Questo è un Dizionario ItalianoGiapp..
Questo è un Dizionario ItalianoGiapponese e GiapponeseItaliano; ItalianJapanese and JapaneseItalian dictionary / イタリア語日本語、日本語イタリア語辞書. Il applicazione è OFFLINE e non richiede una c..
Connect doctors with patients
This application is only for Doctors/Providers. If you are a patient then please download DocVilla. Hello Doctors, Please register with DocVilla by emailing us at info@DocVilla.com..
Share your world in Storyhive, a too..
Share your world in Storyhive, a tool created by storytellers, for storytellers. Developed by Hiverlab's in-house creative and technological team, Storyhive is Hiverlab's proprieta..
Baby Cat Bubble Quest is an excellen..
Baby Cat Bubble Quest is an excellent bubble shooting game with more than 600 levels! Don't stop the interesting match 3 trip!This bubble pop kids game is suitable for all ages, an..
Child Support Calculator
The Arizona Child Support Calculator determines the amount of child support paid or received by Arizona families. The Child Support Calculator provides the amount of support as det..
Mobil Mechanic Unnati is a unique en..
Mobil Mechanic Unnati is a unique engagement program launched by ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited (“EMLPL”)to identify and engage with their base of valued mechanics. As a sig..
UUIM是一款加密的免费通讯应用,专注于安全通讯及个人隐私保护。您可以放心的与全世界的生意伙伴,家人,朋友,同学进行联络,而无需担心内容被泄露。 安全:一切数据都经过端到端加密..
UUIM是一款加密的免费通讯应用,专注于安全通讯及个人隐私保护。您可以放心的与全世界的生意伙伴,家人,朋友,同学进行联络,而无需担心内容被泄露。 安全:一切数据都经过端到端加密。 隐私:最大限度的保护用户的隐私。 群聊:快速创建群组,畅所欲聊,想聊就聊!
MORE POWER ON THE POWDER! GEO-PAK Snow is a new ski and snowboard app with live group tracking on the mountain or back country that improves your adventure and safety on the snow. ..
Saúde, qualidade, confiança e vida s..
Saúde, qualidade, confiança e vida são valores fundamentais para uma rotina equilibrada, e o segredo para conquistar essa estabilidade todos os dias está na prática de exercícios f..
Welcome to The Catch Seafood Restaur..
Welcome to The Catch Seafood Restaurants mobile app! Catch is a modern day fish and seafood restaurant based on the family values that have helped us succeed for nearly 100 years! ..
-올댓뷰티아카데미 강남 -홈페이지 : http://gangnam.allthat-beauty.com -주소 : 서울시 서초구 강남대로 69길 8 케이아이타워 1..
-올댓뷰티아카데미 강남 -홈페이지 : http://gangnam.allthat-beauty.com -주소 : 서울시 서초구 강남대로 69길 8 케이아이타워 11,12층 올댓뷰티아카데미 -연락처 : 02-555-2040 올댓뷰티아카데미만의 특별함을 느껴보자! 프랜차이즈가 아닌 직영점을 선택하는 5가지 이유 1)프랜차이즈는 ..
Don't just watch the trends, make th..
Don't just watch the trends, make them! Style Studio is the only App that lets you create, customize, and share your own fashions. Tops, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants with an ..
5 min half-chess games
Fast Chess for Busy People Designed for those who want to get better at chess but don't find enough time to practice. HalfChess is played on half the board where each game lasts ju..
Hot Country Q92.1We are your station..
Hot Country Q92.1We are your stations for the Trading Post and Hot Country music all day long! This is the official app to listen live to Hot Country along with your all time favor..
Use the Bravo app to access and part..
Use the Bravo app to access and participate in your company’s wellness program. Here you’ll find the inspiration and tools to improve your health and well-being. Get a total pictur..
Humanity has lost kind with its most..
Humanity has lost kind with its most primitive form of communicationoral. Through technology we have become typing machinesforming bad habits such as abbreviations, slang and bad g..
Matching games for preschool
Fun EDUCATIONAL game for toddlers of AGE 2 and up SORT AND CLASSIFY by shape, color, seasons, vehicles, and much more Developed with certified child psychologists 12 beautiful mini..
Social Security App is an easy and e..
Social Security App is an easy and efficient way of tracking and tracing business travels as well as streamlining the compliance process of filling out A1 applications. It is a leg..
1、实时监测 全面实时监测冷库制冷系统运行和冷库运营,结合智能化的趋势预测和风险预警,让业主随时了解冷库运行状态,对风险隐患随时掌控 2、智能维护 基于大数据和人工智能,为每个..
1、实时监测 全面实时监测冷库制冷系统运行和冷库运营,结合智能化的趋势预测和风险预警,让业主随时了解冷库运行状态,对风险隐患随时掌控 2、智能维护 基于大数据和人工智能,为每个冷库制冷系统制定针对性维保策略,并精准发现故障和隐患。同时调度遍布全国的专业技术团队,快速提供一站式综合维保服务。让冷库持续保冷,让业主高枕无忧 3、能源管理 针对冷库最关键的能耗问题..
新增对小米米家智能后视镜的支持: 【首页】:支持添加小米米家智能后视镜,配合设备实现多种实用功能 【微信接人】:需要去接人,但是被接人的地址不知道?让他把地址发给后视镜,通过后..
新增对小米米家智能后视镜的支持: 【首页】:支持添加小米米家智能后视镜,配合设备实现多种实用功能 【微信接人】:需要去接人,但是被接人的地址不知道?让他把地址发给后视镜,通过后视镜直接导航过去 【发送导航】通过手机APP,提前将位置信息发送到后视镜,上车即可触发后视镜导航 【车辆位置】可以查看车辆的位置信息和停车照片 【查看后视镜视频及照片】:通过连接后视镜..
填满你的好奇心,填满你的快乐! 游戏玩法: 将一个个相同的颜色的角色连成一条线,填满整个格子,就能胜利通关,锻炼你的眼力和思维! 游戏特色: 萌系可爱的皮肤,海量的有趣关卡,还在等什么?快来挑战吧!
Learn about arts, culture, and histo..
Learn about arts, culture, and history in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts through our walking tours appPresented by the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL).
PageOne consolidates articles, video..
PageOne consolidates articles, videos and opinions from all the major news sourcesdelivering complete and up-to-the-minute coverage of personalized & top news. PERSONALIZED NEW..
Flirt, Match, Meet, Hook Up
Less swiping, more interesting. Welcome to The PRSNLS – modern-day classifieds for the sexually curious and adventurous. Anonymous chat, hookup or date; whatever you want, you’ll f..
You will love this app. Listen to ma..
You will love this app. Listen to many very interesting yet sometimes strange, unusual and spooky sounds from black holes, pulsars, stars, planets, moons, comets, meteors, space tr..
Dance along with me?
Can you dance like the guy beside you? Find the same move and drag & drop into the slot! Cool! Let's dance!
Professional standalone camera produ..
Professional standalone camera products, now with a Doorbell offering and even cloud based storage! The DASH app is a platform for users of ICRealtime camera hardwareIt enables use..
Pankaj Chain and Jewellers is a one ..
Pankaj Chain and Jewellers is a one of the most reputed Bullion Dealer in Kanpur. We now bring this latest Mobile to get latest Gold and Silver Bar rates of Zaveri Bazar, Kanpur. W..
Join in 课本复读机
*全套原版录音和教材完全同步,助您成为英语大明星。 *根据课本配套,此应用为外研社(Join in)剑桥小学英语三年级上册、下册完全最新版。 *涵盖全部内容,包括全部课程对话和常用句子、单词列表、复习章节等。 *操作简便、携带方便,永远告别磁带和光盘。 【新梦想】教育应用系列完全同步教材制作,内容完全一致,您可以使用它来进行课文学习,播放教材配套音频,发音纯..
Balloon pang is made for my lovely b..
Balloon pang is made for my lovely baby. I wish that your family always happy. When a baby first meet cellular phone, he obsesses it because it's too curious. Balloon pang is usefu..
SmartForms optimise votre temps. Evi..
SmartForms optimise votre temps. Evitez les doublons de saisies lors de réalisation de contrôle technique sur site par exemple, la rédaction et le transfert d’informations, entre v..
The newest addition to the Escape Ro..
The newest addition to the Escape Room games, the Escape Asylum brings quests and world that will wreck your head. Can you escape from the "Treatment Room" before it is your turn t..
ハマること間違いなし!眼を見張るような脅威的な面白さ! 【無料ゲーム】【タダゲーム】 ただ、亀を踏み続けるだけのゲーム。 ■■遊び方■■ コマンドの左右を押してひたすら亀を踏み..
ハマること間違いなし!眼を見張るような脅威的な面白さ! 【無料ゲーム】【タダゲーム】 ただ、亀を踏み続けるだけのゲーム。 ■■遊び方■■ コマンドの左右を押してひたすら亀を踏み続けるだけ。 ■■制作者の感想■■ あまりにも直感でシンプルすぎるゲームを作ってしまいました。 ゲームの内容は、ただ亀を踏み続けるだけ。 しかし、それが結構面白いんですよね^ ^
描述 准备玩令人讨厌的流动拼图3d吗? 是否在寻找方法来填补您的闲暇时间,而这些时间可以使您动脑筋的3D幻灯片逻辑难题? 好吧,拯救树是必须尝试的!这款水上益智游戏将您带往让水流向树木的任务。在逻辑拼图网格3d立方体中,您需要旋转,滑动和调整流。解决200多个关卡中的挑战,并证明您是旋转3D立方体逻辑难题的冠军。 让喷泉流向树木 大型喷泉池塘不断注水,以保持..
Attention, mad scientists! Bringing ..
Attention, mad scientists! Bringing Campy Creatures to the table just got a whole lot easier. The companion app minimizes the components by replacing the Creeples and Clash-o-Meter..
Appar! — öz biliyinə güvənənlər üçün..
Appar! — öz biliyinə güvənənlər üçün əyləncəli və canlı tv şou! Real pul qazanmaq üçün hər gün qeyd edilən saatda oyuna daxil ol və bütün suallara düzgün cavab verərək real pullar ..
Aplicación Everak Soluciones profesi..
Aplicación Everak Soluciones profesionales S.L, especialistas en Suministro Industrial, hogar y ferretería situada en Almoradí, Alicante. Instalaciones con 3000m2 de superficie alb..
游戏为幼儿 - 儿童游戏
欢迎使用儿童拼图游戏 –这是一款为0-4岁儿童设计的有趣的益智动物拼图游戏!共有42种不同动物及18种不同的拼图可供选择。 您的孩子可以轻松地通过在屏幕上拖动来移动拼图。当一个拼图完成时, 动物就会发出有趣的声音并会播放欢呼声。所有的拼图都有不同的难度等级, 旨在训练您孩子的逻辑思维, 同时又富有趣味性和娱乐性。, 游戏界面设计良好,具有互动性,卓越的设计适..
7788钱币是专业的钱币收藏、鉴定、投资、拍卖交易平台,主要提供专业的钱币分类目录、权威专家鉴定、交流会和拍卖会信息、钱币论坛交流以及多种交易模式等版块功能。 【经营范围】:古币古泉,花钱/厌胜钱,民国钱币,银元,铜元/银票,古钞,人民币,纪念钞,金银币,纪念币,港澳台钱币,测试钞,外国钱币,钱币收藏工具等 【交易模式】:零售、批发、大众拍卖、快速拍卖、自由..
Mix, Swap, and Breed one photo with ..
Mix, Swap, and Breed one photo with another! Face Mix allows you to take the face of one person and seamlessly place it on another! -Start by uploading or taking new pictures direc..
2018年4月12日(木)〜4月15日(日)に開催されるJRC2018の抄録検索システムです。 ●アプリならではの便利機能 [開催中セッション] 会期中、その時刻に発表されてい..
2018年4月12日(木)〜4月15日(日)に開催されるJRC2018の抄録検索システムです。 ●アプリならではの便利機能 [開催中セッション] 会期中、その時刻に発表されているセッションが一覧表示します。 [マイスケジュール] 演題ごとにブックマークを付けると、デイリー形式のカレンダーで表示します。 [抄録文字サイズの変更] 抄録文字サイズを、大・中・小の..
This app does help you in the use of..
This app does help you in the use of contact lenses and it gives you all the instructions you need for a proper use of your lenses. Lensa also helps you keep up with the latest top..
広島県竹原市にあるヘアサロン e-fの公式アプリが登場。 e-fをもっと身近に感じていただけるスマートフォンアプリです。                            ..
広島県竹原市にあるヘアサロン e-fの公式アプリが登場。 e-fをもっと身近に感じていただけるスマートフォンアプリです。                                            【機能】 〇予約機能 アプリからなら24時間いつでもどこからでも、思い立ったその時にご予約いただけます。電話をする必要がない為、営業時間外でも予約ができ..