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Audiostar Multitrack Mixer应用简介

Powerful multitrack digital recording mixer. Great for laying down vocal and instrument tracks, capturing sound effects, recording practice sessions, and more!

Fully featured portable recording studio for serious sound enthusiasts. Also functions as a sophisticated and easy to use general purpose audio recorder with file sharing.

Now you can download your recordings through iTunes and import them into your favorite audio editor for a truly professional recording experience. Also, customize your background image with one of our included pictures or one from your photo album!

• Selectable Recording Quality Setting
• iTunes and Email File Sharing of Recorded Tracks
• Real-Time Audio Input and Output Level Display
• Professional High Quality Audio Recordings
• Personalized Background Image
• 4-Track Recording Mixer
• Synchronized Playback
• Auto-Extend Session
• Session Lock Control
• Duplicate Session
• Rename Session
• Track Muting
• Session Notes
• Plus more!

Comes with built in comprehensive User Guide!

• Musicians
• Singers
• Sound Effects Specialists
• Recording Engineers

And anyone else who wants high-quality digital recordings they can share with family, friends, and business associates.

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Find it at: www.castiv.com

DEVICE COMPATABILITY: Audiostar works on all iPhones and iPods running iOS 8 and higher.

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