico Pets Puzzle. Swipe and match gems with strategy to battl..
Collect & Evolve Crazy Animals
Find out what happens to an ordinary cattle when mutations start taking place in an evolution simulator environment. In Cow Evolution, a scientific mutant maker and evolution simul..
Rescue the Food Kittens!
Congrats, you’re the newest member of the Food Cats Support Foundation. Your new job is to rescue adorable kittens from being confused with food and put into lunch boxes! Use your ..
The most thrilling bubble shooting a..
The most thrilling bubble shooting arcade game on the App Store is here! Join the action in Bubble Dragon and get ready for some real bubble popping fun. Playing is easy! Simply la..
准备好流行一些明星!流行歌星是一个简单而有趣的益智游戏,你会喜欢。在游戏板上滑动以创建类似元素的链,并将其弹出以清除具有不同挑战的级别。你能战胜流行歌星的所有挑战吗? 水平挑战..
准备好流行一些明星!流行歌星是一个简单而有趣的益智游戏,你会喜欢。在游戏板上滑动以创建类似元素的链,并将其弹出以清除具有不同挑战的级别。你能战胜流行歌星的所有挑战吗? 水平挑战 每个级别都是一个新的冒险,需要完成不同的任务。 空间尘埃-得分所需的点数 • 组合-创建正确的元素组合 星座-滑动和分组元素以创建特定形状 • 太空水晶-结合特殊..
Decorate beautiful houses for all th..
Decorate beautiful houses for all the girls in My Girl´s Town! Design the perfect neighborhood and grow it into the most incredible town of all timesthe best place for a girl to li..
The most thrilling bubble shooting a..
The most thrilling bubble shooting arcade game on the App Store is here! Join the action in Gecko Pop and get ready for some real bubble popping fun. Playing is easy! Simply launch..
The sea animals need your help! Join..
The sea animals need your help! Join the adventure in Pearl Pop and get ready for the most thrilling arcade game on the App Store! Shoot pearls, destroy pins, score points and set ..
Dr. Mouse has an experiment in mind ..
Dr. Mouse has an experiment in mind and this time he is calling the cats for some tempting ICE CREAM degustation! What is going to happen? You are about to find out! Help Dr. Mouse..
Movie Studio Simulator
LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! If your dream is to become A STAR, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Do you have what it takes to take over HOLLYWOOD and click your way to the TOP? Star your own movies..
Fashion Design Dress-Up Games
成为跑道上的明星,在时尚发热2中释放你的风格!展示你的时尚和造型技巧,把美丽的顶级模特的最佳外观。 探索最热门和最时髦的时尚品牌,并为每个活动或场合选择合适的服装。参加魅力四射的比赛,变得举世闻名! 为时尚杂志的照片拍摄选择经典的夏季造型,为俱乐部选择性感的另类造型。随着你事业的腾飞,在你成为明星的道路上获得最好和最独特的衣服! 玩令人兴奋的益智匹配游戏,赚..
Let’s come clean: you’re not really ..
Let’s come clean: you’re not really a control freak, but if there’s a right way to do or set something, then WHY NOT JUST DO IT ALREADY?! Finally put all your observation skills to..
Just when you thought everyone was r..
Just when you thought everyone was reunited for a good time in the forest, Tappy and some of his friends went missing! We cannot get this party started without all of our friends t..
午餐时间到了!人们很高兴参观您的新汉堡店,并尝试每个人都在谈论的美味汉堡包!检查食材,准备为顾客提供他们最喜欢的三明治食谱的美味佳肴! 在我的汉堡店,您将经营镇上最热门的快餐店..
午餐时间到了!人们很高兴参观您的新汉堡店,并尝试每个人都在谈论的美味汉堡包!检查食材,准备为顾客提供他们最喜欢的三明治食谱的美味佳肴! 在我的汉堡店,您将经营镇上最热门的快餐店。设法为您的客户提供餐厅的美味特色菜: 美味的汉堡包和芝士汉堡-加上额外的奶酪,洋葱,咸菜,西红柿,当然还有很多培根!那一些炸薯条呢?用清凉的饮料、果汁或苏打水完成订单! 为您的客户提..
Have you ever fancied having a drago..
Have you ever fancied having a dragon as a pet? In My Virtual Dragon, a funny and loving baby dragon is just waiting for you. Your next pocket pet is here and ready to go with you ..
Defend your castle against hordes of..
Defend your castle against hordes of enemies surging forward to bring down your empire! Use strategy and take command of your soldiers to protect your kingdom from the enemy army. ..
Mutant Robots Clicker Game
Evolution isn’t a perk exclusive to humans and animals: machines can be dragged and dropped together to become wacky mutant creatures just as well! Free the mad scientist in you an..
Defend your castle against hordes of..
Defend your castle against hordes of enemies surging forward to bring down your empire! Use strategy and take command of your soldiers to protect your kingdom from the enemy army. ..
Speed and promptness are fundamental..
Speed and promptness are fundamental in this delightful game! Become the owner of the newest cookie shop and try to serve your delicious cookies to your customers as quickly as pos..
Tortoise Clicker Merge Game
Dude, it’s time to CHILL OUT! It’s time to leave all the RUSH behind you and enjoy the most relaxed version of the EVOLUTION series: the turtles are finally here! Get ready to embr..
Mutant Maker Zombie Game
That zombie apocalypse you’ve always wanted to bring about is finally a thing! Graft and stitch together different mutant zombies and create an undead horde to call yours! Each and..
Mutant Animals Game Collection
You’ve helped countless mutant creatures evolve. Now, it’s time to go GALACTIC! This is Evolution like you’ve never seen before! Discover a whole galaxy filled with planets inhabit..
Help cute buddies been adopted
Are you a pet person? What about being a pet HERO? Save abandoned animals and bring them to the best pet shop in town: YOURS! In this amazing management game, you will serve FURRY ..
Dungeon Crawling Roguelike
Explore mines and craft epic items through a land of fantasy in Mine Quest! SBGames 2014: "Best Mobile Game""Best Game Design""Best Technology" Orli, a dwarf miner, and Lumi, his c..
Garage Manager Simulator Game
It’s time to go full throttle! To have the meanest auto shop in the circuit, you’ll have to be nitrous-fast to wash, repair, refuel and tune-up all kinds of rides in record time an..
Clicker World Champion
This is your origin story as the most legendary player in e-sport history! Rise from small local competitions to full-blown game-paloozas around the world, displaying your champion..
Game of the Mutant Penguins
You may have heard that winter was coming. So brace yourselves! No continent shall remain immune to the Evolution virus. The last frontier has finally been breached: Penguin Evolut..
Mutant Dinosaur Clicker Game
Once upon a time, planet Earth was dominated by the dinosaurs, a species far more advanced than mankind: towering, powerful beings, and some of them could even fly! Then a tiny roc..
Vegetarian Restaurant Game
It is time to eat healthy! Be a salad bar baster by running your own great salad bar and providing healthy, vegetarian and low fat meal options to your clients! With delicious ingr..
Get ready for the ride of your life!..
Get ready for the ride of your life! In Adventure Land you never know how your the next run is going to be. Create characters with crazy combinations of attributes and skills, take..
Clicker Game of Mutant Monkeys
Eek eek! It’s time to release the King Kong inside you! Get ready to really MONKEY IT OUT in this amazing clicker evolution game! Combine different and awesome kinds of monkeys and..
Frozen & Sweet Recipes!
Your love for ice cream is so big that you feel like sharing it with everyone around? Well, with My Ice Cream Truck, now you can! Drive your ice cream truck through the sweetest ne..
Boredom killer games to play
Toilet time. Sometimes it’s soft and quick, sometimes it’s hard and it drags. But now it can be fun every time, because consistency is important! Fill your number 2 sessions with t..
Panda Bear Clicker Merge Game
不用担心: 您的视线很好,您看不到黑白相间的东西: 只是熊猫终于来了!对地球上最可爱的动物的进化扭曲感到震惊。这些和平的吃竹子的野生动物即将变得有些… 不同! 熊猫有足够的慢节奏和富含纤维的饮食,现在已经准备好更大的,我的意思是银河比例更大,冒险!结合熊猫熊来进化它们,发现它们最好奇,异国情调和怪异的形式! 特征 • 万神殿: 至高无..
遇见您的Derp: 不是您习惯的可爱可爱无聊的虚拟宠物。当你在这个不可能和奇怪的冒险中照顾他时,要做好一些行动的准备。你能让他活着吗? Derp会打嗝,大便,变得非常脏,让自己..
遇见您的Derp: 不是您习惯的可爱可爱无聊的虚拟宠物。当你在这个不可能和奇怪的冒险中照顾他时,要做好一些行动的准备。你能让他活着吗? Derp会打嗝,大便,变得非常脏,让自己陷入你甚至无法想象的怪异事故中!你能处理好这些烂摊子吗? 尝试使他保持良好的饮食,健康和清洁的时间足够长,以使Derp成年并解锁秘密形状。玩超级有趣的盒子迷你游戏,赚取硬币来购买食物、..
Mutant Bunny Clicker Game
结合兔子创造突变体并接管世界 我有几天的耳朵和大牙齿,我可以给你带来鸡蛋,但我不是鸟。我是什么?丑陋的服务员?不,笨蛋,一只兔子!这可能不是复活节,但这绝对是令人上瘾的进化系列的兔子季节,所以准备好拖放和冒险,因为你最喜欢的新宠物将是野兔! 混合和匹配你的心脏的内容,并充满了大量的可爱,蓬松,有时有点可怕的兔子突变的世界。它是如此可爱,你会想要拥抱你的屏幕!..
Create your own ice cream cones in M..
Create your own ice cream cones in My Ice Cream Maker! Go through every step of the making of ice cream and create unique and delicious recipes. Pick your favorite flavors, choose ..
人类的情感有很多种,也有一种是快乐的!用你的创造力配对,发现新的和收集你的发现,直到你成为世界上最伟大的表情大师! 当你把一个快乐的微笑和一个愤怒的皱眉结合起来时,你会揭开什么..
人类的情感有很多种,也有一种是快乐的!用你的创造力配对,发现新的和收集你的发现,直到你成为世界上最伟大的表情大师! 当你把一个快乐的微笑和一个愤怒的皱眉结合起来时,你会揭开什么样的灵魂之谜?翻白眼和竖起大拇指的搭配会产生什么隐藏的感觉?你的好奇心现在一定比火焰表情更强烈了! 亮点 -将表情符号与简单的单手游戏相结合,创建新的表情符号 -发现200多个表情符号..
女士们先生们,各年龄段的孩子们。欢迎来到地球上最伟大的表演!塔皮已经为他在蹦床上的马戏表演做好了准备,只有你能帮助他做出他有史以来最好的表演。你准备好了吗?让鼓声响起来! 塔皮..
女士们先生们,各年龄段的孩子们。欢迎来到地球上最伟大的表演!塔皮已经为他在蹦床上的马戏表演做好了准备,只有你能帮助他做出他有史以来最好的表演。你准备好了吗?让鼓声响起来! 塔皮马戏团是一个有趣的游戏,协调和时间是必须的。在蹦床上跳跃时,用刷子手势跟随动作顺序,让Tappy做难以置信的杂技动作。 对于每一个正确的动作顺序,Tappy都会跑得更高,并有机会表演额..
你能在德国闪电战中幸存下来,把巴西从足球大屠杀中拯救出来吗?比赛马上就要开始了,只有一支球队会取得胜利并进入总决赛。是巴西还是德国?全靠你了! 作为一名英勇的守门员,努力阻止曼..
你能在德国闪电战中幸存下来,把巴西从足球大屠杀中拯救出来吗?比赛马上就要开始了,只有一支球队会取得胜利并进入总决赛。是巴西还是德国?全靠你了! 作为一名英勇的守门员,努力阻止曼沙夫特的进攻,以防止进球的雪崩。 德国队准备扼杀和燃尽巴西队的希望,但挽救东道主免遭灾难性失败的可能性仍然很小。吓跑1950年的马拉卡纳佐鬼魂,别让它变成2014年的Minerazo!..
山羊时代来了!实现你一生的梦想,做一只山羊,爬上山羊山上的大树!你能爬多高才能被大自然欺骗——或者被松鼠,该死的松鼠欺骗……现在就去看看吧! 如何玩 这一切都是关于奇妙的跳跃和..
山羊时代来了!实现你一生的梦想,做一只山羊,爬上山羊山上的大树!你能爬多高才能被大自然欺骗——或者被松鼠,该死的松鼠欺骗……现在就去看看吧! 如何玩 这一切都是关于奇妙的跳跃和用你美妙的触角触摸天空。听起来像是一个挑战,但对于一只坚定的山羊来说,没有什么是不可能的。巴阿! 在山羊上!你的目标是通过爬树,从一个树枝跳到另一个树枝,尽可能地跳得高。不要在路上撞到..
在遥远的将来,成群结队的机器人统治着这座城市,混乱局面开始出现。你的任务是加入这个致命的射击任务,以拯救公民对抗敌人的机器人和拯救平民! 这很简单:轻拍和射击,但你需要使用你的..
在遥远的将来,成群结队的机器人统治着这座城市,混乱局面开始出现。你的任务是加入这个致命的射击任务,以拯救公民对抗敌人的机器人和拯救平民! 这很简单:轻拍和射击,但你需要使用你的最佳战略来攻击他们,并明智地升级你的武器之前,为时已晚。在这场惊心动魄的战斗中,用你的枪射击机器人,避开无辜的人! 和其他射击游戏一样,你需要快速装弹才能更快地射击!在这场史诗般的战斗..
从前…你有机会创造和装饰有史以来最神奇的城堡和仙女之家!现在就是这个时候!从我的怪物之家和我的公主城堡的创造者,来满足这个惊人的和迷人的字符,将有他们的梦想之家,感谢你的想象力! 来和你最喜欢的童话人物打个招呼吧:白雪公主、小美人鱼、小红帽、长发公主、灰姑娘、杰克·弗罗斯特等等!所有这些有趣和不可思议的人物都需要你的魅力和魔法来建造最美丽的城堡、宫殿和房子!..
准备好与地面和空中部队展开激战!驾驶最精锐的战斗直升机,并设法生存的无情攻击你无情的敌人。快点!快上直升机,行动马上就要开始了! 一个飞行员就能在这场战争中有所作为。你愿意承担..
准备好与地面和空中部队展开激战!驾驶最精锐的战斗直升机,并设法生存的无情攻击你无情的敌人。快点!快上直升机,行动马上就要开始了! 一个飞行员就能在这场战争中有所作为。你愿意承担并成功完成这项冒险的任务吗?升级你的飞机,把它变成有史以来最可怕的战争机器,让那些敌人尝到你子弹的味道。 冲破每个不同的区域,击败它的老板,完成任务,赢得奖牌和解锁更多的区域! 使用各..
一场甜蜜而多汁的冒险即将开始!加入塔皮,狐狸,在这个新的泡沫匹配游戏快节奏的行动和快速击中的挑战。使用策略结合匹配的水果和自由的小鸟击败所有水平在塔皮水果射手! 你能在通往胜利..
一场甜蜜而多汁的冒险即将开始!加入塔皮,狐狸,在这个新的泡沫匹配游戏快节奏的行动和快速击中的挑战。使用策略结合匹配的水果和自由的小鸟击败所有水平在塔皮水果射手! 你能在通往胜利的路上蹦蹦跳跳地完成你的任务并营救你的朋友吗? 小精灵和特克斯被山猫爵士俘虏了。在你到达城堡塔楼的旅程中前进,释放塔皮的朋友,解锁新角色供你玩!你能接受这个挑战吗? 亮点 •超过50个..
士兵,你被征召驾驶所有军队中最铁杆的直升机。整个世界都在受到攻击,你的责任是拯救地球免于厄运!所以,欢迎登机,你现在是战斗直升机进攻安抚小组的一员。称之为C.H.O.P.s.! 当问题无法在地面上解决时,空军就该加入战场了。这是你所有多年艰苦训练都将受到考验的时刻。你能消灭所有的敌人并拯救这一天吗? 面对许多不同类型的飞机和直升机,并在为时已晚之前将它们全部..
Merge kitties to collect
如果您是猫的人,我们为您提供了完美的游戏。好吧,也许不是,但是我们发誓你会被这个新的爪子吸引住的。好吧,如果这还不够严厉,我们不知道是什么嘶嘶声。只是小猫! 互联网上最受好评的动物最终获得了自己的进化游戏。来自著名的Evolution系列的创作者,是其中最蓬松的。猫进化!结合猫来进化它们,发现它们最好奇,异国情调和奇异的形式! 特色 • 万神殿: ..
滑动,匹配和通过这个有趣和令人上瘾的益智游戏的具有挑战性的水平发挥你的方式!在您穿越oNomons之旅中完成数十项任务。你能完成所有的挑战吗? 什么是ooms?Ooms是可爱的..
滑动,匹配和通过这个有趣和令人上瘾的益智游戏的具有挑战性的水平发挥你的方式!在您穿越oNomons之旅中完成数十项任务。你能完成所有的挑战吗? 什么是ooms?Ooms是可爱的小生物,它们只为一件事而活: 一起成长!通过将每个oNom与董事会上的相似oNom相匹配来帮助他们。创建长链以获得特殊的力量提升并获得更多积分。 在有限的移动次数下,您是否能够完成目标..