VR compatible! The app allows you to..
VR compatible! The app allows you to enter the world of "Re:ZEROStarting Life in Another World." ※This app is a one-time purchase. No in-game purchases are required to enjoy the ga..
English Learning Adventure
Eduka’s World, English for kids ages 3–10, is a fun and safe learning experience that will allow your child to learn English while going on an educational adventure with our charac..
Crypto exchange, Bitci.com
**What are the advantages? Bitci.com (Bitci Teknoloji AŞ) works with a 7/24 active infrastructure that enables you to manage your investment without any problems and to intervene i..
快塑网专注于大宗商品橡塑细分市场O2O服务,线上和线下相结合,自营和撮合相结合。致力于为买卖双方打造信息对称、价格透明、市场健康的橡塑交易生态圈。 功能特性: 1、 智能搜索:智能输入,自动匹配,精准配对你想找的塑料类型。 2、 精准推荐:每日推荐你所需要的塑料类型,不会错过适合你的每一条报价。 3、 高效工作:无需启动,自动接收信息,让你在工作中也能获取报..
Your ideal meal is just a few taps a..
Your ideal meal is just a few taps away. Download the Slyce Pizza Co app free for iPhone today. With the Slyce Pizza Co mobile app, ordering food has never been easierWhether you'r..
依托基层医疗信息化建设,将服务的触角延伸到社区内患者,平台服务涵盖双向转诊、短信群发、服务记录等功能。我们旨在现有服务基础上简化就医流程,减少等候时间、方便患者就医、改善患者就医体验、提高患者就医满意度。 主要功能 【居民管理】随时随地随访患者了解病患情况。 【短信群发】一键群发消息,方便快捷。 【双向转诊】双向转诊,高效联动。 【发起签约】签约家庭医生,关..
Run & jump in any direction! 360..
Run & jump in any direction! 360° gravity makes sure you cannot fall off! Reach the Monster at the end and give them a delicious meal Each level has one or more diamonds to col..
Free the Genie by collecting all mag..
Free the Genie by collecting all magical runes that have trapped inside her bottle-shaped prison. Solve increasingly intricate puzzles as you progress through the levels and prove ..
New Year, New You! BuJo is a simple ..
New Year, New You! BuJo is a simple yet useful bullet journalling app. Tracking things in your life is a great way to achieve your goals, whether they're New Year Resolutions or no..
“灿谷GPS管理系统”移动客户端软件是由灿谷集团自主研发的GPS管理工具及平台。 “灿谷GPS管理系统”移动客户端软件面向灿谷集团审批风控部门和各区域公司及区域经销商,利用互联..
“灿谷GPS管理系统”移动客户端软件是由灿谷集团自主研发的GPS管理工具及平台。 “灿谷GPS管理系统”移动客户端软件面向灿谷集团审批风控部门和各区域公司及区域经销商,利用互联网及移动互联网技术,达成加快信息传递、整合业务资源、提升服务质量的功能。 灿谷集团是中国领先的汽车金融服务供应商,以大数据和技术创新为核心驱动力,长期致力于为客户提供安全、专业、高效的..
Introducing the all new Kowalski's M..
Introducing the all new Kowalski's Mobile App! New features and a new interface help you save time and money when shopping at Kowalski's! Shopping Lists: Create shopping lists, org..
边游荷兰边学荷兰语 轻松学荷兰语手册是一个免费的荷兰语应用,能够使你快速的简单的学习荷兰语。 所有荷兰语短语和单词呈现给你两个语音和原有的荷兰语写作。由荷兰当地女孩录制 保存你..
边游荷兰边学荷兰语 轻松学荷兰语手册是一个免费的荷兰语应用,能够使你快速的简单的学习荷兰语。 所有荷兰语短语和单词呈现给你两个语音和原有的荷兰语写作。由荷兰当地女孩录制 保存你最喜欢的短语和单词并顺利复习他们。 使用间隔复习的技巧与卡片来学习你的词汇。 用有趣的荷兰语问题来测试你的知识并复习你的成绩。 在周游荷兰时生存 荷兰使用荷兰语手册来生存。所有重要的生..
这是为矩声音乐服务器系列产品开发的专用移动应用程序。配合MA player数字音频流媒体播放系统,用户可以在同一局域网(LAN)中通过iPhone手机或平板电脑浏览和播放连接在矩声音乐服务器上的USB驱动器或MicroSD卡中的音乐。您也可以通过MA Remote为音乐服务器添加SMB网络共享文件夹。所有的本地音频资源将统一呈现在MA Remote的音乐库中..
Elevator Monitoring Technology
Elevator Oversight is the industry’s first and only, 3rd party Maintenance Monitoring Service. Our patent pending technology monitors, tracks and reports when elevator maintenance ..
中国商人服务平台。实现找合作、找资金、找项目、找伙伴、找企业、找社群等商业服务,让商人在这个平台上拓展商业人脉、探询商业机会、扩大商业视野,提升商业思想,搭建互联互通、共享共建、多赢合作的商业生态系统。 商联会官网: www.ishangmi.cnwww.ishangmi.com.cn
Find hidden object
Find the differences between two pictures online! Spot all the differences, win tournaments and get reward before your opponents! FEATURES — Zoom the picture to see all details — U..
Take control of your credit and debi..
Take control of your credit and debit cards 24/7 with Sun CardSafe! • Easily turn your card on or off if it's ever lost, stolen or if you want to keep your spending in check. • Set..
Retirement plan easy access
American Trust utilizes cutting edge technology and services to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your retirement goals. Utilize our App to monitor and adjust your re..
Check out this free and fun puzzle g..
Check out this free and fun puzzle game with a cat. Try to trap the cat! Trap the cute kitten from leaving the pond as she jumps over colorful candies. Simple yet challenging puzzl..
SCENEONE TV is an entertainment plat..
SCENEONE TV is an entertainment platform created by the popular Nollywood couple actress Funke Akindele Bello and husband director Abdul Bello. Enjoy hilarious and entertaining tel..
为教育机构量身打造的一款产品,只保留摇杆控制和编程功能,为编程教育而生。 控制模式: ①通过选择摇杆类型,根据自己的需求编辑摇杆控制方式。 ②保存自定义的控制模式。 ③用自己编..
为教育机构量身打造的一款产品,只保留摇杆控制和编程功能,为编程教育而生。 控制模式: ①通过选择摇杆类型,根据自己的需求编辑摇杆控制方式。 ②保存自定义的控制模式。 ③用自己编辑好的控制模式操控设备。 编程模式: ①通过拖动积木块,编辑自己想要的程序。 ②点击执行按钮,执行相应的程序来控制设备。 ③将自己编辑的程序保存下来。
Try Not To Get Satisfied DIY
Need relaxation and diversion from the stressful daily life routine? Enjoy this third simple relaxing and endless oddly satisfying game with a new series of ASMR super relaxing act..
Mobile app which enables users to vi..
Mobile app which enables users to view account information, power usage, receive notifications, pay bills, report and track outages.
这是一只80年代十分经典的游戏,几乎没有人从未玩过。 这个游戏有很多关卡,足够你一整年天天玩。 沙盒宇宙, 发展星系和成长倒不同星球的型态 我的梦幻宇宙myDream Universe iOS : https://apps.apple.com/cn/app/mydream-universe/id1447861806
Fast paced music tapping
Beat Box is a spin-off of the fairly popular app iDaft Jamming. Make the box jump to the beat of catchy tunes to complete the levels in this addictive rhythm-based jumper. The obst..
music recommendations
musx makes it easier for friends to share music recommendations. No more missing awesome songs buried in texts, group chats, feeds or stories — with musx, your recommendations are ..
The Ourisman Group Mobile App is des..
The Ourisman Group Mobile App is designed for customers of Ourisman Hyundai of Bowie, Ourisman CDJR of Bowie, Ourisman CDJR of Clarksville, Ourisman Chevrolet of Rockmont, Ourisman..
Par 3 Golf is a fast paced golf game..
Par 3 Golf is a fast paced golf game with four courses rated "par 3". The computer opponents don't seem to have much trouble sinking the ball in three strokes, but your results may..
满足多样的查勘定损需求 - 登录:无需注册,手机号或案件号即可操作 - 通话:实时流畅、高清稳定画质,更方便定损 - 切换:镜头任意切换,刮擦细节零距离 - 拍照:立即拍摄,及..
满足多样的查勘定损需求 - 登录:无需注册,手机号或案件号即可操作 - 通话:实时流畅、高清稳定画质,更方便定损 - 切换:镜头任意切换,刮擦细节零距离 - 拍照:立即拍摄,及时取证 智定损能帮你做什么 - 支持远程拍摄现场照片,取证更加方便快捷 - 支持视频取证,随时随地面对面与客服沟通定损信息 - 支持全面电子定损单(定损单、查勘单、协议书、授权书等)在..
An iced 'fresh' idea of puzzle gamin..
An iced 'fresh' idea of puzzle gaming from the creators of Paintball & Frutakia CrazySoft, the creators of PaintBall, Frutakia, Frutakia 2 and Snake Deluxe came along an iced '..
Manage your Sunwest Bank accounts ri..
Manage your Sunwest Bank accounts right from your iPhone® or iPad®. You can view your accounts, deposit checks, conduct transfers, get real-time secure alerts, pay bills, and more!..
The Investors Bank YourSecure app he..
The Investors Bank YourSecure app helps protect your debit and credit cards with alerts and controls for when, where and how your cards are used. Simply download Investors Bank You..
适用与iPhone, iPod touch 和 iPad。 移动能源监测!能源数据从您的efergy engage hub发送您的手机上。我们添加了同样给力的小工具为您检查并降..
适用与iPhone, iPod touch 和 iPad。 移动能源监测!能源数据从您的efergy engage hub发送您的手机上。我们添加了同样给力的小工具为您检查并降低您的消耗。让您及时发现未关掉的无用电子设备,设置预算,并得到节约。还没有efergy engage hub?不用担心,试试我们内置的演示程序。 这是最好的方式来追踪您的家庭能源消耗。..
Exxchange is an ExxonMobil community..
Exxchange is an ExxonMobil community bringing together energy supporters to take action on issues affecting the energy industry and everyday lives. In the app, you can learn and ta..
帮助爱神丘比特撮合这些相爱的情侣吧, 这是一款益智解谜密室逃脱风格的闯关游戏, 考验你智商的时候到了 !
In all verity The Lost Lands: Dinosa..
In all verity The Lost Lands: Dinosaur Hunter is one of the most lovely simulators of Dinosaur Hunter. You'll have to investigate the most secretive object in the world called "The..
此移动应用程序将医疗设备销售代表与基于服务器的wevops Logistics应用程序链接,用于管理手术病例调度,物流 (包括套件管理),补货,计费和支持库存控制活动。
此移动应用程序将医疗设备销售代表与基于服务器的wevops Logistics应用程序链接,用于管理手术病例调度,物流 (包括套件管理),补货,计费和支持库存控制活动。
Follow Your Track Day Schedule
Follow Your Track Day Schedule Live with TrackKeeper. TrackKeeper is a convenient "At the Track" schedule manager and time tracking tool with a host of handy features. TrackKeeper ..
挖出硬币,开始玩乐!作为最受欢迎的矿工游戏之一,该矿工模拟器具有三种不同的采矿级别。从黄金,钻石或红宝石矿山中选择您最喜欢的矿山,并挖掘出尽可能多的宝藏以清除水平。扮演一个由三名矿山工人组成的团队,以挖掘,运输和收集游戏中的宝藏。现在就试试吧! 金矿模拟器 享受游戏经理等新的动力助推器,以提高所有矿工团队成员的表现。从应用程序屏幕上查看您的剩余寿命和硬币状态..
Learn OC,best for you《Tutorial for O..
Learn OC,best for you《Tutorial for Objective-C》 Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming lang..
考拉e刷是一款全新的移动收款工具,满足商户随时随地收款,并为用户提供多种支付方式。 产品特点: 1、移动POS,方便携带,外观小巧,蓝牙连接; 2、安全认证,通过中国人民银行、..
考拉e刷是一款全新的移动收款工具,满足商户随时随地收款,并为用户提供多种支付方式。 产品特点: 1、移动POS,方便携带,外观小巧,蓝牙连接; 2、安全认证,通过中国人民银行、银行卡检测中心认证; 3、到账稳定,交易明细一目了然
Ordering from Moody’s just became ea..
Ordering from Moody’s just became easier than everOur new Moody’s app allows you to order ahead and pay through your phone meaning that’ll you never have to wait again. The sleek d..
《中国马术协会》是—款用大数据思维打造的中国马术大数据平台。 旨为中国马术协会的单位会员和个人会员及其它关心支持马术行业发展的组织机构和个人提供有关马术行业资讯、政策法规、制度..
《中国马术协会》是—款用大数据思维打造的中国马术大数据平台。 旨为中国马术协会的单位会员和个人会员及其它关心支持马术行业发展的组织机构和个人提供有关马术行业资讯、政策法规、制度规范 ,赛事活动通知等信息服务 ,并提供会员注册、马匹登记、赛事报名、培训报名、通级考试报名及成绩查询、积分查询、数据信息搜索等综合应用服务。 主要功能如下: 1.“会员系统”:为用户..