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Jewels Master游戏截图

【图】Jewels Master – Free Triple Match Game(截图1)【图】Jewels Master – Free Triple Match Game(截图2)【图】Jewels Master – Free Triple Match Game(截图3)

Jewels Master游戏简介

Enjoy this incredible Tetris-like puzzle game! With colorful graphics and addictive game play, Jewels Master takes the “falling blocks” game style to a whole new level.

Get ready to have hours of fun with Jewels Master!

+ Manipulate the falling pieces to form vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of three or more gems of the same type and color.
+ Combine indicated Bonus Pieces to score more points
+ Use Star Pieces to destroy all blocks of one color
+ Use special Bombs to help you clear the screen

+ Two Game modes: Classic and Time Attack!
+ Game Center leaderboards
+ Beautiful graphics optimized for high resolution devices

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Jewels Master游戏下载




I paid for it but it’s not downloading


This is a game that you really need to constraint. It fun and challenging. It fun and enjoyable and is probably my most favorite games.


Loved the game as a child (falling jewels and ability to match 3+ in a row) and this one is comparable but could be great with added features - get double points for matching more than 3 of the same jewel and for clearing the board, make some jewels worth more points than others, a guide in settings that shows how much certain jewel combinations are worth, a part of the game board that shows what level the player is on, and how many jewels left to reach next level, a 1 minute bonus round that pops up once a certain level is reached or that is triggered by a special jewel combo that only includes the 2 jewels worth the highest points in combinations falling to allow player to get more points.


I lile thos game very much


Fun game


I like the game a lot!


Good game!


The best EVER!!!!!!!😜😜😜😀😃😄😛😝😜needed the Challenge and fun plus stimulating my brain!!!


This is asowsome.


Just downloaded and will not open


This game is dope


Enjoy this game. Problems with this last update though. It just crashes now and won't even start up on iPad 2.


Good game. Fun to play. A little tetris and a little time to rearrange the order of the colors.




Very relaxing game. Enjoy playing in the evenings before bed.


I enjoy this game, i've had to do a lot of waiting room time here lately and this has been a great way for me to pass the time.


It was lots of fun.


I love this game, it's like Tetris but better.


Excellent addicting puzzler!