Swap This is a puzzle game full of f..
Swap This is a puzzle game full of fish, but there's nothing fishy about this color-matching action! The board is filled with a bunch of frosty fish of various colors, all iced up ..
Adorable birds
King Bat has kidnapped the baby birds for their feathers and it’s up to Rupert the parrot to bring them back, in this brain-teasing classic! Drag a length of rope through a series ..
In a fantastical world of battle and..
In a fantastical world of battle and conquest, four factions clash for glory and the favor of the gods! Pick your favorite squad and head into battle in four different story campai..
Dig for buried treasure!
In Dig!, you play as a would-be treasure hunter seeking to find buried artifacts for fun and profit. At each stage of the dig site, you'll shovel away sections of the ground to rev..
A Puzzle with Layers
Strata is a mind-bending puzzle game with plenty of layers. You need to lay down colorful ribbons on each puzzle, weaving them together according to the pattern. You have to make s..
Unique 3D puzzle-platformer
In Twisty Planets, you have to guide a lost little cube named Qub. Each of the Twisty Planets contains stars that can be used to open portals for a hasty escape. Twist, turn, and r..
In Paper Monsters, you'll travel thr..
In Paper Monsters, you'll travel through more than 15 gorgeous hand-crafted stages set across 4 different worlds. The path through each stage is long and full of secrets to uncover..
Honor. Duty. Grenades.
Inspired by classic top-down action games, Warpack: Grunts features intense battles on a small scale. Each stage is a battlefield filled with strategic cover, alternate routes, use..
One-touch flying mayhem!
One Touch Flying Mayhem! Spin your way across the sky and collect balloons. Unlock loot crates and collect 10 different aircraft along with a ton of different boosts, paint schemes..
A trip through endless rhythms
Melodive is a unique dreamlike flight experience, built to be the most fluid and immersive 3D game on iOS. Spread your wings and feel the thrill of diving into an endless, ever-cha..
A love letter to retrogaming
Move, jump and shoot! Does it sound easy? Well it isat first. But then it gets much, much harder! All you love in classic Jump & Run games packed into 5-minutes sessions where ..
Fly! Swing! Jump into action!
Mikey Jumps closes out the cult favorite series with the biggest adventure of our hero's career. A whopping 400 courses filled with nasty tricks and traps await Mikey and his frien..
Delicious word puzzles
Sushi Cat is always looking for new tasty treats to fill its belly! In Sushi Cat Words, you'll find all sorts of mouth-watering sushi dishes for our rotund hero. You'd better have ..
Run, jump, slide, and HOOK!
Mikey's friends are in trouble again! This time, the courses are tougher, the enemies are deadlier, and the challenge is higher. Our hero will need more than his usual bag of trick..
Double the Run, Double the Fun
From the creators of Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon comes this amazing adventure about a robot and alien who are separated by a mutant hot dog. The only way they can reun..
Turn-based strategy + Samurai!
Samurai General Akamoto was on the verge of getting everything he ever wanted when he met his end at the hands of a literal back-stabber. Time for eternal rest? Not quite! If Akamo..
Fast food fry-flying frenzy!
Serve customers the right orders in this unique time-management game for all ages. It’s up to you to serve the customers as they come into your Chippy. Time-management is the key t..
Cars, crashes, and cube mayhem
In most racing games, you race down tracks, tap to change lanes and avoid obstacles. But in Cubed Rally World, you won’t just be driving cars, trucks, boats, planes, and other vehi..
Dive, soar and burn an island!
Bounce along a tropical landscape and crash into things to go faster and farther. What kind of things? Pineapples, palm trees, boats, cars, cows, asteroids, even tourists. Especial..
Recreation of a classic.
Vectrex Regeneration is a faithful recreation of the original Vectrex retro games console from the 1980s. Bringing a totally authentic experience, this extensive catalog of retro g..
Realistic 3D Simulator 2020
It's a beautiful day, and the fish are definitely biting. Travel to a variety of beautiful locations, kick back, and do a little bit of angling. Pop open your tackle box and switch..
Keep spinning or it'll erupt!
ARCADE ACTION IN YOUR POCKET! Picture a platform with four colored squares. Now put that platform on top of a volcano, floating on lava. Then add in a bouncing ball. Then, panic! S..
Recover the Sword at Any Cost
Explore perilous dungeons, battle hordes of monsters, avoid devilish traps, and rescue the Sword of Fargoal in this award-winning dungeon-crawler RPG. • 85 / 100Metacritic • One of..
Try to survive
Wave Wave is a savage arcade video game by Thomas Janson, with music by Danimal Cannon and Zef. Selected as part of the PAX Australian Indie Showcase 2014. Wave up and down to surv..
Battle, Raid, Pillage, Command
The sound of clashing swords and axes. The smell of burning buildings. The thrill of battle, and the glory of Valhalla. Take command of a viking army and march against your foes. R..
A Mean Green Smashing Machine
Step into the over-sized boots of Rok, an orc warchief whose people have been taken and made to serve a wicked would-be world conqueror. Smash skulls, bash bats, and mash mages as ..
A puzzling blend of flavors
So you've mastered placing falling blocks? You can match colors like a pro? The reigning champion of your neighborhood at word games? Have we got a blend for you! Puzzlejuice is a ..
Enter a World of Assassins
Tokyo 42 is a hyper-stylish isometric open-world shooter. Framed for a murder you didn't commit, you'll delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue andtactical cats...
The greatest hits of mobile games, a..
The greatest hits of mobile games, all in one place. GameClub offers a large and growing catalog of some of the best games in the history of mobile. Our entire library is available..
Misbehaving micro-machines
Reclusive scientist Dr. Schplot invented a crazy cast of life-saving nanobots that now live inside of every human being on the planet. These tiny nanobots were originally designed ..
Pixel picture crosswords!
Paint It Back takes a staple of classic puzzle books and gives it a humorous twist. An incident at an art museum wipes out all of its masterpieces just before it's about to have it..
Step Right Up and Take a Shot!
You can practically smell the pizza in the air in this mobile rendition of this classic arcade game of skill. A quick flick sends the ball rolling up the ramp. Your goal is to roll..
Dungeon Crawler Hack & Slash
Enter a world overrun by hordes of monsters. Explore trap-filled dungeons and face mighty bosses. Collect piles of treasure and items and invest in dozens of abilities and unlockab..
Potatosophical platforming!
在这个问题尚未解决的世界中,potatomican提出了。穿过沙漠荒原,神秘的森林和反乌托邦的城市,一切似乎都没有。只有他的智力,他的跳跃和一个问题,potatoan必须通过古怪和具有挑战性的平台难题来解决这个问题! 奔跑,跳跃和躲避所有的陷阱,生物和险恶的地形,这些陷阱,生物和险恶的地形试图阻止potatomican的任务。危险似乎无处不在,因此,如果您想..
Puzzle + RPG + Luck
Faif is a puzzle/rpg game with a unique battle system. HOW TO PLAY IT After choosing 5 adjacent tiles you only get one! Play wisely with the odds and defeat your enemies before the..
Mini-golf meets magic!
This is the story of an adventuring hero who doesn't mind being below par. As a powerful wizard, you'll make your way through each floor of a treacherous dungeon, one hole at a tim..
Cyberpunk FPS with Multiplayer
In this white-knuckle cyberpunk first-person shooter, you are the last line of defense between an abominable mechanical army and the fate of the entire universe. A dark force has c..
The sky is falling!
Play as multiple different characters, each with their own special skills to help them survive the onslaught of descending blocks. Keep climbing or face certain death. Scramble up ..
Restore light to the universe
Nominated for a BAFTA for best mobile game, and a nominee of PocketGamer’s “Best App Ever,” Incoboto is “as much an experience as it is a game,” per TouchArcade. When The Corporati..
Super Speed Swinging
Jump into hook-swinging action and conquer the mountain with your trusty grappling hook. * 96 / 100Metacritic * 5 / 5148Apps * 4 / 4Slide to Play * 5 / 5AppSpy * 4.5 / 5TouchArcade..
Raise an adorable pet!
Welcome to the world of Fugu pet care! You'll be given care of your very own Fugu egg, and you won't have to wait long before you'll be welcoming your own little bundle of joy. Fug..
Search, rescue, and defend!
在12个不同地点执行36个不同的任务。掌握你的快速和敏捷的直升机的控制,当你在这个星球上一些最致命的地形执行任务。用你的机枪、导弹和炸弹来反击敌军。战斗火箭发射器挥舞着士兵、防空炮塔、坦克,甚至敌人的直升机。 亲身体验高级运动控制或玩虚拟棒来复制街机感觉。躲避树木,穿过成群的鸟儿,穿越山脉和峡谷。在挤满摩天大楼的城市的屋顶上扫射,同时密切注意可以修理菜刀和补..
A lost perambulator. Oh my.
“新的和值得注意的”-苹果 “每日游戏”-Kotaku 由苹果公司在 “伟大的平台游戏” 部分推荐! 妈妈失去了她的孩子!好心的玩家,这取决于你,在10多个扭曲的维多利亚式欢乐世界中安全地导航婴儿的马车,把失落的孩子送回家。避开格林先生的幽灵,格林先生是一个阴暗的人物,打算动不动就阻止你。格林: 乘车者之旅是一个独特的横向..
Hacky sack, but with cats
Save really cute cats from exploding. By kicking them. "Truly one of the most fun and addictive time wasters on the mobile market to date." -GameZebo "Hackycat contains hours upon ..
A zany bridge-building puzzler
驾驶火车穿越森林、山脉和其他地形进行危险的旅行。拉上你的货物,付过路费,继续前进。这个小小的旅程只有一个问题:到处都是峡谷、峡谷、河流和峡谷!用各种各样的零件来组装跨越障碍物的桥梁,看看你是否能为你忠诚的小邦纳一路抓几根骨头。一定要尽你所能打造出最坚固的桥梁,否则指挥布里吉·琼斯和他的狗狗朋友会被困在坑底! 在这场广受好评的冒险中,30多个棘手的阶段等待着你..
Conquer the seas
与其他海盗船作战,征服掠夺地的海洋。 86 / 100Metacritic 4 / 4-滑动播放 8.9 / 10 (编辑选择)IGN 4.5 / 5TouchArcade 本周应用程序-Gizmodo 射击你的大炮,派遣敌人的海盗,升级你的船和武器,掠夺部落村庄,并得到你的钩在闪亮的战利品。 Punderland是由GameClub带回生活的众多奇妙游戏之..
The Brainiest Puzzler In Town
Match-3 mechanics meet lane defense in Zombie Match Defense. • 5 / 5AppAdvice • 4 / 5Apple'N'Apps • Winner of Pocket Gamer's Very Big Indie Pitch A cool concoction of lane-based de..
好消息?Mikey有一双很棒的新火箭靴子,可以让他以很高的速度在空中飞行。坏消息?靴子不会关闭,也不能取下。啊哦!通过40多个新的阶段,在来袭的导弹之间编织,在危险的尖峰周围操纵,并收集尽可能多的硬币,你可以。 像往常一样,每个课程都提供了大量的潜在路径和一个隐藏的一两个秘密。你必须掌握火箭靴子,以追求最佳时间的每一毫秒刮掉。当你在做的时候,一定要留意那些隐..
In Any Landing, you are a pilot work..
In Any Landing, you are a pilot working for a very low-budget, cheapskate airline run by a dodgy boss. Your aircraft always breaks down, your engines are forever burning out… and y..
* 5/5 “必须购买建立一个几乎不可能的复杂的网络。”-TouchArcade 这部获奖热门热门《蜘蛛: 布莱斯庄园的秘密》的续集再次让你成为一只普通蜘蛛的角色,..
* 5/5 “必须购买建立一个几乎不可能的复杂的网络。”-TouchArcade 这部获奖热门热门《蜘蛛: 布莱斯庄园的秘密》的续集再次让你成为一只普通蜘蛛的角色,进行了一次非凡的冒险。探索一个巨大的庄园,建立错综复杂的网,并把你的聪明与一些令人难以置信的困惑测试。把线索拼凑在一起,看看你是否能解开笼罩月亮背后的谜团。 冒险可能比以往任何时候都大..