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Thank you for updating the Wayfair app! This version has more performance improvements and bug fixes than ever before!


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Hold the world’s largest selection of home goods in the palm of your hand! Our innovative new 3D View in Room feature lets you shop and compare like never before. Whether you’re redoing an entire room, creating a wedding registry, or simply searching for a great deal, Wayfair makes shopping for your home easy and fun. Join millions of shoppers already using our app to:

Access Revolutionary New Features
• See life-sized versions of products in any space using our 3D View in Room feature
• Track large packages in real time—right to your doorstep!

Find Your Personal Style
• Choose from over 7 million products
• Save your faves with Idea Boards
• Get inspired with professional designs in Shop the Look

Effortlessly Create Your Dream Home
• Arrange furniture and design your ideal space with our Room Planner tool
• Stay up to date on the latest sales and easily check your order status
• Purchase items FAST with our mobile-optimized checkout
• Build a wedding registry that works for you and your guests

Shopping for a business? Try Wayfair Professional!
• Dedicated service
• Commercial-grade options
• Something for every industry & budget
• Exclusive pricing
• And more

Don’t have an account with Wayfair.com? Sign up now using the app to access our great features, high-quality products, and more!



• 使用我们的房间3D视图功能查看任何空间的真人大小的产品版本

• 从超过700万种产品中进行选择
• 用创意板保存您的喜好

• 安排家具和设计您的理想空间与我们的房间规划工具
• 及时了解最新的销售情况,并轻松检查您的订单状态
• 通过我们的移动优化结帐快速购买商品
• 建立一个适合你和你的客人的婚礼登记处

• 专用服务
· 每个行业的东西 & 预算
· 及更多








App keeps prompting me to prove I am not a bot and then crashes! 应用程序不断提示我证明我不是机器人,然后崩溃!


Found a bathroom wastebasket at a great price and love the design. 找到了一个价格不菲的浴室废纸篓,喜欢这个设计。


I’ve been a customer of Wayfair a few times, and every time the service is great, the deliveries are quick and customer service is there to serve and they serve at a phenomenal level! Customer for life, FOR SURE!


I think the customer service on this website is very rude. When you ask a question they hang up on you and they never call you back. That’s not customer service, I will not buy anything from here period or i will not invite friends and family to Purchase here.


None of the coupons ever seem to work :-( 这些优惠券似乎都不起作用:-(


I can no longer support companies who are part of the cancel culture seeking to destroy America with coverups. 我再也不能支持那些试图通过掩盖来摧毁美国的取消文化的公司。


I’ve ordered numerous items from Wayfair and have never been disappointed. I have re-ordered items and always been pleased. Customer service is unparalleled. 我从Wayfair订购了许多商品,从未失望过。我已经重新订购了商品,并且一直很高兴。客户服务无与伦比。


I did enjoy using my Wayfair app but the app no longer works because I can’t do the update so no more Wayfair. 我确实喜欢使用我的Wayfair应用程序,但是该应用程序不再起作用,因为我无法进行更新,因此不再使用Wayfair。


App will not open. I removed and downloaded again-still the same problem. I can access online but not through app. I open app and it closes back again. 😣 应用程序将无法打开。我删除并再次下载-仍然是同样的问题。我可以在线访问,但不能通过应用程序访问。我打开应用程序,它又关闭了。


I get a lot of coupons from Wayfair and they never work. 我从Wayfair获得了很多优惠券,但它们从未起作用。


boycott wayfair


I really enjoy shopping the Wayfair app. It’s very intuitive and a breeze to use. Simply designed but very complete and covers my interests and then some! I’m looking forward to shopping with your app in the future for all of my “at home” needs. Thanks for designing this awesome application
我真的很喜欢购买Wayfair应用程序。它非常直观,使用起来很轻松。设计简单,但非常完整,涵盖了我的兴趣,然后是一些!我期待着将来使用您的应用程序购物,以满足我所有的 “在家” 需求。感谢您设计这个令人敬畏的应用程序


Canceling My pillow because the owner exercised freedom of speech while you fill your inventory with Products made in China. I can find everything you sell on Amazon for less. See you late. 取消我的枕头是因为当您用中国制造的产品填充库存时,所有者行使了言论自由。我可以以更低的价格找到您在亚马逊上出售的所有商品。晚见。


Loving Wayfair


This is my first time using Wayfair and is so amazing the inventory to many options without driving from home 这是我第一次使用Wayfair,在没有从家里开车的情况下,很多选择的库存都非常惊人


Great selection and reasonable prices 选择丰富,价格合理


Every time I put something in my cart, the price goes up in the two days that I go to pay for it. It has happened to me many times and is disappointing. 每次我把东西放进购物车,价格都会在我去付钱的两天内上涨。它已经发生在我身上很多次了,令人失望。


Seem to always find something at Wayfair that I can’t live without. Sometimes I over think my purchases and miss out. Lots of selections on anything you are looking for and usually not what you would find on other sites. So far have been happy with all my purchases.


Have used before! Would recommend! 以前用过!会推荐!


They ended up sending a futon when I ordered a sectional and customer support stopped answering my messages. I asked them if I could get my money back or a replacement and I also mentioned that the package arrived 2 weeks late. Somehow they only noticed the part about the timing and said that I could get a 10% off coupon and wasn’t entitled to any money back due to UPS shipping problems, but they never addressed the fact that I RECEIVED THE WRONG PACKAGE. Keep in mind I wasn’t harping on about the shipping, 90% of the message was about the package being wrong along with pictures and I only mentioned the shipping problem at the end to give more context as to why I was frustrated. In my next message I only mentioned that the package was wrong and asked for a replacement or refund, they never answered. Now whenever I try to talk to them through their message center it just says “null”. That’s just absolutely ridiculous.
当我订购部门时,他们最终发送了蒲团,客户支持停止回复我的消息。我问他们是否可以取回我的钱或更换,我还提到包裹迟到了2周。不知何故,他们只注意到时间安排的部分,并说我可以得到10% 的优惠券,并且由于UPS运输问题而无权退款,但他们从未解决我收到错误包裹的事实。请记住,我不是在喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋喋没在我的下一条消息中,我只提到包裹有误,并要求更换或退款,但他们从未回答。现在,每当我尝试通过他们的消息中心与他们交谈时,它只会说 “null”。那简直太荒谬了。


Your company is a sham. Shame on you for censoring Mike Lindell because he has different beliefs then you. You just lost a customer. I hope 74-75 million Americans runs you out of business. 你的公司是个骗子。你因为审查迈克 · 林德尔而感到羞耻,因为他和你有不同的信仰。你刚刚失去了一个顾客。我希望74-7 5百万美国人让你破产。


My list of favorites won’t scroll down. It only shows me my first 4-5 favorites and that’s it. 我的收藏夹列表不会向下滚动。它只显示了我的前4-5个收藏夹,仅此而已。


Wow have I been missing out! I was looking to update my kitchen on a dime and was googling peel and stick backsplash for my kitchen. Found a style I really liked at an awesome price and figured I’d give wayfair a try. I’m excited to say the product was awesome and turned out great! I just placed another order to update dated light fixtures. Got main dining room light and w smaller area lights for all for less than 170 bucks! I can’t wait to receive these and hope the finished products looks as awesome as my very first ordered. Love wayfair so far!!!! Happy customer!!


App doesn’t show on my phone screen. Try to reach App support, the page never available. Every single time I must go to App Store and look for this App. Awful! 应用程序不会显示在我的手机屏幕上。尝试获得应用程序支持,该页面永远不可用。每次我都必须去应用商店寻找这个应用。糟糕透了!


Wayfair has an amazing assortment of products. The quality of everything that I have purchased from them is great. When I have needed customer service they have been very accommodating. My favorite! Wayfair的产品种类繁多。我从他们那里购买的所有东西的质量都很棒。当我需要客户服务时,他们非常乐于助人。我最喜欢的!


Code do not seem to work a majority of the time 代码似乎在大多数时间都不起作用


Wayfair has everything. In the last year, I’ve bought two desks, four area rugs, dining room chairs, a new upholstered platform bed, curtains, and a 12” pillow-top memory foam mattress (at a fraction of the cost charged by the new trendy online mattress companies). Then after making sure my husband & I were comfortable, I bought some cat “shelves”(stylish ramps to attach to your walls so that your cats can look down on you literally and figuratively). And once I decide which will be the best for our spoiled felines, I’m also ordering a cat tree in grey to match the tufted velvet grey sofa I got from Wayfair. Only Wayfair makes sure that everything you order is not only safe, fun, and ultra comfy, but also stylish. I love that I can buy furniture, bedding, curtains, cat condos & carriers (have you ever checked out their pet items?), decorative items, and so much more all in one place. Because I live in a very small town, shopping options are minimal. Wayfair is like having all the glories of L.A. (where we used to live) without the freeways and two-hour drives to a store 7 miles away. So, the selections are phenomenal, the prices are great (I do wait for sales — they send me nifty email), and our new home is coming together wonderfully. Wayfair is my one stop shop for everything for our home and its two- and four-legged occupants.
Wayfair拥有一切。去年,我买了两张桌子、四张地毯、餐厅椅子、一张新的软垫平台床、窗帘和一张12英寸加厚垫记忆泡沫床垫 (成本仅为新潮在线床垫公司收取的一小部分)。然后,在确保我的丈夫和我感到舒适之后,我买了一些猫的 “架子” (时尚的坡道连接到您的墙壁上,以便您的猫可以从字面上和形象上看不起您)。一旦我决定哪种最适合我们被宠坏的猫科动物,我还会订购一棵灰色的猫树,以匹配我从Wayfair获得的簇绒天鹅绒灰色沙发。只有Wayfair确保您订购的所有东西不仅安全,有趣,超级舒适,而且时尚。我喜欢我可以在一个地方购买家具,床上用品,窗帘,猫的公寓和承运人 (您曾经检查过他们的宠物物品吗?),装饰物品等等。因为我住在一个非常小的城镇,所以购物选择很少。Wayfair就像拥有洛杉矶 (我们曾经居住的地方) 的所有荣耀一样,没有高速公路,只有两个小时的车程才能到达7英里外的一家商店。因此,这些选择是惊人的,价格也很高 (我确实在等待销售-他们给我发送了漂亮的电子邮件),我们的新家也很棒。Wayfair是我的一站式商店,为我们的房屋及其两足和四足居住者提供一切服务。


There’s problem with your app. It’s crashing. I turned on and off won’t t help 你的应用程序有问题。它崩溃了。我打开和关闭都无济于事


The app keeps crashing! I don’t know if there’s been a recent update or what. This is occurring on 2 different iPhones. 应用程序不断崩溃!我不知道最近是否有更新。这是在2种不同的iphone上发生的。


Love this app normally but I can’t even open it today. Even tried deleting and re-adding it. Help! 通常喜欢这个应用程序,但今天我什至无法打开它。甚至尝试删除并重新添加。救命!


Can’t open the app even after reinstalling. Apple iPhone X updated - February 11, 2021 即使重新安装后也无法打开应用程序。苹果iPhone X更新-2021年2月11日


Normally I love this app and would have given you 5 stars, but for the last 2 days this app is constantly crashing when I try to open it. I’m not sure what’s going on, but you need to fix this app. I’ve removed it and reinstalled multiple times, but that didn’t help!


App does not work with iPhone 12 应用程序不适用于iPhone 12


App will not open and keeps shutting down. 应用程序将无法打开并一直关闭。


...until today. Every time I try to open, it shuts down. I’ve updated the app, cleared my cache, and restarted my phone, twice. Also tried clicking on App Support and it directs me to the Wayfair website that says the page can’t be found. I’ve been using this app a lot the last week for my upcoming move and hope this corrects itself. I’ll try again later on today. I understand problems happen, but I’m more irritated by not being able to contact App Support - this is why I’m giving the 1 star review. This needs to be fixed along with the app crashing.
。.. 直到今天。每次我尝试打开时,它都会关闭。我已经更新了应用程序,清除了缓存,然后重新启动了手机两次。还尝试单击应用程序支持,它将我定向到Wayfair网站,该网站说找不到该页面。上周,我为即将到来的举动一直在使用此应用程序,并希望这能自我纠正。今天晚些时候我会再试一次。我了解会发生问题,但是由于无法联系应用程序支持,我感到更加恼火-这就是为什么我给予1星评价的原因。这需要随着应用程序崩溃而修复。


Have used for years but after last update 🤷‍♀️app will not open!! When I open it automatically closes. 已经使用了多年,但在上次更新之后‍♀️ app打不开!!当我打开它时,它会自动关闭。


App keeps crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times 应用程序不断崩溃。我卸载并重新安装了几次


I haven’t been able to get into my app for days. I deleted it and re-installed it three times. We recently moved and I was excited to start shopping! What’s going on with the app?? 我已经好几天没有进入我的应用程序了。我删除了它,然后重新安装了三遍。我们最近搬家了,我很高兴开始购物!应用程序是怎么回事?


Love shopping On Wayfair , always find what I’m looking for an prices and pretty competitive, HOWEVER the app is horrible , crashes for no reason and now won’t even stay open ! DEVELOPERS please look into this ! Thanks


The updated version keeps crashing 更新后的版本不断崩溃


App does nothing but crashes on all of my devices 应用程序除了在我的所有设备上崩溃之外什么都不做


Wow I’m so impressed with the quality, and details. Never thought of purchasing without seen it, was a good idea. But wow, blown away. Purchased 1 item. Now can’t stop ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 哇,我对质量和细节印象深刻。从来没有想过在没有看到的情况下购买,是个好主意。但是哇,吹走了。购买了1件商品。现在停不下来❤️❤️❤️❤️


I have enjoyed using this app but today, when I went to use the app, it wouldn’t open (crashes just as it’s beginning to open). I clicked on app support & it took me to Wayfair site (online) that says URL link doesn’t exist. My iPhone is updated to most recent version (14.4), the Wayfair app is also updated to its most recent update, turned my phone off/on & even deleted & reinstalled app. Still won’t open. Hoping that developers read these reviews & will remedy issue(s)? Thanks!
我很喜欢使用这个应用程序,但是今天,当我去使用这个应用程序时,它不会打开 (就像它开始打开一样崩溃)。我单击了应用程序支持,并将我带到了Wayfair网站 (在线),该网站说URL链接不存在。我的iPhone已更新为最新版本 (14.4),Wayfair应用程序也已更新为其最新更新,关闭/打开手机,甚至删除并重新安装了应用程序。还是打不开。希望开发人员阅读这些评论并将解决问题?谢谢!


I place an order with this app and the funny part is they took my money and two days later they come back and tell me the item is not available anymore so now I have to wait seven days for my money to get it back is this that a joke I’m totally not happy because the item is still available


App opens for less than a second, then sutra down. 应用程序打开不到一秒钟,然后sutra down。


I’ve tried deleting and downloading the app again and it keeps kicking me out and crashing. Please fix 我尝试再次删除并下载该应用程序,但它一直将我赶出去并崩溃。请修复


App keeps crashing all of a sudden. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled and doesn’t work. I use this app all the time so hoping for a fix ASAP. 应用程序突然崩溃。我已经卸载并重新安装,无法正常工作。我一直在使用此应用程序,因此希望尽快修复。


I have been a Wayfair user and customer for years but suddenly my app has stopped working. I try to open it but it closes instantly. Force closed app and tried again, same thing. Restarted phone and even deleted it and I still can’t open it without it instantly closing. To make matters worse I got on the App Store to see if I could find a solution and so I click app support on Wayfair app page to find that no such url exists...


I love Wayfair and am using it a ton for renovations but the app won’t stay open! I even deleted and reinstalled! 我喜欢Wayfair,并且正在大量使用它进行翻新,但该应用程序不会保持打开状态!我什至删除并重新安装!


I don’t know how they got almost 5 stars. I have ordered three times with “Wayfair” and two times out of three they have messed up my order. The latest debacle was a dining table that I ordered on January 1 came with the wrong base on January 20. On top of that today is February 9 and I still haven’t received the replacement parts. Way fair? Not at all. More like not at all fair at this point.
我不知道他们是怎么得到近5颗星的。我已经用 “Wayfair” 订购了3次,其中3次中有2次弄乱了我的订单。最近的崩溃是我在1月1日订购的餐桌,1月20日的餐桌底座错误。最重要的是今天是2月9日,我仍然没有收到替换零件。公平吗?不客气。更像是在这一点上完全不公平。