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Keno Multi游戏简介

What could a keno player love more than keno? With Multi-Keno, you can play up to 20 keno games at the same time. Mark between 2 and 10 numbers per card. You can bet up to 1 trillion credits per card!

Keno is a fun number guessing game. Mark between 2 and 10 numbers per card, then place your bet, and press “Start.” Twenty numbers are randomly generated and the more you match, the more you win!

The Multi-Keno Difference:
• You’ll get unlimited FREE Credits
• Play up to 20 keno cards at a time
• Modern look of a classic Keno game
• Start playing where you left off
• No internet connection required
• No annoying pop-up alerts
• Oh, and it’s FREE

When you run completely out of credits, you will be given the opportunity to receive 100 free credits or purchase additional credits via in-app purchase (providing you have an active internet connection, and the ability to make purchases from your device)



基诺是一个有趣的数字猜谜游戏。在每张卡2到10个数字之间进行标记,然后下注,然后按 “开始”。随机生成二十个数字,匹配的次数越多,您赢的次数就越多!

• 没有烦人的弹出警报

当您完全用完积分时,您将有机会通过应用内购买获得100个免费积分或购买额外积分 (前提是您有活跃的互联网连接,并能够从您的设备进行购买)

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Keno Multi游戏下载




Love it


This is a great Keno. The ease of changing the bet amount and the ability to change the speed of the game are much appreciated. 这是一个伟大的基诺。改变投注金额的容易程度和改变游戏速度的能力是非常值得赞赏的。


Keno rocks! Thank you!!!! 基诺摇滚!谢谢!


Very fun game. Just like the real casino game. I love playing this. 非常有趣的游戏。就像真正的游戏一样。我喜欢玩这个。


Great fun!


This is the best multi card keno game! You can win but not so much as its boring to play. Thank you 这是最好的多卡基诺游戏!你可以赢,但与其说是玩起来很无聊。谢谢


Very realistic. Feels just like the 20 card keno I play at the casino. 非常现实。感觉就像我在玩的20张凯诺卡。


It is fun to play more than one game at a time! 一次玩多个游戏很有趣!


It's an exciting game but quite addictive! I was so excited when I won $80 million dollars on a 5 spot. I play my four regular casino games plus an additional couple. I'm getting in shape for a Vegas trip soon! I've used the free 100 credits lots of times but it's more fun to purchase six million for $6.00 bucks. I figure it's cheap compared to what I'm saving from the casinos. I really enjoy this game.


I think I am addicted 我想我上瘾了


If you like keno, you'll LOVE this app! 如果你喜欢基诺,你会喜欢这个应用程序的!


To difficult to win,needs to be more player friendly no daily credits,free spins or any fan appreciation. 要难以取胜,需要对玩家更加友好,没有每日积分,免费旋转或任何粉丝欣赏。


Best keno game I have played! 我玩过的最好的基诺游戏!


Great game, very relaxing. Love the multi-card aspect. 精彩的比赛,非常放松。喜欢多卡方面。


wastage of time, non sense game . 浪费时间,无感游戏。


Need to program something for daily points to play. Love to play easy to navigate 需要为日常积分编程。喜欢玩容易导航


This app allows you to play all of your favorite numbers, all at once! Doesn't get much better than that. I love this game! Candi E. 这个应用程序允许你玩所有你最喜欢的数字,一次!没有比这更好的了。我喜欢这个游戏!坎迪E。


Thanks for the upgrade. This game is so addicting - it's my favorite keno game. 谢谢你的升级。这个游戏太上瘾了 -- 这是我最喜欢的基诺游戏。


It's a great way to kill time! Say hello to my little friend! 这是消磨时间的好方法!向我的小朋友问好!


I actually win on this multi keno game! Love to play it! 我真的赢了这个多基诺游戏!喜欢玩它!


Best multi keno by far 迄今为止最佳多基诺