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Mostly bug patches & UI fixes in this update Some of note are: - Rest timer properly runs in the background again - Exercise details are accessible via interval mode again -------- Other recent updates -------- Main updates: - Added workout session shortcuts/buttons - Redesigned the notes section - Added injury history for body parts (with audio cues) - Improved the design of the notifications page - Updated the body stats page when creating logs - Updated and fixed the referral page/system Fixed some bugs including: - Exercise filter not working on search - Music getting cut off by audio cue - Yearly insights chart not showing past months - Audio toggle covering exercises

JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log应用截图

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JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log应用简介

The only exercise tracker with detailed workout programs, HD video exercise instructions and tools to log and track your workouts. On your iOS device or on your desktop, use JEFIT to track your training at home or at the gym and throw away your notebook.

Men’s Fitness – Best Fitness and Health Apps * USA Today – New year, new you

Over 8 million people use JEFIT to track their workouts and transform their bodies.

JEFIT, the number one workout tracking planner app, provides free fitness program database to help you stay fit, make progress and get the most out of your gym or home fitness sessions. From beginner programs like 5×5, 531, stronglifts, 3 or 4 day splits, starting strength to advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebell routines to programs using bodyweight, limited space or specialized equipment, JEFIT is the only workout app you need.

User Reviews
– “Best bodybuilding and workout trainer ever! Can’t believe this tool is free!”
– “JEFIT is the BEST Workout and Fitness logger EVER! The combination of downloadable daily workout routines and tracking your progress online is great! Also its FREE”
– “JEFIT is the best FREE workout and fitness planner on the market, never go to the gym without this tool”

Major Features
– 1300+ weight training exercises in the largest exercise database
– Workout routine database with community created daily workout routines and fitness plans
– Two – Way Sync
– Easily track your workouts, create fitness routines, stay motivated and build muscle
– View your body and lifting progress keep you motivated for further training and weight lifting
– Fully customizable routines and exercises to create daily workout programs
– Sync with Apple Health to track your body stats over time

Workout Planner
– Create your own daily custom fitness plans personalized to your goals to help you get in shape and improve your health
– Download community created weight training routines for both men and women
– Routines specific for your goals, i.e getting six pack abs, building a lean body, lose weight, increase strength

Exercise Database
– Search weight lifting and muscle building exercises to create your own daily fitness routines
– 1300+ exercises for all major weight lifting equipment including barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, strength and cardio machines and more
– Detailed exercise instructions and animations
– Track cardio and strength training exercises
– Create your own custom exercises and view progress your favorite exercises

Friendly UI
– Quick and simple tracking of your weight/reps and sets for exercises
– Save your best lifting record for each exercise

Community and Friends
– Connect with and add friends to help stay motivated
– Share your progress and compare stats with the community
– Log into your profile page to update your friends on how you are doing with your training progress
– Share your workouts via email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
– View progress and profile pictures as well as Youtube videos shared from the community

Device Sync
– Sync your workout data and save your lifting and body stat progress
– Download from community created strength routines and daily fitness plans

**JEFIT Elite subscription**
You also have option to JEFIT Elite subscription for $39.99 /per year.
JEFIT Elite subscription offers more advanced feature set, including but not limited to: Deeper Training analytics, 1100+ HD training demonstration videos, and premium training routines created by experts and so on.

Subscription details: JEFIT Elite subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. Your payment will continue to auto-renew unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Subscriptions can be cancelled or managed under your iTunes Account Settings.

By upgrading to Elite, you agree with our Term of Service (https://www.jefit.com/terms-of-use/) and Privacy Policy (https://www.jefit.com/privacy-policy/)



男士健身-最佳健身和健康应用 * 今日美国-新年,新你










** JEFIT精英订阅 **
您还可以选择每年39.99美元的JEFIT Elite订阅。
JEFIT Elite订阅提供了更高级的功能集,包括但不限于: 更深入的培训分析,1100个高清培训演示视频以及由专家创建的高级培训例程等。

订阅详细信息: JEFIT Elite订阅将从您的iTunes帐户中扣除。除非您在下一次续订日期前至少24小时取消订阅,否则您的付款将继续自动续订。订阅可以在您的iTunes帐户设置下取消或管理。

通过升级到Elite,您同意我们的服务条款 (https://www.jefit.com/使用条款/) 和隐私政策 (https://www.jefit.com/隐私政策/)

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I like the easy user interface and the workouts planner, can have a quick start without knowing too much about workout. There’s one thing to improve: as a user located in China I found the network connection to server is slow, it’ll take approximately 1 minute to connect to the server; and the detailed workout tutorial videos can not be loaded at all, it would be great if JEFIT consider this situation, thanks in advance :)
我喜欢简单的用户界面和锻炼计划器,可以在不了解锻炼的情况下快速入门。有一件事需要改进: 作为一个位于中国的用户,我发现与服务器的网络连接很慢,大约需要1分钟才能连接到服务器; 详细的锻炼教程视频根本无法加载,如果JEFIT考虑这种情况,那就太好了,提前感谢:)


Why 5 sec count down before start up a work up? Why would I wait for 5 sec just staring at it before start my work out? 为什么在开始工作之前倒计时5秒?为什么我要等5秒钟才开始工作?


I’m begging you!Chinese version please! I would purchase your VIP membership for more than two years. But do you do you don’t launch a Chinese version yet it drives me crazy! 我求你了!请中文版!我会购买您两年以上的VIP会员资格。但是你不推出中文版却让我发疯!






ask for the pad version !! 求pad版!!


Very good app for beginners 非常好的初学者应用程序


Have been using it for almost 2 years to keep record. better n better since then. great app! hope there can be more users in china. some of my friends are curious but stuck by language barrier. 已经使用了将近2年以保持记录。从那以后更好。伟大的应用程序!希望在中国能有更多的用户。我的一些朋友很好奇,但被语言障碍困住了。


Love it. 😍😍Very helpful.👍👍👍👍👍👍 喜欢它。非常有帮助。


If can use when offline would be perfect! 如果能在离线的时候使用就完美了!


Nice App!But if it can support Chinese would be better! 不错的应用程序!但是如果它能支持中文会更好!


Best workout app forever 永远最好的锻炼应用










Very good


I wouldn't work out without this app. 没有这个应用程序,我就不会工作。




I have tried many apps, this one is the best so far, suggest to add worm up items like jogging, cycling... 我已经尝试了很多应用程序,这是迄今为止最好的应用程序,建议添加蠕虫类项目,例如慢跑,骑自行车...