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ESPN Fantasy Football is back for another season in the #1 fantasy sports app, alongside fantasy basketball, hockey, baseball, and our uber-fun prediction game, Streak. All ESPN games are completely free to play.

-Create a fantasy football, basketball, baseball, or hockey league to play with friends or join an existing league to compete against other fans. You can play our standard game or customize the rules to your liking.
-Sign up, draft your fantasy team, edit your lineup, add players, and make trades.
-Get player rankings, projections, and analysis from the most trusted names in fantasy sports, including Matthew Berry.
-Follow your players all season long with live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring.
-Predict the winners for biggest matchups in sports each day in Streak for a chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights. Test your sports knowledge against ESPN experts, friends, family, and other fans.
-Customize your teams with hundreds of exclusive, free team logos. From ESPN personalities to your favorite superhero, there’s something for everyone.
-Subscribe to alerts and get the latest videos and news for the players on your roster, right as news breaks.

Live Streaming with your TV provider:
-Select live programs from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network are all available to stream live in the ESPN Fantasy App. Access to live video is determined by your TV provider and package and, in some instances, your Internet service provider.
-Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especially play-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that’s on-air won’t match the schedule that’s online. If you have specific schedule questions, please contact the station directly by visiting their website.

ESPN+ Subscription Terms:
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-Your subscription may be managed, and you can turn off auto-renewal, by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.
-No refunds for the current subscription period are granted. Cancellations of the current subscription take effect at the conclusion of the current subscription period.

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ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement – https://es.pn/plus-terms

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ESPN fantasy is a great way to set up your fantasy league with your friends and family. You can easily change the league settings and members of the league.


The drop down for 7,15,and 30 day stat view does not work as design. When a specific duration is selected it is assumed stats will show up for only that duration and instead of shows entire season stats across all incremental durations.


Fix the freaking site it says unable to load or sorry there is a problem always something wrong with it evertime


Won’t let me reset my password.


Really fun


ESPN fantasy has been fine but this app has been very frustrating for our league members. There are a number of inconsistencies between the desktop/website fantasy page and what appears in the app. Polls and messages posted on one are difficult to find (or in the case of polls embedded within a message post, nonexistent from other views). An equally frustrating problem is the limited functionality within the app for auctions (salary cap drafts). You can’t nominate a player at a cost higher than $1. You can’t enter a bid amount - you are only able to bid $1 higher than the last bid. Unfortunately, it’s clear that whoever designed the app is not an auction (salary cap) fantasy player and it seems like the functionalities were not fully tested.


Whatever bug is happening right now with the bug with the date in the fantasy hockey app is making it essentially useless. Can't set a lineup day of. Can't see stats day of. Works on desktop. Please resolve.


I went to check my teams, It went to the sign in screen and I signed in and lost all my teams!! Please help.


UI is clunky. Has limitations vs all other fantasy apps. And the one thing I use daily, Streak, continually has issues with the “discuss” section where it won’t even load. C’mon ESPN / Disney, you can do better!


A couple of friends are in a fantasy bball league. App is simple to use and straightforward. User friendly for sure. The only downside in my eyes is the matchup acquisition limit and space for injured/injured reserve players. It should be more than one player allowed who is temporarily out. Either way it’s not really a deal breaker for me. Enjoy and happy playing!


Need your email




Football version of the app works great. Basketball is a completely different story. The calendar is terrible, half the time I can’t change my lineups or make waiver claims because of current matchups or something, most of the time I go and check my matchup scores, all player scores are 0. It’s terrible. Football good, basketball bad.


Was checking my teams last night and lost all of them ! Tried rebooting my iPhone to see if I could get them back was sent to page to sign up again ! I deleted app on my phone and won’t play their fantasy sports ever again ! If you do make sure you have back up .... I’ve been playing for years first time this has ever happened to me and I assure it’s the last !!! I’ll stick with Yahoo for all my fantasy sports teams from now on !! You might consider using them also !!!👍👍


4 I got logged out


Glitch-filled and easy for commissioner cheating. Waste of time.


I am in a fantasy baseball league with my uncle, brother, and grandpa. We have a ton of fun on this app, but it’s not perfect. It has occasionally logged us out of the account. Also, as our draft approaches, we are trading picks, and we have to make a weird maneuver to make it work. We have to tell the other who to draft then trade who we got at the other slot. It would be a lot easier if there was just a way to trade picks. Also, the logging out glitch is bad. I already mentioned it, but it really messes it up that Mike Trout can ride the bench for a season while putting up career stats because you can’t remember your password. That’s all I have to say, but don’t think because of my critiques that it’s a bad app. Far from it. We love it, but these are some edits that might need to be considered.


It’s sad that STILL after all these years I have to go to the desktop site for official scores. This app is fine from a UX perspective, but for years it fails at its most important, singular job: reporting accurate scores. Sometimes it just ignores some players’ points and counts others - sometimes, like this morning, it hasn’t refreshed to account for the new day and just adds the points from yesterday onto my total. How is there not a single source of truth that both the website and mobile app pull from for fantasy points? And how has this been allowed to continue for years now? Ever since ESPN did their redesign a few years back, they ditched functionality for a flashy new design. If my league was not so set in their ways I would’ve migrated them to another service years ago.




When o first got the app it worked just fine, but a few days later it stayed I had no internet connection even tho I had full WiFi and four bars. I tried again but it did not worked. I deleted the app and reinstalled but I did not work again. I tried every thing but it does not work.


I competed and made my dream team! U can check everyday to see how your team is doing, and make trades


Cancel culture


Fun, easy and lots of good info!


Fantasy espn is solid and it has its ups and downs


I have played in ESPN fantasy for 6 years and have had no issues. Compared to others my rating is #1.






Love it it’s so useful


ESPN fantasy is terrible compared to yahoo fantasy app. I’ve had two different leagues in both apps and ESPN fantasy app made me want to quit my league. I just focus on my yahoo fantasy. In yahoo you’re able to start active players through the click of a button. You can even start active players through the week. The UI is 10 times better than ESPN and makes it easy to view everything you need. Yahoo is faster, easier to use, and nicer to look at it. I will never join a fantasy league if it’s in ESPN ever in my life. Even if Lebron Ramon James is in the league himself, I won’t join if they’re using ESPN fantasy app.


This afternoon I opened the app to find that my teams had been deleted from my profile.


Greatest fantasy app


Currently missing out on fantasy points at the moment due to a game that’s ongoing, but is not projecting properly through the app. The whole league is affected and no one has points showing for their respective players.


HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET AN IDEA OF HOW GOOD AN INJURED PLAYER WAS IF I CANT SEE THE GAME LOG OF HIS STATS PRIOR TO THE INJURY??????! App used to have this option but the update now prevents seeing a players stats for more than a week. Great app otherwise


It’s really good


The discussion in Streak won’t work. It just shows it’s loading and never loads. I’ve tried everything. I’ve logged out, deleted the app and started over. I’ve contacted support and it was no help.


You can no longer get to the discussion boards on Streak! Get your act together ESPN!!! This has been a problem for over a month-it’s ridiculous-just get it fixed!!


Enjoy it greatly! Keep up the great work


Espn should be embarrassed as how portly this app performs. It’s slow, info is unbelievably inaccurate and they continuously get starting goalie info wrong. Espn fantasy hockey also does a very poor job at keeping players info up to date and they make it extremely hard to run a fantasy league. There have been countless times where there are players who are injured that espn has not recognized as injured and have them as healthy. It’s pathetic I will be moving my league onto another platform for next season. Oh and the absolute worst thing is when you set your lineup and click save, it doesn’t even save the updated lineup. I’ve have this happen on 5 different occasions where team owners have messaged me saying they put certain players in their lineup and when they go check there lineup later that day, some or all of those players are on the bench, even when they put those players in their lineup and clicked the “save button”. If you couldn’t already tell this is a pretty serious league and ESPN is not equipped for real fantasy leagues and managers. Overall, espn is a NO GO for fantasy hockey. No way football is any better. If I could give it 0 stars I would.


COVID special


you can only do 10% of what is available on a desktop. only a handful of articles are available on the home screen and you can’t look any farther than 7 games into a players history, which is garbage.


Great app and best way to play fantasy sports


It’s pretty glitchy. The app often displays incorrect scores when playing against an opponent. Usually, it’s numbers from earlier in the week. I’ve had the app try to make me manage the IR of the opposing team which resulted in an error and unable to manage my own. I can see previous year statistics of players that aren’t on a team but can’t see my own players statistics. I don’t care about other sport fantasy's and so the homepage doesn’t prioritize people who often only play in one sport fantasy’s.


Trying to remove players from IR and it won’t let me.


This game is so awesome draft a team and you could win and earn money


This is very good I recommend playing it has very many modes


This is a great app. The only issue that I have come across is when looking at player stats the longer you scroll down the stars start to become misaligned and you can't tell what stats go to what players. Other than that everything is good


Why can’t I get into the ‘discuss’ part of the streak? You keep saying you’re working on it but still nothing. Very frustrating


Writing this review in hopes that someone will update the app in hopes that the discussion board will load.


Every once in a while I can access the app because “it can’t connect to the network” or something, even when I’m obviously connected to the internet. Only solution is to delete app and re-download.


Playing ESPN fantasy games is the next best thing to playing