抽象人说抽象话, 火星文YYDS
火星文转换器可以轻松地将简体中文转换为纯正的火星文 就像这样:濧の亼遈Ьú鼡跑著詓靠近ゞ - 近百种非主流字符,多种翻译结果随机生成 - 一键复制,轻松分享到微博,微信,朋友圈,QQ,抖音等社交软件 - 可进行自定义编辑,使用50个常用特殊字符重新编辑你的专属抽象文字 用火星文沟通,懂的人自然懂!
Find your Perfect Match®
You asked, we listened. Presenting: the Roommates.com On-The-Go App! This app is for paid VIP members of Roommates.com. As a VIP member, you can stay in the loop with push notifica..
私密照片保险库, 隐藏照片和视频
照片保险箱是一个超级强大的隐私保护应用,可以巧妙而秘密地隐藏加密您不想让人看见的照片,视频以及其他文件. 完美得隐藏您的照片和视频. 不仅如此,它更有着精美的界面与浏览设计,让您可以随时随地愉悦地欣赏您的私密照片和视频内容. 特色如下: • 存储私密的图片、视频和文件. • 在应用内拍摄私密照片. • 私人网络浏览器. • 存储您的密码和秘密联系人. • 支..
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Las Vegas Classic Casino for free! Install Las Vegas Classic Casino now to embrace the real thrill of true Las Vegas casino experience. best selection of casino slot machines, and ..
Classic Fantasy MMORPG
Teon is a strong PVP-based MMORPG. It requires a lot of manual grinding and skill practices to develop a powerful character. If you are a hardcore MMORPG gamer, Teon is your choice..
Soccer Blitz is a new soccer experie..
Soccer Blitz is a new soccer experience with streamlined gesture controls in truly new way. Key Features: - Free to Play! - Online Multiplayer game mode. Compete against other play..
Distance tracking made simple
Avoid bad form and injury from running in worn sneakersShoeCycle is a totally FREE app that you use to keep track of the wear on your running shoes! Use ShoeCycle to track the mile..
没空辅导小学生听写作业怎么办,家里老人普通话不标准怎么办?这个免费智能语音App能帮到您! 1.精心收录了【人教版】、【苏教版】、【北师大版】语文1-6年级的听写作业。 2.新..
没空辅导小学生听写作业怎么办,家里老人普通话不标准怎么办?这个免费智能语音App能帮到您! 1.精心收录了【人教版】、【苏教版】、【北师大版】语文1-6年级的听写作业。 2.新版本支持自定义词汇,您可以自己录入词汇,非常切合实际。 3.小巧实用的听写功能,解放家长,还能支持语音指令,让学生专注于听写,不用点击手机。 4.还能用星星奖励并记录听写的次数,作业、..
Structured Meeting Minutes
Create structured Meeting Minutes and Acceptance Protocols and share them as clean and professional looking PDF-file to all attendees. Available since 2012 and in use by users and ..
Solve the hundreds of cryptogram and..
Solve the hundreds of cryptogram and crypto family puzzles included in the game or add your own for even more fun. Features: - cryptograms, cryptoquiz and cryptoquotes - easy to us..
Real Physics Dream It On Games
Use the tools and simple laws of physics to excel here, enjoy wonderful environment of dreamscapes and utilize our endless imagination to come up with ingenious solutions. Try esca..
Will leave you drooling...
Yummy Pixel is new addictive game. Choose from Yummy Food, ( desserts, cakes, ice-cream, sushi and more), follow the numbers to bring them to life. Coloring has never been this eas..
【文曲星】 《文曲星》同时支持iphone和ipad,并对iphone6进行优化. 通过《文曲星》请来文曲星后,每天可以参拜和烧香对文曲星进行供奉,提高功德。这是一个祈福寄托心..
【文曲星】 《文曲星》同时支持iphone和ipad,并对iphone6进行优化. 通过《文曲星》请来文曲星后,每天可以参拜和烧香对文曲星进行供奉,提高功德。这是一个祈福寄托心灵愿望的容器。在嘈杂喧嚣里,总有一个时间,我们希望静静地独处一小会儿,与自己对话,留下内心的一点愿望,等待时间给我们的回馈。 文昌帝君是汉族民间和道教尊奉的掌管士人功名禄位之神。文昌本..
Every piggy dreams of being the star..
Every piggy dreams of being the star of the show! Piggy Show is a fun arcade game with one-tap gameplay. Simply tap to jump while avoiding numerous obstacles and collecting coins. ..
Download the official 97 Rock app, i..
Download the official 97 Rock app, it’s easy to use and always FREE! With the official app, you can stay connected from work, home, or on the road. Follow us on social media, get a..
「世界时钟」是一款清新简约而不简单的时钟工具。 1、主时区有两种模式:模拟、数字时钟,模拟表盘可自定义也可选择默认14种样式,随心而动。 2、可根据不同的城市所处的时区添加闹钟,不用时时刻刻盯着时间了,闹钟提醒全搞定。 3、两地时:可选择不同的两个城市进行时区对比。 4、可添加widget小组件,随时查看时区时间,以及两地时。
Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style ext..
Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats, inspired by a spam email for male enhancement. *Hat stacking old timey arcade action™ *Over 39 hats ..
Join math-explorer Emma in an all ne..
Join math-explorer Emma in an all new adventure as she helps her animal friends complete over 100 first grade math games and find their way across the African wild! Playable by kid..
Tracing, Flashcards and More
Number Quiz is the best way to learn the your numbers. Four different games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, matching and handwriting. Designed for kids but..
Become the Master of the Air!
Winner of second place in Buildbox Cyberpunk Game Jam. You're a driver in the city of the future. Your destination is far away and you're running late. But you and your flying car ..
NEXT 音乐播放器集成手势操作为你提供流畅高效的音乐播放控制,同时提供丰富的自定义播放列表和智能播放列表功能,并可以轻松将喜爱的音乐制作成极具设计感的歌词海报分享给好友。NE..
NEXT 音乐播放器集成手势操作为你提供流畅高效的音乐播放控制,同时提供丰富的自定义播放列表和智能播放列表功能,并可以轻松将喜爱的音乐制作成极具设计感的歌词海报分享给好友。NEXT 使用本地音乐资料库。 特色功能 • 播放控制 基于手势操作的播放控制为你摆脱常规音乐播放软件中难以操作的按钮和滑块。享受音乐本该回归轻松自如。 - 左右滑动切换播放上一首或下一首..
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BANK 24/7 Login safe and secure with touch ID, manage your accounts, make quick transfers, deposit checks, view checks, pay bills, receive alerts and find the closest ATM in the Al..
Play Blackjack & Win Cash
Blackjack Fire is the FIRST Skill-based blackjack game that allows you to compete against your friends or other competitors in head to head challenges for REAL CASH PRIZES * NEW Da..
Currency Converter
Get real time dollar to mexican peso exchange rates in the main mexican banks. Calculator for quick conversions.
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With Hearo’s Multiplayer TV now you can watch Netflix, ESPN, YouTube, Twitch, NBC, Disney+, FULL SCREEN, while you laugh, talk and cheer together. Enjoy our free watch party app to..
Stream the world's largest collectio..
Stream the world's largest collection of on-demand full-length music performances, concert films, and music documentaries. Qello Concerts transforms your connected devices into the..
International Snooker Career Edition..
International Snooker Career Edition returns, already a smash hit on iPhone and iPad we have lovingly restored this game. Rebuilt and re-mastered for the latest iOS devices. • Care..
Since you have clicked in, in order ..
Since you have clicked in, in order to safeguard world peace, to prevent the world being damaged, to persist the reality and guilt of love. [ Legend of Immortal ], a big budget lux..
一句话简介:让宝宝爱上读书的绘本馆~ 应用描述: 启蒙儿童绘本-让宝宝爱上读书的绘本馆!世界儿童文学名著精选出来的经典故事,巧妙地将孩子应该具备的各项大能力涵盖其中,蕴含着迷人..
一句话简介:让宝宝爱上读书的绘本馆~ 应用描述: 启蒙儿童绘本-让宝宝爱上读书的绘本馆!世界儿童文学名著精选出来的经典故事,巧妙地将孩子应该具备的各项大能力涵盖其中,蕴含着迷人的动画和图画书主角,拨动孩子纯真的心,进而化育他们的人格与情绪,提升重要能力与技巧。所选绘本都为情节简单,音乐明快,发音清晰。好故事,百听不厌。孩子在听故事中增长了知识,发展了智力,并..
Spirited Heart is a fantasy life sim..
Spirited Heart is a fantasy life simulation game. Create your fantasy alter ego choosing between an apparently normal human, a cute elf and a wicked demoness: they behave different..
你会拍照拍视频,就能用视频编辑器轻松创作出时下最热门爆款的短视频! 不管你是O基础小白,还是视频剪辑专家,视频编辑器都能帮快速制作出精美的短视频,快速成为网络红人! # 丰富素材库 转场:淡入淡出,擦除,位移,遮罩,推拉,叠化,翻页 滤镜:灰色系,冷暖,电影风,鲜艳,对比,让你的视频更加出彩; 贴纸:圣诞主题、大黄脸等圣诞可爱动态贴纸,把视频装饰有趣味! #..
Explore the forgotten Snake Tower as..
Explore the forgotten Snake Tower as Indie Jane, treasure raider extraordinaire! Fast-paced, snake-jumping action! Jump to reach out and collect rubies as you climb up the perilous..
本合集精心收集了民间鬼故事6本,简繁版本。 民间鬼故事具有流传广,深入生活,贴近现实,具有很强的阅读性。 《衣柜里的鬼》《夜不语诡秘档案》《养个“鬼”来玩》《我有一兜子鬼故事》..
本合集精心收集了民间鬼故事6本,简繁版本。 民间鬼故事具有流传广,深入生活,贴近现实,具有很强的阅读性。 《衣柜里的鬼》《夜不语诡秘档案》《养个“鬼”来玩》《我有一兜子鬼故事》《我的阴阳两界》《烧错坟遇到鬼》《为鬼牵线》《魅鬼》《鬼郎》《荡鬼》
Buddy was created with one mission: ..
Buddy was created with one mission: To create a state of the art application that would place the user first, providing best in class service, reviews, accessibility, and reliabili..
AxleHire Driver is made for drivers ..
AxleHire Driver is made for drivers to ease their delivery process! This app makes it simple for AxleHire providers to access their manifests, take delivery photos, and obtain sign..
“Only Hearts app worth owning.” Free..
“Only Hearts app worth owning.” Free, Live, Social Play – Your Way Let the fun begin. Play the game you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your ..
Where every move you make can shatte..
Where every move you make can shatter and break! It's not easy being metal in a land of glassJump into GlassLand and shatter your way to freedom! Journey to Crystal CityStowaway on..
The boys are back , and they look be..
The boys are back , and they look better than ever! Oh…Sir! The Hollywood roast is a brand new spin-off to the surprise indie hit of 2016, Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator. This time a..
Practice makes perfect!
Tap the jump button to bounce the living ball as if you are dribbling it! Lead the stray ball into the basket passing acrobatic trials and solving puzzles. Test your throwing aim e..
Snoppa App与Snoppa的三轴手机云台稳定器M1配套使用。通过Snoppa App,M1云台用户可以进行多种拍摄控制,能够在运动中使用手机轻易的拍摄出稳定的影像画面。..
Snoppa App与Snoppa的三轴手机云台稳定器M1配套使用。通过Snoppa App,M1云台用户可以进行多种拍摄控制,能够在运动中使用手机轻易的拍摄出稳定的影像画面。 #使用蓝牙4.0低功耗技术 主要功能包括: 1.Snoppa M1工作模式切换:水平跟随、全跟随与锁头模式 2.Snoppa M1拍摄模式切换:视频拍摄、全景照片、移动延时摄影等 3..
No. 1 Action RPG
“This world is built on blood. Nobody is innocent here. Welcome to the Badlands.” The official game of AMC’s ‘Into the Badlands’ features an isometric, one vs. many free-flow comba..
Let the bullets fly
To be a sharpshooter, you need to have a powerful gun. A gun will be given every few seconds, and you can purchase it from the shop. Compound the guns of the same level to get a mo..
Fun & Authentic Cooking Game
Have a delicious journey! Develop your cooking skills through an epic exploration of traditional Turkish cuisine. Prepare, cook, serve and satisfy your customers, keep them happy t..
Powerful service at your fingertips-..
Powerful service at your fingertips--wherever you go! We've packed your most requested services in one little app. Secure, easy and always on for you to: • Pay your bill • Check ac..
Use the Sprint Network Tool to help ..
Use the Sprint Network Tool to help you find the best spot to set up your new Magic BoxUse the Compass, Signal Meter and SpeedTest features to select the optimal location and get a..
快速与简单制作专业级令人惊艳的高质量视频 无论是创作戏剧风格电影、你个人的冒险视频、或剪辑令人兴奋与难忘的时刻,威力导演是你完美的手机编辑APP 。 具备众多并强大的影音剪辑工具,并于每月定期更新! 结合简单、直觉的应用程序编程接口,你与社群粉丝绝对会惊叹你目前正在创作的视频。 释放你的创造力。快速创作高质量的专业视频 。 威力导演兼具速度与实用性。在 64..