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冒险 模拟


- NEW playable Bosses! Boss creatures can now be used in battles and limited time events! - New creatures will be entering the park soon – come back daily for more details. - Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.


【图】Jurassic World™: The Game(截图 0)【图】Jurassic World™: The Game(截图 1)


Return to Isla Nublar with the creators of the smash hit Jurassic Park™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: The Game, the official mobile game based on this summer’s epic action-adventure. Bring to life more than 150 colossal dinosaurs from the new film and challenge your opponents in earth-shaking battles. Construct the theme park of tomorrow in this unrivaled build-and-battle dinosaur experience.

In order to build a winning Battle Arena team, you’ll need to design the most efficient and effective park, one that will allow your dinosaurs to thrive and evolve. Discover new and amazing species of dinosaurs by acquiring surprise-filled card packs. Join Owen, Claire and your favorite characters from the film as, daily, you feed and genetically enhance your dinosaurs. Now that the park is open, it’s time to make Jurassic World™ your own!

In Jurassic World™: The Game you will:

* Defy the laws of science as you COLLECT, HATCH & EVOLVE more than 200 unique dinosaurs!
* CONSTRUCT & UPGRADE iconic buildings & lush landscapes inspired by the film.
* CHALLENGE opponents from around the world in earth-shaking BATTLES!
* INTERACT with characters from the film as you navigate exciting new storylines & thrilling missions!
* ENHANCE your experience with Hasbro® Brawlasaurs™ toys – scan each toy dinosaur & battle with it directly in the game!
* CHOOSE from multiple card packs; each can bring a special dinosaur to life!
* EARN daily rewards such as coins, DNA & other essential resources.


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与红极一时的侏罗纪公园的创作者一起返回Isla Nublar™下一次冒险的建设者: 侏罗纪世界™: The Game,官方手机游戏基于今年夏天的史诗动作冒险。从新电影中带来150多个巨大的恐龙,并在惊天动地的战斗中挑战你的对手。在这种无与伦比的建造和战斗恐龙体验中建造明天的主题公园。


在侏罗纪世界™: 你会的游戏:

* 当你收集,孵化和进化200多个独特的恐龙时,无视科学定律!
* 建造和升级受电影启发的标志性建筑和郁郁葱葱的景观。
* 在惊天动地的战斗中挑战来自世界各地的对手!
* 与电影中的角色互动,当你浏览令人兴奋的新故事情节和激动人心的任务!
* 增强您对孩之宝的体验®Brawlasaurs™玩具-扫描每个玩具恐龙和直接在游戏中与它战斗!
* 从多个卡包中选择; 每个都可以给一只特殊的恐龙带来生命!
* 赚取每日奖励,如硬币,DNA和其他基本资源。



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This game is amazing I love jw or Jp the movies and they should realy and in a quetz or a feather raptor I can’t spell its name but ya that would be awesome I hope this game keeps thriving forever thx for a great game and keep making the movies


I love this game it’s super fun I’ve played it for a while. I’m a big dinosaur fanatic so finding new dinosaurs I never new about is cool and finally a game that actually has a Baryonyx. I know that they have a plethora of dinosaurs but I think it Might be nice if they added some more like not well known ones like the huheucanthalus or the microphaceycephalosuarus. I’m glad this game has a easy way to level up and make you move forward in the game by missions I just love see a chunk of xp being added. These are reasons why I think it should get so many good reviews. 👍🏻


I’d give it 5 stars if you added some sort of pvp mode that was free to play. Why does it cost 5 out of my cash stack just to enjoy playing the game. Seems kind of ridiculous to me. I might actually spend money on the game if you could actually play it. I get the waiting game dinosaurs hatch/evolve and you don’t want people rushing through the game. Well you could at least add a mode for downtime’s when you are waiting extended periods of time for dinosaurs/buildings/expansions so we can actually play your game.


Hello, Ludia! I am very excited to ask this question. Can you please add like a multiplayer mode so you could battle on your friends team and when your friends dinosaur is dead, then he can chat with you and tell you what is best for you to do. Can you also add a mode that you can look at someone else’s park? And when you click on your park level, it brings you to a code that your friends can type and visit your park. Also please add a new level 40 Alangasaurus and new level 40 T Rex? That is all I will say. Bye!
你好,卢迪亚!我非常兴奋地问这个问题。你能不能添加一个多人游戏模式,这样你就可以在你的朋友团队中战斗,当你的朋友恐龙死了,然后他可以和你聊天,告诉你什么对你最好。您还可以添加一个可以看别人的公园的模式吗?当你点击你的公园级别时,它会带你到你的朋友可以键入和参观你的公园的代码。另外请增加一个新的40级Alangasaurus和新的40级T Rex?这就是我要说的。再见!


I never played it but I got on it it said it needed my location and could track me so I deleted the app 我从未玩过它,但我上了它,说它需要我的位置并可以跟踪我,所以我删除了该应用程序


Super great and fun 超级伟大和有趣


Please add little little people that can come in the park and drive on the roads 请添加可以进入公园并在道路上行驶的小人物


This game is amazing and I am always excited to play it, but after watching the gaming beaver I found some tips and I want to restart my progress but I could not find anything on how to do it. PS. Even though I want to restart I still love this game and it brings tears to my eyes because I get the good memories of Jurassic park builder. Thank you! :) Also I couldn’t find a nickname that was available


My game keeps crashing exiting the game in one that does that you can still hear the status from game even when close it and when do events it keeps kick me out it say lost connection I just pay for my wifi need new update plz keep crashing my game


I think they need to 我认为他们需要


I LOVE IT because I love Jurassic movies and meh fav part of them is the Dino attack cuz is quite exciting 我喜欢它,因为我喜欢侏罗纪电影,我最喜欢的部分是恐龙袭击,因为非常令人兴奋


I read lots of comments they want it too 我读了很多他们也想要的评论


I seriously started this game this morning so it on a YouTube video, I paid the 9.99 to be a VIP played for about 2hr and then went to do some things around the house. I came back about 3 hrs later and it started me over WTH... FIX THIS PROBLEm


How do you place a gosh dang road 你如何放置一条该死的路


I really enjoyed this game and it is a game you will keep want to play. 我真的很喜欢这个游戏,这是您一直想玩的游戏。


So my connection , storage is fine. but I was playing Gryphosphere Battle or whatever and at the last battle I crashed and now I can’t even play the game pls fix I just wasted all my bucks and time as well.


So when I started playing I thought oh it’s gonna be a lame old game but when I played it I was addicted to playing this is a extremely extremely good game 所以当我开始玩的时候,我想哦,这将是一个蹩脚的老游戏,但是当我玩的时候,我沉迷于玩这是一个非常非常好的游戏


I played this game in 2016, but then I quit because of storage, but then I started playing it again, and it’s just flawless. I just line all the graphics and everything even the gameplay. I told my friend about it and he skips homework to play this game it’s amazing. Thanks for making it!


Great game fun and all i have vip so I could get more lottery rewards but I am so close to diamond and it say coming soon it won’t let me get diamond idk if it is a bug but FIX IT 很棒的游戏乐趣和我所有的贵宾,所以我可以得到更多的彩票奖励,但是我离钻石太近了,它说很快就会来,如果它是一个bug,它不会让我得到钻石idk,但是要修复它


Normally a fun game, but has some bugs. I pay monthly for the VIP program, as well as buy the occasional card pack. Just today, I bought a couple card packs to have enough loyalty points to get the maximum prize drop tickets for the titanoboa. I have many pet snakes in real life and have drooled over this dinosaur since I saw it was in the game. This app has a tendency of not giving you either what you paid for, or what you spent time watching ads to get. You give this game money or revenue and it will more than likely screw you over. Be cautious when buying the VIP program or the Fidelity program because the chances of you being screwed over are high.


This game is fun that's all I have to say I enjoyed playing 这个游戏很有趣,这就是我要说的,我喜欢玩




It’s way better than ark survivor 它比方舟幸存者好得多


Please lower the prices and make them worth it on the offers because you would have to pay $15 to have a good chance of legendary and even then it’s just a chance so if you really want us to buy stuff make it worth it and then I will think of buying


They have to start with 60000 each 他们必须从每个60000开始


Worst game EVER DO NOT GET SEE YOU ON A TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND GOOD GAME you shod be the Dino and go into the island please please please make it in the next update 有史以来最糟糕的游戏不会让您看到完全不同的好游戏,您应该成为Dino并进入岛屿,请在下一次更新中进行


The AI always knows what u do so u barely win. Sometimes they do something stupid but most of the time they know exactly what you’ll do. I tested this out as well. Same dinosaur same battle same levels, I just did two different games with two different moves, and it blocked it out or knew when or when not to attack perfectly. No coincidence, they know what ur doing. The rest of the ahem is okay but it’s really hard to get Dino’s and such. I miss the old version 3 years ago as it was a lot more fun and easier. PLS RECONSIDER AND LOOK BACK AT YOUR GAME AND MAKE SOME CHANGES SO ITS LIKE THE OLD VERSION. For example, the t-Rex is now in level 54 when it was at level 19. It makes the game a lot more fun when it is easier to play. Pls reconsider


It’s really fun and the 3D model’s are so good the tiny details is what makes the dinosaurs feel real. :3 这真的很有趣,3D模型非常好,微小的细节让恐龙感觉真实。:3


This game is so amazing that I love it 这个游戏太棒了,我喜欢它


I love this game and I it all the time Only complain is that to really do well and get a kickstart is you would probably have to become vip and spend a lot on in game purchases... But it’s still pretty fun


I absolutely loved this game. The creatures, the park, loved it. Even though this is my favorite game, I have some complaints. Some of the creatures such as Sacrosuches ( I don’t know how to spell it) and Elasmosaurs , are almost impossible to collect or unlock. So I recommend to make events to unlock those type of creatures. Thank you and happy Valentines Day! Your favorite, Eric 🦖
我绝对喜欢这个游戏。生物,公园,喜欢它。尽管这是我最喜欢的游戏,但我还是有一些抱怨。一些生物,例如Sacrosuches (我不知道如何拼写) 和Elasmosaurs,几乎不可能收集或解锁。所以我建议做事件来解锁这些类型的生物。谢谢你,情人节快乐!你最喜欢的,埃里克




This game is amazing! No glitches or bugs for me, and it really brought back the joy of playing the original Jurassic Park Builder! (Shut down in March 2020) 这个游戏太棒了!对我来说没有任何故障或错误,它确实带回了扮演侏罗纪公园原始建造者的乐趣!(2020年3月关闭)


This game is amazing and very entertaining and enjoyable 这个游戏很棒,非常有趣和愉快




I lost accounts with good stuff but I don’t mind starting all over I love this game it’s good it’s perfect it’s a game that I enjoy a lot Thanks:) 我失去了好东西的帐户,但我不介意从头开始,我喜欢这个游戏,这很好,很完美,这是我非常喜欢的游戏,谢谢 :)


Make a limit between 1 to 5 buildings/decorations at the trade harbor. 在贸易港限制1至5座建筑物/装饰。


This game is really fun and immersive for all players and has any cool aspects to it. It has planet of dinosaurs to collect and play with plus the addition of being able to evolve and fuse creatures! You can even make super hybrids! This is a really fun game and I would recommend it!


Just amazing


God works hard, but Ludia devs work harder apparently. One suggestion per class: Deinonychus Dryosaurus Cryodrakon Purussaurus Livyatan Bracauchenius Opthalmosaurus Platybelodon Daeodon Argentavis 上帝努力工作,但Ludia devs显然更加努力。每个班级一个建议: 恐爪龙Dryosaurus Cryodrakon Purussaurus Livyatan Bracauchenius Opthalmosaurus Platybelodon Daeodon Argentavis


Is Super fun for kids and never gets home 对孩子们来说超级有趣,永远不会回家


Alright so first off, this game has a lot of potential. It really does. But the battle thing is infuriating. I have won about 3 battles out of like 55. None of which were PvP, mind you. The reason for this, is that every time I decide to attack, and 2 or more points of action are available, the attack almost always combines with the defense, making the attack less powerful. But the thing is, it only happens for me. For My foe, this almost never happens, making it EXTREMELY difficult to deal damage to them, let alone win. All in all, I give the battle a 0 out of 5 stars. Now, onto getting Dinos. So, the thing is, it’s SUPER hard to get Dinos. The card packs always give me common Dinos. ALWAYS!!! Never rare Dinos, never super rare Dinos, never legendary Dinos. Only common. I literally have around 8 tropegnathus or something in my market. It’s also super hard to get food because you have to either win a battle, or buy it with game currency (which is also gotten by winning battles or getting Dinos). Your Dinos will start out with needing around 200 or 300 food each, but then they start needing thousands and thousands of food each. If you do not feed them or cannot feed them, I’m guessing they die. Also, your Dinos will not even do anything. They will just stand there until you feed them. And when you feed them, the just walk forward, take a bite, and walk back word! And they purr if you pet them, or roar if you make them mad. And the sounds are NOT correct. They reused the raptor sounds for the Guanlong, the Utahraptor, the Pyroraptor, and the DILOPHISAURUS!!! They owned the Dilo noise, and they still reuse it. INFURIATING!!! Also I only know what Pyroraptor sounds like in the game because of in battles. Now, there is only one thing left: updating. I know, this does not seem like it would be frustrating, but do not be fooled. First of all, it takes FOREVER!!! Mine took about about 30 - 45 minutes to finish. It’s like restarting your phone. And it takes up 2 and a half GB!!! That’s as much GB as the game itself. And you can’t play the game if you can’t update it!!! But that’s enough bad things, now on to why I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 star. The graphics are gorgeous. It seems almost like real life! But I wish that you could see what they eat. Anyway, that’s about it. Please fix that battle problem with the mixups!
好吧,首先,这款游戏具有很大的潜力。确实如此。但是战斗的事情令人愤怒。我赢得了大约55场战斗中的3场。请注意,这些都不是PvP。这样做的原因是,每次我决定进行攻击时,并且有2个或更多的动作点可用,攻击几乎总是与防御结合在一起,从而使攻击的威力降低。但问题是,这只会发生在我身上。对于我的敌人来说,这几乎从未发生过,因此很难对他们造成伤害,更不用说获胜了。总而言之,我给战斗5颗星中的0颗。现在,去吃恐龙。所以,问题是,很难得到恐龙。卡包总是给我普通的恐龙。永远!从不稀有恐龙,从不超级稀有恐龙,从不传奇恐龙。只是普通的。我的市场上有大约8个tropegnatus或其他东西。获得食物也非常困难,因为您必须赢得一场战斗,或者用游戏币购买 (这也可以通过赢得战斗或获得Dinos来获得)。你的恐龙开始需要大约200或300种食物,但随后他们开始需要成千上万的食物。如果您不喂它们或不能喂它们,我猜它们会死。另外,您的恐龙甚至不会做任何事情。他们会站在那里,直到你喂他们。当您喂食它们时,只需向前走,咬一口,然后回话!如果你抚摸它们,它们会发出呼噜声,如果你让它们发疯,它们会咆哮。声音不正确。他们将猛禽的声音重新用于关龙,Utahraptor,Pyroraptor和DILOPHISAURUS!他们拥有Dilo噪音,但仍在重复使用。令人发指!另外,由于战斗,我只知道Pyroraptor在游戏中听起来像什么。现在,只剩下一件事: 更新。我知道,这似乎不会令人沮丧,但不要上当。首先,它需要永远!我的花了大约30 - 45分钟才完成。就像重新启动手机一样。它需要2个半GB!与游戏本身一样多的GB。如果您无法更新游戏,则无法玩游戏!但这已经够糟糕的了,现在我为什么给这2星而不是1星。图形非常漂亮。这似乎几乎像现实生活!但我希望你能看到他们吃什么。不管怎样,就是这样。请用混音解决战斗问题!


I love this game i just loveGenetically engineer ring dinosaurs been muted in them with other species of dinosaurs. 我喜欢这个游戏,我只是喜欢基因工程师环恐龙与其他种类的恐龙在它们中被静音。


The best game I have ever played I found this game because of the gaming beaver Ludia you are amazing for making this game please don’t remove it thank you 我玩过的最好的游戏我发现这个游戏是因为游戏海狸Ludia你做这个游戏真是太棒了,请不要删除它谢谢


The game has amazing graphics and amazing characters and you add them so commonly one thing I don’t like is that you sit there for hours. 游戏具有惊人的图形和惊人的角色,您通常会添加它们,我不喜欢的一件事是您坐在那里几个小时。


I love dinosaurs and I bot the meber ship 我喜欢恐龙,我喜欢这艘船


Game is actually so bad, it’s pay to win and even when you pay 100s you only get so far. The game puts you in matches where you have to use your best creatures from round 1 and you can’t win anything because you don’t have bucks or any better creature to play with. Another thing, I got the twenty percent warning and lost my match with my best dinosaurs, now I have to wait two days to get them back? No way this game this greedy for bucks
游戏实际上是如此糟糕,赢得胜利是值得的,即使您支付100美元,您也只能到目前为止。游戏让你在比赛中,你必须使用你最好的生物从第一轮,你不能赢得任何东西,因为你没有雄鹿或任何更好的生物玩。还有一件事,我得到了20% 的警告,输掉了我最好的恐龙的比赛,现在我要等两天才能把它们拿回来?这个游戏不可能如此贪婪


My son has been playing this game for months so I decided to download it to play along side. It’s been fun comparing card packs and battling but I had an issue happen that wiped out most of my in game resources. I was scrolling thru card packs and instead of the packs sliding along the side scroll, it selected one of the most expensive packs and purchased it. No conformation, just purchased it and wiped out MONTHS of resources I was saving. When I messaged support to have it reversed, they said accidental purchases cannot be undone. This was more then an accidental purchase....it was a game glitch that cost me months of time in the game. When I asked for my issue to be escalated they just closed my request. I’m a paying customer that wasn’t even asking for money back or anything like that, just to reverse a glitch. Beware for when you actually have a worse issue then me.
我儿子玩这个游戏已经好几个月了,所以我决定下载它一起玩。比较卡片包和战斗很有趣,但是我遇到了一个问题,使我的大部分游戏资源都消失了。我正在滚动卡片包,而不是沿着侧面滚动滑动,而是选择了最昂贵的包之一并购买了它。没有确认,只是购买了它,并消灭了我节省的几个月的资源。当我向支持部门发送消息以将其撤消时,他们说意外购买无法撤消。这不仅仅是一次偶然的购买…… 这是一个游戏故障,使我在游戏中花费了几个月的时间。当我要求升级我的问题时,他们刚刚关闭了我的请求。我是一个付费客户,甚至都没有要求退款或类似的东西,只是为了扭转故障。当你真的有比我更糟糕的问题时,要小心。


Logged into a new device a year later and lost all my progress had to start from level 10. 一年后登录到新设备,失去了我所有的进步,必须从10级开始。


I also watched all movies Jurassic park/lost world for Jurassic park/Jurassic park 3/Jurassic world/Jurassic world fallen kingdom 我也看了所有电影《侏罗纪公园/侏罗纪公园失落的世界》/《侏罗纪公园3》/《侏罗纪世界堕落王国》