Adjust RFP UTC time to match local time without giving away your real timezone If you set privacy.re
It adds a small badge near password inputs in form to show/hide their content. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY.
removes max lengths from inputs sets max length on all inputs to "undefined"
域名相关资产发现工具 当前版本使用Quake提供的免费API实现,使用时需要在Options页面开启Quake并填写API key
Confirme pedidos de cookies automaticamente! Compativel com LGPD, GDPR e CCPA! Pare de confirmar cad
Unofficial Teddit extensionredirects reddit links to teddit
Very Simple and a powerful Cookie Editor that allow you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies w
Entfernt nervige Cookie-Banner von Webseiten, ohne sie zu akzeptieren. Auf immer mehr Webseiten werd
Try Google allows you to retry your DuckDuckGo search with the google search engine. If you are here
杜絕台科大反人類的登入 https://github.com/stevenyu113228/NTUST-ID-Is-Not-Password
Makes it more convenient to use BugMeNot. Right-click on the page of any website, and select "BugMeN
Show the remaining days for soon-expiring SSL certificates for any web page. Gets the SSL Certificat
Take back control of your personal data and stop pesky trackers. Protect your privacy. It’s easy and
CyberGhost is an easy to use and bulletproof security-oriented password management tool. Unburden yo
在网页的源代码或js中找到一些有趣的东西 该工具用于快速在网页的html源码或js代码中提取一些有趣的信息,包括可能请求的资源、接口的url,可能请求的ip和域名,泄漏的证件号、手机号、邮箱等信息
No more cookie consent pop-ups, anywhere. With all your data privacy intact. Also available on iPhon
With the browser extension of the award-winning password management solution PasswordSafe from MATES
Arweave web archiver and wallet. Permanently archive web pages on a blockchain! 30% of web links bre
This extension sets your search engine to Ghostery Glow. ➤ How it works Using Ghostery’s world renow
An extension for controlling requests. An extension to control requests. Provides front-end for Fire
Turbo ad blocker blocks all annoying ads on video hosting sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion
Still settle for slow page loading speeds? Get only the best with new Alpha Speed Booster extension.
感觉您几乎没法控制您访问的站点收集和共享的信息?Norton AntiTrack for Windows 可以提供帮助
Extension for the AdGuard desktop app. Manages filtering right from the browser, hides annoying elem
使用AMZ Prime过滤器隐藏亚马逊浏览中的Prime项目
Product Research Made Easy Hansel saves you time and money by adding expert product reviews to your
Get the best deals while supporting your favorite charity. At no cost to you. GoodWalletgives you th
With the CXSports Fan Support turned on, if the URL you are looking for is one of participant mercha
Emaykorse.com sitesindeki son ürünleri tek tıklamada gör. Emay Korse & İç Giyim, modelleri ve ka
Der Fake-Shop Detector schützt Sie vor Fake-Shops und Markenfälschern! Der Fake-Shop Detector warnt
Newegg assistant for newegg customer Newegg Assistant is Newegg's official product to help you find
Financez gratuitement une association avec vos achats en ligne ! Lilo Achat Solidaire est une extens
Refunder.se är Sveriges största cashbacksite som ger dig pengar tillbaka på alla dina onlineköp. Med
Cultivate points out country of origin on Amazon, shows you American-made alternatives, and helps yo
Adds Dictionary.com to the list of search engine shortcuts
Changes input for Duolingo without need of switching keyboard layouts. Enhanced tracking protection
Traduzca texto seleccionado, de Inglés a Español, utilizando el motor de traducción de Google Esta e
Vietnamese Telex :Telex (hay TELEX) là một kiểu gõ tiếng Việt theo hình thức bỏ dấu của tín hiệu điệ
Features: • open pages in the sidebar; • notepad; • YouTube functional buttons; • translation servic
Drops and changes HTTP response headers to allow sso login pages to be iframed. This plugin changes
Send cookies from website to another device. Allow to send cookies from a site to another device run
Note: This extension is for academic assignment purpose. Presents a right-click menu option to open
A Github developer profiling tool. ghProfiler extracts Github developer profile link on the page and
Chrome and Firefox devtools extension for debugging FicusJS applications
Generates a random CPF/CNPJ to use in testing Generates a random CPF/CNPJ to use in testing
Sets your rustdoc theme globally. When looking at rust docs through a file:/// URL, a chosen theme w
Le site des cours des cryptomonnaies ! Cryptomonnai€ est un site ayant pour but de répertorier les p
Fully automation jobs system.That does all the job for you with as less clicks is possible!
OpenSearch engine for addons.mozilla.org with a theme responsive icon. Firefox can generate an AMO s