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This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. 1) New Gunship F-8K has been added. 2) Episode 28 has been added. 3) 2x Reward Stages on Custom Missions have been changed. 4) Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have been made.


【图】GUNSHIP BATTLE: 3D Action(截图1)【图】GUNSHIP BATTLE: 3D Action(截图2)【图】GUNSHIP BATTLE: 3D Action(截图3)


The world’s most powerful combat helicopters are here, waiting for you to take control of them and rain destruction on your enemies!

Become a helicopter pilot and suppress minor conflicts or even war in various corners of the world. 『GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is a helicopter battle action game that combines state-of-the-art 3D graphics technology, flight simulation and modern military information. The moment you start the game, you will lose yourself in the excitement of a new kind of action game that you have never experienced before.

【 Features 】

▷ The game uses operation control optimized for 3D flight, which makes it easy for anyone to enter the game.

▷ Some of the world’s most powerful combat/multipurpose helicopters are available in the game. Each helicopter has its own unique and interesting characteristics and can be customized with various weapons and devices of your choice.

▷ You can mount a variety of weapons and special equipment of your choice, such as radar and boosters, depending on the characteristics of your helicopter.

▷ Episode mode consists of story missions that were created based on actual stories of various wars and conflicts that took place in the real world.

▷ After you played an episode, you can either up the challenge and play the game at a higher difficulty level or enjoy playing a customized mission.

If you enjoyed FPS, shooting or racing games, try GUNSHIP BATTLE. What could be more thrilling than flying across the sky in the middle of intense enemy crossfire!

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