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Kingdom Euphoria Conquest 3D游戏简介

You are the king of the small kingdom “Euphoria” and must sit on the throne for 50 years!
The task is not simple, because it is necessary to provide the population with grain and land, to provide protection from cunning neighbors. Grain, gold, land and peasants are the main resources of your kingdom. Feed your people, do not bring to revolt and revolution.
Send caravans to distant countries, trade has always brought income and prosperity, but beware of robbers. Serve at the construction of temples and perhaps the robbers will pass you by.
Insidious neighbors may attack your state, and may offer you to play the wedding of the prince and the pre-procession. How to proceed? You decide! Multiply your wealth, be a wise and kind ruler, or be cunning and conquer the neighboring kingdoms!
Arrange a ball and perhaps the firstborn will replace the great king. Pamper your queen and she will repay you the same.
Bring your state to prosperity in any way, become the best king …


你是小王国 “欣快” 的国王,必须坐50年的宝座!

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You should put in a button that says you can declare war whenever you want 你应该输入一个按钮,上面写着你可以随时宣战


Great game but voiceover screen reader is sluggish with this can you fix it? Voiceover can be found under settings general accessibility vision voice over turn it on and see what I mean. 很棒的游戏,但画外音屏幕阅读器是缓慢的,你能解决它吗?画外音可以在设置下找到常规辅助功能视觉语音打开它,看看我的意思。


Occasional crash and I can't stand the death screen options, which are death or give a dollar and die still. Otherwise this game is huge 偶尔崩溃,我无法忍受死亡屏幕选项,即死亡或付出一美元而死。否则这个游戏是巨大的


fun outcomes and scenarios could be much better though still fun 有趣的结果和场景可能会好得多,尽管仍然很有趣


Jogo ok, poderia ser melhor, ter tutoriais e não ter bloqueio nos trades mais de uma vez seguida, assim como a doença piorar com freqüência. Esse tipo de coisa para ganhar dinheiro é repugnante! No mais, a idéia e o conceito são ótimos.


Great game, interesting concept but it's hard to get far because the game constantly crashes. Please fix this problem 很棒的游戏,有趣的概念,但是很难走得更远,因为游戏不断崩溃。请修复此问题


Crashes a lot but past that solid game fun game wish u can invest into soldier training and ways to get gold and battle field tactics 崩溃了很多,但过去那款扎实的游戏有趣的游戏希望您可以投资于士兵训练以及获得金牌和战场战术的方法


Very addicting, but crashes too often. Please fix 非常上瘾,但经常崩溃。请修复


This is a very addictive game! I would love to see an endless mode in the future or show like small map so we get a better visual! The battle chances need to be fixed though. Lost with 800 soldiers against 100 another thing is get rid of the turns where you cannot trade or lessen the times it happens because I have lost before I got the chance to actually do anything with trading.


Really great concept that with added features and big fixes would be a very, very good game 非常棒的概念,加上额外的功能和大量的修复将是一个非常非常好的游戏


An interesting concept but one that needs more work and some animations to represent the growth and change of the "kingdom" etc. Also occasionally I would get my "kingdom" updates in Russian, which is difficult to understand being that I don't read that language. I also suspect that the game text was originally not written in English as sometimes the grammar is awful.
一个有趣的概念,但需要更多的工作和一些动画来代表 “王国” 等的成长和变化。偶尔我会得到俄语的 “王国” 更新,这很难理解,因为我不读那种语言。我还怀疑游戏文本最初不是用英语写的,因为有时语法很糟糕。


It's really fun. But when I auto farm sometimes it comes up with 3333 on all stats and I have to restart. 真的很有趣。但是,当我自动农场有时会在所有统计数据上显示3333,因此我必须重新启动。


Needs tutorial, and bug fix, when it askes of you want to change the proportions for the food, if you say no, u lose...also, church dialogue after u give them money is not english. Also, could use some graphics perhaps
需要教程和错误修复,当它问你想改变食物的比例时,如果你说不,你就输了... 此外,你给他们钱后的教会对话不是英语。另外,可以使用一些图形