4 Pyramid Games
PicoPico Pyramid (Blip Blop Pyramid) is pyramid solitire card game. Please touch and choose two cards. If the sum total of two cards is 13, a card will disappear.Please erase all t..
Endless 123 Learning Numbers
Monster counting is an interactive application that helps in learning numbers. We believe that learning numbers can be fun. This counting game for kids has various activities and a..
Save A4 from haters
Help A4 and his friends to run away. Haters chase you! Run as fast as you can! As long as you can! Avoid haters and barriers on your path! Complete missions to open new Heroes and ..
Animoog, powered by the new Anisotro..
Animoog, powered by the new Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), is Moog Music's first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed exclusively for the iPad. ASE allows you to move dyna..
Math PuzzleBrain Game are brain teas..
Math PuzzleBrain Game are brain teasers with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Cool math game.
DJ to favorite songs & rhymes
Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose the nursery rhyme songs you most want to hear? Better yet, what if you could choose whichever KinToons characters you want to sing those so..
A mysterious disappearance
Detective Henry Hound has to investigate the case of a missing woman but the case becomes more complicated when very strange things start to happen in the woman's home. Tap the arr..
Choice Text Adventure
YOU make the choices for Snow White in a text adventure set in modern times. Romance, comedy, vampires, death, and high school drama! Delight Games has teamed up with author RaShel..
Full-text RSS
Love RSS feeds? So do we!! RSS feeds are a great way to follow updates on your favorite website. However, some sites set up their feeds to only show a portion of each entry, you kn..
A cozy dollhouse
"Fuzzy House Lite” gives your kids a taste of the app “Fuzzy house". In this free version your kids can play in the hallway, living room and kitchen. Download the full version to g..
Get ready to Make and Dress-up your ..
Get ready to Make and Dress-up your Teddy Bear and make it the World's most beautiful, cute and Amazing Teddy Bear. You've got HUGE selection of shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, acce..
This is a simple, fun and satisfying puzzle game!
This is a simple, fun and satisfying puzzle game!
Drawing Telephone Game
Sketch & Guess! is the drawing telephone game where players sketch, pass & guess to reveal hilarious and unpredictable results! Perfect for families, parties or friends. Fu..
Recording App & Voice Memos
Key features of this Call Recorder: - Record any local and international calls - Record outcoming calls - Record incoming calls - Access all recordings anywhere, anytime - Mange al..
Idle clicker puzzle game
All it takes to start your cozy angling hobby is a humble hook. Just click or tap to let your inner fisherman take the clickbait and become an angler idol! Soon you’ll be overseein..
千万小说免费看,流量不费看书无忧! 畅读全本小说是一款手机必备的追书网络小说阅读器,全网千万免费全本小说任你读,搜索覆盖各大网络平台的精品小说资源,分类精选,涵盖悬疑灵异、总裁豪门、现代都市等热门小说,想看就看。 【特色功能】 1、智能推荐,根据用户的不同爱好推荐不同的小说,为读者挑选属于自己的小说。 2、免费无忧,畅读小说为会员提供各种福利中心领取书币,免..
"Ammunition exhausted. God Save the ..
"Ammunition exhausted. God Save the King!"last radio message from the 1st Airborne Division. Assault On Arnhem is an operational level wargame for between one and four players, bas..
- 多场景、多账本。 - 支持3层分类:大类、中类、小类。 - 多币种、联网汇率。 - 深受用户喜爱的 One Touch:一触即记,快到飞起。 - 强大的自动化周期记账功能:基于 One Touch,大大节省您的宝贵时间。 - 独特的可收回和需归还概念:简化报销、应收、贷款和应付的逻辑。 - 独特的跨交易类型拆分概念:一次性解决转账手续费、利息、销售税等记..
Speech Bubble sticker of Hachiware!
Speech Bubble sticker of Hachiware!
"What the Odd" is a puzzle game wher..
"What the Odd" is a puzzle game where you spot the difference between similar images. A unique and challenging take on traditional 'spot the difference' games. The rules are simple..
#1 Teen Patti Game
Play Teen Patti Flush with millions of real friends! It’s a traditional online multiplayer Indian poker game but with more advanced social and gaming functions than ever. Invite fr..
Explore more than 750 news feeds fro..
Explore more than 750 news feeds from 150 British newspapers and magazines. ALL THE NEWS IN A SINGLE APP ► National press ► Regional & local press ► Weekly press ► Monthly pres..
Создавайте карточки. Учите и повторяйте новые слова с помощью упражнений Общеизвестно, ч..
Создавайте карточки. Учите и повторяйте новые слова с помощью упражнений Общеизвестно, что при изучении иностранного языка наиболее трудоёмким процессом является изучение слов: на ..
Reading Comprehension Skills
Featured on FunEducationalApps.com & theAppyLadies.com Inference Clues helps build strong reading comprehension skills in a fun, game-like environment. As well as generating in..
【游戏特色】 关卡趣味十足,答案让你意想不到! 操作简单,满足大多数游戏场合,随时随地来一把! 游戏内包含大量彩蛋,时不时触发惊喜。 合理的难度曲线,烧脑与休闲并重。
Super Smash Fight
Harness your inner beast and battle your friends for monster domination! Fright Fight is the first 3D Multiplayer Platform Fighting infused with rich RPG elements. Select a charact..
《消消螺旋》是一款玩法新颖的消除类游戏。 点击屏幕中的数字小球,让它们落在和自己数字相同的位置,三个相同的小球在一起就能消除,消除之后进行累计。 在有限的圈数内消除尽可能多的球来获得高分。 螺旋消消乐游戏特色: 1、有限步数,考验智慧 2、不同模式,多种玩法
50 Mystery challenging levels
HFG released the new point and click type science fiction fantasy based room escape game for all the players. In this pack, we have delivered the 50 addicting levels challenge. Mor..
在快节奏的日常生活里 在忙碌的学习与工作中 每天都有很多需要做的零琐碎事 难免一不留神就会漏掉 如果有一个可爱又贴心的魔女管家 能帮你把每天的日程和代办管理得井井有条 是不是会让你轻松舒心许多? 魔女执事,一款可爱的日程清单管理软件 选择你的专属魔女 开启魔法日程管理 *主要功能* 1. 简单轻松添加日程清单 2. 贴心的日程优先级与定时提醒 3. 充满惊喜..
◉ 推荐: Unit Converter 很好地支持一个数据库,有20个可用的常见分类和超过400个单位(包括混合单位,例如英尺+英寸,米+厘米……)这样 Unit Conve..
◉ 推荐: Unit Converter 很好地支持一个数据库,有20个可用的常见分类和超过400个单位(包括混合单位,例如英尺+英寸,米+厘米……)这样 Unit Converter 可以帮助你解决你的工作,学习和生活当中几乎每一个单位转换问题。 ◉ 完美的设计: Unit Converter 具有结合了科幻风格的弧形设计,提供方便而有趣的用户体验。 ◉ ..
Foscam是世界领先的网络视频监控产品提供商,目前Foscam品牌的网络摄像机行销全球超过40个国家和地区。 Foscam Viewer是Foscam自主研发的专门配合网络摄..
Foscam是世界领先的网络视频监控产品提供商,目前Foscam品牌的网络摄像机行销全球超过40个国家和地区。 Foscam Viewer是Foscam自主研发的专门配合网络摄像机使用的APP,通过它您可以随时随地访问您家里的摄像机,查看您的孩子、老人、宠物的状态,监控您家庭的安全。 主要功能: 通过Wi-Fi网络扫描、手动添加DDNS域名、扫描P2P二维码..
First Girl Dress-up & Makeover
Welcome to the shopping paradise! Andexplore the supermarket world with many learning activities for kids. Help your customers to shop they want and get ready for fun. This superma..
EZ短信,智能垃圾短信过滤。 数万条真实短信训练出精准智能过滤模型。 样本真人分类,更符合大众需求。 多种类型,精准过滤。 【功能说明】 1,默认使用AI智能分类,安装即用 2,支持号码过滤 3,支持短信内容关键词过滤 4,自由组合排列拦截规则 5,支持完全离线拦截,隐私无忧
《我的室友是空姐》是一款轻度休闲解谜游戏。故事讲述一个刚毕业的年轻人,和职场新人空姐飞机上的偶遇,并阴差阳错合租的故事。中间发生很多奇妙的遭遇,这些都等着玩家来一一探索选择不一样的故事结局。下面来自主人公自述: 其实和空姐同居合租一开始我是拒绝的,你不能说合租我就马上答应。但没办法空姐就是喜欢我。我那该死的无处安放的魅力和那迷人的气质,而我每天还要努力的拒绝..
一个令人兴奋的游戏和效果.非常好玩的一个休闲的游戏,是非常流行的益智休闲的一个手机游戏,一旦你玩,你将对它爱不释手! 梦幻传奇系列游戏尺寸支持手机和平板电脑,且支持多国语言玩家..
一个令人兴奋的游戏和效果.非常好玩的一个休闲的游戏,是非常流行的益智休闲的一个手机游戏,一旦你玩,你将对它爱不释手! 梦幻传奇系列游戏尺寸支持手机和平板电脑,且支持多国语言玩家通过点击屏幕,结合游戏关卡场景里所提供的物品或者其它配件的组合生成所需要的道具,方可顺利通过些关卡.你开始环顾四周,希望能找到一些有用的东西,到关卡最后会有通过所有关卡的计时,尽量可能..
查看你的高度或海拔上,随着一天的时间调整令人惊叹的景观。 气压表:气压表可以让您根据气压变化测量您的高度变化。只需设置您的参考压力和高度,就可以看到高度计在两点的高度差。非常适合远足等户外活动。 指南针:显示实时的方向。 一个简单而整洁的界面如下: •海拔高程或 •纬度 •经度 产品特点 •最高的GPS的精确度 •从地形图值地面标高 •查看以英尺或米 •内置..
Currency & Unit, No Ads
MiniConverter is a simple, powerful currency & unit converter with a great user experience. It's free-to-use and completely ad-free. 300+ Units! Powerful Features - Easily conv..
此App用于记录管理收礼、送礼,同时可以用于统计收礼、送礼的金额,以及设置提醒事项,以备忘记重要事情。收礼、送礼记录非常清晰明了,查看、管理非常简单方面。 此App是工具类型的App,没有后台服务器,所以无须注册、登录,以及填写您人的个人信息。数据可以选择备份到iCloud以防丢失,也可以通过生成Excel文件后分享到微信、QQ等App上。所以您可以放心您的..
Christian Connection
Christian Connection is the multi-award-winning dating app that has been connecting single Christians for 20 years. Many thousands have already found love on Christian Connection a..
Strategic fantasy battles!
Welcome to Empires Mobile, a fantasy themed real-time strategy mobile game. In this world, the war horns have sounded, and a battle between Elves, Dwarves, and Humans is unavoidabl..
Discover and Share Articles
Ampl – News and Article Sharing Discover and Share Articles Ampl is a news discovery and article sharing platform which allows users to create discussions within shared articles. E..
Enjoy the convenience of the Reasors..
Enjoy the convenience of the Reasors Rx App! Refill you and your family's prescriptions View all your prescriptions in a list along with prescription number, dosage, fills left and..
Tournament chess opening prep
Chess Openings Wizard is where tournament players go to work on their openings. The app is based on the Bookup program that first came out in 1984. It has full editing and training..
作为付费应用且在全世界范围内超过15万下载量倍受好评的「魔法少女 伊莉雅 闹钟」的续作,「魔法少女 伊莉雅 闹钟2wei!」登场了!这次,会由伊莉雅三姐妹一起出场! 作为本作的招牌,还装载了点击画面后伊莉雅们可以动起来的「动作模式」和「悄悄话模式」! APP内所收录的以下人物的语音,全部为专为本APP重新录制! 伊莉雅丝菲尔·冯·爱因兹贝伦(CV:门胁舞以)..
原版人物 角色完美还原 美食宝典 掌控你的味蕾 食神大赛 决出终极美味 自由搭配 打造专属料理 【原版人物 完美还原】 聪明的熊大、憨厚的熊二、倒霉的光头强,三位将在梦想小镇上开餐厅拉!无论是高大的老虎,狡猾的吉吉国王,还是活泼的蹦蹦,都是这间餐厅常客,在这里小伙伴们将会和原著中的经典角色亲密接触。 【研究食谱 创造美食】 为了和熊大熊二们一起更好的经营餐厅..
Hit the desert dunes with a powerful..
Hit the desert dunes with a powerful super-charged vehicle! Hit the gas pedal and make your way thru the traffic to get out of the heat of the desert. Do you have what it takes to ..
NAPA TRACS users may capture and dec..
NAPA TRACS users may capture and decode vehicle information numbers (VIN) codes at the vehicle with the new NAPA TRACS Mobile VIN Capture app. Once the VIN has been captured and de..