海报制作设计全新上线啦!10万加可用商用模板,小白也能轻松使用的海报设计工具! 海报制作设计,做出好设计,一款兼顾H5、海报、视频、GIF动图、微商和电商素材的创意设计和营销推广工具APP,拥有10W+资源,海量创意模版无限畅用。10秒钟出稿,帮助企业和个人快速便捷完成营销推广。 【强大功能】选择模板,替换文字、图片,即可完成各类图片设计。 【海量模板】设计..
2nd Line Wifi Call App
Keep your personal and professional contacts separated from each other! Experience a new phone messaging and calling system. Make calls, send voice notes, or share pictures and vid..
Ears Millionaire is a fully accessib..
Ears Millionaire is a fully accessible trivia game inspired by the TV Game Show "Do you want to be a millionaire". You start the game by picking one of the answers for each questio..
三人游提笔乾坤,两款有趣的反色一笔画,最强大脑比赛项目。 1、三人游: 矩形盘面上分布着乱序的黑块和白块。周围的灰色块是过渡区。盘面分为若干个子区域。只需在每个子区域的块上一笔画一条折线。线经过的块的颜色黑白颠倒。在子区域中,每行的颜色应该相同。所画线的终点紧邻下一个子区域的线的起点。最后,所有子区域中对应的行的颜色必须相同。 特点: A、盘面的尺寸从 4*..
Most trusted Ethereum wallet
The Gnosis Safe is the most trusted platform to store digital assets on Ethereum for companies, hodlers, funds, developers, DAOs and investors. This app is a companion app to the G..
日历月历视图、公历农历信息、黄历宜忌抢先知,轻松掌握传统 节气、三伏数九、节假日及调休安排等信息 生活好贴心:天气变化每日推送,冷暖关心不停歇 答案之书连接专属于你的内心答案 花好月圆,每月展示不同花朵,春夏秋冬看花便知 日历场景更怀旧,满足翻页日历的仪式感
Be the winner!
Try a new format of entertainment! There are playing cards and a ball on the tablewhat can it be? Of course, bowling with playing cards! Hours of fun and lots of emotions are waiti..
This game is for those who like to f..
This game is for those who like to find the differences between pictures and photos! You have to find 7 differences on each of the 50 levels. Test and train your attention! Feature..
Hero Collection Strategy RPG
Explore a unique story as you navigate between the 3 mega-corporations and their struggle for dominanceCollect over 50+ heroes with varying but balanced skills, and master launchin..
《随机地牢》是一款基于Rogue_like模式的卡牌游戏。玩家是一名勇闯地牢的探险家,可以扮演骑士,女巫,吸血鬼等多种身份深入地牢探险,每次历险所遭遇的怪物、武器、宝箱和道具都不尽相同。玩家需要凭借走位、运气、策略和反复挑战所积累的经验,方能在地牢中找到绝世的宝藏。 【无尽冒险】 随机怪物、武器、奖励,解锁无尽未知世界,探索地牢神秘力量 【丰富装备】 拥有多..
Connect 4 in a Row
Four Discs (Connect 4 or Four in a Row) is a fun and challenging game for kids, adults, beginners and experts where the goal is to connect 4 discs of your own color in a row, eithe..
Accelerate students toward mastery o..
Accelerate students toward mastery of foundational reading skills with Smarty Ants®. Designed for all students in grades PreK-1, Smarty Ants® is an effective, research-driven solut..
The goal of the pepernoot game is to..
The goal of the pepernoot game is to collect as much points as possible. You do this by jumping and collecting pepernoten and chocolate letters. There a several characters, Pieten,..
Rijst... doe het in de pan!
Rice Rush is an endless runner in which players run Hanwe around on the Chinese wall! Collect as many chopsticks and rice bowls possible to unlock new characters, skins and themes.
Immerse yourself in the relaxing wor..
Immerse yourself in the relaxing world of geometrical puzzles that turn into stunning art pieces. Solving the Star Art puzzles is a comforting and rewarding experience allowing you..
qeubee移动端,焕然一新 【随时随地,掌握局势】 -掌上的qeubee终端 移动端与PC端实时联动,自选债券同步更新,及时掌握重要行情信息 -轻巧的全行情展示 资金、债券、国债期货、NCD、一级发行等市场关键信息全覆盖 【精选信息,效率至上】 -债市行情 一扫便知 一屏整合多维度实时数据,只呈现对您最重要的信息 -实时走势 一键分享 一键生成行情截图,实..
Pocket Trivia, the amazing quiz game..
Pocket Trivia, the amazing quiz game that lets you test your knowledge and see how well you know Minecraft! This game is harder than the typical trivia games, you are battling agai..
It is time to guess your favorite re..
It is time to guess your favorite restaurants! Are you ready for the amazing restaurant puzzles? We show you the restaurant logo, you guess its name. Can you recognize them all? - ..
Roller coaster simulator
Toy RollerCoaster 3D is a 3D coaster simulation program. -You can see the scenery from driver's seat or from several other locations. -You can create own layout.
This is the classic Chess game, desi..
This is the classic Chess game, designed to be played by two remote players, using two network connected iPads. The players can be in different places, towns, and even different co..
US Capitals Rivers Lakes Seals
Just move the States, Seals and Abbreviations, Capital, River, Lake, Park and Mountain names to the correct location on the US and US Region MapsCollect Points and Achievements, an..
Cutest Ultimate Knockout Game ever! ..
Cutest Ultimate Knockout Game ever! Let's compete with other guys in super cool knockout games. Run! Jump! Dive! Make it fast and do not fall out. Each world, there will be a list ..
Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Pop..
Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs! Tap Away 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more ..
Read Trending Romance Stories
MultibookFree Story, Novel & Fiction Find thousands of high-rated stories in the Multibook App and read them for free. Romance stories, werewolf, billionaire, CEO and baby, maf..
All-in-one trucking app
What do you get when you add up all the best trucking tools? You get DAT One. Find everything you need on the road, with dock-to-dock support without having to bounce from app to a..
数据云存储 安全不担心
为什么要使用豆芽妈妈: 1、强大记录功能 •黄疸:可以记录额头、前胸、脸颊位置黄疸值,系统自动计算平均值并与上一次记录对比。 •身高:记录或补录身高数据,系统自动计算并与比上一次或上个月记录对比。 •体重:记录或补录体重数据,系统自动计算并与比上一次或上个月记录对比。 •母乳:可选择计时或手动添加数据,系统自动统计当天或近24小时的记录。并可以选择喂奶间隔,..
3v3 Strategic Turn-Based Combat Idle..
3v3 Strategic Turn-Based Combat Idle Questing Systems Dynamic Crafting System Procedurally Generated Maps Go on a Classic RPG adventure with modern Idle Crafting systems. Explore n..
第一次滑雪的猫老大,控制不了速度直接冲出了悬崖! 追上去的白猫同学和小老鼠君也掉了下去! 被摔晕的白猫同学醒来之后,发现自己被困在了雪山森林之中。 他能在皑皑白雪中生还下来吗…!?
In Orbits 101, your job is to fly a ..
In Orbits 101, your job is to fly a spaceship and explore the cosmos. However, there's one catch; You can only propel yourself forwards or backwards. Master gravity to safely sling..
StorageMart Unlocked is magic, it ca..
StorageMart Unlocked is magic, it can grant you access to your StorageMart facility without having to touch your phone. Simply drive up to the gate and it will open. No need to rem..
全球最经典的超人素材,最具动感的超人城市大破坏,你可以一个手指玩到底! 各种经典的超人造型,最好玩的跑酷休闲解压游戏,没有之一 游戏简介: 《奔跑吧奥特超人2》是一款非常有个性的跑酷游戏,各种题材画面超精美,大众玩家最爱,萌萌哒超人;在那个混沌的时代,超人和怪兽都不知所措的开始胡乱的破坏,无差别的进行攻击,他们都在贪婪的吸取破坏给他们带来的快感值,快来控制你..
Create beautiful old-school hex adve..
Create beautiful old-school hex adventure maps for your tabletop gaming group. A Tap and Paint interface lets you quickly lay out landmasses, mountains, forests, bodies of water an..
Video Banking by Atlantic lets you s..
Video Banking by Atlantic lets you securely interact with professionals you trust from anywhere. The app allows you to video chat and conduct business all in one simple tool. While..
在3DMore每30秒就会产生一个新的学生设计作品,每天有超过3,000的最新设计作品产生。 新增功能 -测试你的设计能力与新的、改进的专业训练-争分夺秒获得最高分数! -全新..
在3DMore每30秒就会产生一个新的学生设计作品,每天有超过3,000的最新设计作品产生。 新增功能 -测试你的设计能力与新的、改进的专业训练-争分夺秒获得最高分数! -全新设计细节屏幕,为重要内容提供更多空间。 -一般错误修复和性能改进。 创造你的终极化身 设计令人惊喜的世界 以及里面的一切事物 学习如何成为一个了不起的创造者 使用简单但强大的3D设计工..
精思英语工作室简介 精思英语工作室创办于2014年5月。2014年成立以来,本工作室一直潜心致力于中小学英语教学研究,慢慢了形成了成熟的青少版新概念、成人版新概念、剑桥英语等教..
精思英语工作室简介 精思英语工作室创办于2014年5月。2014年成立以来,本工作室一直潜心致力于中小学英语教学研究,慢慢了形成了成熟的青少版新概念、成人版新概念、剑桥英语等教学体系。多年来,工作室小学员们在各类中小学英语考试中表现突出,工作室教学口碑日益提高。我们由原本的山西路这一个教学点增加到新街口、桥北等多个新增点。精思的教学理念是通过事无巨细的过程管..
【亮点功能】 「AI模拟面试」还原真实面试场景,锻炼面试能力,真正面试时得心应手 「面试报告」24项数据评估信息,客观精准评分,知晓面试不足 「面试题库」海量大厂题库,答案解析详细,助力通过笔试考核 「简历模板」根据岗位整理,免费下载简历模板 【特色内容】 「面试课程」细致讲透从简历撰写、面试礼仪、面试应答技巧等面试干货 「一对一面试服务」10年经验专家1对..
快来加入极端漂移者最令人兴奋的漂移挑战之一!这是一场在多个大城市举行的比赛。只有最快的赛车和最有经验的赛车手才能参与其中。看来,这场比赛非常适合你! 不要浪费时间了,出发吧! - 在车库里选择一辆车; - 快速驾驶并赢得胜利; - 完成每个城市的比赛; - 获得金牌和最佳赛车冠军! 毫无疑问,漂移比赛是相当危险的。有可能会会在转弯处发生撞车。掌握漂移技巧,以..
Its Christmas Season!! Can you help ..
Its Christmas Season!! Can you help take care of Mommy & her newborn babies? Play a super fun new kids gamejust in time for Xmas!! Fun Features: - Give Mommy a makeover! - Help..
Animal Kingdom Simulator Game
Experience the might of the most powerful animal on earth, the mighty Elephant! Transport Cargo on your elephant from one village to another, Farmers are hard workers, use elephant..
Real Estate - Digital Payments
Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S. With the Earnnest app, send digital earnest money requests for your real estate business any time, anywhere. PARTN..
Safari Animal Simulator 3D
动物模拟器3D豹子等 你有没有想过成为野生动物是什么样子? 你可以在这个动物模拟器3D豹等体验野生动物的生活。 从豹,角马,犀牛,大象和大猩猩等5种不同的野生动物园中选择你的角色, 尽可能长时间的吃,走,走遍美丽的3D世界。 现在,让我们成为一个野生动物,并在旷野中生存! 特征 : 逼真的3D图形 可旋转的相机 动物吃食物,发出声音 扮演5个不同的现实动物 ..
MyKCCU is your personal financial ad..
MyKCCU is your personal financial advocate that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other banks and credit unions, into a sin..
门窗秀秀是一款为门、窗等厂家,门店量身打造的产品展示及设计型软件,厂家和门店的营销人员能用ipad随心所欲展示各种各样的门窗颜色、锁具、场景的DIY搭配展示给客户观看,从而提升成交率。还可以即时生成订单,直接下单到工厂。门窗秀秀,你店面辅助营销的好帮手。 主要功能: 1DIY体验:随意搭配门窗玻璃锁具,让客户搭配满意为止。 2订单管理:随时下单到工厂,实时跟..
画你所想,助你签单! 铝艺大门效果设计软件隆重上线啦! 整合集成了业内常用的铝艺款式及色卡配件等! 可以在软件中画出你想要的铝艺大门设计方案!! 素材全部高清,软件使用便捷,渲..
画你所想,助你签单! 铝艺大门效果设计软件隆重上线啦! 整合集成了业内常用的铝艺款式及色卡配件等! 可以在软件中画出你想要的铝艺大门设计方案!! 素材全部高清,软件使用便捷,渲染快!出图更快!!!