CS702Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design This is a graduate level course. The major objective of
このアプリは、あん摩マッサージ指圧師の 国家資格を目指す方に向けた無料学習アプリです
In this car app for kids and babies, three different types of cars appear when the user touches the
The flex-e-book is the smart digital supplement to your inlingua language course. It is no longer ne
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Perform your LawNet activities from your IOS mobile device: If you are a STUDENT: - Manage your stud
If you are considering applying for your US Citizenship, then an important part of the procedure wil
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DA SCHOOLDie Online-Tanzschul-App by DA F.U.N.K. 24h Stunden Tanzen lernen! Tanz in deiner eigenen U
学之星 幼教服务平台-老师端,主要帮助幼儿园老师实现教学计划的梳理,宝宝的在线考勤,发布通知、作业、食谱,查看宝宝父母的贴心叮嘱,更好的开展幼儿园的教育工作
◇ 通学電車の中やちょっとした待ち時間の間に効率よく勉強できる
以下几方面的知识和能力:   1.掌握基础医学中临床医学的基本理论、基本知识;   2.掌握常见病名发病诊断处理的临床基本技能;   3.具有对急、难、重症的初步处理能力;   4.熟悉国家卫生工作方
执业医师(Practicing physician)是指具有《医师执业证》及其“级别”为“执业医师”且实际从事医疗、预防保健工作的人员,不包括实际从事管理工作的执业医师
此App为学生考研辅助类型App,包含以下内容: 1、各科核心知识点题目; 2、与考研时间轴匹配基础、强化、冲刺、模考训练题库; 3、随时随地和目标院校战友、学长交流学习、获取资料; 4、点播互动大讲
Improve your math skills and cognitive abilities. The game will help kids and adults to improve thei
Phần mềm kiểm tra phát âm từ vựng của bạn. Nằm trong bộ sưu tập phần mềm học từ vựng của mình. Mong
Radiology & medical imagery: 3800 Study Notes, Concepts & Quizzes. This app is a combination
This is a free app to work alongside the Orange Musicboard. It has been designed so that you can eas
Whether you are a local citizen, permanent resident or foreignerthe first step to obtaining a drivin
โปรแกรมยอดนิยม大象商贸รวบรวม คำศัพท์ธุรกิจ จีน ไทย มากกว่า 4,000 รายการ แสดงอักษรจีนแบบย่อ Chinese(Simpl
Shaykh Muhammad Azhar Iqbal was born and raised in Karachi and traveled to the United States for his
The Sun Now shows images from the ESAC Solar Observatory (Helios) located in Villafranca del Castill
Indian Constitution is a source of Indian GK, History of creation of Indian Constitution in hindi la
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本APP由佛光山惠中寺建置,主要用於”未來與希望系列講座”使用, 未來亦將視需求擴充APP功能
This app has 4 games to teach letter sound association.
How many Hebrew letters can you name? Learn the printed and lowercase Hebrew alphabet letters in a f
Kinh Tạng Pàli do Hoà thượng Thích Minh Châu dịch và thuyết giảng
【大字点读机】系列 1. 字体 用最大的字体,看得舒适
十种工作来了! 玩各种TAYO游戏!
Tayo The little Bus Character Story Package! Welcome to Wonderful TAYO's Story World! Ten kind of St
应用介绍: 针对成人英语三级考试所制定的专业辅导软件,为英语三级考试学员提供专业的预测题、模拟题,以及训练题的专业题库
【产品简介】 新概念英语,是享誉全球的最为经典地道的英语教材! 新概念英语,是专为中国的英语学习人士设计的英语教材! 《省心新概念英语》是迄今为止最实用的新概念英语学习软件! 《省心新概念英语》Iph