Build your own donut factory, make e..
Build your own donut factory, make exotic donuts, and earn money to become a donut tycoon! Play the newest Idle Donut Factory and build your donut empire. Run donuts factory, make ..
This is a loyalty app that rewards y..
This is a loyalty app that rewards you for visiting Hot Bread. All you need to carry is this app and you can earn points, win exciting gifts, view events and order food online. You..
Welcome to Tayto Online Ordering App..
Welcome to Tayto Online Ordering App official mobile app, Developed to help you easily find your nearest branch to place orders and reserve your table, and also get the latest our ..
Crush zombies during transport
Humans have fallen to the wrath of zombie apocalypse & you are the last hope for the survivors. Transport army vehicles from army bases to the survivors, also called THE RESIST..
Shoot cannon balls on tower.
Get into the world of the real balls, with highly addictive gameplay. Throw balls at paint rotator tower and win that crazy color paint contest Shoot the ball of the same color, if..
Contract killer assassin
准备成为一个秘密特工,并在行动和隐形游戏中作为秘密刺客消灭敌人。作为一个超级间谍显示你致命的准确性,并在间谍游戏中瞄准杀死敌人。你需要一个精确的瞄准和激光聚焦来击落目标。作为秘密特工,您的任务是消除目标并逃脱而不会被抓住。像风一样移动,并逐个拿出雇佣兵作为秘密刺客,完成任务。作为秘密特工完成不可能的任务,每个任务都有自己的挑战。 打猎还是被打猎! 成为秘密特..
Transform Ninja & Kill Monster
释放你内心飞行忍者的力量。冥界的怪物已经逃脱 & 在你的城市的地球上浮出水面。怪物是由火,空气,昆虫和黑暗组成的自然怪胎。他们正在破坏地球上的浩劫,这是你拯救他们的责任,因为你是道场的古老守护者和城市的保护者。 在城市里飞来飞去,与怪物恶棍战斗 & amp; 将他们送回地狱。阻止火怪烧毁这座城市。阻止黑魔王带领他的军队到你的城市。每个任务,每..
Plague infected battlegrounds
The advent of modern world war has brought about the end of the world. Let the shooting madness unleash and strive for battlegrounds survival as a layer unknown. This grand battle ..
Milkshake Drink Maker Game
Blend Milk, Ice Cream, and Your Favorite Fruits to make delicious milkshakes. Make a variety of different ice cream shakes with your favorite fruits and toppings. Add milk, sliced ..
Gangster City Drug Wars
Roll up on a wild, adventurous and action-packed trip to crime city. Play Crime City Cartel Wars to experience everything it has to offer from cartel wars, turf wars and fighting d..
Dangerous Driving On Asphalt.
The Greatest Racing Tournament Begins!!! Dangerous Race For The Highly Professional Racers!! Destroy Opponents Before Finish The Race!! Smooth Driving And Intensive Torque Racing T..
Chase & Catch Criminals
Super Hero Dash is an action-packed and addictive hyper-casual game. Run at super speed, dodge traffic rush, and catch the escaping criminal. Use your superpower to run at a fast s..
Car War is Most Addictive Game
Tread carefully, and control your car. The rule is simple knock your rival and win the game. Just drag your car and hit another opponent off the arena! Main Features: Knockout all ..
Time for an awesome game, where you will play the most ultimate game play and might be shell shocked after doing so. Introducing Paintball.io, where you can be the ultimate warrior..
Table Games Showdown
这个复活节,把手放在能激发你精神的东西上。将您的朋友吸引到桌上足球游戏2玩家,桌上足球联赛冠军-多人桌上游戏是您一直在等待玩的最好的桌上足球游戏。想象一下在地面上参加世界锦标赛。这个桌上足球3D游戏会让你有这样的感觉!玩这个复古桌3D足球比赛游戏,接受足球挑战,并进一步挑战你的朋友进入多人比赛。Foos ball游戏是与您的朋友或室友玩得最好的游戏,如果棋盘..
Slow and steady wins the race.
Train your noob and frequently tap on the screen to reduce the speed of your player and win this race. Enjoy your lazy noob racing and become the last man throughout the tournament..
Rule Battlegrounds With Wits
Get ready to step into the unknown battlegrounds with an epic defense strategy where you will have to outwit, out gun, and outplay vicious alien creeps to win this massive battle s..
Virtual Life Simulator Games
Work as an hr manager in this virtual job simulator and recruit employees for your company. Hire the most suitable candidate for the role and increase the productivity of the busin..
Dish Washing Cleaning Game
You Think Washing Dishes is an Easy Task? Try and see. Wash all the dirty dishes and make them Perfect Clean. Wash away all the food leftovers and make the dishes squeaky clean! It..
A Super Market Battle Frenzy
Like TPS games? We got you covered. Enjoy Third Person Shooting Game like never before. You can be anything you want. Wanna be an egg or vegetables maybe?You can! Enjoy the new asp..
Lone Survivor Air War Game
Enjoy the lone survivor battles in a new way! Fight survival wars amongst flying planes, shoot and become the last one flying in the air! You must have tested your wits in unknown ..
Lead Your Civil Army to Glory
It's time to save your city. Lead your army of civilians, servicemen & criminals to save your city against the intruders. After a great response from "Civil Epic Battle" here c..
Ultimate Survivor Royale Game
战斗,杀戮,生存 & 成为最后一个站在史诗战场上的人! 厌倦了所有的沙漠战斗或盛大的战斗游戏?您是否渴望获得肾上腺素刺激的体验,从而使所有人兴奋不已?然后不要再等了,因为未来战场PvP只是多人生存竞技场游戏,你将用你所有的智慧杀死和学习生存规则,成为未来战场上唯一的幸存者。 当你进入未来生存舞台时,准备好终极战斗策略游戏。成为唯一的幸存者,胜利的最后..
Sword Fight Against Monster
Can one man beat all the world to take revenge for himself? Play as an angry samurai finding solace in revenge. Learn how to become an assassin and master all the weapons. Fight ag..
Grab loot and escape police
Thief LooterRobbery Game is a new addictive casual game in which you have to grab tons of loot while avoiding the patrolling police officer. Sneak past the police and collect as ma..