A simple and fun way to practice your multiplication tables (1x-12x)! In this game you select a diff
DER PROFI-TRAINER 2018 FÜR SPARFÜCHSE Enthält die Original-Fragen aller Klassen von TÜV und DEKRA mi
Org Chart Maker Mac is a powerful visualization tool for creating printable Organization charts on y
Microsoft Office is a professional, compatible, and familiar. It allows you to collaborate with anyo
Typing Tots starts kids along the path of learning how to type. It is used in schools throughout the
"Easy to understand, clearly explained and nicely presented. Highly recommended." "Very well doneTha
Imagine Learning® harnesses the power of technology to teach language and literacy to students aroun
Introducing Orbits Orbits is a powerful educational application that allows you to become an astrono
Tired of carrying around a paper timetable? Well, your problem is solved! Let iTimetable calculate e
NeutronEncyclopedia is a standalone version of the encyclopedia “Exploring matter with neutrons” pub
PhonetiKey allows you to easily type IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols for the English,
MoleculeSketch is a simple and easy to use drawing App for chemical formulas and reactions. It has f
This app is designed to be used with teacher or parent supervision Use this simple tool to learn all
myaccess. mychoice. mybooks. mycommunity. myconnect is a multi-platform content technology solution
“3D Molecules Editor” allows one to build and manipulate 3D molecular models of organic and inorgani
Robot School: Learn to Code is a programming game suitable for children aged 7 and above. R-obbie th
Jobi Jobi 系列的第二个资讯 Jobi的消防局
Coosi Box 是全世界的孩子互相介绍图画,享受幸福的应用程序
Timeline 3D is the simplest way to create beautiful multimedia timelines. This education edition inc
《每日西班牙语听力》 是学习西班牙语必备的听力软件 - 拥有每天更新的海量听力库,并独家提供智能语音高亮跟随功能 - 与权威的西班牙语词典软件《西班牙语助手》无缝集成,查词典、背单词轻松搞定
《每日德语听力》 是学习德语必备的听力软件 - 拥有每天更新的海量听力库,并独家提供智能语音高亮跟随功能 - 与权威的德语词典软件《德语助手》无缝集成,查词典、背单词轻松搞定
“3D Molecules Edit & Test” allows one to build and manipulate 3D molecular models of organic and
What makes myHomework the best student planner? * Beauty, Simplicity, and ReliabilitymyHomework has
Jobi的动物农场是为了儿童和幼儿的感性,创新的教育用角色游戏程序 JobiJobi系列的第一个资讯 Jobi的动物农场
Paper Paint brings you 4 painting and drawing activities for you to have fun with. Just take a selfi
完成学习英语字母表,计数数字和简单的加法和减法数学从 1 到 20 时连接点拼图的可爱的卡通图片
帮助幼儿和学龄前儿童学习英语字母表和超过 100 个简单词在一个有趣和互动益智主题环境
这个应用程序帮助幼儿和学龄前儿童学会使用拼音和 120 简单的话,在一个有趣和互动的英文字母拼图游戏为主题的学习环境
学会数数,同时找出有关野生动物、 家畜及识别声音字母表他们在这个令人费解和有趣的游戏
The Lynda.com desktop app for Mac brings unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current
Yes you can, and you will tell you how! We have been creating books and courses about Photoshop for
借助此应用程序,您将可以从 Mac 访问不同的 Dexway 语言方法虚拟课堂