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This update contains a fix for the performance of auto sync between phones. If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch through the Help option in the app menu or directly to support@myshiftplanner.com

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My Shift Planner应用简介

My Shift Planner – designed for shift work, and the easiest app in the store to setup.

Do you work shifts? Download now for free and gain back control of your shift work diary.

300,000+ shift workers, from nurses to retail employees, all across the world are already enjoying our shift planning features each day!

What features can we offer a shift worker?

– Automated shift schedules via an easy to use color coded calendar
– Calculates hours, overtime and annual leave via time reports and tracking tools *
– Sync with your device calendar to manage your work, social, and family events in one place.*
– Most common shift patterns and rotas built-in!
o 4 On/4 Off
o DuPont Schedule
o Days/Nights
o Early/Late
o Continental Pattern
o Custom Repeating Patterns
o Non-repeating patterns
– Set reminders and customize alert sound effect.*
– Caters for public holidays in over 23 countries
– Add notes to your shifts
– Supports split shifts and week numbers
– Supports 24 hour shifts
– Add your pay days
– Supports holidays, rest days, overtime, on-call, training and recurring paydays.
– Full customization of shift type names, times and colors.
– Choose from 3 app styles – Light, Dark and Classic
– Today Widget included
– TouchID and FaceID protection for your app
– Works on both iPhone and iPad.
– Sync data between your devices.
– Sync the app with your device calendar*
– Show personal appointments in your app*
– Email and share your shift pattern information.
– See a report of normal and overtime hours worked*
– Track your holiday/annual leave allowance*
– Live Share your roster with your family, friends and colleagues*
– Supports multiple personal calendars
– Regular updates with new features, fixes and improvements.

My Shift Planner Is Designed For:
– Police
– Firefighters
– Nurses
– Doctors
– Paramedics
– Subway Workers
– Bus Drivers
– Truckers
– Pilots and Airline Crew
– Airport and Check-in Workers
– Call Centre Workers
– Supermarket Workers
– Emergency Worker
– Military
– Security Guards
– Bartenders
– Waiters and Waitresses
– All who works random hours and days.

My Shift Planner is available for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 8.1 to run. Works best on iPhone 6S or later.

If you need more features, MyShiftPlanner comes with an add-on Pro-pack that can be purchased to enhance the functionality of the app.

The Pro-Pack is a one-off purchase. It activates the following features:

*Calendar Sync – pull events from your device calendar to show in the app, and/or push your shifts into your device calendar for use with other apps
*Multiple Shifts on a day – add a second shift to any day
*Multiple Calendars – create more calendars to track second job, or a partner’s shift rota.
*Calendar Overlay – see two of your calendars, or a shared calendar together
*Custom Icons – add to your calendar to keep track of personal appointments or special shifts
*Sharing – share your calendar with other MyShiftPlanner users (such as partner or colleagues)
*Repeating Pay Schedules – set up the payday schedule to show in your calendar automatically
*Work Time Report – track worked hours, overtime and annual leave for any period
*Shift Reminders – make sure you never miss a shift. Setup for all or individual shifts
*Leave Allowance and Tracking – track your annual leave in hours or days. Add leave to the calendar and make sure you make full use of your yearly allowance
*Removal of all adverts

• Privacy policy: https://www.myshiftplanner.com/privacy-policy/
• Terms of Use: https://www.myshiftplanner.com/terms-of-use/

If you experience problems installing or using My Shift Planner, please contact us via our Facebook page or support@myshiftplanner.co.uk as we’d be more than happy to help.

Please give us the opportunity to help solve your issues before submitting bad reviews. We’re here to help you and want to show you why we’re so proud of My Shift Planner.

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