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Sprint and T-Mobile have merged and are working to bring you the best experience in wireless. As such, you’ll notice we’ve made some brand updates in the app. We’ve also added minor improvements and cleaned up a few bugs.


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The My Sprint app keeps customers in-the-know while on-the-go. It’s got the basics you need like bill pay and support as well as the fun stuff like custom offers and app-exclusive experiences. Your account is always at your fingertips with the My Sprint app.

Please tell us what you think at MySprintFeedbackfromiTunesStore@sprint.com.







I’ve been with sprint almost two years now and I’m already considering switching, the prices continue to bet higher and the customer service is absolutely horrible and unhelpful.


The functionality of the app works great the lack of actual human interaction or supervisor support is in adequate over the years we have been a faithful member of Sprint but have decided with his continued in adequacy’s that we will be discontinuing their service


I had to call to get my pin and password but once I did - all was cool!


It will only get better with time


Since the merge with T mobile i can’t work with the app to know balance and do payments. Is there an easier method to pay???


I love sprint. Been here 2 1/2 years, have great service and met some really great customer service representatives Thanks Sprint!


Why can’t I get good a good signal in side the tax slayer watching a football game and my son is getting a good signal and he has Verizon. If T-Mobile and sprint are supposed to be so good. Why can’t I????


I have never received my return kits with any of my upgrades. I have requested them every time. On my last upgrade I was told due to covid 19 that my kits weren’t sent. As well that I wouldn’t be charged for the devices that I upgraded from which was not the case. I own the devices now and that was not what I wanted to do. Constantly y’all have lost my call and chat transcripts. As of today I requested a supervisor reach out to me at a set time so I took two hours off work to have this call which never came. I had to call in myself. Spent almost two hours on the phone and was transferred around wasting my time with my issue not being resolved. The service is absolutely terrible I am always struggling for signal. I will not recommend sprint to anyone. The moment my new devices are paid off and my contract is up I will be leaving sprint.


Sadly, after 74 minutes chatting with a specific tech I received no details and was supposedly referred to a tech specialist that never showed up after waiting 15 minutes. This detail is not available to view in Data Usage of my account. I’ve been “slowed” to no use until my use period begins again in 11 days without proof of accurate data. Disappointed to say the least. So far, this new merger with T-Mobile isn’t going so well in my perspective. I’ve been a Sprint customer for 20+ years. Considering new options.


Sprint impressed me by calling to make sure I wanted to open an acct with about ??? lines and lord knows what else! Someone was using my middle name and last name and address and most likely my social security number attempting identity theft! Wow! Good catch sprint! 👍🏻 I said no way and that’s not me and they said I should call the police and file a report. Well, since then, my credit score dropped and I got a follow letter from sprint saying I was denied but that they had a counter offer of 15 lines and and that I could finance up to $1400 per line blah blah blah. SERIOUSLY SPRINT?!?!?! I thought we agreed that this was identity theft and to let it go. In the meantime they want me to jump thru a bunch of hoops and forms to make this go away. Unbelievable! What started out as an impressive catch of identity theft has turned into such a disappointment for me and my credit score and the hassle. Why couldn’t they just deny the thieves like they knew they were so we could all move on in peace. Thanks for nothing sprint. 😡👎🏻


Doesn't have the same features from the website, also for some dumb reason Sprint made an update I hate now, it says "we've updated our security you need a new password". Man, the password I have has symbols and numbers and more than 8 letters now I gotta make a new one because of the app. Geez...


Wow this app is not working like it should it’s not letting me into my account because I was two days behind my payment it logged me out, I want a response now!!


That’s what the app says when I try to open it. Completely useless.


Service is spotty since merge with other provider


Today I spent 2 1/2 hours of my time driving back-and-forth to the sprint store to be told that they didn’t have phones for us to purchase. I have now had to pay an additional $10 fee to have the phone shipped to my house and will have to make yet another trip to the sprint store now. I would like to be able to experience customer centric service. This has not been a good experience, after being with the company for 10 years I would anticipate better service. I am a very unhappy customer.


When you log into this app, you have an option of paying your bills, but not viewing your bill...or even the amount due. So basically you can blindly pay a random amount, but have no way of knowing if you are paying the amount due or not.


Took me 5 minutes to order my son’s phone!


When rep call back for one reason or another they should be a introduction by Sprint or T-mobile.


Can’t do anything. I have sprint. I have the right iOS version. It just says not authorized to use this feature instead of having a login screen


I can check my billing. I can upgrade in the app. It does what I need it to


Ok there is a communication gap concerning customer service but anybody’s who’s ever had a cell phone KNOWS that you have to bring in an unlocked phone. Even for a trade in it has to be unlocked that’s all. It doesn’t have to come from them but in order to use it it can’t say AT&T at the top while using T-Mobile I mean that’s common sense.


Charges are too high and customer service is beyond horrible! Customer Service representatives LIE without any hesitation‼️


Is for your own good to anyone who can read this


I know sprint says they ride on the Verizon network or whatever but they ride on like 1% of it I get service nowhere it will says 3 bars and I can’t even load a 5 second video I can’t wait till my contract is over because my phone is close to useless metro pcs had WAY better service for less than half the price also I’m in Chicago why don’t I have connection in some of the most populated areas? Bye sprint


It is sadly time to switch. Sprint became a sale out company and went to a very poor service and network company like t mobile. My Hulu plus account isn’t working as good anymore, and the internet on the phone is lower than 4g and lte. Breaks my heart I had sprint for 12 years now Every iPhone but sadly it’s time to maybe go to Verizon and at t and just start over I loved unlimited everything and not having to worry but for the best I better go.


The rewards program was good now they removing it and the app for the T-Mobile Tuesday app which gives 1-2 bad offers nobody wants. Why not keep what u have. Definitely will be switching to something else


I recommend for everybody 100% Thanks...


What happened to the enhanced network coverage after merging with T-Mobile? My network coverage is worse than ever, and my Tidal App (which Sprint endorses and provides to its customers) keeps crashing CONSTANTLY !!! I have been with Sprint through thick and thin since 2001. And, let me tell you, there’s been a lot of THIN. It’s time for me to consider other options. Do not mess with my music !!! 😡


I just spent 2 hours on the phone with customer service reps. Three different representatives for sprint gave me different information on upgrading this line. I have been with sprint for 15 years and have never had worse customer service. Very unsatisfied with the customer service and ended up hanging up after two hours with no resolution on upgrading my phone


The app and service is a job. Nothing works properly. It’s always something wrong with the app. There is always something wrong with the services, new updates and promotions are around and we never know about. We are going through this pandemic and there no help. All they do is take your money and waste people’s time. Then they merch with T- mobile, oh no the service is not good nor great. It drags to be honest. I will be leaving Sprint for good in 2021.


Whoever is trying to get on my phone through sprint get off I am not on Sprint anymore because I did not like their service and I did not like their prices they try to rip me off I am done with them get off my phone I am not texting through sprint so don’t be trying to stop my text


Too many issues with the service provider that the app cannot help with. Wish I could recommend an app fix but the only advise I can give for possible customers is this: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND DECENT IN THE WORLD CHOOSE VERIZON OR CRICKET OR METRO OR LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE!!!!


This merger with T-Mobile is a joke. Promise of better service and perks is a crock. Sprint obviously is tied to down mark T-Mobile now so I guess I have to start looking elsewhere for service. I have been a loyal Sprint customer since 1996 and have moved with them through the years to 5 different cities. The last straw was a scan in T-Mobiles Tuesday perks app with Popeyes. What a joke. Good luck sticking with Sprint.


I cannot “edit” my credit card information, only allowed to enter a new credit card every time. Annoying!


Looking for different model with more gb


Customer service is like pulling eye teeth. They tell you what you want to hear when on the phone and then it’s the same oh thing time and time again. I’ll get my bill straightened up and price down a few dollars and then they will separate myself from the other two lines and put the cheapest line on top which is first where they can charge 60 for it and then my line on last which is the 60 dollars line. They didn’t pay me for my switch over from Verizon and here lately screwed mew out of my iPhone for half off with trade in. I want my old phone back bc it was worth more than $135 credit. Could’ve gotten 400 eBay. But the phone service is a lot better than a few years ago but it’s still slower than Verizon back in 2013. That’s all I can say positive about this company


When I upgrade one phone it says one price and when I upgrade another line to the same phone it says another price. I don’t understand the pricing and how you can charge 2 amounts for the same phone. Seems fraudulent.


Sprint gives no importance to longterm customers. They are always looking for the new one . Sprint doesn’t care at all . They take the plaudits to overcharge us. Customer service is only there to help sprint make more money but not to help customers


Why is the only shipping option overnight for $10? I don’t need overnight just standard shipping. There is no other choice!!!


I am very displeased with how customers are treated! Not to mention my bill is a constant 30$ over EVERY MONTH!!!! Customer service in the store has been awful as well as shady( my refurbished iPhone had been tampered with and they didn’t take it back w/ in the first week I had it) glitched the entire time and w/in a month stopped working altogether!!!!!phone customer service blows as well!!!!!!!


Hello I’ve been with sprint for over 22 years I have no I had a daughter and she has graduated from college I have served eight years in the Navy and I have been loyal to SPRINT however in the 22 years I’ve been with sprint they have yet to offer me anything for free. Not even a set of yearbooks. Just last week SPRINT took over $700 for my past due bill doing divorce. This week SPRINT turn my phone off again in looking for more money . Thanks sorint👍🏿


It’s no secret that Sprint has to be the worst carrier in existence. In their case, you don’t get what you pay for. As your bill goes up (for no apparent reason), your service goes down. Definitely not a good company and hopefully things will turn around with T-mobile taking over.


The app provides good general information about your account, however you are never able to log in to get detailed information or make any significant changes to your account. By ‘chance,’ you can only log in if you are trying to make an early payment. You are better of not having the app if you already know all your base account info.


Switch to Verizon


Honestly we got all these app updates but where the service update for Las Vegas because signal here is the worst y’all should work on that and not app updates the app was perfect my fine but service isn’t (for Las Vegas because I went to Houston and had extraordinary signal so game needs to be upped in vegas sprint


Love buying my phone this way


I am disappointed with the service and IPhone I purchased. Since day 1 I been going back and forth with technical issues with my phone. I tried everything possible to fix the issue. I hate my iPhone XR. I truly think the color is the issue but I Am told not. I just need a working phone. The problem is the volume of incoming calls keep going to very low. I tried everything I was told to do. All I want is a working phone.


Missing multiple ways to have item shipped. It did not provide my local store so that I could just have my item shipped there. Other than that, cool.


Why has my service gotten worse? When I’m on a call an go to one bar know I can’t hear or speak to the other person?


Pay insurance just for you guys to tell me you can’t replace my phone. Make no sense why I even pay insurance. Costumer service call line is horrible always give you the run arounds. Sprint never fixes your problem they just make it worst. I DONT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE COMPANY TO ANYONE. You will lose money. Tell me what phone company doesn’t have phones to for replacements ? Sprint is use less