Get your peace and quiet with CLASSI..
Get your peace and quiet with CLASSICAL MUSIC APP and relax with the music that was, is and always will be AMONGST THE MOST APPRECIATED TUNES OUT THERE! ◈ GET SPIRITUAL WITH Classi..
Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the M..
Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the MOST FAMOUS CLASSICAL MUSIC COMPOSERS. Enjoy Beethoven's music and his famous works with BeethovenClassical Instrumental Music app. ◈ BeethovenCl..
GET WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART MUSIC for your pocket and enjoy the tunes of CLASSICAL MUSIC created by one of the GREATEST CLASSICAL COMPOSERS ever! We have collected the best classic..
Calming music and relaxing sounds ar..
Calming music and relaxing sounds are an excellent music therapy. With Yoga Meditation Music app, your music therapist will always be by your side. ◉ SOOTHING SOUNDS EVERYDAY ◉ If ..
A new app you must haveANTONIO VIVAL..
虚拟博物馆 画廊
Are you a true admirer of Edouard Manet? TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR THROUGH MANET ARTWORK: VIRTUAL ART GALLERY and explore the tiniest details in HD resolution. Learn to recognize Manet’s..
Seeking the glory of expression, the..
Seeking the glory of expression, the sunshine of the light of colours & the illumination of one's soul? Get JMW Turner Artwork: Virtual Art Gallery and discover his hues of col..
Do you worry about what people think..
Do you worry about what people think of you? Do you get nervous in social situations? Social Anxiety Test is one of the mental health apps that will determine whether you may have ..
If you are a real art enthusiast and..
If you are a real art enthusiast and admire Caravaggio art paintings, this art app was created just for you. Own an entire Caravaggio Art Gallery & Virtual Museum in your pocke..
成人着色书可以有各种各样的含义: 曼陀罗帮助创造平衡,鸟类着色页反映自由,但猫头鹰着色页为成年人可以帮助你深入自己,并 (重新) 发现你灵魂的魔法和智慧!立即安装! 成人着色页..
成人着色书可以有各种各样的含义: 曼陀罗帮助创造平衡,鸟类着色页反映自由,但猫头鹰着色页为成年人可以帮助你深入自己,并 (重新) 发现你灵魂的魔法和智慧!立即安装! 成人着色页不仅仅是着色。这就是当你开始填写你最喜欢的猫头鹰着色页面时,24张猫头鹰着色图片和调色板内200多个细微差别会向你展示的。 成人猫头鹰涂色页面背后的奥秘 据说猫头鹰与灵魂的智慧联系在一..
Brain training games
Let us introduce you to Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles! Various cartoon jigsaw puzzle pictures will keep you entertained for hours, so grab these puzzles now! Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles have plent..
You enjoy Leonardo da Vinci artwork?..
You enjoy Leonardo da Vinci artwork? Welcome to the Leonardo Da Vinci Virtual Museum! Immerse into this virtual gallery while enjoying the collection of 4x higher quality paintings..
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?..
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? Emotional Intelligence Test reveals the truth! Have you ever wondered what Emotional Intelligence is? Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional ..
Like to doze off with soothing music..
Like to doze off with soothing music or nature sounds? Having trouble falling asleep? Download Sleep Music & Sounds and get your beauty sleep with relaxing music, white noise, ..
What is your actual sexual orientati..
What is your actual sexual orientation? Straight, Gay, or in Between? Take Sexual Orientation Test and find out! Are you confused or unsure about your sexuality and sexual preferen..
Let the world wash away as you relax..
Let the world wash away as you relax during a mindfulness meditation with Meditation Music app. Healing music and gentle tunes help you relax and do your daily meditation to reach ..
Feeling sad and lonely all the time?..
Feeling sad and lonely all the time? Do you need to do something about the way you feel? Take Depression Test and find out if you have depression symptoms! Our Depression test can ..
Amazing Family Jigsaws
Jigsaw Puzzles Bestcollection of best puzzles with 100+ puzzles. Get it now! EXPLORE THIS HUGE COLLECTION OF JIGSAWS in one of the best jigsaw puzzle apps! Pleasant music in Jigsaw..
If you marvel at Renaissance art and great virtuoso artists like Donatello, enjoy a unique Donatello Art Gallery & Virtual Museum ! Explore the tiniest details in Donatello com..
General Knowledge Quiz Game
Why is Trivia QuizFun Trivia Questions a challenge you should accept? Because movie, sports, music and food trivia questions are waiting to test your general knowledge! Install Tri..
Amazing family jigsaws
Access 100 free photos in Epic Jigsaw PuzzlesREAL BRAIN TEASERS & MIND GAMES! Welcome to most Epic Jigsaw Puzzles! Download our newest jigsaw puzzle games IF YOU ARE A REAL FAN..
Trivia Questions and Answers
The ultimate football quiz 2019 is here! Will you know the answers to all football trivia questions? Football Quiz is a free trivia quiz app with the most interesting football quiz..
You are a fan of Michelangelo painti..
You are a fan of Michelangelo paintings and his divine pieces of art? Michelangelo Virtual Museum & Art Gallery will take your breath away. Understand his greatness and take a ..
Take the Self Assessment Psychologic..
Take the Self Assessment Psychological Tests and check if you have any signs of mental disorders as well as if you are in a state of psychological well-being. Are you worried about..
Have you ever wondered: “What person..
Have you ever wondered: “What personality type am I?” Have you ever taken a self-assessment personality type test before? FREUDIAN PERSONALITY TEST IS ONE WAY TO DISCOVER YOUR PERS..
General Knowledge Quiz
欢迎来到测验的世界!真假测验是一场真正的时间大战!快点,快点想!在这场真假游戏中测试你的常识,最好小心——狡猾的虚假陈述与你能想象到的任何事情的真实有趣的事实交织在一起!采取这个真假检查,并给你最好的智商超过这个常识测验! 你真的是个琐事狂吗?看看你是否像你想的那么好!尝试真假问答,利用每一秒来学习新的有趣的事实。 如果你是一个喜欢挑战性问答游戏的爱好者,加..
你经常体验别人的感受吗?或者你理解别人的观点有问题?使用同理心测试来找出你的同理心。 移情测试是一种心理测验,用于测量接受该测试的人的移情水平。研究表明,有同情心的人往往更慷慨..
你经常体验别人的感受吗?或者你理解别人的观点有问题?使用同理心测试来找出你的同理心。 移情测试是一种心理测验,用于测量接受该测试的人的移情水平。研究表明,有同情心的人往往更慷慨,关心他人的福利,他们也往往有更幸福的关系!个人缺乏同理心的特征是与他人认同的能力降低,表现出关注的能力减弱。缺乏同理心的人可能难以理解人。理解人类的行为,人们的需求以及移情的倾听是移..
心理测试 - 自我评价
If you have an uncontrollable mood, take a Bipolar Test and this mental health app will help you discover if your symptoms are similar to those for bipolar disorder, also known as ..
你觉得自己和其他人不一样吗?你容易被别人弄得心烦意乱吗?精神病患者测试是精神卫生的应用程序之一,将显示你是否表现出人格障碍症状。有人叫你自私或冷酷无情吗?进行精神病患者测试,并检查您是否有精神病倾向,导致您在日常生活中遇到人际关系或人际关系问题。 你多久会和你身边的人发生冲突?也许您正在表现出人格障碍症状,这些症状可能会对您生活的许多重要方面产生不利影响。精..
Welcome to the virtual museum of "A ..
Welcome to the virtual museum of "A Mortal God" of the Renaissance art! Explore the tiniest details in Raphael Works: Virtual Museum & Art Gallery in 4k resolution and learn ab..
Life is stressful! Find out how stre..
Life is stressful! Find out how stressed you really are by taking this Stress Test & measure your stress level. Download this useful mental health app and test yourself! Our St..
Japanese Coloring Book is an app whe..
Japanese Coloring Book is an app where you'll find many Japan coloring pages and drawings to color with motifs of this beautiful country. Have fun coloring in all Japan coloring pa..
获取动物拼图-一个数字拼图应用程序与100个免费拼图! 当你还是个孩子的时候,你会记得解决Jiggsaw puzles吗?不是很好玩吗?如果你还在脑筋戏弄,试试我们新的动物拼图..
获取动物拼图-一个数字拼图应用程序与100个免费拼图! 当你还是个孩子的时候,你会记得解决Jiggsaw puzles吗?不是很好玩吗?如果你还在脑筋戏弄,试试我们新的动物拼图游戏,并带回你的童年与独特的拼图成人的那些美丽的记忆。主要的区别是,现在经典的拼图演变成虚拟的。不需要吹你最喜欢的动物拼图盒的灰尘,并收集碎片的最后。与最新的虚拟JIGSAWS,没有时..
你对你的爱情生活感到满意吗?爱情测试揭示真相!获得情侣测试,并测试你的爱情生活和关系的兼容性与爱情测试测验。你不确定是否找到了你的灵魂伴侣?你们的关系是否正在经历危机?参加爱情测试,然后找出答案。 让我们计算你的爱的兼容性和你的成功的机会与这个爱情测试。确定你和你的伴侣有多兼容!这是真正的爱情测试和爱情计算器,测量夫妇的兼容性!用这对情侣兼容性测试来测试你的..
你担心太多了吗?你的情绪会干扰日常生活,你会感到持续的恐惧吗?采取焦虑测试,并找出如果你有焦虑症状。 发现您是否遇到焦虑症与我们的5分钟焦虑测试。这种焦虑症测试不是为了做出诊断..
你担心太多了吗?你的情绪会干扰日常生活,你会感到持续的恐惧吗?采取焦虑测试,并找出如果你有焦虑症状。 发现您是否遇到焦虑症与我们的5分钟焦虑测试。这种焦虑症测试不是为了做出诊断,但会帮助你发现你是否有焦虑症的症状和体征。如果你担心所有的时间,或者你不能管理你的情绪和问题,采取焦虑测试,做一些关于你的感觉!你的生活不一定要这样。 完成这个在线焦虑测验,看看你是..
Brain training games
向惊人的拼图问好!这些有趣的拼图游戏挑战每个人的一轮!停止丢失你最喜欢的拼图游戏的碎片,最后得到一个虚拟的!使用手机中的虚拟拼图碎片,您将永远不会考虑失去拼图的宝贵部分。如果你还没有玩过虚拟拼图,它们现在都是你的了! 获取这些原始难题,并立即开始困惑!有了免费的拼图游戏,你会有这么多的选择,游戏和高质量的图像。看看这些成人拼图,看看它们提供了什么 ★ 拼图功..
Feel the healing power of Magic Mand..
Feel the healing power of Magic Mandalas! Download anti-stress coloring book for adults and ENJOY THE MAGICAL EFFECTS OF RELAXING MANDALA COLORING PAGES! ◈ THE POWER OF MAGIC MANDA..
会见克劳德 · 莫奈,在克劳德 · 莫奈艺术: 虚拟博物馆应用程序的光和气氛画家。通过探索他们在高清分辨率了解莫奈绘画。这位来自印象派时期的英雄画家..
会见克劳德 · 莫奈,在克劳德 · 莫奈艺术: 虚拟博物馆应用程序的光和气氛画家。通过探索他们在高清分辨率了解莫奈绘画。这位来自印象派时期的英雄画家和他的创作爆炸通过独特视角的力量在这个虚拟的美术馆中传播开来。克劳德 · 莫奈绘画通过笔触揭开了他的个性,没有留下竞争的机会。观察4k分辨率的最佳细节,并发现莫奈艺术的清..
How often do you feel like you can’t..
How often do you feel like you can’t stop hurting the people you love? Do you say or do something that hurts them? Do you feel guilt and remorse afterwards? Have you ever wondered ..
画廊 美术馆
If you aspire after Klimt and symbolism in his artwork, this is the right art app for you. Take a tour to the Klimt Virtual Museum of Artwork in HD resolution. This virtual gallery..
蝴蝶着色页将展开你的孩子的想象力的翅膀!美丽的黄油文件着色图片使着色游戏更有趣! 你想让你的孩子体验到前所未有的着色吗?下载蝴蝶着色页和蝴蝶翅膀将成为你的小艺术家的绘画画布。 欢迎来到蝴蝶着色页的多彩世界!这些有趣的绘画游戏将鼓励你的孩子的创造力。所以,抓住这个创造性的时刻,当你的孩子把蝴蝶图像从这个有趣的应用程序变成小块艺术品时感到自豪。当你可以看到某人的..
If you think that there is only one way to MAKE PHOTOS BLACK AND WHITEthink again! Download Black and White Camera for Instagram™ and LET THE FUN BEGIN! The photo effects and camer..
If you are a true admirer of Van Gogh art and you respect this famous artist, Van Gogh Virtual Art Gallery is THE app for you. Enjoy your own virtual Van Gogh gallery with 4x highe..
SPEND YOUR FREE TIME PLAYING JIGSAW PUZZLES and use one of the best brain teasers to clear your thoughts! Fun Jigsaw Puzzles promise a real puzzling for all of you who adore epic j..
Retro Selfie Camera and Photo Filtersyour new favorite app for creating original selfies. TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR-BEAUTIFUL-SELF AND LET RETRO SELFIE CAMERA DO THE MAGIC! This selfie ..
你觉得自己改变了很多,以至于你无法识别自己吗?精神分裂症测试是一个心理健康的应用程序,任何人谁想要看看他们可能有精神分裂障碍通常相关的症状。 您是否正在经历无法解释的更改?你会..
你觉得自己改变了很多,以至于你无法识别自己吗?精神分裂症测试是一个心理健康的应用程序,任何人谁想要看看他们可能有精神分裂障碍通常相关的症状。 您是否正在经历无法解释的更改?你会无缘无故感到害怕吗?测试你的心理健康,如果你认为你可能有精神分裂症症状与精神分裂症测试。精神分裂症是一种精神障碍,很难区分真实和不真实,功能正常。人们经历的精神分裂症的一些症状是妄想,..
Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzlespuzzle games with over 50 beautiful dinosaur images! Jigsaw Puzzles are already known for their benefits, but what if you add HQ images, in this case dinosa..
Are you ready to open the Rembrandt ..
Are you ready to open the Rembrandt Virtual Museum & Art Gallery and observe the tiniest details in over 700 Rembrandt’s paintings and drawings in 4k resolution? Your new virtu..
Are you crazy for good brain teasers..
Are you crazy for good brain teasers? You’ve just found them in Awesome Jigsaw PuzzlesCrazy Brain Jigsaws! ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME WHILE PLAYING THIS FUN JIGSAW PUZZLES GAME and final..
Cool Jigsaw Puzzlesreal brain teasing game with OVER 100 FREE JIGSAW PUZZLES! You must be proud when your little genius solves jigsaw puzzles and brags about their little piece of ..