CFW中国服装人才网专注服装行业求职招聘16年; 380W+服装人才,10W+服装名企 求职招聘看资讯一个APP全搞定 【产品特点】 找工作: [即时沟通]随时随地约聊HR,被动等待不如主动开聊; [职位搜索] 智能排序搜索,找工作更快速; [精准推荐] 高薪热门职位智能推荐,原来手机求职如此简单; [求职动态] 随时随地查看投递进度,接收面试通知,把握好机..
Video calls from inmates
More than a phone call, now you see them and they see you. You can receive a video call with this app anywhere you have WiFi or mobile data. Just link any of your phone numbers to ..
Get the most out of Red Cross swim l..
Get the most out of Red Cross swim lessons with the Swim AppCreated as a companion to the newly-updated Learn-to-Swim program (including Preschool Aquatics), this app will help you..
Modern Brick Breaker
Bitnoid is a modern take on a classic game style. Aim for the solid blocks and avoid them with your paddle. Dream-like design includes fifty incrementally more challenging levels, ..
吉祥日历是一款经典万年历App,结合传文化习俗为用户量身定制。吉祥日历也是集日期查询、黄历查询、农历查询、日常宜忌查询、节日节气信息提醒、天气预报、生活资讯、周公解梦等功能于一体的随身时间助手。 【产品简介】 吉祥日历提供公历、农历、天气、黄历、节日节气提醒等实用功能。 1、日历:黄历万年历宜忌查询、方便快捷的以及可云端同步的记事备忘、吉日查询; 2、天气:..
The MyWIC app is designed for famili..
The MyWIC app is designed for families enrolled in the Wisconsin Women, Infants, and Children ProgramFamilies can view eWIC benefit balances, find WIC-approved foods, and locate au..
Count is a simple and beautiful date..
Count is a simple and beautiful date calculator. When is the D-100 day for the event day? When is the 1000th day anniversary of our relationship? How many days left until Christmas..
Home Audio Control
If you have the Monoprice 10761 or Dayton Audio DAX66 Whole Home 6 Zone Audio Controller, this app will complete your setupJust add the Global Cache iTach Flex IP/Wifi to RS232 and..
还在愁自家的宝宝沉不下心来学英语?还在愁自家的宝宝学了英语说不出口?宝宝英语帮你解决这些问题! 宝宝英语是一款声控英语学习游戏,游戏中宝宝可以通过念对英文单词来消除物品,让宝宝在轻松、愉快、积极的环境下进行学习,全方面培养宝宝的多元智力素质。 【游戏特色】 为3~8岁语言敏感儿童定制的英语学习游戏 将学习内容巧妙融入游戏玩乐中,激发儿童强烈的语言发展兴趣 寓..
Speed Tracker is the most elegant and unique combination of GPS speedometer and Trip computer in just one application. Speed Tracker is YOUR answer to the eternal questions: What i..
Welcome to the Outta the Box Boutiqu..
Welcome to the Outta the Box Boutique App! The best way to shop with Outta the Box Boutique on iOS! About Us: Outta the Box Boutique wants to bring Life to your wardrobe, so your w..
5个大类近100张精美早教卡片,全部是高清实物图片! App Store中卡片数量最多、质量最好的中文幼儿卡片免费app。送给宝宝最好的礼物! 特色功能: ==全套高清卡片,宝..
5个大类近100张精美早教卡片,全部是高清实物图片! App Store中卡片数量最多、质量最好的中文幼儿卡片免费app。送给宝宝最好的礼物! 特色功能: ==全套高清卡片,宝宝认知效果一流,内容最好的卡片类App。 ==强大读音功能。所有卡片都能读出卡片名称,就算宝宝不识字也可以自己看卡片认东西啦!宝宝可以边看边听,看得更有兴趣,记得更牢。 ==本版本新增..
A Hidden Objects Mystery!
Solve the newest hidden object mystery from Big Fish. With over 26 MILLION DOWNLOADS worldwide, Big Fish has the most popular premium games that people love to play. Enjoy stunning..
敌人正在路过某海域,消灭他们以获得荣耀与功勋。 这是一款非常经典的小游戏,简单刺激,他可能包含着很多人的童年记忆,打开游戏的时候,让您仿佛回到了童年的那一刻; 此游戏操作简单、好玩、单机不会上瘾、质量高、耗电少、广告少、不用充值、可挑战全球排行榜,赶快加入吧!
hundreds of nurikabe puzzles
A collection of 500 original, hand-crafted nurikabe puzzles. Nurikabe is a logic puzzle from the inventors of sudoku. Simply build a wall that divides the board into areas given by..
‘BGR’ is the core of our brand name ..
‘BGR’ is the core of our brand name ‘BGR the Burger Joint®’, a brand we have operated since 2008. As we introduce our new Brand Positioning, ‘BGR’ remains as the core of our new br..
If you thought Flappy bird was addic..
If you thought Flappy bird was addictive, just wait until you try THIS game! An addicting game that will test your reflexes. Test your speed, accuracy, timing, and movement with th..
No ads. No in-app purchases. Create your own grid wallpapers.
No ads. No in-app purchases. Create your own grid wallpapers.
1、【无卡就诊】告别医卡通实卡时代,登录APP绑定原有医卡通或新办卡即可通过二维码无卡就诊,方便快捷! 2、【营养餐预订】通过APP即可根据您的病种类别及所处周期阶段,智能向您推荐最适合您的营养餐,在线订餐,在线支付; 3、【就诊管家】在线查看夫妻双方历史就诊记录及医嘱内容; 4、【医患圈】医患沟通零距离,患者在线提问,医生在线及时解答; 5、【更多内容】等..
Share data with your care team
Managing your health just got easier with the Kaiser Permanente Health Ally app, designed for patients enrolled in a diabetes or hypertension Remote Monitoring program. Once enroll..
世瀚百年,专注于中华老字号和民族优秀品牌的电商APP,将中国好物传承给每一个中国人。 【国货中的扛把子】 • 正品,与品牌官方合作,百分之百正品 • 价格,品牌官方原厂直接发货,只为品质买单,物美价廉超实惠 • 好物,精挑细选值得买的国货好物,涵盖传统工艺品、保健品、鞋服、日用品等 • 特惠,精彩特惠活动持续更新,民族好东西,一网打尽,购物省时省心 • 礼物..
我最旺是一款将增强现实技术与传统文化结合,并应用于移动终端的互动游戏,它将静态的图像、用3D动画、特效等多项技术集合一体,具备丰富的互动性,激发大家的好奇主动去了解中国传统文化,用手去触动,用耳朵去听,用大脑去思考探索,在快乐中认知传统中国文化,并用AR的形式把中国传统文化的内涵表达出来,使人们真正的理解中国传统文化。 打开如下链接并使用App扫描图片可以看..
同花顺证券宝,炒股界的商学院,新股民必看! 【股民学校】 基础知识、每日看盘,还有高手实战指导,不论你是长线还是短线操作者,都可以在这里获得专业的股市教学。 【实战指导】 手把手教您炒股票,权威解读,干货满满! 【K线训练营】 开启训练营和对战模式,寻找属于自己的盘感! 【佣金计算器】 计算每一笔交易需要上交的手续费,寻找合适的成本线!
Dunk bouncy basketballs!
Shoot baskets and show your friends who the real baller is! Can you tap your way to the top? * Score trick shots and combo for massive points * Collect coins to unlock awesome new ..
Tap music tiles hop & dance!
Get ready to start your musical adventures with the most exciting and fun rhythm game along with fun characters. We recommend that you experience it now and enjoy the app. Listen t..
Doctors Care Anywhere is a service t..
Doctors Care Anywhere is a service that allows new and existing patients to see one of our doctors from a phone, tablet or computer. The visit is fast and secure, and can be used t..
Astrology&Palmistry&Baby Maker
Zodiac Signs Pro is made for people who like to explore the future and divination. The main features include: - Time Camera Do you Want to know what you will look like in the futur..
全国顶级名师齐聚,为一级建造师、二级建造师、造价工程师、消防工程师、监理工程师、注册岩土工程师等课程学习保驾护航,课程质量高,APP学习方便,为读者打造最权威、最专业、最高效的知识服务平台。 【产品简介】 1、建工社微课程,中国建筑工业出版社官方学习APP,一个专注于建工领域职业技能提升的在线学习平台。 2、中国建筑工业出版社,创建于1954年,一直作为建工..
Netrunner Tournament Manager
NRTM is a tournament manager for "Android: Netrunner". It allows tournament organizers to easily and quickly enter players and manage the pairings for swiss and double elimination ..
【游戏简介】 探索未知,是解谜玩家喜闻乐见的脑洞锻炼方式。 《史上最坑爹的游戏11》正是一款以探秘“不解之谜”为主题的史小坑系列游戏续作。游戏中,搞怪帅气的史小坑,继续发扬着“坑晕你不偿命”的解谜玩法,用奇葩的视角、打开休闲解谜游戏的新世界大门,颠倒的认知常识、揭开24个“未知事件”背后的奇葩故事! 本作中,你不但能遇到一言不合就揍人的调皮“兵马俑”、箭法很..
The popular Eastern Union App has be..
The popular Eastern Union App has been upgraded and now offers a bevy of proprietary underwriting features which are unavailable anywhere else. This mobile-based platform features ..
Multiplayer flags quiz game!
“Flags of the World” is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches the flags and capitals of all world countries in the most fun way possible. You will always remember the flags and the cap..
这是51VOA.Com网站官方应用,我们每日提供VOA慢速英语节目更新。 功能介绍: - 文章分类及分类管理; - 同步播放,可点击单句反复精听; - 点击当前播放句中单词可查看单词翻译; - 中英语双语随时切换; - 单句循环、单篇循环、按顺序播放多种播放模式; - 可设置屏幕常亮、定时关闭和播放速度。
Detective Hidden Object Game
Solve the newest hidden object mystery from Big Fish. With over 26 MILLION DOWNLOADS worldwide, Big Fish has the most popular premium games that people love to play. Enjoy stunning..
ParkHouston Parking – Find Parking i..
ParkHouston Parking – Find Parking in Houston A Smarter Way to Park Parkmobile USA, Inc. The ParkHouston app, powered by ParkMobile, gives you a smarter way to park in Houston. Eas..
畅游盐城是一款针对盐城市自驾旅游出行的APP,让行程计划不再繁琐,为用户提供一个自助旅行的工具,让出行更省心。 人工智能小鹿,给用户带来全域式的智慧旅游管家服务。只需要动动嘴,..
畅游盐城是一款针对盐城市自驾旅游出行的APP,让行程计划不再繁琐,为用户提供一个自助旅行的工具,让出行更省心。 人工智能小鹿,给用户带来全域式的智慧旅游管家服务。只需要动动嘴,就可以带来出游的方式的全新体验,使得出游更省心、安心、开心。对了,还可以在出游的过程中“调戏”小鹿哦。 线路上我们整合了全国上千家俱乐部,同时还对接国内外景点、酒店等。无论去哪里,都会..
产品简介 MyMoney香港保险智能投顾,是国内第一家全球香港保险智能投顾的app。 输入个人信息,MyMoney 能够在0.01秒内告诉你,只属于你的应有保障范围、准确的保险推荐基于你的预期保费给你适合的保费分配方案。 产品特点 1. 智能测算每个人应有的保障额度 基于用户的基本信息,MyMoney在0.01秒内告诉用户,现在应该要配置什么样的保险,以及分..
Finally! Amuseware's (super fast) Tr..
Finally! Amuseware's (super fast) Triple Yatzy game designed to fit any iPhone or iPad. Normally, a phone screen is too small to display a Triple Yatzy scorepad. But with our uniqu..
Vainglory iMessage stickers for iOS ..
Vainglory iMessage stickers for iOS 10 are here! Vainglory has brought all of your favorite heroes to iMessage in sticker form. Now you can coordinate with teammates, talk strategy..
Plain Silver lets you pay for coin-o..
Plain Silver lets you pay for coin-operated laundry with your phone. This app works on all laundry machines with the Plain Silver logo. Even if the laundry room is deep in the base..
Il miglior Burraco Online!
Gioca a Burraco GRATIS con i tuoi amici o contro il computer. Puoi giocare sul tuo iPhone, iPad o iPod touch. Appassionati entrando in uno dei tanti Club e fai scontri "all'ultima ..
格灵课堂为幼儿园、小学、初中、高中等学段的孩子以及家长打造的云课堂学习软件。九门全学科同步课堂辅导,致力让更多孩子在家也能上网课享受优质的教育资源,开拓学生思维逻辑,培养孩子良好学习习惯! 【软件特色】 1. 权威小初高教师同步课堂授课; 2. 全国校内教材同步,紧跟教育部学校教材; 3. 多端同步学,支持电视+手机+平板多端使用; 【核心课程】 适合各学段..
Keep track of your score with this s..
Keep track of your score with this simple to use yet very powerful and helpful app. Features; -easy single and double buttons for both increasing and decreasing score -audio tones ..