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Adventure Company游戏简介

Join the Adventure Company on their dangerous quest to obtain riches and glory! You’ll battle terrifying liches, horrific slimes and even the gods! Navigate your party through seemingly simple but deceptively tricky turn-based dungeon crawling. Featuring unbelievable amounts of hidden depth through a large variety of heroes to include in your party, Adventure Company is impossible to put down.

* Unique blend of RPG, puzzle, and roguelike elements
* Fight dangerous monsters and save brave heroes across five unique episodes, including graveyards, forests, icy wastelands, and more
* Over 25 unique monsters, each with different abilities
* More than 10 unique heroes, allowing you to build your Adventure Company as you see fit
* Variety of achievements and heroes/abilities to unlock
* Optimized to play in one hand/portrait mode, so you can play on the go. No need to fumble around with your phone’s orientation

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This is a very fun game that requires strategic planning. It is very fun and interesting, but I would like to see some customization. This would add another layer to the game that I think would make it amazing! Maybe add in the option to choose who you find in levels once you unlock them?




App was supposed to be 99 cents, but immediately upon purchase was charged almost $6 for it.


This game is really fun and would allow for really easy quick bursts of game play if it did not wait so much to allow you to go to the home screen. This does not happen with any other game or app I have. Also, why do enemies still hit you if you get their hp to 0 and why does it always ask you if you want to switch leaders? If you could fix this that would definitely give this game 5 stars!


Haha fix the last level but i love the game anyway!!




Wow! I really missed out with this one! Tales of the Adventure Company is such a great example of depth and accessibility! Easy to pick up and play in short bursts, but really feels immersive at the same time. Drawing me in with its charm and multiparty RPG goodness ^_^* Wish I had found and played this much sooner! *****Just a note to the developer, and to any others listening. I was reminded of your game (after having been curious about it before) when I saw your game mentioned in Touch Arcade article regarding the 32bit Appocaypse and your comment about not knowing that anyone was still interested in your game. You said that you were happy to know people were still wanting to play it and so you said that you will look into updating to 64bit. I feel like your really fun game has flown under the radar. I hope that you get a good boost of visibility and many more people can enjoy Tales of the Adventure Company! Thank you for thinking of the players and for keeping this alive! I am happy that I bought and played this, and that I get to support another greatly responsive and humble indie developer! Cheers!!




I'm always on the looking out for one-handed/vertical strategy games that I can play when I got downtime. Waiting for my bus, microwave dinner, commercials etc. This game fits that, but also makes me need to pause my Netflix. It's a rather simple concept to a rouge-like dungeon crawler, but very deep, and rewards planning. Only played for a bit, but so far, it's worth every penny.


Super fun game with tons of personality. Perfect balance of luck and skill. Only downside is lack of content. Only six dungeons. Still fun to play to go for high scores once everything is unlocked. Will hope for future updates!


The game is simple enough to learn in minutes, and is pleasantly challenging, much there's not much complexity or progression. I still enjoyed it, but I'd say the mileage is fairly low; don't expect more than ~10 hours from it.


Fun app but gets way to difficult at chapter IV, also various glitches with text overlaps and enemy texts not doing what shown, such as ice totems that do I think 2 dmg to two of your allies but text says does 0 dmg to leader and random ally


Good design but VERY short. Like, beatable in an afternoon short. The designers don't seem interested in adding content either.


Strategic and thoughtful, with excellent pixel art. An enjoyable romp, and a very good value.


I love turn-based strategy games, and this game is a great addition to the genre. It’s got a pleasant style, easy-to-use controls, and (best of all) plenty of opportunities for strategy. You control up to four characters as you explore a 5-by-5 grid riddled with a couple of enemy types. Each of your characters has unique skills, and you can choose different characters to lead and/or attack. And that’s where the strategy comes into play. When certain characters lead you get certain bonuses (say, a creature discovered suffers some damage automatically). And when certain characters fight you also get certain bonuses (say, if they die in combat all of your other characters get a +5 to their health). It’s all about choosing who’s leading and who’s fighting wisely, and reaping the benefits at the right time. Love it!


It's easy to get into; great for quick sessions or for long waits. No in-app purchases, so you actually have a game instead of a waiting simulator. I'm hoping for more dungeons, more heroes, and maybe an easier way to reset power ups.


Cool little game but can get repetitive.


In app purchases have messed up mobile gaming. The fact that this game has none is why I purchased and the game is great. Fun mix of puzzle and RPG that's great for breaks at work. Keep up the good work.


Would be 4 stars with more content 5 stars if the bugs were fixed too. Simple stuff as other reviews mention with pop up text covering options and lots of unnecessary confirmation clicking




This game is simple but fun, and also a little on the short side. Reveal enemies as well as allies by tapping tiles and then attack them by hitting a button. Each enemy has a special ability as well as each ally. There is actually quite a bit of strategy to the game. My suggestions to improve the game are as follows: 1) Add more episodes 2) when on the tile screen, you don't need the pop up message asking if the player is sure he wants to make the selected character to be the leader 3) there is a glitch where a certain screen (can't remember which one) pops up behind your company characters so when you hit "ok" or "next" you press one of the characters instead. Fix or add the above and this will be a five star game.


Gameplay: Your tap the screen to remove tiles from the board and uncover enemies, and buffs. The goal is to kill the monster with the key to unlock the next floor. At the beginning of the level you have 100 turns to get to the 7th floor and kill the boss. There was a small amount of frustration the first couple of games. Just be smart about when you uncover enemies, and stack all of your buffs onto one hero and you'll do fine! :) Great game! Thanks Slothworks!!!


Just the right balance between simple but progressively challenging. Worth the money! Please update~


I like this game because are to simple and easy to play


This little game seems to be flying under the radar and really deserves more press. It's a fun and surprisingly deep little package of a game; currently there is not a ton of content but the content present is great and it sounds like the developers plan to expand the game further. Great buy either way! Kudos to the devs!


Hours sunk into this game so far. Love it


Simple to pick up and play, but challenging enough to make you think. It's a wonderful mix of rogue-like lite gameplay mixed with minesweeper puzzle matching. Art style and sound are great too! A must buy for RPG puzzle fans, especially at such a low price.


After running out turns selecting retry launches a screen with "xx" moves and three "r.i.p." enemies at top


This is quite fun! Enjoying this game a lot. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this developer for future goodies!


I'm not usually a fan of the simple block revealing mechanic, but these guys took the time to make it fun and strategically interesting. Can't wait to see more from this developer!


This game is a lot of fun and very thoughtful. It's a solid hybrid of Dungelot and Disco Zoo's animal searching mechanics. Each enemy and hero has a special ability that affects how you decide to search the grid. Ultimately, you're moving against a turn limit that will hard stop your game if you run out of turns. It initially feels very forgiving but it quickly becomes apparently that you need to be extremely frugal with your turns in order to manage to kill the boss in time. The RPG mechanics are very basic but they're there. As you play through each episode, you can unlock the heroes specific to that episode to appear in the other episodes as well as an episode specific buff that carries between episodes. If they continue to support this game with additional levels, it will be a real gem.


Quick to play and hard to put down. Would like to see iCloud sync to allow picking up on different devices.


This is a pretty unique game but my complaint is that monsters still get an attack off even though you've brought down there hp to zero. Also constantly asking to make a unit leader is annoying. There is no indication which unit is leader when you do set it. If you make it that you can just tap a unit and place a symbol that they are leader that would keep players from having to constantly be taken out of the fun gameplay. It's a fun and unique game but these flaws can make it tedious at times.


Very fun game that is easy to learn and even more fun to master all the enemies and their abilities. The design is nice as well, and the game had never crashed or froze at all. My only issue is there is only 5 episodes and i beat them fairly quickly. I am sure more will be added an i hope they do add more quests or even challenges, but until they do, 4 stars.


Well worth paying for; can't wait for more


Great idea for a game, a little bit of rouge, puzzle, and dungeon crawler. Loving it all.