Imagine you are a police man
With My Town 's Police station it is your time to become a policeman or woman, a detective and even a crook. Adventure and fun can be found all around the police station. Check out..
It’s time for puppy playtime with yo..
It’s time for puppy playtime with your new friends in My Town! Meet Towniz – your new best virtual pet buddy! Adopt a pet, take care of him, and have a lot of fun! If you like pet ..
Doctor games for kids!
Ever wanted to play as a doctor? Run your own hospital? Deliver babies and help people? My City : Hospital is the busiest emergency medical center and it is yours to play with anyw..
Create your fashion story
Your favorite town has a stylish new location for a brand new adventure ! My Town : Fashion Show Create, design and play in your very own fashion event with lots of new characters,..
It’s time to sit back and treat your..
It’s time to sit back and treat yourself to a day of pampering at the My Town : Spa! Perhaps it’s time for a fresh cut and color, or maybe the seasons are changing and you would li..
Fire truck & Firefighters Hero
Become the hero of My town by playing as a fireman or paramedic. Start by dressing your characters in their protective gear, then head into the control room, where you’ll receive e..
Wonderland has a new magical locatio..
Wonderland has a new magical location where kids can create and role-play their own beauty and the beast fairy tale story! In an enchanting palace, ballroom and stables the beast a..
Wonderland is a magical game where y..
Wonderland is a magical game where you create your own fairytale adventure and play out stories you create. Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain hook and the lost kids are ready for a new adv..
Every Day a New Vacation Story
Prepare yourselves for the best holiday in My City: Hotel games! Discover the lobby and check-in to experience why those who visit the hotel refuse to check-out! Discover the resta..
Kids role-play fun stories
My City has just opened the brand new Kids Club House! This location has 6 floors! All packed with fun and exciting things to discover and exploreVisit the Rooftop pool, play laser..
Police game for kids
Protect your city, create your own stories and adventures. My City : Cops and Robbers is the ultimate police game for kids, it is packed with everything you need to serve and prote..
New story every game!
It's Election Day in My City and everyone is excited! Who will win and who shall lose, only you get to decide. Everyone wants to be the new mayor for My Citywho will you vote for? ..
Family fun Trip Play together
Girls & Boys, pack your suitcase and bags, your London adventure starts now! My City : London is a fun game for kids where they can create and tell their own stories as they ex..
Pack your bags kids, we are Flying t..
Pack your bags kids, we are Flying to New York City and it is going to be so much fun! My City : New York is your chance to create your own story and adventure in the busiest city ..
Prison escape jail home game
My City : Jail House is open and ready for you to visit. Ever wanted to know what a jail house looks like? This is your chance! Play as the prisons warden, take care of the bad guy..
Pack your sleeping bag, tent and hat..
Pack your sleeping bag, tent and hat and lets go camping ! Create your very own wildlife adventure, playout your very own camping stories. My City : Wildlife Camping has everything..
It's wintertime in My City and the S..
It's wintertime in My City and the Ski Resort is open for everyone. My City: Ski Resort is all about winter. Create your very own winter adventure. Here you can ski down the slopes..
Dancing & Dressup Girls Game
Welcome to My Town's new Dance School, a must have addition to your Town. Practice in ballet lesson, get dressed for your cheerleading class, Prepare your dance show and customise ..
Be a SUPER STAR and play in front of..
Be a SUPER STAR and play in front of a huge crowd in My City: Popstar, where all the lights are on you! Sing songs in more than a million ways on the concert stage, with the help o..
Family life Story Game
Welcome to My City: Grandparents Home, where Grandma and Grandpa are waiting just for you! This game has lots of exciting rooms and locations for you to play in. Swim in the backya..
A new mall has opened in My Town! Im..
A new mall has opened in My Town! Imagine all the stories your children can make up with more than 6 different locations to explore. Dress up in the latest fashions in our clothing..
fairy tale underwater story
Welcome to wonderland! Come to meet the little mermaid’s family and friends at the underwater village. Visit the mermaids house, check out the nursery for activities and fun, take ..
In My Town World of Games you have t..
In My Town World of Games you have the perfect place to meet and play with other My Town fans and friends. You can select and customize your own character with lots of costumes, ha..
Fly & Travel My City Airlines
Welcome to My City : Airport. Just like a real airport with tons of stuff to play and discover. Get your boarding pass ready and check-in your luggage before you pass through secur..
Adopt a cute friend
在您自己的动物庇护所游戏中照顾和帮助来自世界各地的动物!我的城市: 动物收容所是一个特殊的地方,您可以在这里照顾和与宠物和外来动物玩耍。为来自世界各地的外来动物提供庇护,成为兽医,在宠物诊所玩耍,清洁和治疗动物! 这里有很多有趣的活动,新的地点和无尽的假装游戏乐趣,让你在我的城市发现: 动物收容所。有8个新的地点和50多个新的宠物,你可以把你的其他我的城市游..
Epic Adventure! Learn & Play
At My Town's Museum, there is something fun and exciting in every room and something to play with behind every corner. Get your tickets ready and take the grand tour. Awaken the an..
Travel & fishing roll play
Take a cruise, go fishing, get treasures and much more! My City: Boat Adventure is where you can do whatever you want. Create your own stories, feel the excitement of going through..
Explore & Play your way
In My City the fun starts After School! So call your school friends and invite your neighbors to meet at the park because the fun is about to start. Skating, Reading, Karate Class,..
It's a new story every day
* Pay once & Play foreverreceive FREE updates! No ads and no IAP * Feed the animals, Gather the eggs, Grow the bees and harvest the fields. My Town : Farm is all about you havi..
Dress up & makeup competition!
Calling all aspiring stylists and fashionistas! If you and your child love fashion, design and hair My Town : Beauty Contest is the perfect app for you. There are six different loc..
It's a dollhouse like no other
It’s My Town Movie Night! Enter the theater and buy a ticket for the movie you’d like to see. You get to choose from 30 different short films! Take photos with your favorite actor ..
Imagine a new game every day!
My Little Princess Stores is a storytelling digital dollhouse game where every game is a new adventure. Have fun pretend playing in the princess village stores. Get the latest fash..
It’s always a fun day when you get t..
It’s always a fun day when you get to visit your My Town grandparents! How fun to check out where your dad grew up and explore his old room! Perhaps Grandpa could use your help in ..
Adopt,Dress and Play with pets
Pay once & Play foreverreceive FREE updates! No ads and no IAP If you have a pet or are looking to adopt one soon, My Town : Pets is perfect practice! Start by adopting your fa..
Life of the Rich and Famous
Live a life of the Rich and Famous with your very own Mansion. Mansion is the perfect location to create luxurious adventures! Check out the mansions rooms, Upgrade your ride in a ..
City Life Adventure Roll Play
Welcome to My City: Home. Drop by and visit your neighbors, Explore your house to find hidden treasures, check out the latest fashion and even make your own clothing at the fashion..
Imagine a new game every day!
从我的城镇的创造者来了一个新的玩具屋冒险,叫做我的小公主! 想象一个城堡,你的孩子可以与几乎所有的东西互动。做晚餐和打扮,装饰terrance并在宴会厅举行聚会只是为了好玩。这就像一个数字玩具屋,你的孩子每次玩都可以玩,创造和想象不同的冒险。 小公主城堡有12个房间,许多人物和大量的服装,配饰和道具。所有房间都是高度互动的,提供各种热点和活动,既有趣又有创意..
Every Day a New Story
拿起你的背包,是我的城镇的时候了: 幼儿园!在你自己的幼儿园里建造和玩耍。讲述学校生活的故事还有几个小时的乐趣。我的城镇: 幼儿园有8个独特的地方可以探索。你可以在孩子们上学前打扮他们,当他们在操场上受伤时照顾他们,需要绷带,休息时做午餐! 特点: * 8个有趣的地方,包括学习室,浴室,护士办公室,午睡室,自助餐厅等! * 新的额外特殊功能!我们为所有角色增..
After School the Fun Starts!
* 支付一次 & 永远播放接收免费更新!没有广告和IAP 欢迎来到我的小镇: 街道,是时候出来玩了!我们的街道有你放学后需要的一切。参观你当地的图书馆,举办一个有很多有趣服装的故事时间派对。牙痛吗?去看牙医,他就在街上。说什么?你想知道牙医住在哪里,来他家看他,他爱客人。 我的城镇: 街道有8个很棒的地方和2个新的迷你游戏,有几个小时的有趣的想象力游..
当地邻居的保姆总是忙着照顾别人的孩子!在我的城市: 保姆,你可以成为一天的保姆,打扮婴儿去公园旅行,在你的客厅里玩孩子游戏,经营自己的婴儿日托等等。因为我的城市游戏都有联系,你..
当地邻居的保姆总是忙着照顾别人的孩子!在我的城市: 保姆,你可以成为一天的保姆,打扮婴儿去公园旅行,在你的客厅里玩孩子游戏,经营自己的婴儿日托等等。因为我的城市游戏都有联系,你甚至可以乘火车去其他地方照看孩子。 角色扮演、探索和欢乐时光! 在我的城市,孩子们每天都在探索和扮演新的故事和冒险。我的城市是一个儿童游戏,促进一个有趣和无压力的环境,孩子们可以利用他..
Family World Life House Games
你还记得在玩偶之家长大的时候,你总是假装在玩偶和玩偶的家里玩耍吗?孩子们喜欢玩游戏和创造有趣的生活故事。我的城市家园玩偶游戏是一个完美的假装儿童和儿童角色扮演游戏。有了一个数字房子,他们可以称之为家,孩子们可以与里面的任何东西互动和玩耍。这是一个数字玩偶屋,有很多房间和有趣的角色等着孩子们玩角色扮演。 我的小镇:玩偶屋是一个孩子们假装的角色扮演游戏!这是你的..
Boyfriend Girlfriend Crush
一个真正的爱情故事就是这样开始的!两个十几岁的孩子搬到了隔壁,他们成了朋友,每天在他们的秘密藏身处相遇,然后相爱了!你的爱情故事是什么?探索我的城市:爱情故事的地点,去一个完美的浪漫约会。 游戏特点: -是时候出去玩一晚了!为精彩的场合挑选精彩的衣服!在电影之夜保持时尚,或在高级餐厅用餐时保持优雅! -8个地点,完美的浪漫之夜!在花园里闲逛,丘比特可能会用爱..
Imagine a new game every day!
从我的城镇的创造者来了一个新的玩具屋冒险,叫做我的小公主! 想象一个城堡,你的孩子可以与几乎所有的东西互动。做晚餐和打扮,装饰terrance并在宴会厅举行聚会只是为了好玩。这就像一个数字玩具屋,你的孩子每次玩都可以玩,创造和想象不同的冒险。 小公主城堡有12个房间,许多人物和大量的服装,配饰和道具。所有房间都是高度互动的,提供各种热点和活动,既有趣又有创意..
Adopt your new family
Create your own stories and play your own adventures, My City : Orphan house is where you can decide what happens. Your new orphan house is an amazing new location which lets you p..
Fun Wedding Day Pretend Game
你的婚礼快到了!创造并策划完美的婚礼。装扮新娘,装饰你的蛋糕,创造完美的婚礼派对,邀请你的朋友和家人!我的城市: 婚礼派对让你扮演你自己的婚礼。 我们已经准备好你的婚礼冒险所需的一切!从婚礼前一天的逃生室单身派对到大喜之日后的疯狂海滩派对。你的婚礼,你的规则。 超过1亿的孩子玩过我们的游戏世界! 创意游戏小朋友爱玩 认为这个游戏是一个完全互动的玩偶馆,你可以..
这是我城市的开学日,多么令人兴奋!准备好另一个冒险,在那里你可以创建自己的故事,教你自己的课,角色扮演在你自己的学校游戏和更多!学校配备了9个地点,包括艺术和科学教室,新学校的朋友角色,你可以在我们所有其他我的城市游戏中使用。 新功能 根据我们的粉丝要求,我们添加了一些很酷的新功能。 收藏夹-一个最喜欢的类别,让你可以快速访问你最喜欢的角色。 天气-太阳,雨..
欢迎来到“My City: 朋友之家”,在这里你可以创造自己的故事,假装玩令人兴奋的冒险游戏等等! “My City: 朋友之家”里增加了许多新角色、好玩的房间和地点,还有很多..
欢迎来到“My City: 朋友之家”,在这里你可以创造自己的故事,假装玩令人兴奋的冒险游戏等等! “My City: 朋友之家”里增加了许多新角色、好玩的房间和地点,还有很多互动饰品等你去发现、探索和假装玩耍。一定要去看看儿童室和婴儿室。与您的朋友们坐在电影院看电影,在街机房玩游戏,或在花园举办一次狂野的泳池派对,选择是无穷尽的!有这么多有趣的地方可以探索..
你想了解成年人在办公室工作是什么样子吗?My City:办公室让玩家可以创建个人办公室探索活动。一个老板的总部,四个工作场所,周一上午从未变得如此精彩!举行重要会议,谁将获得本月最佳员工奖?您希望在电视台工作?还是想在健身房工作?在新My City:办公室中一切皆有可能! 推荐年龄群 4-12岁儿童:My Town游戏具有安全保障,即时家长不在房间也可安全游..
你够有勇气坐一次大过山车吗?试一试全新的ICEME游乐园!别担心,与我们的所有My Town游戏一样,我们的游戏角色都自带表情,甚至连老爸也会在游乐园一些恐怖乘坐中吓得尖叫!“..
你够有勇气坐一次大过山车吗?试一试全新的ICEME游乐园!别担心,与我们的所有My Town游戏一样,我们的游戏角色都自带表情,甚至连老爸也会在游乐园一些恐怖乘坐中吓得尖叫!“My Town :ICEME游乐园”是My Town推出的最新玩具屋游戏。游乐园中有各种好玩的冒险游戏等你来探索,比如试试弹弓、跳伞等等! 玩累了后,可以去ICEME商店拿纪念品袋,再..
Collect, Stick & Share
官方的我的小镇贴纸书收藏家游戏。收集大量酷贴纸,完成所有21个专辑页面,获得每日免费贴纸包和惊喜,与朋友交换和交易卡。 您可以将主题与相关的My Town游戏匹配吗?请确保每天访问以获取免费的贴纸包,其中您可以完成相册并发现主题。满足发型师,完成婚礼主题,与朋友交易,以获得您需要的稀有和缺失贴纸! 我镇官方专辑贴纸游戏特色: -收集所有你最喜欢的我的小镇人物..