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mynah is a groundbreaking iOS app designed to transform the way you interact with the digital world, making every notification a moment of insight and reflection. In an age where our smartphones are the gateways to endless information and distraction, mynah stands out by offering a pocketful of insights, guiding you to take control of your notifications and focus on messages that truly deserve your attention. With mynah, your phone isn’t just a tool for communication; it becomes a portal to philosophy, a companion in your journey towards understanding and wisdom.

Serendipitous Insights Throughout the Day
Imagine receiving nuggets of wisdom at just the right moments throughout your day. mynah serendipitously sends you messages, not just any messages, but profound insights and thought-provoking ideas that make you pause and reflect. These are not random interruptions but carefully curated insights designed to enrich your day and provoke contemplation. Whether you’re waiting in line for your morning coffee or taking a moment to breathe between meetings, mynah ensures that these moments are filled with meaningful reflections.

A Portal to Philosophy
mynah is not just an app; it’s a gateway to perennial ideas and philosophical thoughts. It allows your phone to become more than just a device; it transforms it into a source of wisdom and a space for learning. With mynah, every notification is an opportunity to explore complex ideas and timeless wisdom from across cultures and centuries, making philosophy accessible and integrated into your daily life.

Perennial Ideas Delivered Directly to Your Pocket
mynah is built on the principle that some ideas are too important to be forgotten, ideas that have stood the test of time and continue to offer value and insight into the human condition. These perennial ideas are delivered directly to your pocket, ensuring that amidst the chaos of daily life, you have access to insights that anchor and guide you.

Save the Ones That Ring True
mynah understands that not every insight will resonate with everyone in the same way. That’s why it offers the ability to save the insights that strike a chord with you. These saved insights create a personal repository of wisdom that you can return to whenever you need guidance, inspiration, or simply a reminder of what truly matters.

Curate Your Circle of Wisdom
mynah encourages you to curate your circle of wisdom by selecting characters, philosophers, and thinkers from whom you wish to draw insights. This unique feature allows you to tailor your experience, ensuring that the insights you receive are aligned with your interests and the areas of life you’re seeking to explore further. Explore new ideas, or delve deeper into the wisdom of those you already admire.

Tailored Insights: Customize your experience by selecting philosophers that resonate with you, ensuring that every insight you receive is meaningful and relevant.
Randomly Timed Wisdom: Receive insights at various points throughout the day, designed to surprise and engage you in moments of reflection.
Save and Reflect: Easily save insights that resonate with you, creating a personalized library of wisdom to reflect upon.
Minimalist Design: Enjoy a beautifully designed interface that puts content at the forefront, free from distractions and clutter.
Privacy-Focused: mynah respects your privacy, operating without the need for personal data or intrusive permissions.

Allow mynah into your life and inch closer to perennial wisdom delivered to you every day. mynah is more than just an app; it’s a movement towards a more mindful, reflective, and insightful interaction with our digital devices. Transform your phone from a source of distraction into a source of wisdom with mynah, and embark on a journey of philosophical discovery and personal growth.


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mynah is a groundbreaking iOS app de..
mynah is a groundbreaking iOS app designed to transform the way you interact with the digital world, making every notification a moment of insight and reflection. In an age where o..