Sports Betting, Odds, & More
Iowa's newest sportsbook gives you higher limits, an unrivaled menu, and 24-hour mobile wagering from anywhere in Iowa. Get started with the Circa Sports Iowa app and view our comp..
A magical Match-3 adventure!
Sharpen your sword and take up your bowit’s time to fight back a powerful sorcerer and his mighty dragon. Join Griffri, the wizard, on a quest to not only rebuild his village, but ..
Welcome to iTapMenu. This is a requi..
Welcome to iTapMenu. This is a required App to use iTapMenu. If you are an iTapMenu customer, please download this App now. If you are not an iTapMenu customer, you can download th..
Stretch and Relax!
Just relax your brain, stretch all elastics and have fun!
Smarter Simpler Text Messaging
Can your contacts and customers text you? MessageDesk makes it easy to schedule private, 1-on-1, and group text messages. Text from one 10-digit, local, phone number from any devic..
Find, book, track, and manage
Designed for carriers and drivers, the GlobalTranz TMS app connects you with high-quality freight opportunities you can't access anywhere else. Tap into GlobalTranz's shipper base ..
Ultimate Monster Truck game
One of the most challenging and fun monster truck stunt game! unlock all the trucks and drivers to be the champion trucker!
Epic Drift!
NEW COMPETITIVE DRIFT SIMULATOR - Race Adventure Drift will bring you a unique sports car driving experience with intuitive controls - If you like to ride sideways, turn on to enjo..
Arcade-style Bird Survival
You are a pigeon, eating seeds and junk food in a park with other birdsThe game's objective is to keep eating: * Eat food to keep playing * Eat food to score points * Eat bonus foo..
Be a color master!
You probably learned blue and yellow makes green, red and yellow makes orange in your high school. How about the rest? Mix colors and find the match correct results. It might look ..
Fun Wordscapes Search 2021
If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, Word Search Puzzles 2021: New is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge as you identify the hidden words and then ..
Can you save your ducklings?
It’s a dangerous world out there! Can you get your adorable little ducklings home safely? How to play? - Just tap to run with perfect timing How to win? - Evade traps and obstacles..
Drawing for toddler 2-6 years
Marvelous coloring book for girls especially for little princessessweet baby girls! 60 cute drawings are ready for coloring by your girls! All girls love to color princesses, unico..
連打不要のRPG風自動戦闘型放置ゲーム!! 大勢の勇者たちとモンスターに立ち向かえ!! 1.ガチャで勇者を集めてよう! ガチャを回すと色んな勇者が仲間になる! 総勢100種類以..
連打不要のRPG風自動戦闘型放置ゲーム!! 大勢の勇者たちとモンスターに立ち向かえ!! 1.ガチャで勇者を集めてよう! ガチャを回すと色んな勇者が仲間になる! 総勢100種類以上の勇者とともに戦おう!! 何度倒れても立ち上がる勇者たちの数で押しきれ!! 2.モンスターを倒して勇者を鍛えよう! 連打不要の自動戦闘システム搭載!! モンスターを倒して勇者たちをど..
Bet on the right answer as you run a..
Bet on the right answer as you run against other players. If you choose the wrong one, you'll fall! Reach the round alive and keep going until you're the winner of the competition
Fight for our home!
Survive from the Zombies It's the Apocalypse. Amounts of zombies wander around the town where the streets and buildings are silent and deserted. The town is like a weird maze in th..
Steve is now the unluckiest man aliv..
Steve is now the unluckiest man alive! This violent game allows you to brutally bloody and torture Steve in the most creative way possible, again and again What did Steve do to des..
So Many Arrows!
- Simple Control. - Grow your army! - Fire A LOT OF ARROWS!
Command your workers and send them t..
Command your workers and send them to gather ressources that you will use to construct the most incredible buildings in history.
"My kids love this!" Monster Reward ..
"My kids love this!" Monster Reward is a fun and easy way to reward children for positive behaviorWith this app children earn stars for following the rules or completing a taskEarn..
Idle Rabbits
Welcome to Idle Rabbits! The rabbits need your help to save the city from the contagion. Build new houses and upgrade them while unlocking new locations one by one and saving every..
Addicting Arcade Game!
Play as Battery Boy and Friends in their epic quest to escape the insides of your phone. Battery Boy is an endless runner that changes based on the battery life of your real-life d..
MCAS simulation is an interactive ne..
MCAS simulation is an interactive news report in the form of a game that will give you a better understanding of how the MCAS works and how it led to Boeing 737 MAX crashes of Lion..
Live in your dream house in this lif..
Live in your dream house in this life simulator! Work to earn money, upgrade your house and go through hard desitions!
Phone call + Text me
2nd Number is a second phone number app to call and chat with people everywhere in the world. You can get as many phone numbers as you want, hide your caller id and protect your pr..
Casual strategy simulation
Kill the Dictator is a strategic game staged in the virtual state of Gerands, a country that has been under dictatorship for over a decade. The people who could not bear the tyrann..
Hail a grocery store on wheels
Robomart is the first store that comes to you. Simply tap a button to hail a store on wheels, and when it arrives in minutes, shop checkout-free for all your daily essentials right..
Cada nivel contiene 2 fotos. Cuando ..
Cada nivel contiene 2 fotos. Cuando las combines obtienes algo nuevo. Debes adivinar qué es lo nuevo. Por ejemplo: AguaFuegoVapor "Más interesante y satisfactorio que los juegos de..
Weather Report Trainer
The WX Trainer app will help you study for your FAA exam like never beforeInstead of memorizing practice questions, you'll practice decoding actual aviation weather reports as they..
Brand New Cash Prize Puzzle
Ready to Try This Brand New Block Puzzle Now? -All Your Favorite Classic Block Puzzle -Creative and Features Designed Just for Fun -Rolling Block With Multiple Speed Everything you..
Crosswords for the holidays!
Put your mind at ease with this new set of word puzzles! We prepared enough picture and video crosswords to keep you entertained for many quiet winter evenings. Tap any photo or vi..
A fun spelling game
Speleology: The study or exploration of caves. Spelleology: A fun spelling game that is easy to learn but tough to master! In the game of Spelleology the goal is simple, arrange an..
威慑力,不易察觉,快……有什么东西隐藏在地下……整座城市在恐惧中,每个人都在等待灾难降临。谁在那里?你! 蠕虫杀手--摧毁城市的特征: --扮演巨大的变异蠕虫 你永远不知道你的命运是什么制作你自己的灾难故事! --摧毁城市,杀死人和动物,带来巨大的灾难 跳出地下,吃掉你的对手! 对抗整座城市 看着城市变成废墟! 使用奖金变得更强大 有几个奖金,有助于管理每个..
Millie and Molly is a puzzle platfor..
Millie and Molly is a puzzle platformer game that’s easy to learn and hard to put down! Can you help the sisters climb, push and dig their way through 100 levels to defeat the mali..
Solve all puzzles!
Poly Art 3D is a brand new puzzle game! Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture. Dive into a whole new 3D puzzle experience. Relax and enjoy the masterpieces yo..
The Ultimate Drinking Game
Booze ’n’ Lose is a social drinking game where up to 8 friends or strangers can connect their phones and compete in a challenge to drink the least. What can possibly go wrong? Each..
You order, we deliver
We created Orderlivery to help the merchant cut down on costs so they can sustain a level of integrity while maintaining profits. Orderlivery charges significantly lower commission..
Hidden Objects:The Dangerous Hunt Hi..
Hidden Objects:The Dangerous Hunt Hidden Object is now free to play! Features: =>Game has total 10 mind testing & Challenging levels! =>Each level you have to find out 40..
「謎多きイケメン」「魔女っ子ギャル」「魔王様(?)」etc 個性豊かなキャラクターで大好評の経営シミュレーション、「まんマル」シリーズ第2弾! 今度の舞台は”王都のマルシェ”。..
「謎多きイケメン」「魔女っ子ギャル」「魔王様(?)」etc 個性豊かなキャラクターで大好評の経営シミュレーション、「まんマル」シリーズ第2弾! 今度の舞台は”王都のマルシェ”。料理アドバイザーとなって、世界中のお客さんをもてなそう! 「王国の道具屋さん」「再生! カラカラ惑星」のアソボックスが贈る、 お手軽経営シミュレーション最新シリーズです!
myViewBoard™ Companion app gives use..
myViewBoard™ Companion app gives users to easily interact with ViewSonic® myViewBoard™ software. It allows users to sign in and control myViewBoard™ Whiteboard software remotely su..
JOIN THE GREAT HONEY WAR Battle for honey & glory in the sweetest action game on your mobile device! -LEAD AN ARMY of brave BEES against the tyranny of foul FLIES -CHOOSE YOUR ..
By defeating the enemy with a sword,..
By defeating the enemy with a sword, this is a game app that can be used to learn the multiplication. From among the three answers, because only answer to choose, you can play easi..
An Anagram Puzzle Game
Anagraphs, an anagram finding puzzle with a twist, is a free new game that extends the concept of anagrams by including letters that can be rotated to make other characters. In a t..
Join Dinosaur Hunt Simulator 2018 to..
Join Dinosaur Hunt Simulator 2018 to kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous environments. Dynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic models all combine to make this one of the mo..
Paga préstamos, facturas y servicios..
Paga préstamos, facturas y servicios desde cualquier lugar, 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana. - Recibe recordatorios: Que no se te escape un solo pago y puedas mantenerte al día..
The Wonder Atlas Quiz is a wonderful..
The Wonder Atlas Quiz is a wonderful way to study geography and it’s a fascinating pastime, too.
This issue is dedicated to Italy. Four quizzes await you within the pages of the in..
Hidden Objects Games lovers Best gam..
Hidden Objects Games lovers Best game for you.Explore different unique scenes and seek different objects. if you wrong click your score -1 and you got objects you got +1 score so p..
Solitaire with a twist! The classic ..
Solitaire with a twist! The classic game of solitaire that you know and love, reimagined. See what all the fuss is about, I SoliDARE you! Features: - The classic game of solitaire ..
Measure passing range and intercepti..
Measure passing range and interceptions in BloodBowl. Fair. Clear. Unambiguous. Have you ever played a match where the other player wanted to argue over every square? Ever forgotte..
这是一款可爱又能让人放松的益智游戏,您可以带着动物伙伴们一同去发掘新的伙伴! 伙伴们将会跟你一起在岛上旅行并遇到跟它们相似的同伴;而当两个一模一样的伙伴在同一个地方遇上时,特别的事情就会发生, 它们将会变成一个全新的伙伴一个ANIPAL!游戏的目的就是竭尽所能地去发掘新的动物伙伴。 滑上!滑下!斜滑!您仅需简单地滑动手指就能移动可爱的动物们。这些ANIPAL..