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FIXED •App crashed for some users after several app launches under very specific circumstances. This is fixed now. • Previously introduced Auto-save was unreliable when only metadata was changed (date, location etc.). Auto-save will always save on exit now (and use the new improved behavior for changes during application usage). The menu item now also saves no matter what. What’s New in Memories 1.9 NEW • Completely rewritten iCloud synchronization code. On the first launch you can chose if you want to use iCloud to keep your journal up to date on all of your devices. • Made iCloud synchronization faster & more stable. • Added new system preferences pane that lets you either move your data from or to iCloud. It is no longer necessary to chose upfront if you want encrypted, seamless sync of your journal in the background. • Added de-duplication of your entries when turning iCloud on / off. • Recording videos was completely rewritten from scratch. All crashes (especially after finishing the recording session) should be gone now. It also got faster to record multiple videos in succession. • Added new About window. • OS X 10.9 Mavericks is a requirement now. IMPROVED • Improved application security so that strangers will have an even harder time to reverse-engineer the cryptography algorithms and read your entries. • HTTPS calls are used now everywhere it is currently possible. • Application speed got an overall improvement (due to algorithm optimization or introduction of background operations). • Auto-save in the background now makes sure that there are changes to your journal before it saves. The auto-save functionality is programmed very defensively, but this sometimes led to 5–6 background save calls when no data was changed at all. • Improved journal save handling so that operations on the database are more stable. • Modernized application to be more stable under newer versions of OS X. • User interface improvements, especially under OS X 10.11 El Capitan. • It got easier to get in touch with us right from within the app. FIXED • Fixed an infinite loop on iCloud import with separate databases from multiple devices that weren’t previously associated with iCloud. • The app was sometimes crashing when the map view was open. • The sidebar wasn’t showing up under certain circumstances on newer versions of OS X. It correctly hides / unhides now. • You are required to enter your email address now if you want to get in touch with us (support, feedback, bug reports). That’s the only way we can answer & help you. • Fixed some smaller typos in the user interface.




Memories is the easiest to use diary app for OS X.

Write a journal, include images, videos and sound. Keep your diary at one secure place and browse through your precious happenings. Rediscover the greatest moments in your life.

Powerful functionality
• Embed images, sound & videos inside your entries
• Record images & videos with your iSight camera
• Styles & formatting, like fonts, colors or text alignment
• Current weather gets automatically added to entries
• Location with gorgeous map view
• Sync your journal over iCloud
• Notification Center for convenient writing reminders
• Spell checker and proof reader

Streamlined interface
• Just dive in and start writing a journal
• Access every important function with one click
• Overview of all entries with title, date and mood
• Full-screen support for focused writing
• Easily change the date of an entry
• Drag & drop images directly from Safari or the Finder
• Auto-Save

Integrated security
• Auto-Lock after a configurable amount of time
• True encryption with the industry-proven AES-256 standard
• All entries sync encrypted and unreadable for other people

Compatibility and sharing
• Fast export of one entry or the whole diary
• Export in a variety of formats: Portable Document Format (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Rich Text Format With Attachments (.rtfd), Web Page (.html), Web Archive, OpenDocument Text (.odt), Word 2007 format (.docx), Word 2003 format (.xml), Word 97 format (.doc) and plain text (.txt).
• Import just one entry or the contents of a folder

And much more
• Synchronization of preferences over iCloud
• Print one entry or your journal
• Set a default font for new entries
• Search all entries
• Built-in speech & dictation
• Enhanced for OS X Mountain Lion
• Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display
• Fast and friendly customer support, usually within 48 hours


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Memories is the easiest to use diary..
Memories is the easiest to use diary app for OS X. Write a journal, include images, videos and sound. Keep your diary at one secure place and browse through your precious happening..
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