Memorization by Voice for English and Japanese You can learn for Japanese by voice. Sample texts fil
O Colégio Paulo Freire Bilingue agora tem seu próprio aplicativo. Com ele nossos alunos e responsáve
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국립현대미술관 과천관 소개 오디오북으로 시각장애청소년 미술프로그램과 촉각책을 연계하여 교육용으로도 활용하는 미술관 앱 -미술관소개 -노래하는사람 -다다익선 -궁금한미술관 iOS 8
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欢迎来到官方的Cross Way电台应用程序! Cross Way Radio应用程序可访问现场广播和节目档案
Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center in Chanute, Kansas, offers Emergency Medical Services to tho
快樂閱讀‧建立品格成長 互動影音‧開發藝術潛能 • 電子書城簡介 「星貓書城」針對學齡前兒童提供好聽、好看、好互動的電子書,透過多元學習管道對孩子進行品格教育;帶領孩子愛上閱讀,讓學習更豐富、更完整、
* 我国各地方教学水平不一样,老师各有各的发音,教出来的孩子发音千奇百怪
* 国内知名教育培训机构系列讲课视频
Phrasal Verbs Free are combinations of ordinary verbs and particles. They are a very important part
اسلامنا اسلامنا تطبيق مجاني و يشمل الميزات التالية: ١- القرآن الكريم: أ- القراءة: من صفحات المصحف. ب
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a short introduction of the orthodox church, oriented for the Asian people and Asian culture. I intr
Hàng trăm cuốn sách hay, liên tục cập nhât. Ba mươi phút nghe sách mỗi ngày giúp bạn thành công như
- Control your RRS Ship to collect science and biology research, food, supplies, fuel and entertainm
English Thai Translation - Auto Save - Automatic recognition - Chat mode - Artificial intelligence t
The CCPS Glossary is a handy tool to look up the definition of terms frequently used in Chemical Pro
Lipeat(리핏)은 외국어 말하기 훈련을 도와주는 플랫폼 서비스 입니다. Lipeat is a platform service that help people train foreig
Simple Learning Time is a supplementary tool that can be used to teach a student how to tell the tim
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You have a TOPIK exam? You don't have time to prepare for the exam? All can be easily with "TOPIKExa
The Illinois Legislative App provides an easy listing of legislators, executive branch officials as
Learn Welsh Language AppPart 1 with Jingle JeffSpecially designed for Key Stage 1 and 2. Part 1 give
Inspect is a mobile inspection tool designed for fast and easy use in any environment. The user-frie
Hearing Anatomy is part of an app series covering the ear for youth and health fair audiences. Join
한·이 성경연구소 소개 (KIBI, Korea Israel Bible Institute) 2천년 동안 전 세계에 흩어졌던 이스라엘 민족이 다시 국가로 세워진 후 지금 이스라엘에서는
Escola Atos, visando sempre diferenciais e inovações oferece aos pais, responsáveis financeiros, res
《滴滴萌数学》基于蒙台梭利教育法创作,通过200节由浅入深的交互式游戏课程, 提升孩子在颜色、形状、空间、比较、归类、联想、运算等方面的能力, 启蒙孩子的数学思维,让3-7岁孩子从小对数学产生强烈的兴
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"Learning Fraction Concepts" is a fun way to learn basic concept of fractions. TOPICS COVERED 1. Wha
Musicians Institute, the College of Contemporary Music, is delivering their innovative music educati
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app应用简介: 爸妈慧是一款专注于为父母提供家庭教育求助问答、文章、课程直播、相关活动等服务的应用
网络友好应用程序是联合国儿童基金会和黑戈尔 “在线制止暴力” 运动的一部分
實惠培訓電子資訊平台 CPTI APP 供內部員工培訓使用
Cette application est destinée à tous les étudiants des écoles du groupe INSEEC U. Elle leurs permet