Fun & disco puzzle game
Swipe and match birds on the dance floor to create super arrangements and combos. Play the new puzzle game craze for free. You'll get addicted FAST! Discover a game that’s easy to ..
The shapes game
How long can you survive in FityIt? Focus is key to achieving a high score! Tap left or right to spin the octagon and match the incoming shapes. FityIt is a challenging game of ski..
Track your Price Drop
CDEALS is a price monitoring app, which will track your purchases for a price drop after you have purchased. If any price drops are available for the product you have purchasedThis..
Play with 7 Word Puzzle Games!
About Game More than 1,50,000 different words. Seven word Games. *Typing Master *Word/Text Battle *Word Connect *Word Cross/Crossword Puzzle *Word Search Puzzle *Word Scrolling *Wo..
Streamer Simulator is a game that wi..
Streamer Simulator is a game that will allow you to plunge into the life of a novice streamer. You will learn what it's like to become a streamer without having anything, the harsh..
Your Reselling Companion
Reseller Sidekick is the app that can help you at the thrift or at home. No more wasting your money and shopping blindly; use it at your favorite thrift or yard sale to quickly dec..
"Voice Range Checker" is an applicat..
"Voice Range Checker" is an application to check your "voice range". When you talk into the microphone of iPhone/iPod touch, it can check "the highest voice" and "the lowest voice"..
Sniper Mobile Gun Shooting
Are you a fan of FPS shooting games? if Yes , then Download now for free one of the best sniper FPS shooting games "City Sniper Gun Shooter : Elite 3D Shooting Games". It's a free ..
Feel like a famous aggressive dino –..
Feel like a famous aggressive dino – Spinosaurus! Run fast through the forest, chase and feed on herbivores, fight against other predators, raise up nestlings and have fun with Jur..
Play Taptiles® today – train your br..
Play Taptiles® today – train your brain and relax with the original 3D mahjong puzzle game that millions of players love. Install today to play classic majong games free anytime, a..
PANews由传统媒体人和资深业界人士创办,是区块链和金融科技领域领先的智库型媒体,为行业创业者、创新者提供有价值的资讯。 【产品特色】 1.区块链领域高质量原创深度内容,由资深分析师撰写,深度解读行业动态 2.全球资讯快速同步,圈内消息快人一步 3.投资日历涵盖海内外社区一手消息 4.只做有价值的区块链资讯内容,拒绝垃圾讯息 5.行业大咖做客访谈,分享区块..
Monitor Web Content and Notify
Miharu (former Wanshee) saves your time by periodically monitoring the content of web pages and notifying you of changes. Besides, the app can detect the posting of articles contai..
Christmas Santa & Snowman Fun!
Super Mad Dentist ER Hospital! Hey we all love when people around us like our friends and family smile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and clean teeth. Did you ever dreame..
希赛法硕是为考生提供法硕考研全科目智能题库、视频课程、直播课程、自学学习包等多种随身学功能,满足法学硕士、法律硕士考生自学、刷题、听课等全方面备考需求,帮助你在法硕考试中脱颖而出。 希赛法硕包含法律硕士历年真题、模拟试题、考点知识点练习海量题库随时随地刷,直播课程、录播视频随身学。 主要功能: 【法律硕士智能题库】 希赛法硕AI题库,为考生推荐法硕题库每日一..
宅美术 百万美术人都在用! 应用简介: 宅美术是国内极具专业性的美术在线学习平台!涵盖从早幼教、K12、美术艺考、兴趣教育、艺术画廊、美术商城、留学深造等海内外栏目。 宅美术的海量内容图库、名师作品集、精美教学视频任你采集,激发你的艺术灵感!同时通过直播教学在线解决美术难题,并为你提供美术院校提供历年真题,出题方向,实时更新各大院校招生动态!更有正品大牌齐聚..
Random Video Chat Dating
Ricom provides the best opportunities for thousands of men and women around the world to meet new friends, make friends, discover true love or hang out with like-minded people. At ..
儿童数学启蒙 宝宝早教的幼儿益智游戏
软件介绍 猫小智AR数学思维:3-7岁练思维,长大不怕数理化 将经典的儿童早期智力启蒙理论与现代的AR,AI等技术完美结合,加上猫小智教育研发团队的多年研究成果,开发出了本产品。 通过AR增强现实技术,我们将各种有趣的场景逼真的呈现出来,加上长的像熊猫的“猫小智”带着宝宝一起学习。“数一数斑马比熊猫多几只呢?”当猫小智提问的时候,家里的地板上就出现了斑马和熊..
Join Knutsen & Ludvigsen on an e..
Join Knutsen & Ludvigsen on an epic railroad adventure! In this official game inspired by the film Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin, the two friends discover that t..
You can find over 400,000 questions ..
You can find over 400,000 questions in several topics, and new topics are added every day! Discover your specialities and take on opponents who share your interests, while learning..
Easy-to-enjoy cool fantasy 3D tab RP..
Easy-to-enjoy cool fantasy 3D tab RPG Introducing "Demon Princess Marie"! ◆ Story ◆ A warrior who was training wets his lips from the secret fountain that he found by chance, he ca..
Stacking.IO – Pile Up & Stack De..
Stacking.IO – Pile Up & Stack Delicacy is a fun and exciting way tower stacking game for your leisure time. Run to collect the food items and become the biggest stack builder a..
Amazing Karting Cars Race!
Drive into an action-packed experience. Be part of this Car Racing tournament as a young masked superheroIt is a top toddler game for free. Race against a field of rival drivers wi..
A very addictive swipe elimination g..
A very addictive swipe elimination game, don't miss it! You swipe groups of 3 or more same fruits. Swipe as many groups as possible until one column reaches the top of the screen. ..
Big play fun with Pettson and Findus..
Big play fun with Pettson and Findus! The old, inventive Pettson who lives with Findushis impudent tomcaton his little farm out of the way in the wide Swedish landscape. Pettson an..
Shoot & break colorful bricks
Woody Pop Brick Breaker is a perfect combination of ball shooting and woody puzzle games. Get ready to blast and pop all the blocks, solve the fun colorful puzzles, and beat your h..
CTFCU CardControl protects your debi..
CTFCU CardControl protects your debit cards by sending transaction alerts and enabling you to define when, where and how your cards are used. Download to your smartphone, then set ..
Playlist for Watch TV Show, Thai Series, Korea Series, Sitcom, Music Video, Cartoon on D..
Playlist for Watch TV Show, Thai Series, Korea Series, Sitcom, Music Video, Cartoon on Demand from Youtube. ดูละครและรายการถูกลิขสิทธิ์จาก ช่อง 3, 7 ดูรายการโทรทัศน์, ละครไทย, ซีรี..
Spin the Bottle!
Mobile Version of Spin the Bottle Gamea legendary game for adults, which will help to have fun in the company of friends. Spin the Bottle rules are no different from the original f..
Become an Archer Master Now!
It's your job to defeat a steady stream of enemies and bosses, destroy the enemies with your bow before they kill you. Become the legendary Archer Hero and destroy the evil enemy a..
Fun Quiz / Trivia for pe & pc
ULTIMATE POP POCKET TRIVIA FOR MINECRAFT Can you be the best Minecraft player? You think you know everything about it? Prove that you are the expert! This is unofficial app! "Minec..
Connect the Dots is simple & add..
Connect the Dots is simple & addictive puzzle game where you need to connect dots with a line. It is made for 4 year kids to 80 year oldies. Higher level puzzle required high l..
Visualize the fretboard, master scal..
Visualize the fretboard, master scales and play through changes like a pro with intervallic functions! ‣ Solo is a revolutionary practice tool designed by world renowned fusion gui..
PLAY VIDEO POKER AND WIN THE BIGGEST JACKPOTS! Video Poker Casino has THE BEST wild video poker games! 19 to play and more on the way! We have the LARGEST variety of wild card vide..
- New Roguelike Action Game! - Enjoy..
- New Roguelike Action Game! - Enjoy Easy but Thrilling Action! GAME INTRO *Charming Characters Representing Various Paths Knight, Who Devastate the Enemies in Close Combat! Archer..
準備好狩獵你的女神了嗎? 超次世代殺意MMO《獵殺女神》! 全新版本·亂魔之域·震撼來襲! 以凡人之體戮盡真神之軀,在成長的過程中一次次衝破命運的枷鎖,人族復興的史詩,由你來締..
準備好狩獵你的女神了嗎? 超次世代殺意MMO《獵殺女神》! 全新版本·亂魔之域·震撼來襲! 以凡人之體戮盡真神之軀,在成長的過程中一次次衝破命運的枷鎖,人族復興的史詩,由你來締造! 「遊戲特色」 〓選擇武器◆而非職業〓 打破職業決定出身的束縛,這一次,讓武器來定义你的選擇!創新式一職雙轉系統,雙魂同體,鍛魔靈,鑄神祗,多樣化的進階途徑目不暇接。選擇你的武器,..
"助听器,音量增强器,声音放大,听力,听觉,放大器,听力测试”: -记录电话交谈; -放大和定制电话交谈的声音; -在嘈杂的地方进行舒适的语音交流-克服噪音; -保密的聊天和电话; -免费语音通话 使用智能手机的全部声量和最新技术来实现舒适的通信。我们建议使用耳机 【机会】 ►每只耳朵的声音个性化-内置测试并在2分钟内自动调整听力功能 ►声音适应不同环境可确..
Turn-based strategy game
The most strategic stickman war game is now available. Play now to : " Stickman Army : Team Battle ". You must lead your stickman army and defeat the enemy ! Up to the victory !!! ..
Place your archers at any place you ..
Place your archers at any place you want and create the best formations in realtime. Look at your opponent army formations and obstacles, and decide how to place your people to win..
Push Ups, Sit Ups and Pull Ups
No matter if you want to be fit like a SEAL, train for BUD/S or just keep in good shape this App got you covered! Train Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and Pull-Ups like a Navy SEAL would! The A..
Aloha! Welcome to the all-new Hawaii..
Aloha! Welcome to the all-new Hawaiian Airlines iPhone app! We’ve completely rebuilt our app, with a key focus on improving your day-of-travel experience. Our goal: smooth and worr..
This app requires a user account pro..
This app requires a user account provided by your Eca Faros representative. B737 Flight Management System Trainer is ECA Group solution to training centers’ need for B737 FMS famil..
What goes around, comes around
Boomerang Blast is an aim and shoot game where you have to hit all your enemies before they do. Game Features: - Multiple shots: Boomerang always comes back to you - Eliminate the ..
Install amazing themes and skins on ..
Install amazing themes and skins on your iPhone using Shortcuts app, widgets and wallpapers. This amazing new feature is available on iOS 14 and later. This app contains themes wit..
Bible Christian Word Puzzle
Bible Crossword is a classic word puzzle game where you must find all the words hidden on the grid of letters. Words can appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or ba..
History in shiny gemstones
Do you want to experience the adventures on campus? Perfectly! This is your chance! ⋆ Go to New Dorm, upgrade your character and achieve fame and brilliance! BECOME A STAR! ⋆ Make ..
Powerful shop management tool
Shopmonkey is the smart and simple auto shop management solution to manage, streamline, and grow your business. Built specifically for technicians, the Shopmonkey for Techs mobile ..
WORKS OFFLINE With over 718,000 entr..
WORKS OFFLINE With over 718,000 entries, 524,000 translations, 558,000 synonyms, 98,000 definitions and 40,000 examples, voice feature and a huge collection of idiomatic expression..
自主制作ゲームアプリ「ワンマン列車物語」の電車版が登場!2両編成のワンマン電車の運転をして、ローカル電鉄の運行を支えよう。 電車は4種類。懐かしの吊り掛け車両や、MT54モータ..
自主制作ゲームアプリ「ワンマン列車物語」の電車版が登場!2両編成のワンマン電車の運転をして、ローカル電鉄の運行を支えよう。 電車は4種類。懐かしの吊り掛け車両や、MT54モーター搭載車も登場。最高速度約80キロの運転で、迫力のあるモーター音とスピード感を楽しめます。 「ワンマン運転」のため、ドアの開け閉めなども自分で行います。視点移動で車内や外の様子を見るこ..
Eat & Run
Eat to get fat. Push other players into water.
この鉄道の名前は日沢森林臨海鉄道。森の奥にある日沢駅と、海辺の町にある水巻駅を結ぶ、小さなローカル鉄道です。この鉄道の運転士になって、列車の運行を支えましょう。 車両は全て1両..
この鉄道の名前は日沢森林臨海鉄道。森の奥にある日沢駅と、海辺の町にある水巻駅を結ぶ、小さなローカル鉄道です。この鉄道の運転士になって、列車の運行を支えましょう。 車両は全て1両〜2両のワンマン列車。ドアの開け閉めなども行います。お客様が乗り込んだら出発進行! 全線を通してノスタルジックな沿線風景を楽しめます。視点移動で車内や外の様子を見ることもできます。天気..