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Hey, gems! We’ve made some updates to keep your experience sparkling. Thanks, as always, for playing.


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“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.” — Games Magazine

Discover your perfect match with 6 breathtaking modes in this classic gem-matching game, from the fast-paced, time-based Lightning, to the gem-driven Flushes and Full Houses of Poker Mode. Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes, and Supernova gems, collect flashy Bejeweled badges and achievements, and soar to dazzling heights in the Game Center leaderboards – all while enjoying fantastic Retina-display graphics! This is the Bejeweled you’ve loved for years, and it’s still delivering amazing high-carat excitement!

This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with powerful new gems. You’ll find cascades of fun as you test your gem-swapping ability!

Enjoy the original in Classic, race against time in Lightning, dig deep for treasure in Diamond Mine, discover your own relaxing retreat in Zen, match gems to save Butterflies from a hungry spider in Butterfly, keep the cold out in Ice Storm, and make top hands with gems in Poker.

Each mode has two Boosts, one regular and one Super Boost, which help you make even more matches and set even higher scores. Whether it’s pulling all the Butterflies to the bottom row with Reset in Butterfly mode or shuffling the board in Classic mode, Boosts take your game to a whole new level!

Earn flashy Bejeweled badges and Game Center achievements to prove your multifaceted skills, and compete against the world and your friends in Game Center leaderboards for the top score! Gloat over your scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves, and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine.

Can’t quite spot the next match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip.

Stars mode will open a separate, free Bejeweled Stars App.

Important Consumer Information. This app requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; includes in-game advertising; contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites and the Internet intended for an audience over 13.







Too many timed forced hoops to jump through before you can start to play a game.


The game is just like the title says. The classic game. But I get adds 2, 30 sec adds before I even start a level every time. I am ok with some adds but this is crazy!


I’ve loved this game since I was a little kid, and I still do. It’s an entertaining classic game, great for everyone. Classic mode is great, and so are the other game modes! My favorites are definitely butterflies and poker. I would definitely recommend this game. It’s fun and mostly mindless, and a great time killer to use whenever you’re bored or need a quick break (or a longer one!) There aren’t many flaws with this game, and so far I’ve found zero bugs or glitches! There are ads, of course, but how else will they profit from a free to download app? You can always buy the “no ads” thing too. For the poker game mode, you need to purchase it to get unlimited plays, but you do get 5 free plays every 24 hours (I think). I think that’s pretty good, since you can make games last a while if you are lucky or good enough at it, and 5 is enough for me. :)


I used to play this game tons on old iOS iterations. I've tried downloading it on two later phones to continue my mindless puzzling to a great soundtrack, and now the app doesn't seem to have any sound at all. No music, no sound effects, no voiceover. No amount of fussing with settings seems to allow the sound to work. I'll keep playing but I'm really disappointed to lose the sound design I adored before.


Not that it matters because Apple gives zero @$&” and doesn’t remove crappy apps like they used to. Why would they, they’ve already gotten payed to host this crap.... This isn’t a game app but an ad app. The current owners of this classic game are twits (and I’m keeping it clean). You can get the classic game basically for pennies and run it on Windows 10 or vertical box on your computer. Save your time and cash and avoid downloading an attempt by the developers to monetize freeware. Stay away.


Way too many ads


If you really like this game, pay the money to get rid of ads, or you will spend all day waiting for the ads to finish so you can actually play the game.


It’s a very fun game. However I hate that every time you click to go to a new game or different game, it goes to a commercial. Even at the beginning when I sign in before starting a game it says “welcome back” and then goes to a commercial. Very frustrating.




It used to be, under classic mode, you would play until you ran out of moves. It would then offer you an ad to watch for a shuffle. Then, when you run out of moves again, it would start you over. Suddenly, we get NO option to watch ad for a shuffle! VERY disappointing!




I bought this game for about $2 around 10 years ago. I redownloaded it to start playing after about 6 years. Why are there ads on a paid app? This is ridiculous. This game is 10 years old. There’s no need to try to monetize it further. ^_^


Hey developers remember when I paid for this app to have no ads? Yeah that worked out pretty well. I hope you go bankrupt and loose your jobs.


I love this game and the different types of Bejeweled you can play are really cool like Zen and Butterfly. However, I kept having issues with Classic Bejeweled. Every time I came back to continue playing that one, the sound effects would stop working. The music still worked, but that frustrated me so much, enough to stop playing. Classic is my favorite, so if that gets fixed, I’ll definitely redownload the app.


What happened to the endless game Why s it no longer an option


I don’t know what happened to this beloved game. I just downloaded it on. New phone since I hadn’t played it in a while. Way too many ads and the sound was gone on the butterflies so I deleted and reinstalled and now the butterflies have sound but the music is gone. Something is obviously wrong, too many glitches they need to fix. Too bad used to love this. AND PLEASE GIVE OPTION TO REMOVE ADS!!


I used to play this when it was a browser based flash game. It seemed like the classic version at first... until I played a few games. After a while games that clearly had more moves available were abruptly ended with a “game over” screen. After a few instances of this it became clear that it was just a ploy to show more ad screens. I would have gladly payed for the ad free version if this was truly the original.


I will always remember this game as the first match three game. Whether or not it actually is, it’s the only good one.


It’s a good game but the sound is kind of buggy. I love hearing the sound effects of the jewels and clicks and what not but sometimes it bugs out and plays the music only :(. I hope the issue can be fixed.


What game? There’s so many ads you barely get time to play a game before you’re bombarded with repeating ads. Used to be fun. Developers either have gotten greedy or think people will play it with all the ads. Or pay to play. They likely don’t care - pay and play or watch ads. There’s another option. Delete it and find other games. There are more all the time....


Seriously way too many ads. I get you need money but why would I waste my time when watching ads takes almost as much time as playing a game.


After a while the graphics start to lag. Have to uninstall and reinstall to make it work correctly.


I get it’s not an ad-free game, but the ads are ridiculous


Fun classic game with many different game types. BUT I hope you like watching adds. When you first open the game you get and ADD! After you select your game type you get another ADD. Then after you play 1 game you get another ADD. So play one game and you have to watch 3 adds.


Too much ads and it keeps frozen.


Ads have become so buggy, lengthy and invasive I just spent 12 minutes trying to get to the start of the game. This happened after two sessions of playing. Now the game keeps restarting before I can make a single move, the ads make the app crash, I keep getting click-baited to the App Store, I’ve grown to despise their garden game offering. Too bad, I used to love this game. UNINSTALLED.


Classic game but every time I start the app up, a 30 second ad comes up before the main menu pops up. Once I have gotten through to the main menu and select a game, ANOTHER 30 second ad comes up before I can start the game...it’s ridiculous. They’re taking the fun out of their own game and killing the user experience. Most of us understand how ads help cover costs but this is overkill. At least fix the bugs...


How do you get the game unstuck on pause?


The app has slowly started t break down it’s mechanics. It started with me getting 99301748 shuffles and add time on a game. Then now the game doesn’t even fit the screen. It looks like it was still made for the iPhone 5. Lighting in the for some object have started to break. The menus to pause the game don’t even show up any more. The game is broken. No one is taking care or doing maintenance On the app. It’s sad how the game has evolved.


I have a spider phobia and was not a fan of the butterfly game due to this it gave me terrible anxiety. The rest is great though


Nice way to pass the time by. I understand that apps like these need ads to make money, and that’s totally fine. But it would be nice to watch 1 ad before playing a Classic game instead of 2. Each time when I want to just hop in and play, I have to watch 2 ads. One when I open the app, and one when I tap on Classic.


When you start it up now there’s too many ads. Plus, the sound blasts on. You have to wait for about two minutes before the ads to clear.


I first found Bejeweled in 2011 while recovering from a broken leg. When that computer died, I found other gem and matching games but none that I liked as much so I decided to search Apple apps and am thrilled to have it back.


This game looks for every excuse to throw another ad at you. Finish a level: ad; lose a level: ad; start a new level after watching an ad: guess what moar ads. It will even freeze up right after finishing an ad so you have to reopen the game so they can show you more ads. I understand it’s free, but 5 unskippable 30 second ads in under 5 minutes is gross.


Why did the fonts or playing surface screen get smaller. There’s so much more screen space, why have empty blank space. Not a fan of the smaller playing surface area!


The amount of ads are just too annoying. I spend more time on the app watching ads then actually playing. Uninstalled it not worth it.


Your game is messed up!! I no longer can watch an ad for extra time. If this is something new I will be deleting the game because I don’t play to spend money for ads. And I will not be BUYING any ads!! If there is something wrong then you need to fix it. I have been playing this game for over 10 years but I know that I can live with it.


Once you get past the ads it’s great. Look, I get ads pay for the app, that’s fine. But always having a 30 second long required ad with sound that doesn’t turn off is too Much. I simply stopped using the app


I am very picky with iPhone apps. Most games I download wind up deleted in a matter of minutes or days. This game is the exception❕😁👍 There are several games to chose from to keep you entertained. The new Poker game is allot of fun! 😋 I reached the top score on my first play, so I wound up purchasing to unlock unlimited gameplay and it was worth it! 👍 Another personal favorite is “Diamond Mine” in where the rules are different. In a normal game, just match at least 3 or more gems to advance and score points, but in “Diamond Mine”, matching 3 or more gems does not score any points whatsoever. The scoring is based on blasting through the floor and unlocking those items in the ground. Items like gold. Those items will fly up into the upper-left corner of the display so you can see what you scored points on. Matching more than 3 gems will create a glowing gem. Matching several glowing gems (the more, the better) to create lightning bolts that destroy everything in it’s path. Make it to 300,000 points and you get the dark blocks that can’t be broken with gems (only the explosive lightning bolts will work). The time limit is extended when you destroy several layers of ground across the bottom of the display. Here's a tip to get higher scores in "Diamond Mine": Slide the gems *while* other gems are falling from above -and- if you time it right, you could explode gems that would normally pass by because the movement was caught by a matching gem that fell from above! 😋👍 There are many other interesting games, such as “Lightning”, “Zen”, “Classic” and “Butterflies” that will keep you entertained, but for me, it’s always “Diamond Mine”. 😄 I recommend your first game to connect your iPhone to a stereo sound system with a sub woofer or headphones. Seriously, the sound is THAT good‼️👍 The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is amazingly addictive! Explosive fun game! Rated: 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Recommended: Yes 😁👍🏼 Action Taken: Purchased No Ads & Poker


Dont instal, tou won't have any interest in playing after being husseled to sign up to whole lit of crapThey manipulate ratings, make sure u dont click "Thank you for rating" it would turn one star into 5.


I want the jewels game. I don’t want some other game. You can’t play this game anymore without ads running that you can’t turn off So you want to relax with a game? Not this one. No more Popcap games for me. Deleting


would definitely rate Bejeweled 5 stars if I could play in landscape mode. oh well, deleting the game.


When playing the butterflies part of this game, it frequently gets “stuck” when it goes to the “See ad to continue” or “no thanks to end”. The ONLY way to release it is to turn phone off and the restart. Like game otherwise Going to delete if this game keeps freezing all the time


Non existent rules, not clear how to avoid end


I use to love playing this game. But now it very glitchy and freezes too much. If i go and get extra time(via ads) it freezes i cant even hit cancel. Always in the middle of a high score. I had gotten over a million points and has not worked right since. I am not purchasing extra time 10/ for .99 via app store. This is not worth my time even if i am bored. Gonna delete it.


It should be a crime! How dare you take the fun from this game to bombard us with annoying 40 second commercials?? ! Couldn’t even reach the beginning of the game before having to watch multiple commercials. So y’all can imagine the rest of the game, more interrupting commercials. Uninstalling ! Don’t waste your time installing you will hate yourself for no reason !!!


When you launch a game, you don’t even get the title page with the name of the app all you get is an advertisement for another app that can’t be skipped If you accidentally go the the App Store thinking it would allow you to skip the ad, when you return to this game it restarts the ad. the ad lasts for literally 40 seconds before before it reveals a mostly obscured little x that is almost indistinguishable from the play again button. Then you get the title page where you can pick a game type. Then it loads another ad. Sometimes the same ad. This is not a game. It’s an ad generator and I’m filing a complaint with Apple to have this SPAM removed. If I could give it negative stars for greed I would. This is a terrible port of the classic flash games from Popcap from back in the 1900s. Now they are just raking in the ad revenue by forcing you to watch ads. And not just any ads, the long 30 second ads with the tricky and hard to find close box. I absolutely loved Popcap and I cannot express my dismay about their latest decisions to place so many ads in their game. I will be deleting this and installing any of the 6 million or so other games like it with less ads and more features.


Good game but I wish it was the better old version. Also, TOO many ads and stoppages for ads. It used to be a great game. I’m now looking for something else to play.


I love this game but it would be nice if they updated it to fit the screens of the newer phones. I can’t play classic just the others and I can’t access the more time buttons or other extras


I deleted it and redownloaded it and still nothing. I’m not gonna lie the music and sound effects are some of my favorite parts of the game. It’s just not the same without the sound