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Mercari is your marketplace.

It’s the perfect place to go to declutter or find your new look. Letting go has never felt so good – it’s almost as good as finding your new favorite thing. And we’re here to help.

Our team is always trying to find new ways to make exchanging items even easier. This means at-home pickups, same-day delivery, and a curated list of items you’ll love.

Say “goodbye” to the things you no longer love, and “hello” to the new you.

Selling on Mercari:

It’s all from home.
– Item sold? Contact your carrier for a home pickup.
– Check out Mercari Now in select cities. The day your item is sold, a driver will pick it up and deliver it to the buyer.

Listing is easy.
– Take a few photos, add a description, and tap “list.”
– Listing an item will always be free. We only charge fees when your sale is complete.
– Once your ID is verified, you can get paid in minutes with Instant Pay.

There are no meetups.
– With Mercari, all items ship. You can sell almost anything from the comfort of home.
– When you ship with a Mercari label, we’ll email you a printable shipping label when your item sells. Just print it out and drop off your package, or schedule a pickup.

Shopping on Mercari:

Shop from thousands of popular brands: Nike, Apple, Nintendo, Rae Dunn, Funko, and many more. We also have deals on quirky collectibles and authenticated luxury, all sold by real people like you.

When you’ve found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days.

Say goodbye to your old go-tos, and hello to the new you.

We’d love to hear from you.

DM us on our Instagram @mercari or tweet @mercari_app.







They do not regulate sellers that sell expired products. Do not buy anything that does not have the codes shown. You can go online to check expiration dates with these codes.


Shipping would be better if fedex was used. Ups tracking is horrible


I have made almost $500 in a year which is fantastic! The balance goes into my account like credit, so if I don’t have enough money to buy something, I can use some of the money used to make sales. Most people are really friendly. The app makes sure you get paid once you make a sale. I’ve found a lot of what I was looking for as a seller and a buyer, and I’ve gotten great deals. If you want to get rid of your junk, make some $$$ fast, then spend it on something new, this is the app to get!


This App is easy to use! No hassles, you can negotiate prices, catch good deals and create a clientele for yourself! Don’t second guess yourself about using this app! This is a Guaranteed Download!


I’ve used this app for 5+ years and recommended it to many. As of late, the customer service has been appalling. As a seller, you’re a source of income for Mercari. Despite this fact, customer service is lacking to day the least. It’s widely known that USPS have been having shipping delays and issues, yet Mercari refuse to take this in to consideration... despite their business being dependent upon it. A real example of this is the post office not scanning a parcel in until it arrives at the destination post office. This is a new thing that happens often now. If the buyer cancels their order and the post office hasn’t scanned it, YOU will be the one paying (even if you have a 5 star seller rating like I do). Once this occurs, Mercari will blame you (even if you display evidence of tracking and that the parcel is in fact going to be delivered to the buyer). This doesn’t sit right with me and it could and will happen to anyone because it’s a problem caused by USPS that this service won’t properly acknowledge or mitigate. In short, if you want to lose money Mercari will be happy to make sure that happens.


Mecari is a good place to buy some stuff. Just not AirPods. There are so many fake AirPods on this app. And people claiming that they’re real and Apple brand. Mecari should make people scan a serial number on the AirPod box so at least we’d know if the new AirPods are real. Ive bought two AirPods on this app and both times they’ve ended up being fake. I got refunds for them but lots of people don’t realize that they’re buying fake ones so they end up keeping them and giving the scammer good ratings. Please solve this problem Mecari and I’ll fix my rating. I just want you to see this so hopefully you’ll fix this issue.


I’ve been having so much fun on this website giving my mom good ratingS and making friends thank you so much for the people behind the line bless the hands of all this hard work hope y’all are having a wonderful year many blessings love y’all :) OXOXOX


I’ve done everything to reach out for help with no luck at all


App is a little buggy still. Also it’s expensive on the fees. To high


So this is best app I have shopped at my best experience these guys stick to there word n everyone has been so nice I’m a very happy shopper now only is usps could get together we all b happier thx


The service fees feel like they could be lowered with how good they are but besides that this is a great app if you’re trying to sell things quickly or looking for cheap quality items. Everything I’ve bought was exactly as described, and everything I’ve sold has moved very quickly when needed.


As a seller, I had a customer return an item on the basis that it was damaged in the mail. This was a $475 item that I needed to sell to make rent. Upon return, the item was perfectly fine so it was clear the buyer just didn’t want to have to pay up for the item. I filed a dispute with picture and proof and Mercari sided in favor of the buyer. They also only gave me a lame $10 off my next $50 dollar purchase for reimbursement after having this item tied up in the mail for over a month. You also have to wait up to three days AFTER the buyer receives the item to recieve your funds. Because of this policy, the buyer was able to receive my item and still not have to pay if he regretted buying it. I have since tried to make my complaint go higher up their chain of command over a week ago and still nothing. If you’re looking to sell something you own, look elsewhere as this company will not help you out if you need it.


I love selling on Mercari! No fees until your item sold, free to post, what’s not to love about that? What would make it better is to please allow sellers to have the option of auctioning off their merchandise. Follow your mantra and take your fee once the item is sold. It’s a win/win for the seller and Mercari!


Hey, everything was great at first until you guys kept deleting my messages, and it was cause I kept asking for trades, I didn’t know that trading wasn’t allowed until they banned my acc, I had so many people interested into buying my new listing now my accounts gone :(


I’ve always gotten frustrated with buy/sell sites and abandoned selling my things. Oh my goodness Mercari, you made it so easy. I don’t need to take care of shipping estimate and getting paid, or getting scammed. I’m deleting a star bc the app crashes when I’m creating a listing and taking photos. It shuts down and I have to reopen but thankfully it opens where I left off and nothing gets deleted even if it’s not saved as a draft. Also I’m hoping Mercari is more diligent surveilling listings of vintage items that are racist (even though not considered so at the time). No one should be profiting off of racist imagery and depictions.


Sellers are supposed to ship in 3 days per Mercari - and they do request shipping labels in that timeframe—but some will wait 3 days or more to actually ship the product. In the last 5 transactions I did, 1 never shipped, and the other only showed Usps had rec’d-nothing else. My last purchase was out there almost a month and the seller said is it was delivered since the “estimated” date was 2/24-but it hadn’t tracked at all- just rec’d-I messaged the seller and asked if they could read the tracking or if they were going to reach out to Usps—I went ahead and reported this to mercari & in the meantime the seller just cnl it... Mercari is responsive and helpful! Track and follow up on /all/ orders and make sure the seller is sending your stuff! I think some sellers leave purchases out there hoping you will forget about them and they are making money...🤷🏽‍♀️


The app is great for smooth transactions but if you ever have a problem and need customer service it is awful. They take forever to respond and don’t solve your problem. They sent dry replies that sound like they’re coming from a robot. When I kept trying to reach out to them they eventually stopped replying to me.


Sold a tiny xs dress made of polyester in a poly mailer and they tried to tell me it weighed 2lbs when the dress weighted 4 ounces. They charged me $12 on top of that I paid to ship the item and I made nothing off the dress. Disputed it and customer service representative Cathy and Nicole basically said they can’t do anything and no one ever provided me proof the dress was overweight and they were asking ME for proof. Are you kidding? I clearly don’t have the dress anymore. Great way for them to scam profits without explanation which would completely fail an audit. Even after I opened a dispute with USPS.


Let’s get some things straight, I am not a troll or making this review up out of spite or any other reason. This is an honest review. I’ve been using Mercari for a few months now and customer service has been the worst on this site that I have seen from any other site or company, EVER. I was a seller only, so note to future sellers on here, they will always side with the buyer even if the buyer damages the product and asks for a return/refund. I sold a PS3 where the buyer literally stole the disk drive out of it and sent it back and Mercari has done nothing regarding it. My advice if you wanna sell stuff, STICK with eBay.


it’s okay but tbh you guys are very very stupid compared to depop. depop protects sellers whereas mercari protects buyers. but this is a poor business model because obviously who makes you money?? sellers. if you give buyers a refund on their package when THEY were the ones who didn’t read the description, you guys lose out on the sale as well. why lose money when you can make money? protect your sellers. increase your profit


So even if you have a bad experience with a seller ie they cancel order and double the price of the listing the company will side with the seller and you cannot even leave a review of the seller for malpractice. Terrible ethics and morals. I highly recommend you don’t use


I love the app honestly but was wondering if you could make it where we can write private info about our items to help us keep track of stuff E.g. where did I store this item, item #s for book keeping, etc. Stuff buyers don’t need to know


this app is excellent for sellers & buyers making profits off there merchandise


After almost 200 five star transactions, buying and selling, I get my account closed. Trying to get help with a listing as it “violated” terms but you only get automated replies instead of help. Great way to run your app, not to the mention the new fees associated with the app anyways.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere else then chances are Mercari has it!! Prices are a little high but if you check often you can usually snag a good deal. I’ve shopped here often and I’m usually very happy! I’ve bought everything from a baby bathtub to sneakers!!


This is by far the worst app so many rules and account being suspended for stupid reasons


Huge hassle. They try to get your photo identification and personal information. Will never use again.


I cannot log back into my account. I even tried changing my password. I tried to send an email for help but it wouldn’t send.


Some of the sellers are nothing but greedy back stabbers because I’ve been blocked by them whenever I try to be nice to them about an item I want to buy but yet some of them turn their back and block me for no apparent reason and to talk into a nasty tone of voice to me. Some of the sellers care about nothing but their money. Mercari customer service should help pay the sellers well when they try to get rid of their things in their house they sell online. Like if the person wants another user to pay $3 for shipping and $15 for a thing, than the person deserves to have $18 instead of $10 for example. I feel like I just need to delete my account to start fresh so I don’t have to put up with the nasty money wanting users.


just a suggestion.


They are increasing their cost and shipping too much. In a year that I have been buying and selling, the fees have increased three times. They also side with the buyers often. Which is usually okay to take buyer side but only if they have a legit claim.


I’m very upset with you guys I bought a coin Budweiser bottle and I received it in just small pieces of glass the buyer said you people contacted her but I haven’t received anything or my refund and I sent pictures of my item


Apple allows you to sign up for apps, using your Apple ID. Mercari has found a way around it. Thins crummy app has mad Apple the laughing stock of App Stores. 🤡


I love buying items from this site. Bought several things over the years and have never been disappointed. The description has always matched what I receive. Very happy customer


Mercari has an unaddressed issue with scammers on their app. I've had multiple sellers either send me no item or send me a obviously fake item on multiple occasions. To be able to rate a seller you give up any right to a refund so if I were to rate any of the scammers 1 star and try go get refunded Mercari would'nt allow it. There is no report seller button, like other selling apps Mercari should implement a report feature in which their staff overlooks an account and determines if it should stay up or not because some of these scammer accounts are fairly obvious to spot. Even when I tried emailing Mercari about my specific problems with two sellers who scammed me and other people with proof of it in their seller reviews, Mercari neglected the situation, sent some cheap apology, and these seller accounts are still up. I don't feel safe using Mercari to buy things, I've honestly given up on the app and moved on go other platforms because of the horrible support team at Mercari. Please address the issue.


I am a person that is blind and I want to use this app but it is super difficult to use a voiceover. Please make this app more accessible because right now it doesn’t even list the names of things it just list the amounts. I don’t know what format you guys have it in right now but please make it more like eBay. eBay is way more accessible than this I really want to use your app


It would be a nice as suggestion to the prices on items dropping in the notifications, like you could swipe left or right to delete old or new notifications of items dropping or just sold and been received by this customer in the notifications button in the Mercari app.


Mercari, out of all the selling apps, by far has the worst customer service. It’s actually quite shocking! If there is an issue, even as small as a technical issue, rest assured you are on your own. Mercari will do nothing to help and just claim the “issue is resolved” when it’s not at all. It’s shame bc the app itself is pretty decent but it’s not worth the headache. Stick to eBay and Poshmark.


I very much have been enjoying Mercari to sell stuff,And plus get things! ;)


If you are a seller on this site BEWARE!! Mercari is now charging us sellers “Price Adjustments” & I say it like that because it is a SCAM. The post office does not charge them one cent but if they see on their system that your package went over even 1oz they will charge you $12 or more on top of their very high selling fees & now new “Processing Fees” which sometimes is more than what us sellers are earning for items sold. They started off as a good selling app but now they are greedy for money & DONT GIVE ONE CARE about sellers who help them earn money. Please try poshmark instead! I have never had a problem with them on getting my money stolen after the item has been delivered and there’s nothing I can do about it.


The app doesn’t tell you that there is a selling fee of $24. Also creating a username and password is awful because no matter the password you pick the combination doesn’t work for them. The most problematic app I’ve ever used.


I just started using Mercari and I find it a little annoying that your payment is not released until the customer says so. What do you do if you encounter a customer that treats sellers rudely, maybe because they didn’t get their item at the price they felt they should have. So now your payment is delayed, if you use this as a business and your depending on those payments, it’s not going to end well. The process just makes it difficult for me to understand the method to the madness. Also the the control over how much you sell your item for is super annoying. Some sellers Purposefully over price their item hoping to make as much as they can off of the item. The 25% auto limit allowed to make an offer should be discontinued. If I am selling a ring for $250 that is my high end price but I am willing to take $175 I think a customer that is interested in the ring should be able to make that offer. If my thinking is wrong please respond kindly to help me understand better.


I actually like this app, it’s fair on shipping and on its fees when compared to Etsy or Poshmark. Where I think it could improve is allowing sellers to bump their items back to the top, the more people that see it the better chance we have of selling it and both the sellers and Mercari make money.


Shipping and sale fees are too high


The app itself is decent, but has its problems, like how the account security is over the top. You cannot use the same Payment card on multiple accounts, and they limit your account for the most obscure reasons in order to protect your account from hackers, but in reality you messed up your password a few times so they limit your account for a very long time. Also the customer service is trash, I try to get my account unrestricted and they take super long to respond, and I get almost no help in the responses. And in the app you can only offer with in a small price range when it comes to using the offer button to save money. But the app is full of friendly people and amazing deals, it’s just the actual customer service and some parts of the app are bad. But the community is great, almost everyone leaves 5 star reviews and the community is very friendly and kind. Amazing prices too! At least the app has some cool features, like the save search button that notifies you when a new item pops up that may interest you, the chat feature is cool, and the fact you can like items is convenient and good.


The item came quicker than I expected and it’s as lovely as the pictures. I appreciate her communication and efforts


Need an option for quantity when making a listing to sell instead of making multiple listings for the same item. Learn from Ebay and the options they have available to their sellers.


I got banned because I was having trouble logging in. I kept accidentally typing in the wrong password then after time it said not acceptable and now I’m unable to log in at all


It's a good app because it connects you with sellers and buyers from all over at good prices. The bad is if you are a buyer. As a buyer if you make an offer you have to stick by it even if you are trying to negotiate. You can't cancel it for a certain amount of time. But a seller on the other hand if the deal is completed as in he accepted the offer etc etc...the seller can still cancel the order with no penalty. Doesn't make much sense to me. 3 stars until they can fix this.