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While the improvements may not be obvious, the back-end of Ownit has been completely rebuilt. We’ve added improvements to image processing, identification, performance, user interface, security, and more. We are also in the process of finalizing the Ownit Pro version, which will be launching soon. Ownit Pro will add a number of requested features such as exporting your Stash, adding unlimited items for auto identification, adding additional photos, removing advertisements, and more. Because the app has been completely rebuilt, ALL users will be required to reset their passwords. You will use the email address that you used to register Ownit to update. The new app will guide you through the password reset procedure. Thanks for being a loyal Ownit user. We appreciate your continued support for our little app.


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Keep track of the things you buy and the things you already own!
Home inventory management made simple! Just take a few photos with your phone’s camera and Ownit creates a detailed list, sorted by category, of the things you own: Brand, model, serial number, manufacturer’s support phone number, website, Twitter handle, owner’s manual, and video links are added for you—all without typing.

The BEST owner inventory app in the App Store!


Okay, you’ve bought that brand new product. It’s the perfect time to make a record of it on Ownit. As soon as you pull it out of the box, open the Ownit app, take some photos, and send it off. It’s that easy.

And after Ownit adds it to your Stash, you’ll have all the product information you need in one convenient place so you can quickly know:
– Where’s the owner’s manual?
– How do I use it?
– Are there any instruction videos on YouTube?
– How do I fix it?
– How do I contact support?
– When did I buy it?
– Is it still under warranty?
– What’s the model or serial number?
– Do they have a Facebook page?
– What’s the manufacturer’s Twitter handle?

Ownit makes it easy to do all of those things, directly from the app. Ownit empowers you to add, manage, and keep track of the things you own. The result makes it much easier to repair, replace, resell, reuse, or recycle the things that you own—all from your mobile device.

Snap It!
A few pictures is all it takes! More than an inventory list, your products are identified and the information that’s vital to ownership is automatically added to your account. All without using your thumbs!

Track It!
The things you need to know about your product: support links & phone numbers, manufacturer social media links, online manuals, upgrades & recalls, YouTube videos — all at your fingertips.

Try It!
It comes pre-populated with a few sample products in your Stash so you have a better idea of how it works. But it’s pretty easy. C’mon, try it out and tell us what you think!

What is Ownit?
Ownit is an automatic “owner management” app that allows you to easily add and keep track of all the things you own. More than a simple inventory management app, Ownit allows you to add something to your Stash as easily as taking a few photos. And once the photos are submitted, your product is automatically identified and all pertinent information that’s vital to your product ownership is provided to you! Support numbers, website and product manual links, social media links, how-to videos, and more! All without the tedious typing!

Why would I use this?
Do you really know what you own? Know when you bought it? How much you paid? Have a copy of your receipt handy? Owners manual? Who should you call if there’s a problem? Ownit puts all this information at your fingertips—just one click away.

What products can I add?
Ownit was primarily designed to keep track of things that you purchase. It can identify almost anything that has a manufacturer and model number. While you COULD use it to keep track of all your handmade wooden bowls, the auto-identifying feature won’t be very helpful.


家庭库存管理变得简单!只需用手机的相机拍摄几张照片,Ownit就会创建一个详细的列表,按类别排序,你拥有的东西: 品牌,型号,序列号,制造商支持电话号码,网站,Twitter手柄,所有者手册,和视频链接为您添加-所有无需键入。

App Store中的最佳所有者库存应用程序!






关于你的产品,你需要知道的事情: 支持链接和电话号码,制造商的社交媒体链接,在线手册,升级和召回,YouTube视频-所有这些都在你的指尖。

它在你的Stash中预先填充了一些样本产品,这样你就可以更好地了解它的工作原理。但这很容易。C ‘来吧,试一试,告诉我们你的想法!

Ownit是一个自动 “所有者管理” 应用程序,可让您轻松添加并跟踪您拥有的所有东西。不仅仅是一个简单的库存管理应用程序,Ownit允许你添加一些东西到你的Stash一样容易,就像拍几张照片。一旦照片被提交,你的产品将被自动识别,所有对你的产品所有权至关重要的相关信息都提供给你!支持数字,网站和产品手册链接,社交媒体链接,如何视频等!全部不用繁琐的打字!




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