A kid portal to another world
AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is a love letter to japanese animation made by a two-person team. It invites you to a very unusual journey to a charming and wacky 3D world populate..
A meaty cult crafting quest
Embark on this twisted adventure with Agatha, a child torn between her love for eating meat and her friendships with animals. Join her as she discovers religion and creates her own..
Music Instrument
You know how to send an email so you are an excellent musician. Play your favorite songs directly on your touch screen.Thank's to Limouzik's algorithm you're alwaysin tune. The con..
A Blob's adventure
Blon takes you through a challenging and pixelized side-scroller platformer. Travel through many worlds with just one goal: defeat your mad brother! To beat him and save your famil..
Card based roguelike
Card Quest is a dungeon crawling adventure game with unique card combat. Play with a variety of unique character classes, and customize decks to fit your playstyle. Explore the str..
这款游戏的玩法非常新颖,注重策略,像素画风别具一格,还透着一丝独立游戏的癫狂。 我们出了 PC 版本,现在又上了移动端版本! 指挥尸群: 僵尸不会罢工,也不会抱怨,只会老老实实地服从你的每一条命令……不过有一点不好——没人跟你聊深夜电影或者有意思的书了! 感染: 想扩充尸军?那就感染一些人类吧!不需要鲜花,不需要魅力,只要让僵尸往人类脖子上咬一口(其实想咬哪..
Play as the Healer!
"When evil forces awaken in the darkness, the world needs a team of heroes… But when these heroes are a ragtag bunch of unskilled jerks, only the healer can save the day. Healer’s ..
Arcade puzzle game
Join Kat and her crew in an epic quest in Flipon, a juicy, fun and fast-paced arcade puzzle game! Mine flipoblocks by aligning them to make combos, solve puzzles and defeat the (cu..
Tactical Rogue Deckbuilding
Iris and the Giant is a fusion of a collectible card game with RPG and roguelike elements. You play as Iris, who must brave her fears in her imaginary world. Behind the game's uniq..
Feel the beat
Beat your best scores in Neon Beats, a 2D platformer game with rhythm based levels! You just entered an abstract world and embody a cube moving on a white line. A relaxing and catc..
Mystery puzzle game
Come discover beautiful mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins and use your logic and sense of observation to fix them; and uncover a galaxy-spanning story. Machinika Mus..
A text based escape room game
unmemory is a crafted combination of a thrilling story and puzzle games, an escape room inside an interactive novel about a girl gang and a broken mind. Will you solve the mystery?..
Build and Fight
Siege Castles is a tactical, physics based Castle VS Castle game with siege weapons and magic : - Build your own personal Castle, choosing which strategy and tactics to focus on an..
Escape the Underworld
Overcome Beasts of the Underworld, Fallen Angels, Treacherous Planets and Past LoversSolve Astrological and Alchemical puzzlesFind secrets from the past to solve the problems of th..
Stay tuned.
What happens when everyone is stuck in the same time loop, without knowing? Alt-Frequencies is an audio mystery game where you use the airwaves to open the world’s eyes to the trut..
Solve the mystery of Ana
如果你回答这个未知的号码,你就搞砸了 通过ana游戏体验一个复杂的,身临其境的故事在巴黎,让你与朋友互动和聊天。你将沉浸在一个深刻的悬疑中,你的所有选择和行动都会对你的经历产生影响。 无法放下你的手机解决围绕 'ana的谜团; 你会被操纵,困惑,惊叹,恼火,并被一个充满了多重曲折的故事所兴奋。 这种体验通过反映智能手机界面来模糊游戏与现实之间的界限。 主要特..
Even further !!
Do you know Pat the Dog, the hilarious TV series based on Space Dog, a mobile game with 45 million players worldwide ? Pat is now back in a new game ! Need an introduction: PAT is ..
But on the eve of his departure, a s..
But on the eve of his departure, a strange meeting will change his future. EMMA is a 20-minute long animated graphic novel available in French, English, and German. If, like us, yo..
immortal puzzle game
Persephone是一款益智游戏,探讨了下列的可能性:如果死亡不是终点,而是解决谜题的关键呢?为了过关,您会选择在哪里、何时以及何地死去? 在10个不同的环境中探索超过100个谜题,每个谜题都有其独特的机制。 进来这个充满美丽图形和迷人音乐的神奇世界吧。
The Cursed Grids
Challenge your deductive skills by helping our two young heroes on their quest to bring the legendary paintings of Pictoria back! Look carefully at the numbers on the edges of the ..
Pocket Edition
一款新的节奏游戏,总计包含55首歌曲,并且还会推出更多歌曲。 在这场芯片音乐冒险中跟随音乐节奏击打! Tib和Rob是一场古怪冒险的英雄,他们将在此次冒险中穿越小鸡王国。 你之前玩过节奏游戏吗?这款游戏与其类似,但是更棒!你需要通过每一个音符负责帮助我们的两个英雄成功完成任务。跟随来自Dubmood、Zabutom、Hello World、Yponeko和L..
射击所有的传说生物,成为最佳弓箭手吧! 巨狼、巨人、恶龙、大蛇、海妖、巨魔、维京入侵者、奥丁、恶魔 打败他们、获取黄金并训练您选择的维京人,使他有机会走入 Valhalla 的圣殿。 主要特色: - 选取您的维京人并训练他抵达瓦尔哈拉。 - 探索美丽的世界并击败数百种传说怪物 - 有数百关卡和障碍等您攻破 - 升级并提升您的统计资料以变得更强大 Terms ..
这款游戏的玩法非常新颖,注重策略,像素画风别具一格,还透着一丝独立游戏的癫狂。 我们出了 PC 版本,现在又上了移动端版本! 注意:iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3、iPod Touch 无法运行..
"Want to quit smoking but nothing se..
"Want to quit smoking but nothing seems to work? Want to beat your addiction without breaking a sweat? Try Smokitten! Smokitten is the first mobile video game, created in partnersh..