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Latest Kerala News in Malayalam and English. Local News with Live News Coverage, Sports News, National and International News, Movie Reviews, Entertainment News, Lifestyle, Technology News, News Headlines of the Hour, Daily News Summary and coverage. Best Malayalam News App from the most trusted Kerala Newspaper, Malayala Manorama.

Malayala Manorama News app, which serves you latest Malayalam News and English news and our award-winning journalism and Mobile apps.

Experience Manoramaonline’s Kerala and India news along with entertainment and informative content with overall coverage that blends the best from print, Internet and TV.

Latest updates , comprehensive coverage and equal focus on Current Affairs, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Cricket and Business from Manoramaonline,Manoramanews and Onmanorama.

The new release is packed with more news per section, sub sections, photos & video galleries, local news from all 14 districts, pravasi news etc.

The application also gives Live Cricket scores and a complete scorecard. The new Currency Exchange Rates will come handy for NRIs and travellers alike.

Get engaged with the happening news by expressing your opinions and views as comments and even reply to the comments that are already present.
Users need not worry about the speed of the Internet, the all new Manoramaonline News app is fully optimized to load news in split seconds even in low speed connections.

Easy to navigate from sections to subsections and back with new slider menu function.

This amazing application is brought to you by Manoramaonline.com, one of the largest news portals in the world with an average of 700 million page views a month.


Innovative design

English and Malayalam Editions

Language option for news alert (English & Malayalam)

Commenting and Mood setting

Save news and read it later

Customizable menu

Related Articles

Offline reading

Rich media news notifications

Tag Cloud Support -Click on a word to get related news

More news per section Articles with more images and videos

Details of currency exchange rates

Preset font size suited to your requirement

Flash News Malayalam

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Why i need to sign in each time after i close the app??


Manoramaonline got several international awards for news coverage, layout and user interface. Manoramaonline is the true leader in all aspects in Regional news. There is no other news application in Malayalam which is better than this.