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Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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Get to know the must-have app for streamers

Use the free Roku® mobile app to:
• Control your Roku devices with a convenient remote
• Use your voice or keyboard to quickly search for entertainment
• Enjoy private listening with headphones
• Stream free movies, live TV, and more on the go with The Roku Channel
• Cast media files from your phone, like videos and photos, to your TV
• Add and launch channels on your Roku devices
• Enter text on your Roku device easier with your mobile keyboard

You must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device to use certain features of the mobile app. Some features require a compatible Roku device and may require logging into your Roku account.

Feature availability:
• Voice search is available in English in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s also available in Spanish in Mexico and the US.
• The Roku Channel can be viewed in the mobile app in the US only.
• Some channels require payment, can change, and vary by country.

For more information and troubleshooting, go to http://support.roku.com and







It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve had to remove and add the app due it not working


Every time I open the app it never shows device on when clearly I’m staring at it on. Or even if you try to turn device on, it just loads over and over and does nothing. Plus if you try and turn the volume up it’s so delayed by the time it catches up your tv is blaring the sound. Hate this app SO MUCH!!!


I have tried every way that I know to get an answer to a a simple question about a problem I’m having with my Roku streaming stick, but Roku has made it so damned (intentionally?) difficult to to contact anyone about it that I have simply given up and gone back to using my Apple TV. I even tried calling an 1-800 number I thought was to their HQ but turned out to be a medical insurance place. Seriously, the way companies these days happily take your money, but then hide from you, their customer, when you need their support, is outrageous!


Like the Apple Watch app a lot, would be great if you added a complication to enable one-tap access to the remote from the watch face.


Everytime I click the app logo it won’t open. I even deleted it, and now it won’t redownload.




Was great. We’ve always been roku people. But all of a sudden the remote stopped working. It won’t find any of the 3 roku’s in my house.


app crashes upon opening




I can’t use the watch app unless I open the Roku remote on my phone. That makes it totally useless


It so convenient I always loose my remote and well yeah!


I had accidentally hit “forget device” and now remote for my tv does not work on my phone, so I would like there to be a way to get the device back so I can use my phone as a remote again, and if there is a way then im just not sure.... respond if you know anywah to get your tv bsck... thank you...


Can’t even open it


Make the power button available on the app regardless if it's a living room or bedroom. It makes no sense why one would have it for one but not the other if they're running on the same network. Also small channel and volume buttons would be nice as well


It always stops working for three days straight


I like I can search and type responses along with the same basic remote features. However, missing the power on and off option. Another option that would be fantastic. Timer off. I watch when going to bed. If I fall asleep tv stays on all night an wakes me up. This used to be a feature on my old RCA tv. Seems newer TVs do not provide the off timer. Nor the turn on time feature like an alarm to wake in the am. Consider these options please. Thanks


The Roku app crashes instantly every time I try to start it.


Works only about 20% of the time, and it picks and chooses what commands it wants to follow. It’s ridiculous.


Seems to have died this week. Updated my operating system and this app. Restarted phone and it tries to open the app and then just jumps back to my phone Home Screen. Shows the app running in the background, but when I try to select the running app, it also just jumps back to my Home Screen. Sad to see this app broken... again. Hopefully they will fix it soon, but until then it looks like I’ll have to try a different app.


Nice job on the app, easy to navigate and pretty much self explanatory to connect your device(s) to. I’ve not run into any complex issues as of today and have had the app probably 2 or 3 months now . I like it because I’ve always liked using my phone as my remote. I currently have an iPhone that doesn’t have or hasn’t had ir blasters (as far as I know) to allow your phone the ability to be used as a remote without a WiFi connection. Now a days connection through WiFi is the solution. Works great and is a great Innovative app that I’m sure will continue to help bridge the gap between users and technology. I’m really excited and curious to see how this Roku app stays modern and relevant in a constantly evolving technological society. I’m confident that Roku will G-E-D. Get-Er-Done....


Every time I try and open the app it automatically closes. Please fix!


Was a great app, but since last update unable to even open app or even use physical remote.


It works sometimes. Most times does not. I will give 2stars because when it does work.... life is great👏


i love this app bruh it works everytime , and i always loose my roku and this is my go to option i love it lol😭


It’s convenient when it actually works! When I had a Roku tv previously I didn’t have a problem with the app now this “wake up device” thing is terrible. The tv is on what exactly are you “waking up”


This app is great considering we lose the remote often, and the remote itself actually stopped working. Having it on our phones we’re able to use our Roku tv conveniently. Unfortunately the app lags so badly that it’s often hard to use and I end up closing out the app and re-opening it multiple times to try and let it reset, since sometimes it does work smoothly. A few of the apps also need some work, like the Spotify app. The lag is insane and the volume adjusts uncontrollably to the point I can no longer use Spotify on the tv. Hopefully some updates will continue to fix these bugs.


My TCL Roku TV is great, but it’s hindered by this crappy app that won’t at least give you the option to toggle what screen you would like the remote app to open on.


Real handy app to have when you can’t find the remote. When the add a Roku remote widget, this will get that 5th star, as that will make this perfect!


The app is amazing, especially for when controllers are missing, or damaged, and people are too lazy to look for them lol. It is great, but it would be amazing if private listening could function for imputed channels, like a PS4. It would be so helpful and I know many of us would appreciate if that was to be a possibility. I don’t even know if that could be a possibility, but it could rock if it was...


I’m the type of person to lose the remote every time so with this app I can always watch without a frantic search. ALSo you can legit connect the audio to your phone and listen through there! That’s wonderful for when I watch tv at night.


Private listening has been glitchy for the last few updates and v7.6 seems worse. The headphones icon show volume bars as “on” and the screen show volume as 100 but no sound. The 100 for volume is weird because the iPhone volume is set to about half. Increasing the iPhone volume does nothing on the Roku (as it’s already at 100). Even private listening with the Roku remote no longer works. Otherwise, the app is great. Please fix the private listening feature.


At first this was a 5 STAR app but now I am sorry to say I have to give it a 3 because the PRIVATE LISTENING button has disappeared!!!!!! What happened?? That was a feature because I could lay in bed and not bother my husband if he was sleeping. I am so disappointed. Please fix it.


I managed to completely lose my remote over a week ago, and couldn’t use my tv for days (I only have a Roku setup). When a friend came over we wanted to watch and we thought maybe they had an app. This is the first one I saw and it’s simple and has great connectivity. Looks just like a Roku remote in app as well; with a Siri like option. I hope they make an update with a home screen widget


I only downloaded this app in order to not have to use the tiny remote you can easily lose, but it doesn’t even connect to the tv whenever I try to use it, I delete and reinstall, turn my tv on and off and I reset the router to no avail. I would give negative stars if I could, at least until the issue is solved.


Since the newest update private listening via the WiFi is no longer working. With a husband on 3rd shift I use this a lot. Please fix! Update as of 3/13/21, private listening with WiFi still works only intermittently. My internet speeds are over 300 mbps. This is not an issue with my internet or devices. We won’t be buying Roku devices anymore. You’ve lost a decade long customer.


I love this app and have had it forever. The update now has thin arrows that make it very difficult to navigate versus the older version which was more like a traditional remote button. I am constantly hitting the wrong part of the arrow in error and it’s frustrating. I have given it time to adjust to by with my vision declining this isn’t something that I can resolve with time. This is why I gave it a 3. It was previously a 5 for me.


Good app. Easy to use and as straightforward as having a physical remote. I experienced the "eco mode" glitch as well. The remote can freeze and force the TV to restart. Other then the small glitch to work out... I gave 3/5 stars. With a fix I would rate 5/5.




The screen freezes on the logo making it impossible to even work the app. When it does advance beyond the purple logo it doesn’t recognize or find my device. My daughter moved out and has a different Roku app and was able to change my channels easier than I could on this app.


I own four tv’s in my home and all are roku devices. I also own 2 children who love to lose remotes😂😂😂 I think the app is fantastic, very responsive and ease of use is great even my 6 yr old knows how to work it. Only thing I would like to see added is some type of control on the Lock Screen like with the music player. Just a few buttons like maybe mute, pause/play or maybe a customizable function. I’m sure you guys will nail it if you were to design something


Wish there was a screen sharing feature. Non official apps have it but not the official Roku app?


With the last update the app won't work anymore, it doesn't find my devices even when I'm on the same network.


So it's super convenient when we can't find our remote, but the volume doesn't work on the app for our tv. So we just have to hope the volume is correct or we have to find our real remote


Why is the app not allowing me to open it I have the roku setup and all but it still won’t open and now my roku keeps saying that the internet is too low and it’s not it’s on full bars I have tried everything and it still won’t work and I have only had it a few months


Wish it had pip.


I like the app. It works well on any Roku device as long as you are connected to the same WiFi as the device. One major flaw is that you must physically lock your phone when app is running or your iPhone won’t auto lock. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars


When plugging headphones for “private listening” it is now fixed 👏👏 Strong WiFi signal Not a crowded network 1 wall separating premiere+ and iPhone 12 Pro Max and WiFi 6 net gear nighthawk router A/V Lag lip-sync issues Using the Roku app with wired headphones are okay 🆗 It’s either the app or the Roku 🤷‍♂️⚠️


I thought the latest update would fix this but anytime I try and adjust the volume on my app it will press the opposing volume button on its own and adjust it back to where I started. Really frustrating when I’m trying to adjust the volume of music or something from another room quickly.


I love the app but just one thing that needs to be worked on ASAP is the volume.For my roku tv the volume works but as far as the roku streaming stick it’s no volume option...


Works great. Had to reinstall after last update but now it works nicely again.