Goal: -Hit football player and run a..
Goal: -Hit football player and run away without getting caught until touchdown Controls: -Swipe left and right.
Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá tiene u..
Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá tiene una nueva experiencia donde podrás agendar, reprogramar y consultar tus citas médicas desde tu dispositivo móvil de una forma fácil y rápido desd..
Terra Food Co. app is now available ..
Terra Food Co. app is now available on App Store. Download now to order online and get it delivered at your doorstep.
tricca(トリッカ)の公式アプリです。 【概要】 ■ アプリ上から24時間いつでも予約が可能 指名予約にも対応しているので担当スタッフのスケジュールを確認してからの予約が可..
tricca(トリッカ)の公式アプリです。 【概要】 ■ アプリ上から24時間いつでも予約が可能 指名予約にも対応しているので担当スタッフのスケジュールを確認してからの予約が可能です。 ■ クーポン お得なクーポンが配信されます。ネット予約時にクーポン利用での予約も可能なので来店時もスムーズに施術頂けます。 ■ スタッフが施術したスタイルを掲載 前もって画像..
Download the lighthouseyoga App toda..
Download the lighthouseyoga App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as..
【在线采购】 轮胎、汽配商品在线采购,一键供货至零售门店,商品丰富、价格实惠,由品牌厂家100%品质保障 【扫码入库】 扫一扫,快捷记录轮胎入库。针对不同尺寸的轮胎有相应的奖励..
【在线采购】 轮胎、汽配商品在线采购,一键供货至零售门店,商品丰富、价格实惠,由品牌厂家100%品质保障 【扫码入库】 扫一扫,快捷记录轮胎入库。针对不同尺寸的轮胎有相应的奖励机制,门店可实时查询奖励额度、入库情况 【星级权益】 根据成长值情况,为门店划分不同星级且提供相应的优质权益 【O2O模式接单】 互联网O2O模式,为客户提供“线上预约+线下安装”的换..
We’re passionate about providing del..
We’re passionate about providing delicious and high-quality food, our priority is to satisfy all of our customer's needswe offer a variety of excellent food, prepared with the fres..
This app allows you to take a test a..
This app allows you to take a test and find out what type of personality profile you have. It allows you to self discover yourself, and see what are your strengths and weaknesses.
主に自閉症児者の買い物(レジでの支払い)を支援するアプリです。 金額を入力すると、必要なお金(コイン、紙幣)が表示されます。 必要なコインの種類、数を視覚的に分かりやすく表示こ..
主に自閉症児者の買い物(レジでの支払い)を支援するアプリです。 金額を入力すると、必要なお金(コイン、紙幣)が表示されます。 必要なコインの種類、数を視覚的に分かりやすく表示ことで、 レジでの支払いをサポートします。 手持ちにぴったりの金額がない場合、端数を切り上げた金額を表示することができます。 5円玉、50円玉、500円玉は使用有無を設定できます。
Die Verwaltungssoftware SwissPension..
Die Verwaltungssoftware SwissPension ist eine Softwarelösung für die berufliche Vorsorge.
Welcome to the world of Snack! A dyn..
Welcome to the world of Snack! A dynamic social media community that makes it simple to buy and sell filters, products, services and tutorials from your favorite influencer, artist..
강릉의 문화관련 정보를 쉽게 구독할 수 있고 시민과 문화예술기관단체와의 소통을 이어드립니다. 자세한 내용과 커뮤니티 정보는 앱 설치 후 확인하실 수 있습니다.
강릉의 문화관련 정보를 쉽게 구독할 수 있고 시민과 문화예술기관단체와의 소통을 이어드립니다. 자세한 내용과 커뮤니티 정보는 앱 설치 후 확인하실 수 있습니다.
快速加入:使用手機號碼3秒立即成為tokuyo會員 寵愛會員:搶先獲得好康活動、不定時推出限定優惠 門市查詢:全台門市據點,GPS定位立即幫您搜尋最近門市 行動購物:SSL最高..
快速加入:使用手機號碼3秒立即成為tokuyo會員 寵愛會員:搶先獲得好康活動、不定時推出限定優惠 門市查詢:全台門市據點,GPS定位立即幫您搜尋最近門市 行動購物:SSL最高等級加密的信用卡付款功能、7天鑑賞期、出貨進度查詢 保固服務:業界唯一多數機型全機/馬達/皮革延長保固 維修服務:小型商品-門市、郵寄送修,大型商品-填寫報修單,我們將盡快派員到府維修..
Memorize is a simple, yet powerful s..
Memorize is a simple, yet powerful study app using the trusted spaced-repetition system. Use Memorize to study vocabulary, new languages, skills, your kids birthdays', or really an..
Do you love dumplings? Did you just ..
Do you love dumplings? Did you just ask, "Who doesn't?" Well, then, this sticker pack is for you ;) Meet Wonton AKA Wonton Dumpling, member of the Dimsum Steam Team (Dream Team, ge..
Qontic más que una app de fichaje y ..
Qontic más que una app de fichaje y control horario. Qontic es una excelente app que te ayuda a gestionar con éxito y de forma muy sencilla los fichajes, partes de trabajo, vacacio..
Bu uygulama yalnızca uygulama sahibi..
Bu uygulama yalnızca uygulama sahibi spor merkezi üyelerine sunulan özel bir hizmettir. Genel kullanıma açık değildir. Uygulamanın telefonunuza kurulabilmesi için üyesi olduğunuz k..
Earn points for every purchase at Hi..
Earn points for every purchase at Hillbilly Chicken and start enjoying the benefits of our membership program today. We tailor rewards just for you. Choose when and how to make the..
Mobile Order Get a personalized menu..
Mobile Order Get a personalized menu, customize and place your order, and pick it up from a nearby store without waiting in line. Rewards Earn points towards free food or drink Rew..
−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− アプリ機能紹介 メイン機能 −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− ▶特徴 ・【おくだ茶房/おくださぼう】からの最新..
−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− アプリ機能紹介 メイン機能 −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− ▶特徴 ・【おくだ茶房/おくださぼう】からの最新情報をプッシュ通知で受け取れます。 ダウンロード後はプッシュ通知設定をONにしてくださいね。 ・アプリ会員限定のクーポンも配信予定です! お得に通いたい方にオススメです。 ・お会計金額..
Hidden Magnetic Field Scanner
This app will help you find ferrous metal objects such as studs, screws, and nails hidden in or behind wood, drywall, OSB, plywood, plaster, etc. As you scan over a surface with yo..
百盒·让美好永存! 百盒是针对个人及家庭用户精心打造的一款私有云存储产品,安全可靠、轻松上手、使用方便、追求极致的用户体验是百盒产品的开发理念。百盒支持多类型的文件备份、分享、..
百盒·让美好永存! 百盒是针对个人及家庭用户精心打造的一款私有云存储产品,安全可靠、轻松上手、使用方便、追求极致的用户体验是百盒产品的开发理念。百盒支持多类型的文件备份、分享、查看和管理,可把您和家人手机、电脑、平板、硬盘上的资料全部存储进来,释放终端设备空间,解决个人及家庭用户使用多品牌终端或更换手机等设备导致数据无法共享和同步问题,建立您个人和家庭专属的..
BSNAPPS APaaS is a central data hub ..
BSNAPPS APaaS is a central data hub that powers a suite of business activity apps, which manages all your record-keeping, projects, documents and resources. Add and customise apps ..
Canadian Toronto stocks, Technical A..
Canadian Toronto stocks, Technical Analysis Charts, Quotes, company profile and news. For: TSX .TO Stocks Features: 1. Stock real-time quotes, company profile. 2. Stock Main Charts..
- Stack battery to charge vehicles -..
- Stack battery to charge vehicles - Simple Controls, Addictive Gameplay. - Cool graphics, different environments. - Enjoy!!
你有没有想过在照片中隐藏一条秘密信息? 使用隐写术,您可以对图片中的消息或图像进行编码,然后将其保存或发送给朋友。 该消息只能使用相同的应用程序进行解码,但如果您想确保只有预期的接收者可以阅读该消息。 隐写术是适用于 iOS 的最佳隐写术应用程序。 在无人知晓的情况下发送消息和图像。 隐写术是将数据隐藏在显而易见的地方的做法。 象形图通过以特定方式更改每个像..
The Iron Workers 384 mobile app is d..
The Iron Workers 384 mobile app is designed to educate, engage and empower our Members. This app is to be used as a tool to better understand the benefits available to our Members ..
Experience the new lock screen depth..
Experience the new lock screen depth effect, enjoy the layered look on your wallpaper, and bring the clock (time) under the person in your lock screen wallpaper. Lockd delivers a f..
- Valorize a comunicação Receba noti..
- Valorize a comunicação Receba notificações em seu celular de tudo que acontece no seu condomínio. - Informe com imagens e vídeos Registre e informe ocorrências públicas ou privad..
课后学习,尽在掌中,处处能学,时时可学。 【微课学习】随时随地学习老师分享的微课,还可以评价哟; 【资料学习】课前导学、教学课件、课后资料,老师一键分享,课下反复学习; 【作业练习】实时接收老师布置的作业练习,即时反馈,知晓薄弱项;【探究练习】自主探究,分享思考成果,与老师同学交流讨论,共同成长; 【学习评价】查看老师对我的每一次评价,点滴记录汇聚成长。 课..
Are you getting ready to take the NM..
Are you getting ready to take the NMLS exam to become a Mortgage Loan Originator? If so, then the NMLS Exam Prep Plus app is your all in one test prep study guide designed to help ..
Hey girls! Welcome to Makeup Game: D..
Hey girls! Welcome to Makeup Game: Dress Up Princess! Join talented fashion designers, wedding stylists and decorators in this super wedding makeover dress up & makeup game for..
每個人都想有個屬於自己的家, 我們為在外堅持打拼的人,點一盞永不熄滅等待的燈; 無論您是包租好房東,或是優質好房客, 在這裡,都是我們的家人,和您共享、分擔。 屋主透過APP一..
每個人都想有個屬於自己的家, 我們為在外堅持打拼的人,點一盞永不熄滅等待的燈; 無論您是包租好房東,或是優質好房客, 在這裡,都是我們的家人,和您共享、分擔。 屋主透過APP一頁管理讓您輕鬆省心了解訊息, 房客透過APP專人服務,租屋、即時修繕不煩惱, 我們就是您最好的安心管家, 快速讓您找到符合需求的房子。
Exclusive gym app for Slimiphy Fitne..
Exclusive gym app for Slimiphy Fitness Gym members, Gym member can login to the app with login details provided by gym at the time of membership registration at gym branch. Members..
Yuen Meta (International) Token – On..
Yuen Meta (International) Token – OneTime passcode for Yuen Meta (International) Securities Yuen Meta (International) Securities Limited , we strive to provide our customers a trad..
Sapori is Lanarkshire's premier pizz..
Sapori is Lanarkshire's premier pizza, pasta & burger takeaway. Our menu is full of delicious pizza with all your favouritesWe also have an extensive list of pasta dishes such ..
The “Jaffa Mediterranean Grill” iOS ..
The “Jaffa Mediterranean Grill” iOS app provides all the information you need to know before heading to us and deciding what you want to try today. Browse through the categories an..
Formula Racing Statisticsincludes st..
Formula Racing Statisticsincludes statistics for individual years and individual races, also contains information on drivers of different years & tracks. The application has th..
This is a simple and clean Stocks ap..
This is a simple and clean Stocks app that lets you follow stocks that you like. This app was built entirely on the iPad using Swift Playgrounds! Features: - Supports adding stocks..
专为预防医学考试精心准备的考试配套题库,每一道试题都有答案解析,为考试提供了充分的复习准备,可随时随地学习练习,支持手机、平板多端同时使用。 【内容】 妇幼保健中级 公共卫生中级 疾病控制中级 健康教育中级 理化检验技术中级 微生物检验技术中级 卫生检验技术(师) 卫生检验技术(士) 消毒技术中级 职业卫生中级 【圣题库介绍】 1.产品内容特点 ①更新及时,..
TV application showing cooler overvi..
TV application showing cooler overview: planogram, realogram, and various cooler metrics (Door openings, temperature, light, etc.)
Want to hack your study schedule so ..
Want to hack your study schedule so you can get more done in less time? Ever made granola in a microwave? Curious about what science says on how to turn small habits into big chang..
1、线上诊断 2、线上预约医生
1、线上诊断 2、线上预约医生
Snackbar Lisserdijk Lisserbroek Via ..
Snackbar Lisserdijk Lisserbroek Via onze app kunt u eenvoudig en snel uw bestelling plaatsen. Daarnaast blijft u op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws en de nieuwste acties, aanbiedi..
TASPA offers annual statewide confer..
TASPA offers annual statewide conferences three times per year. TASPA Conferences provide valuable information, ideas and networking opportunities critical for all who are committe..
IPFS Uploader it is easy way for upl..
IPFS Uploader it is easy way for upload file to IPFS. You can upload file: - from camera - from gallery - by URL