Community Savings Bank
CSB Iowa is your personal financial advocate that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other banks and credit unions, into a s..
Start banking wherever you are with ..
Start banking wherever you are with Pathfinder Bank Mobile for mobile banking! Available to all Pathfinder Bank consumer online banking customers. Pathfinder Bank allows you to che..
You are responsible for operating a ..
You are responsible for operating a movie theater, printing tickets, starting popcorn machines, and then playing movies. Play movies, hire employees, make more money, upgrade to bu..
Cute princess hairstyles
Create fabulous haircuts and impress all your friends! Are you a modern girl who always needs a fashionable hairstyle? Do you have amazing ideas for beautiful haircuts? Now you can..
The all new BEAUTY BAY app gives you..
The all new BEAUTY BAY app gives you easier access to bigger and bolder beauty on the go. You can now browse thousands of makeup, skincare and hair products, and order your everyda..
Well, don't call him monkey or he'll..
Well, don't call him monkey or he'll be deeply offended. He's known as Jetpack Kong who just invented his own Jetpack and ready for his adventure, from escaping the Evil Zoo's Lab ..
Golf Meets Art
Golf has never been so artistic. Tee up, aim and shoot to make the art bloom! Find the right trajectory and hit a bloom in one! Features: - Unique calming gameplay - Beautiful hand..
What do you think it costs?
This game is easy: you just have to guess what popular products prices are. How much is a brand new console? $300? $400? $500? How much is a luxury leather bag ? $1,000? $2,000? $3..
Radar for Metro Vancouver Buses show..
Radar for Metro Vancouver Buses shows you live, up-to-the-minute bus locations in the Metro Vancouver public transit system. It also gives you quick access to estimated next bus ti..
Wanna merge some characters? Boardy ..
Wanna merge some characters? Boardy Evolution is for you. You will merge hundreds of characters. Merge it at any time, when you want. Your game is saved and secured. All characters..
Comprehensive study material for Gra..
Comprehensive study material for Grade 6 Math & Science in the form of multiple choice questions. Topics covered are: : - Natural numbers - Whole numbers - Integers - Fractions..
In this game you are controlling a v..
In this game you are controlling a vulture that is making a menace in an idyllic and peaceful village. This vulture wanders around and makes a mayhem among the village inhabitants...
the best mandals coloring book for a..
the best mandals coloring book for adults is now available on your iphone and ipad! the beautiful illustrations,including mandala,zen and animals,along with many cool palettes! a m..
▶▶▶Download one of the best fashion ..
▶▶▶Download one of the best fashion games in the world and make yourself at home in your new dress design studio! ▶▶▶ Don’t miss out on all the fun that awaits you in *Designing Cl..
Send Money, easy and reliable
Send money, easy and reliable Send money 24/7, it was never easy and simple to do it, with the InterCambio Express APP you get an excellent exchange rate. Download the InterCambio ..
Infinity Shooting Fantasy
Explore Dungeon which has changed endlessly with the power of the Cube, collect unique weapons, shoot up monster while avoiding bullets! You can buy weapons, level up ability also ..
Durak #1
Durak is the card game loved by millions! Pick your game mode, invite your friends, and win big! Challenge other players and prove that you're a true winner! Play every day to get ..
Manage Buckeye Account
Now you can manage your Buckeye Broadband account on-the-go with the myBuckeye app. The myBuckeye app will allow you to do the following: * Pay and manage your bill * Upgrade your ..
没有必要等待豪华轿车或疯狂的司机,当你可以飞高高在天空与一个乘客独家风格。无人驾驶飞机将从摩天大楼直升机停机坪或您的门前接您。用无人机的出租车,携带一个乘客和小行李,见证运输的未来。你不需要像飞机那样极端的飞行员技能。这辆现代出租车只需要您的旅行目的地,如某些酒店,商业购物中心或购物天空刮板。乘客无人机设计有故障安全系统,以保持乘客的安全。 完成常规出租车游..
Never miss another good game! Good G..
Never miss another good game! Good Games closely monitors men’s college basketball games and let's you know when a must-see game is in action. If you can't watch a ‘good’ game when..
rapper - Aesthetic Wallpaper
Dope Wallpapers is a cool app that brings all the best HD 4K Colorful Dope wallpapers,backgrounds,images. Dope Wallpapers app contains many pictures: Abstract Wallpapers - Ghetto W..
Heads-up strategic poker game
There's a new way of playing Poker – Join the first ever strategic heads-up poker game on Poker Battle for IOS and start play now for free! ==HOW TO PLAY== • Each turn a player pla..
The festive, animated sticker app fo..
The festive, animated sticker app for children with descriptive audio and fun sound effects! Join over half a million users already enjoying Make a Scene! Over 100 million scenes c..
车队掌卫-司机端,是车队掌卫SAAS系统调度端与司机端相互间协同的办公软件,使用它 有效解决调度指派给司机的出车任务能准确无误的接收并且司机在执行订单过程中的费用 款项上报无需..
车队掌卫-司机端,是车队掌卫SAAS系统调度端与司机端相互间协同的办公软件,使用它 有效解决调度指派给司机的出车任务能准确无误的接收并且司机在执行订单过程中的费用 款项上报无需上门即可通过软件发起审批流程。本软件注重数据私密,能极大提高司机工作 效率、减少出错而且简单易学,操作简便,轻松上线接单,摆脱漏单错单以及报帐的困扰! 【主要功能】 1.通知功能:司机..
Tap! Swipe! Explore!
Get ready for Scamper the Sock Collector, the first game by Chosen Generation Studios! Slide around in your favorite socks as Scamper, the cutest dog on Avalon Island. There’s a wh..
Build, Blast and Fly your way throug..
Build, Blast and Fly your way through the world to find the perfect spot for your next holiday! Upgrade your rocket to find new parts and go even further.
Point And Click Adventure
Rej, Tatti and Dina are The Rejectives. A team of hotshot detectives lead by Rej. You play as Dina who recently started an internship with the Rejectives. Help her solve her first ..
Thousands of cube blast lvls
Play a new cubes matching game, Cube Blast! with unique gameplay that you cannot miss out, install and enjoy thousands of cubes matching levels. Simply tap on 2 or more cubes of th..
Mysterious hotel, weird guest.
A mysterious hotel, nine strange guests. How many masks are there between lies and reality? What clues are hidden in the photos and diaries? Can you escape from here within seven d..
《汇收卡》是一款在线回收各类卡卷与闲置资源的回收平台,不同其他平台的卡卷回收的一点,多了代理店铺核销自动到账支付宝的功能,避免市场上还存在的欺诈行为的多发,让使用者顾客不再为自己卡卷核销的资金安全担心。 在汇收卡功能-我的店铺-代理可自行设置自己的店铺回收各类卡卷的价格,可以设置赚取多少利润 ,顾客扫描您的回收店铺二维码进行核销,当核销成功后自动到账顾客支付..
《Time Diary》是一款记录生活日常的日记APP 特别的设计,全新的体验: 【日记评论功能】 这是一个大胆的尝试将通常出现在社交网络中的评论功能加入到日记APP中 当你回顾以前的日记时,你很可能会对往事产生一些感慨和不同的想法,甚至是一些想对过去的自己说的话,在《Time Diary》APP里,你只需要把它们写在评论里,这样就能简单方便的记录下它们。 ..
“乐学宝”点读机是一款可随身携带的智能电子点读课本。一点就通,一学就会,让孩子学习更轻松,让老师教得更省心,让爸妈变得更放心。 【产品特色】 1.教材同步-完全同步当前发行教材 2.原版品质-高清图片内容不伤眼 3.书写绘画-学习笔记两不误 4.读音清晰-准确播放课本内容 5.设计美观-用心做好每一个界面 【联系我们】 乐学宝客服QQ:3340941263 ..
Pocket Retro Action Platformer
Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run, jump and slash your way through the huge world of Alaron! The evil necromancer Elaniof has terrific plans for humanityTy..
Classic Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire is a card game that gets an improved and updated version by Infinity Games. Spider Solitaire Plus is the classic card game you needed! With Spider Solitaire you wi..
Otome visual novel
Features: • Otome visual novelfemale protagonist, 2 male and 1 female romance interests. • Over 100.000 words of conversations and hundreds of dialog choices. • Friendships, romanc..
拍照片、拍视频,都能加水印 拍照自动同步到团队,自动生成考勤报表,提高团队管理效率 工程建筑,工地施工外勤人员工作汇报专用相机,照片无法作假,时间无法修改,外勤人员工作真实现场考勤拍照水印相机。 考勤打卡、上班打卡、工地打卡、工程打卡、一款已经验证考勤真实性的、水印防篡改的考勤工作打卡相机。 适合工作拍照、工程项目管理人员、项目施工团队、综合执法执勤、物业安..
电脑端浏览器让您使用自己喜欢的方式上网冲浪。 特性, 【用户代理】:提供常见浏览器的用户代理,给您更多浏览选择 【去除广告&图片】:屏蔽网页中的图片以及广告,节约流量数据 【隐私浏览】:保护隐私,不留下任何浏览痕迹 【分屏浏览】:同时浏览2个网页,例如播放网页视频一边上网搜索 众所周知,部分网站的移动版本提供的功能或内容并不完整 下载“电脑端浏览器”..
唐人飞跃App,超人气聊天交友App。 擦肩而过,却不能彼此相识。加入唐人飞跃大家庭,与各地好友互相互动起来吧。 - 消息: 展示最近聊天的好友或者群列表,方便查找。可以发送语音、视频、文本消息。 - 通讯录:可以邀请通讯录朋友加入唐人飞跃家庭,体验即时聊天的愉悦。 - 朋友圈:与好友分享每个精彩瞬间,记录美好生活的点点滴滴。 - 新的朋友:通过二维码扫描添..
给在职场上一路狂奔的自己请个家教吧! 专属白领的现代化师徒关系的撮合平台,标准化,高品质 不是售卖知识,而是构建充满温情的师徒关系。 不是培训,而是请个高人陪你一路升级打怪 工..
给在职场上一路狂奔的自己请个家教吧! 专属白领的现代化师徒关系的撮合平台,标准化,高品质 不是售卖知识,而是构建充满温情的师徒关系。 不是培训,而是请个高人陪你一路升级打怪 工作难找?找个行业大牛给你背书和推荐吧! 别再去听假大空的成功学了,找个行业内尊敬的人实实在在的给你点拨一下。 别在盲目看商业书籍了,找个行业高人帮你融会贯通。 被领导骂郁闷吗?找个比他..
半时,与众不同的番茄钟APP。 时间流逝,如窗间过马。要让自己变得更好,用半时,记下每一刻努力的时光。 - 记录你的努力,无论它是什么: 训练一种技能 通过一个考试 喜欢做的一件事情 探索这个星球 努力着的一份工作 实现一个心愿目标 或者,仅仅是日常琐碎… - 私密进展日记 所有事项和进展日记绝对私密,如同一本本的分类细致的日记本,让你有仪式感地记录学习、训..
2-20阶魔方 2-20阶金字塔魔方 五魔方 * 披萨魔方 斜转魔方 钻石魔方 恐龙魔方(4色+6色) 223魔方 332魔方 长方体魔方
APP内无广告:日记里面没有任何广告。 云备份:日记自动云储存、云备份,实时同步,卸载换机都不怕。 免费 :全部功能免费体验不受限。 注册 :先体验、后注册。 安全 :完全私密的个人空间,无人可窥视你的日记,永远不丢失。 简约 :好看、精致、简约不花哨。 风格 :清新治愈风,让写日记和记录生活更有乐趣。 记录 :文字、音频、图片、视频多种记录方式,满足各种情..
1. 生产力设备,便捷无边界:Mac、iPhone、网页版(https://seamless.icu),无缝切换 2. 通知中心大挖掘:轻点通知打开链接、分享文件、搜索……你来选择! 3. 不同步,iOS App也很有用:记录剪贴板、摘取文字、搜索中心…… 4. 免费下载:一次性内购解锁文档数量限制,任意同步 5. 隐私安全:使用CloudKit同步,数据仅..
广角相机是一款全景相机应用,它利用智能拼接算法,可以将连续拍摄的几张照片完美合并成一张。 它不仅可以拍摄水平方向的全景,还可以拍摄垂直全景、360°全景,解决了系统自带相机只能水平拍摄的痛点。 【高分辨率】 超高像素照片 【多种全景模式】 支持竖拍全景、广角全景、球形全景、长焦全景、自拍全景等 【多种特效】 二十种图片特效 【更多趣味玩法】 内置3D全景照片..
BoxTalk,是安司源科技为中小型企业、机构、社群、组织、圈子等沟通、聊天、办公打造的一体化安全通信解决方案中的软件产品。BoxTalk 以私有化部署与端到端加密技术为基础,主打安全通信,帮助组织提升沟通安全性,降低管理成本,提升效率。 BoxTalk 拥有哪些强大功能: 1、一体化安全通信解决方案,即插即用 【软件+硬件】BoxTalk+密信盒子的一体化..