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This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. - Added support for 64-bit platforms. - Added ability to skip the starter roller. - Added ability to select the resolution in the iPhone 6 and iPad Air Plus 2

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Mental Hospital III游戏简介

Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horror with astonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere.

Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got an offer to record a video of a special forces raid in one of the psychiatric hospitals where secret experiments were supposed to be carried out. Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.

But he will forever remember that night. The night everything went wrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather, problems on the news, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, as was missing the start of the clinic capture operation. Having arrived at his destination late, the main character decides to find Lieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible, hoping to film at least something. After the main character gets inside of the hospital and is introduced to it’s inhabitants he understands that it will be nearly impossible to describe what he saw there. You can of course erase the footage, but there is no option to erase your memories.

This is reality. Will the main character emerge from this fateful hospital alive, or will he too, like it’s residents, be trapped here for the remainder of his life.

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▶▶▶ Awesome game with awesome graphics also SCARY (by Kodeman 956)

Awesome game! With great graphics too. Also SCARY as heck! So should definitely make a mental hospital 3.

▶▶▶ Best horror game up to date! (by (PeaceWalker))

Really amazing detail, graphics, frame rate and response time, as well as storyline and new technique like hiding in doors and a sprint button. Many levels required me to think before I could pass. That girl at the end of the first level scared the living hell out of me! Great great app I recommend it to people who like First person horror games.

▶▶▶ Awesome (by Axkontn611)

Awesome game 10/10

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This is a great game, I love it but you haven’t got to adding things to it in a long long time. I wrote a review some time ago that was in 2014 and I said to add the characters from outlast. Now you obviously can’t do that because first you need permission from Red Barrels and second that would just be copyright. But still keep in mind that this is a great game but my suggestion was just to add a BIT more to it. Here’s the second thing, One of my favorite games was Mental Hospital 2. I have one question about it. I’m updated to IOS 11 and it says that you have to make it compatible for that version. Can you make it compatible for IOS 11 and IOS 12? If so then thanks, This is all I’m gonna say (FOR NOW) and 👋.








It’s like outlast it is so good love it


It was the best game I’ve ever played it was good graphics and had great monsters but buy it before you can’t play it I can’t play mental hospital 2 I WANT MY MONEY BACK ON THAT GAME but not on mental hospital 3


No glitches and you just have to know how to time your way around the dogs. Make sure to pick up the book or you won't get out!


I love this game it's the best thing ever but it's really scary but I love it I am so glad this game came out or else I don't know if I even wanted a device


This game reminds me a lot about outlast and I love it. Outlast is on steam for like 3 dollars right now. But still this game is so cool.


This game is awesome just that this Alice girl creeped me out good job making it


I thought this game was superb in the atmosphere and graphics department. Although, I felt that the story was too short.


This was a great game, but I do have one question. After I beat the game (the diary ending), there was that 7 days message. I don't want to believe it, but the thought haunts me. What does that mean?


游戏画面很不错 BGM也很带感 太赞了^_^


Everything is a five star... But the fing dogs fu** it up. They make it less scary and super hard. I like to go slow and be happy and scared by zombies... And then boom a dog ruins it. Takes the fun away from the game. Please I beg you eliminate the dogs.


You know what I wish they put in this game I wish they put all the patients and Chris walker and naked twins and father Martin and trader in this game I wish you can ad all of them oh I don't mean Chris walker from full game I mean Chris walker from the pax east demo game cuz we can't have the patients to strong I really wish you can ad please


Great controls and movement. I don't know what collecting the souls was for. I liked the environment and the scares are well placed. The object of this game is to find the door to the next level and find keys, against your own fear of continuing on. I feel like the game wasn't really a full game of what it could be, since there is so much setup to the story as you play along. I would really like to see more added.


The only thing is that I don't like the hard part




Were is the key


I started playing last night and I got so,scared I went to bed then played it this morning I the thing with Alice scared THE HELL out of me. Good game 5 out of 5 stars.


I have been looking for a horror game like this for a long time! I found mental hospital 3 and this is the best horror game I have played on my iPod. Even better than Fnaf!


This games graphics blow my mind. Its remarkable really how a phone can run games like this. I think its because this dev made sure he used the exact resolution retina display resolution and not stretched or scaled like most games. This game looks nuts


Thoe I haven't made it past the restroom. This is got to be one of the scariest game I have ever played.. With the lights off, ear buds in, start your journey. Don't let the patients get, one of there's days I might through the hospital a live. Won't stop trying. The best game yet..thank u developers


This is what iOS horror gaming needs. It's truly an instant classic in my mind and hope to see more amazing things from you!


昨天看到这游戏1块钱,果断入手,玩了半天说下感受,游戏气氛确实比较恐怖压抑,尤其是第一段结尾着实被吓了一跳,fear 里面的alma 又出现了,哈哈。不明白游戏里的红魂有什么用,有谁知道吗?




The game itself is beautifully designed, and extremely scary. It blends well with the rest of the series and I am hoping for a fourth one. I give it four stars, however, because of a rather disappointing ending. Everything else was fine, but then once it ends you're like... What, that's it? Aww. It's long, it's good, it's worth your time and money, just don't get your hopes up for a grand finale.


Awesome game! With great graphics too. Also SCARY as heck! So should definitely make a mental hospital 3.


Alright, so it was a good game, actually scared me a few times, but the game is too short, I really do wish that it was much longer, other than that everything else is good, i really do enjoy your mental hospital series


This app is the best app on The App Store!!! Best graphics and amazing gameplay! There is only ONE Thing that I would like To be added, and that is To make So You can ether skip the first part of the game when he is driving, or make it English!!! 5 stars!!!!!!! Igor, I have an idea for mental hospital 4. Make it one big space with more elevators and more floors, but make the whole story in The building. You can make the beginning outside. Also you should make it with random monsters that Walk around, not just planned places that it would happen. LAST thing is Make the building a free rome, but you can do The story if You want. If you read this, I showed a lot of people the game and asked them what want in it. Thanks


please add an endless mode, or resume a certain mission. I really don't like how you have to play the story over and over for the great horror experience.


Huge step up from previous games. Gorgeous graphics and terrifying gameplay!






Ok so on the lite version of this game I wrote a review saying that I wish u would upload the full version to the iPod App Store, and you did so thank you so much for that because yes I bought it and I play it a lot. But, I wish I could play it while talking to my cousin. Me and my cousin like to talk on an app and it's not the app that kicks us out. It's the game. I wish I could talk to my cousin and play it but when we're talking on the app and we go on the game, it loads and then kicks us out of the game... So if u could fix this, then I could play it😄thank you!


The option I want before your done with working on this game is recording I'd like to be able to activate face cam and record for everyone who like horror. Please add this and then you can work on other cool games like this. Thanks the games you make improve every time when you work on them.


Everything runs smoothly on my iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.1.2


This is the best horror game on IOS that I ever played. P.S. Dont forget to use your headphones


Awesome game 10/10


This game is one of the best horror games on the AppStore. I highly recommend it!