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* Turkish translations & Accessibility fixes (Thanks Ugur) * Share puzzle improvements


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Chess puzzles are an ideal way to practice without having to find an opponent or spend time playing an actual game. iChess presents 1000 offline puzzles from real FIDE tournament games. Just launch and start solving!

******* The popular Chess app is now on iOS!

– Three difficulty levels. All puzzles are offline. No internet connection required
– Load your own PGN puzzle file by saving the PGN to the iChess Documents folder (via Mac/PC). Games in Chessbase CBH format not supported. You can also practice openings or study famous games. Simply load a full PGN of games and make the best move.
– Bird View feature to view Solved/Failed and unseen puzzles.
– Scorecard to track your progress
– Analyze the puzzle with a Chess Engine! (Needs separate Analyze This app)
– Master Chess openings by solving chess tactics from openings like Sicilian, Kings Indian etc (not free)
– Solve puzzles from top recent tournament chess games (not free)

* Some puzzles simply win a pawn or a piece and not necessarily end in checkmate
* Puzzles are arranged in increasing order of difficulty
* This is not an app to play chess online or play against the mobile or with friends
* Thanks to theweekinchess.com and pgnmentor.com for the free PGN files

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Enjoy solving puzzles from games of World Champ Anand, Magnus Carlsen, Kramnik, Aronian, Nakamura, Gelfand, Radjabov, Polgar and others.
Stay up to date with puzzles from games played in Tata Steel, London Chess Classic, Chess Olympiad, World Championship, European Teams, Candidates, Alekhine mem etc.

Additional puzzles (Recent Months, Mate themes, Openings etc) available for purchase via the App


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一个简单的棋盘和一个没有移动限制的国际象棋钟。作为真正的董事会自由移动。 当前的功能是: 自由移动碎片,添加或移除它们。 • 撤消/重做最后一个动作。 旋转木板和/或碎片。 使用跳棋游戏作品。 保存/加载位置供以后使用,或者在不再需要时删除它们 (滑动它们)。国际象棋和跳棋的起始位置可用。 • 使用国际象棋时钟,您可以在其中配置初始时间,..
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Chess puzzles are an ideal way to pr..
Chess puzzles are an ideal way to practice without having to find an opponent or spend time playing an actual game. iChess presents 1000 offline puzzles from real FIDE tournament g..





Using the linked analysis occasionally shows that your opponent mad a bad move which you couldn’t possibly predict. Master puzzle 35 is an example. If you can’t understand a puzzle solution


Best part about this app is that you can load your own tactics PGN files into it and use those. It’s great! Would love it if the computer would randomly play secondary variations sometimes. Either way this is just a great tactic app.


Love the app, huge fan. Only problem is I can’t restore my previous purchases. Worked one time to install the puzzles but every time I play it, the app crashes. 😞


Works well. I like choosing the level (normal to harder). Excellent integration with Analyze This app, which helps to understand puzzles. I’d like to review puzzles I missed, but that information is not available. Maybe color the puzzle number with red instead of green for missed puzzles in Bird View? The numerical score isn’t very useful. Maybe give an estimated ELO number instead? I think lichess does that.


You get a lot of practice here with a wide variety of positions for free.


Both are excellent at helping study tactics for improvement! Both allow you to purchase more puzzles but iChess leads by a huge margin. The interfaces are simple and attractive, Chess Tactics more so. To continue game play after a puzzle is finished, Chess Tactics has a built in chess engine of modest strength and iChess integrates with the free “Analyze This” app using the powerhouse Stockfish 8 chess engine. It is accessed with a simple click on a screen icon. Analyze This is a powerful, feature-rich chess app and provides depth analysis for up to 10 lines play and allows variations. Using Analyze This has tremendous value. Both track your progress with Chess Tactics providing a FIDE rating “guess”. Unplayed puzzles - Chess Tactics shows small game boards with the puzzles’ number and a check mark if played versus iChess displaying a large table of numbers (marked green if played). Both have reset buttons available. I use both, BUT tend to use iChess much more because - 1) it has more specialized puzzles, 2) Analyze This can be used for analysis and is so easy to access, and 3) iChess starts you with a huge number of puzzles.


I have a 1.5m PGN file, including 5000 puzzles. But iChess can’t open it and exit without warning. Hope you can improve this App.


I'm not an experienced enough chess player to say whether or not the puzzle solutions are the best of all possible moves, but they seem solid to me. I like the puzzles because they are from all stages of the game, not just endgames. The thing I struggle with the most is recognizing the best moves in early/mid games (especially at the transition between the two) - this app is a fun learning tool.


I just loved it.


Great app, thanks.


I use this app while I'm at work throughout the day and I have seen a huge improvement in my games. My only complaint is that there is no option to remove the red dots that tell you where the piece can move.


There have been several instances where MUCH better moves were available and could have been made, but the player and developer of the app couldn't find them and thus considered them failed moves. It's clear that the developer isn't too good with chess, himself.


All the puzzles are from real games, which makes them practical, not fanciful. The task is: "Find the best move for White [or Black]," which is THE best way to present puzzles since that is always your task in a game. That way there's no hint. (Unless you ask for it.) Sometimes the best move yields mate; sometimes just a piece, an Exchange or a pawn. This app interfaces seemlessly with Analyze This, which has the strong Stockfish8 engine. I'm a fairly strong player, but unlike "Stupid" -- whose argument-by-assertion review should be discounted as useless -- and one other reviewer, I have NOT found many instances where there is a "much better move" than the answer move. If I think that's happened, a bit more examination on my part -- sometimes with Analyze This -- reveals why the answer move is more efficient, or more direct, or at least more elegant -- or why (😣) my move was just plain wrong. Usually, it's the latter, confirmed by the computer. There are instances where there are more ways to win than one, but Asim can pick only one, and he picks arguably the best, being the shortest, clearest or most elegant. I don't care a whit about my "score," just that my pattern recognition, and therefore my tactics, are improving -- and they have been, definitely. The "bird view" lets you keep track of which puzzles in a set you have done successfully and which you've missed. You can reset the whole set and retry everything, or just redo the ones you missed. With iPhone 6S or smaller, if you care about your score (as I said, I don't), be careful not to inadvertently touch the wrong square while moving. This is a very satisfying app that you can easily use and learn from for hours at a time -- or even for just a few minutes while you're waiting in line. It can't help but improve your pattern recognition and therefore your tactics game. The app operates smoothly and stablely. It's VERY generous with free puzzles, and the ones you can purchase are very reasonably priced. This is a super app. [Edit 2016-11-5: JeffyBear mentions an error in puzzle Normal 273 involving a bishop, but there is no bishop in that puzzle. So either JeffyBear erred or Asim substituted a new puzzle already, which speaks very well about Asim's dedication to this app.][Edit 2016-11-12]


I like doing these puzzles and they have improved my chess. They really make you think! I have found a few errors where there is an equally good alternative line or a refutation of the official solution. (Example: in the 273 Normal puzzle black takes the bishop but playing Qf3 instead prevents the checkmate.) But those errors are very rare. So just enjoy the puzzles for training and fun. Don't spend too much time on any one puzzle if you can't find an answer and don't worry too much about your score.


The best tactics app out there, especially with the import-your-own PGN feature add-on. Also, the developer has been quick to respond to my reports of bugs and problems.


This app is the best... All from this developer rock


Finally an app that lets me import my own pgn puzzle files! I'm having a lot of fun with this app! Worth the money.


it is


Fun app, well designed, packed with great challenges. It keeps track of stats. Support is SOLID.




Needs to solve the force closing problem. App just crashes frequently, please fix.


Don't bother with it. Forces closes so often you can't even give feedback. Much less solve the puzzles


The app needs update it keeps crashing with ios 8, It's waste of money


Really enjoy this app and it has helped improve me from a piece pusher to something a little bit more. But it gets buggy and closes its self.


Great for training as long as one's score doesn't matter. Extremely frustrating that it only gives credit for solutions that match the actual game even when they're weaker than the move found by the solver. Wish I could turn off the score keeping.


Love this app but since the new ios8 update all I get is crashing! Please fix soon!


This app is Amazing a couldn't Nielsen how easy it was to study tactics until this app


The purchase didn't work. Please don't waste your hard earn money. I paid for the puzzle nothing downloaded it just asked me to pay again. Emailed asim he replied didn't know! It's not a big money but it's ridiculous. Negative 1000 stars if possible.


I just wish the developer added a toggle off for the beginner "dots" that appear when you click on a chess piece. Crashing is rare, but when it happens it is a little annoying, so I hope that is fixed!


My paid puzzles not working.


Taken from actual master play. The tactics training app I've always wanted.


I love this. Multiple levels of difficulty. Great brain workout.




Not a bad app. However it is not upgraded for iOS 7. Also the puzzles are too easy. Poor graphics.


Very buggy. Lots of crashes & freezes


Wonderful app works well


I'm having a lot of issues under iOS7 on my iPad. I made it 19 puzzles on my first go and then 7 on the second before the app crashes and starts me back on puzzle #1.




Another great app by our chess fan Assim Pereira