Get the real casino experience and p..
Get the real casino experience and play real slots and casino games at Play Agua! Get the app and you can start enjoying all of these amazing features: • 5,000 Welcome Tokens • Dai..
Welcome to this FPS 3D shooting worl..
Welcome to this FPS 3D shooting world. In this game you can use many famous weapons from the real world, such as Kar98k, M24, AWM, BarrettEach of them will give you unique shooting..
Top classic Solitaire game!
Solitaire Plus brings you all the fun and excitement of the classic Solitaire card game plus the minimalist and relaxing style by Infinity Games. If you consider yourself a true So..
merge&match to design a city
Download and play this FREE merge game! Welcome to this wonderful Tastyland. Many beautiful fairies are waiting for you! You can freely play what you want, with your fantastic idea..
Party Card Game
The classic party game The King's Cup transformed into app form! Never played before? It couldn't be simpler. Take it in turns to pick cards from the deck. Each card is associated ..
SimpleBills was created in 2008 when two roommates couldn’t stop arguing over their utility bill. One guy would always end up paying the bill, while the other took forever to reimb..
Offline RPG game
Vengeance is a single-player RPG in which you can immerse yourself in a story accompanied by beautiful music and atmosphere. Your journey will be rewarded with legendary and mythic..
金丹不如狗,元婴满地走。 残酷的修真界,没有实力便寸步难行。 天生灵根已废,似乎注定仙途无望。 然大道五十,天衍四九。遁去其一,是为变数。 且看对修真没兴趣的天生废灵根,如何在..
金丹不如狗,元婴满地走。 残酷的修真界,没有实力便寸步难行。 天生灵根已废,似乎注定仙途无望。 然大道五十,天衍四九。遁去其一,是为变数。 且看对修真没兴趣的天生废灵根,如何在修真界自立宗门,执掌风雷。 1升级建筑,壮大宗门 2种植灵植,炼制仙丹 3招募弟子,收集仙尊 4与其他修真者一较高下或是交换物资 我对修真没兴趣
非常感谢大家的热情反馈,应大家要求,重新设计了一对一教程收听逻辑,把播放器单独拿出来,由用户手动选择是否显示。下一阶段,我们将增加口语练习评测功能,更好地帮助用户锻炼口语。 谢谢大家,反馈很是热情,这个版本增加了上次所说的3个功能,请大家帮我测试一下,如果有问题,请告诉我们,谢谢了。 感谢大家的反馈,反馈的意见主要有以下三个: 1、希望增加自由收听内容 2、..
Defend the frontier!
Tired of killing zombies or fighting alien invasions? No more fictions, only real survival battle! In game The Last Outpost you are a soldier at the frontier of your homeland. Bloo..
《侠客传》是一款高自由度武侠RPG手游,次世代技术打造东方古代无缝大世界,所见之处皆可抵达。玩家还可施展5段轻功,及水上轻功,体验360度自由视角,并攻击地面敌人。 游戏内可自由捏脸,随心塑造身份和性格,每一次的成长与抉择,都将对游戏内容未来的发展产生深远的影响, 代入感十足,给予千人千面的江湖体验!
A trivia game where you compete to become the smartest one around!
A trivia game where you compete to become the smartest one around!
This app offers a convenient way to:..
This app offers a convenient way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View account details. • Set alerts and controls on your Georgia’s Own CU cards. • Set travel notifica..
- 自由時報APP提供每天的報紙新聞及國內外的即時新聞報導,讓您隨時掌握最新的時事動態、寰宇新知 - 重大新聞通知功能讓讀者能接收來自自由時報即時新聞通知 - 個人收藏新聞讓新..
- 自由時報APP提供每天的報紙新聞及國內外的即時新聞報導,讓您隨時掌握最新的時事動態、寰宇新知 - 重大新聞通知功能讓讀者能接收來自自由時報即時新聞通知 - 個人收藏新聞讓新聞放入個人收藏目錄 - 新聞事件簿提供新聞事件的追蹤報導 - 瀏覽紀錄讓讀者可以回溯自己所閱讀過的新聞 - 歷史推播讓讀者可以檢閱一週內重要推播新聞
Music, Movies, TV, Video Games
Totally awesome 80s game! Travel back in time or back to the future for a gnarly, radical trivia challenge. Big hair, leg warmers, garage bands, Ridgemont High, Simpson's, Smurfs, ..
Do you want to be a great leader of ..
Do you want to be a great leader of the faith? Start your temple and earn believers today in Church Tycoon! Your believers will be blessed and will donate money to grow your great ..
您是否曾经梦想过远离日常琐事,甚至拥有属于自己的住宿加早餐民宿?制作物品、设计您的翼彼迎、照料古灵精怪的客人并获得5星评级!随着您的评级上升,您将能解锁更多空位并吸引更多访客!在特别的访客簿中收集它们的照片!哦忘了和您说,您的客人全都是小鸟哦!而且您还可以切换到AR(增强现实)模式,近距离目睹您的鸟类朋友出现在您自己家中?! 由屡获殊荣的工作室Runaway..
经营一个温馨可爱的猫咪店铺,你将会拥有很多可爱的猫咪,并且还能使用各种各样精美可爱的衣服装扮你的小猫咪。 猫舍经营 制作猫咪服装并出售,赚取小鱼干升级店铺,经营属于你的猫舍。 猫咪换装 接近200种 不同风格的猫咪服装,让你的小猫美美哒。 猫咪培育 培养两只猫咪的感情,他们就会为你带来可爱的小猫崽。 猫咪旅行 这是一个专属于小猫的旅行,小猫会穿上你选的衣服进..
【众学无忧】 北京众学无忧教育科技有限公司总部位于北京,目前主要开展法律职业资格、考研、建造等考前培训,致力于成为全国十大教育机构。众学无忧依托专业师资团队,创新的全周期教学体系,并与盈科事务所、各大人才招聘网站等达成战略合作,打造全产业链咨教研融合发展新模式,为更多考生提供一站式专属服务。考研,司法考试、建造师考前培训就来众学无忧。 功能特色 【实景精讲 ..
『EVA-EXTRA』 とは… 『ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版』シリーズの第2作目、『:破』の公開に合わせて 2009年4月から毎月配布された公式無料冊子が『EVA-EXTRA』で..
『EVA-EXTRA』 とは… 『ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版』シリーズの第2作目、『:破』の公開に合わせて 2009年4月から毎月配布された公式無料冊子が『EVA-EXTRA』です。 製作および制作スタジオであるカラー自らが編集し、未発表の最新情報や最新画像を掲載、 最もライブでレアな情報満載のアイテムが不定期に様々な場所に置かれ、『EVA-EXTRA』を入手..
A simple game.
Jump, jump & jump again ! How far will you go ? Try to become number 1 !
Fast-paced, turn-based shooter
Gun Rounds is a game about a small, squishy person battling their way through swarms of enemies. A turn-based shooter with roguelite elements, Gun Rounds will challenge your tactic..
Flights Store是免费寻找便宜世界上1067航空公司飞机票。节省飞机票而不是休息方法。我们优点是没有附加费,付款安全和低价格保证! 用Flights Store随时世..
Flights Store是免费寻找便宜世界上1067航空公司飞机票。节省飞机票而不是休息方法。我们优点是没有附加费,付款安全和低价格保证! 用Flights Store随时世界上能很快找到最便宜飞机票。我们的附件能协助寻找飞机票。它1个分钟以后能比较和整理紧迫的世界上建议。这是为喜欢旅行的人最好的解决。 5年多我们跟航空运动服务工作。用我们的经验我们创造了..
Story In the lands of Lorhaven, the ..
Story In the lands of Lorhaven, the Gods chose you to carry out the hardest and dangerous task, you must collect the 12 Runes of Power to restore the order. Main Features *Explore ..
Want to know what it is like to be a..
Want to know what it is like to be a millionaire? Here is your chance! Dice Tycoon is a super easy game where you can roll your dices to earn a lot. Tap “roll”, and you will get di..
Solve A Mystery Adventure Game
Can you solve the exciting mystery of "Mystery Tales: Dangerous Desires Collector's Edition" in time? Use your skills to unravel challenging hidden object puzzles, explore beautifu..
Tap to Blast & Solve Puzzles
The super cute tapping & matching game on mobile today! Work your way through matching two or more blocks of the same color and creating boosters to clear levels! Features: ● T..
Can you score a touchdown?
New level of football games are here! Pass the ball to your teammates and score a touchdown. But beware of your opponents, they will do everything to stop you! You can control the ..
Spot the difference online
Travel across the world. Spot differences in pictures. Compete with other players and win tournaments. Focus on the details and train your brain! How many differences can you find?..
Cook Variety Of Dishes In Oven
Ever wonder what would happen if you put a burger in the microwave? How about a chicken and pizza? Now you can safely and easily find out with Microwave It! Impress your friends wi..
Virtual second number, No SIM
Get virtual second number on our AppNo SIM required, receive it instantly. You can get a local( specific area code ) or toll-free number in order to increase your pick-up rate. Add..
Santa's new match 3 adventure
Santa Claus is coming to town! Play this brilliant Christmas game with charming levels of match 3 fun, filled with lots of new challenges! Light the candles, clear the snow to find..
你醒过来后,发现自己身处一座神秘的地牢。你不知道发生了什么,也不记得之前的事。四周阴森的墙壁散发着恐怖的气息,你不想被困在这里。但这地牢机关重重,你能否顺利逃出呢? 这是一个密室逃脱游戏,通过你的智慧找到各种道具,破解重重谜题,最终从一个个的封闭空间中走出来。 游戏特色 -游戏完全免费,所有章节和房间都可以玩 -多达十六个精美的场景 -惊险的故事情节 -精巧..
Kids role-play fun stories
My City has just opened the brand new Kids Club House! This location has 6 floors! All packed with fun and exciting things to discover and exploreVisit the Rooftop pool, play laser..
Golden App Awardappsforhomeschooling..
Golden App Awardappsforhomeschooling.com, "I have NEVER formally taught my five-year-old subtraction, and she GETS Subtracting SardinesRight from her very first go at it, all the w..
Connect the dots!
Dot to Dot Puzzles is an amusing and relaxing app for young and adults, for the whole family, with an amazing world of handmade digital dot to dot puzzles, to reveal pictures with ..
A fun, super easy MOBA game
Welcome to the highly competitive world of real-time battles. Play this super easy MOBA game where matches last 3 to 10 minutes. ■ True real-time 3v3 team battles In Arena Mode, yo..
Paint by Number & Pixel Art
No.Pix, an extremely popular, interesting and addictive colouring game for adults and kids! Follow number cells and complete a beautiful painting in an instant. All paintings are n..
League&Cup Casual Soccer Game
Want to be a Champion Soccer Star? From an unknown soccer teenager to a soccer superstar, starting from the junior club in your hometown to the world's top team, and finally leadin..
真正的按摩震动 BuruExtreme 一个简单而时尚的按摩机应用终于出现了! 轻松按摩在您的家与振动功能的智能手机! 你可以按摩你最喜欢的各种振动模式! 推荐给这样的人。 -如何吸收肩 -那些想缓解压力的人 -每天累积疲劳的人 * 因为有可能智能手机的身体可能会发热很长一段时间, 请停止振动, 当使用完毕。
A Trading Game
You have 30 days to make the most money you can buying and selling commodities. The market fluctuates and there are police and hijackers lurking at every move looking to impede you..
With an ax against opponents.
Viking is a ferocious Scandinavian warrior. Viking's favorite weapons are axes! You can throw them at enemies and split their skulls! It is very simple to do thisjust tap on the sc..
Black Jack Vegas Card Game
Blackjack 21 is the best and authentic Las Vegas card game! Download for free now! So many different twenty-one variants you can choose, real black jack 21 from Las Vegas Strip to ..
R+F business-building tool.
As an R+F Independent Consultant you’re always on the go. And no matter where you are PULSE 3.0 is your go-to tool for running your business. Access it from home, the store, or whe..
还在为出门在外带一堆卡片而烦恼吗? 还在为找不到卡片而担忧吗? 不要烦恼,不必担忧!我来了了!!万能门禁卡-一键复制各种NFC卡片在里面,让你的生活更简单、更便利!!
车海洋会员可以进行充值支付,启动车海洋智能设备【智能汽服,智能洗车机】,查看消费记录,查看订单等一站式服务,可以通过地图查看车海洋名下各种设备网点并进行导航等。 车海洋人自主研发的“云+端”模式,彻底解决了困扰行业从业人员以久的支付、结算、联网洗车、24小时维护、合作分润、商家会员收益及权益等难题,在业内推动了移动互联网、云计算、大数据、物联网等与现代制造业..
OMGuitar 是iPad上有史以来最出色的iPad合成仿真吉他。而现在,从2.0版本开始,它变得更加出色! 今日美国评级:[3.5/4] “OMGuitar是一款新奇、强大..
OMGuitar 是iPad上有史以来最出色的iPad合成仿真吉他。而现在,从2.0版本开始,它变得更加出色! 今日美国评级:[3.5/4] “OMGuitar是一款新奇、强大的多功能吉他模拟器“ AppSafari评级:[4.5/5]”确实有用的音乐工具“ TUAW:”……轻松弹奏出本周你最喜欢的几首流行歌曲” OMGuitar出自Seline HD, F..
Smash Smoggles - Save Parks
Save the planet in an awesome mix of tower defense and idle clicker! Remember always that when you play Smoggle Smash you are helping conserve real world land into Smash Parks! Nas..
解螺旋(HelixLife)是中国临床医生科研成长平台,突破地域,时间限制,让医生和专家主任在线上“零距离”互动,助力医生科研快速成长,同时传播科研最前沿知识。 解螺旋公众号拥有专业受众40万粉丝,微信社群科研学习者10余万人,实名注册学习用户8万人,已是中国生物医学基础科研教育的杰出佼佼者。 解螺旋,受众多为医生和生物医学科研工作者,另外一小撮铁粉为各类有..