Tactical matching action
Battle endless waves of enemies in this fast-paced puzzle RPG! Only the right moves will secure your survival. Use your brain to clear levels before the zombies attack. Assemble yo..
Jigsaws For Adults & Children
Jigsaw Puzzle Ultimate brings the jigsaw puzzle experience to your iOS device. Our jigsaw puzzles are suitable for all ages & can be customized to your chosen level of difficul..
Vibrant and humorous simulator of an..
Vibrant and humorous simulator of an advertising agency owner's life filled with beautiful models, celebrity parties, and awesome stories! Build your own advertising empire from sc..
Build your own internet cafe
Game Studio Creator is a businesssimulator game, which allows you to dive into the world of business and become the owner of your internet-cafe. Your responsibilities will be next:..
An intersting pixel rpg game
This time, you will face the Fallen God. Gods Wars I is an epic ARPG that pits your wits against enemies. With the world enveloped by darkness, ancient powers reach forth to corrup..
Official NJ E-ZPass App
The NJ E-ZPass App allows customers to access and manage their account right from their fingertips! • Check balance and account history • Make a payment • Manage your vehicles and ..
Enjoy merge&puzzle mermaid
Download and play this FREE game!Join this magic MERGE legend! Have you ever used merge magic? Have you ever felt its wonder? This Merge Mermaids will not disappoint you!You can dr..
Robots vs giant bugs
Robot colony is a mix of strategy and simulation. Your goal is to manage the production and upgrades of autonomous robots that will gather resources, scout the area, build and repa..
Working Remote Simulator Game
Do you have what it takes to balance working and living at the same time? Well, we thought so too, but it’s not as easy as it looks! Will you work hard and climb to the top to beco..
DoDo是一个硬核游戏玩家与亚文化爱好者聚集的社群平台,集群聊、论坛、语音为一体,任何人都可以免费搭建出独一无二的超级群。 超级群还具有多频道有序交流、人数无上限、自由DIY、多平台同步的特性,并提供了群应用、机器人、权限管理等进阶工具,帮助社区组织者快速构建自己的社区、创造有趣的互动、产生独特的内容。 已有1000+个性化的社区诞生在DoDo里 「森友圈」..
Slash demons in the shadows!
Your ninja training is over and it’s time to become the ultimate warrior ninja you’re meant to be! Take your katana, grab some shurikens and step into the Ninja Dash world! A new n..
360加密跨平台支持Mac, IOS, Window, Linux等所有手机电脑的加密解密, 支持多国语言,是一款能够快速为你的手机电脑文件(图片、视频、office、PDF,CAD,SolidWorks)进行智能加密的软件,让你更好的保护你的隐私和秘密,并且能安全的共享给授权的密友,更好的享受工作生活; 主要功能: 1、加密:不改变文件格式,加密文件除了自..
Distalk无话不谈 白日饮酒,畅聊人生。 Distalk是一个可以毫无顾忌地和朋友们用语音聊天的赛博空间。 随时上线,收听你关注的人聊天,或加入一场对谈。 在这里你可以认识..
Distalk无话不谈 白日饮酒,畅聊人生。 Distalk是一个可以毫无顾忌地和朋友们用语音聊天的赛博空间。 随时上线,收听你关注的人聊天,或加入一场对谈。 在这里你可以认识不同行业、背景的朋友,互相学习,彼此慰藉。 你也可以听各行各业有趣又健谈的大咖朋友们,一起分享他们的见解,知识和经历。 希望你在Distalk,玩得愉快。 有任何意见和反馈,请在app..
Daily Fantasy Sports Evolved
Monkey Knife Fight Fantasy is the easiest way to win real cash prizes playing daily fantasy with sports you love! That’s why we’re the fastest growing Daily Fantasy Sports site on ..
123 Preschool Number Game
Best math games for kids to learn numbers and counting from the popular educational line of Cubic Frog® Apps. Now Supports 12 Different Languages! English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, ..
Ball Hero Adventure
Are you a crazy fan of Red Ball 5 adventure series? Red ball 6 is designed for you! Red Ball 6 is an exciting & interesting game perfect to keep you busy and enjoy the fun.Roll..
A beautiful fox adventure game
The First Tree is a third-person exploration game centered around two parallel stories: a fox trying to find her missing family, and a son reconnecting with his estranged father in..
热门教育类应用,数十万用户的忠实选择。长期名列苹果AppStore教育类榜单前茅! 新增8类经典儿歌教学资源,上百个常用日常词语学习资源文件累计多达24首,宝宝畅享无极限。 《..
热门教育类应用,数十万用户的忠实选择。长期名列苹果AppStore教育类榜单前茅! 新增8类经典儿歌教学资源,上百个常用日常词语学习资源文件累计多达24首,宝宝畅享无极限。 《多多童谣学英语》是"多多学英语系列"初级篇, 通过歌谣形式教会孩子认识事物, 学会单词.适合4-8岁儿童学习英语单词, 看事物, 跟随歌谣学习英语。 本应用共包括24大类400多个常用..
Learn Word Puzzles on the Go!
Play 2000+ Levels & Get 500 Bonus Coins! DOWNLOAD the best word puzzle games! Word Forestt has relaxing word puzzle games! Word Forest starts as an easy word game and gets hard..
MaxiCalc 为您带来触摸真实计算器的完美感受:计算结果瞬时显示,视觉效果清透锐利,音效独特令人惊叹。一台计算器本该如此优秀。 它的用法与袖珍计算器一样简单,但功能更为强大..
MaxiCalc 为您带来触摸真实计算器的完美感受:计算结果瞬时显示,视觉效果清透锐利,音效独特令人惊叹。一台计算器本该如此优秀。 它的用法与袖珍计算器一样简单,但功能更为强大:多重存储器、多历史记录纸带和大型按钮。 特性: •令人难以置信的反应,详细的图形和逼真的声音 •倾情为基础计算或景观的科学与所有的功能 •使用多个磁带跟踪您的计算 •对于复杂的计算内..
Crush & Pop Colorful Cubes!
Wood Blast is a super addicting cubes game filled with fun and surprises! Join the amazing journey today and get ready to crush and explode all the colorful bricks. Play and discov..
映客,高颜值美女直播平台,映客 8.0 ,首页全新升级! 直播、附近交友、声优派对,百万高颜值主播、用户在映客和你实时互动,你和ta从未如此靠近!和好看的人在映客不期而遇!
映客,高颜值美女直播平台,映客 8.0 ,首页全新升级! 直播、附近交友、声优派对,百万高颜值主播、用户在映客和你实时互动,你和ta从未如此靠近!和好看的人在映客不期而遇!
集时鲜手机应用软件是专门为用户提供家门口的生鲜超市,可以通过APP和线下门店为用户提供生鲜食品一站式采购体验,满足日常生活消费的线上购物软件。各种品型一应俱全,可随时随地进行挑选,无忧配送新鲜速达,还可选择门店自提,让你购物更便捷,购买更省心。 【品类齐全,任您挑选】 新鲜果蔬、肉蛋水产,米面粮油,零食酒饮,方便速食、家清日百生活所需应有尽有,每日充足供应,..
Help Pups on rescue missions
Go on a rescue road trip with all your favorite pups in the new app: PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue HD. Brand-New Location Added: The Jungle! Along with 5 new PAW Patrol rescues! 1H..
迄今最受欢迎的睡前App、荣膺Apple 2012年度App的“晚安!”出续集“晚安 马戏团”啦!超过三百万的父母使用“晚安!”哄孩子上床睡觉! “晚安 马戏团”的设置很奇妙,它营造了非常特别、充满动画和色彩的睡前氛围。 孩子们发现自己身处马戏团,和8种动物一起游戏,孩子们通过关掉灯或者吹掉蜡烛就可以哄动物们上床睡觉。 每种马戏团动物都会表演多种把戏,想要在..
Make your dreams come true!
Would you like to feel like a Hollywood star with millions of followers around the world? The new exciting game "Hollywood Vibes" will give you a chance to do it You'll find an unp..
Get hooked to being the hero
Are you ready to hook and smash them up? Become the hero of the century in this non-stop, mind-blowing action shooter. There’s nothing you can’t do with your unique hook weapon, bu..
fun & simple logic puzzle game
Tap blocks of the same color to complete each level. Over 10,000 FREE levels and 7 unique playing style awaits! Simple yet sophisticated and extremely addictive! A perfect game to ..
Spring Time Spy Object Puzzle
Hidden Objects – Easter is a beautifully designed seek and find game with 30+ levels. Explore Easter with Egg Hunts, Chocolate Bunnies, Easter Candy Baskets, Spring Gardens, Chicks..
Sound track also on sale! Search the..
Sound track also on sale! Search the iTunes Store for “Fantasy Chronicle!” “Fantasy Chronicle,” the RPG for fighting and bonding with companions and guardian beasts, has been relea..
Your travel companion
Umo is your travel companion, an all-in-one transit app that lets you buy contactless transit passes with a tap, get directions, use map navigation, find your next bus or train sch..
Smash them on battle arena!
Become a cute dragon, destroy the city and battle against other monster creatures. Your goal is to eat everything in your path and grow bigger. Fight your way to the top of the lea..
by Forks Over Knives
The Forks Meal Planner by Forks Over Knives offers seasonal menus, grocery lists, and all of the resources you need to make plant-based living easy. Try it for FREE now. Get health..
The coolest snowmobile game
He is Bandit, Sled Bandit. Many have heard of this mysterious figure, but few have seen him. It has been said that he is the best snowmobiler ever. According to rumors, Sled Bandit..
Call Recording App
Best Call Recorder is an innovative new app that provides unlimited real-time recordings of incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone It’s never been easier to record and save you..
Mission Survive, Get Out Alive
Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a multiplayer horror survival game. Be the last one standing of 10 players on an unknown battleground. Join & Fight with a single [TAP]! SURVIV..
Make you think outside the box
Get ready to be bamboozled with all new mind twisting puzzles! Combine your brain test and discovery for a brain challenge like no other! If you are fan of tricky games, riddles, b..
Satisfying Freeze and Shatter
You are the Ice Man. With your awesome power over the elements, you have everything you need to make the bad guys chill! Become the icy superhero, and protect the city from the thu..
One-Stop Digital Asset Service
BigONE is a global digital currency market information hub. Our core team comes from Yunbi.com. It has 5 years of experience in digital currency market information management, and ..
Epic Realtime Fighting Arena!
Fight your way to the top of the food chain, and watch your enemies become the prey! Machinal Instinct is a fast-paced fighting game, set in a world where animals pilot powerful me..
Las Vages Casino Slots Machine
Cash Hoard Slots-Classic Las Vegas Casino Slots Games Free Slots Game, Classic Las Vegas Casino machine &5,000,000 welcome bonus! ENJOY YOUR OWN LAS VEGAS Free Video Slots Game..
Build your ladder!
Tap to build a ladder and win the race.
Item Shop & Skin Games US App
Make Fortnite more fun! Come see why over 1 million players love Drop In! -Full Feature List Below- LIVE ITEM SHOP! -Always know what's in the Item Shop! Free opt-In notifications ..
Bounce, rebound, hop and spring!
Bounce, rebound, hop and spring!
"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an ..
"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an amazing game which will provide hours of fun. I would even go so far as to say it’s a nearly perfect example of a role-playing game." -AppleTell..
Climb mountains!
Manage the acceleration of your 4x4 and nothing will stop you! Various obstacles and environments are waiting for you!
Math, reading, & spelling
TeachMe: 3rd Grade is the fifth installment in the popular TeachMe series of educational apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. TeachMe: 3rd Grade teaches six age-appropriate s..
超真实高颜值社区,氛围十足。 你能够在这里发现各种好玩的人和时尚潮流秀,在这里能够将自己身边各种好玩有趣的事情通过图片或视频分享出来,秀出不凡,晒出你的个性。 这里没有任何拘束,尽情的放飞自己吧!
经典像素跑酷小游戏 四种游戏模式带你重会经典