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Thanks for shopping with us. In this update, we’ve fixed a few bugs and made some general improvements. We value your feedback, so if you need help or have a suggestion, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-576-4377.


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Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger app. It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and link your Plus Card to access all these great benefits:

· Create and track Pickup, Delivery and Ship orders right from the app
· Shop an extended aisle of 1,000s of products from our trusted third-party sellers
· Use Kroger Pay at in-store checkout – one scan applies your Plus Card and payment
· Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order
· View your weekly ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list
· Clip digital coupons and use them to save in-store and online
· Get Cash Back deals to earn money on items you already buy
· Discover even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards
· Refill and track the status of your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet
· Check your fuel points
· Use our locator to find the closest store or Fuel Center
· View your purchase history and use it to easily reorder your favorite products
· Add your Plus Card to Wallet for iPhone.

To use the Kroger app, you’ll need a Kroger digital account. You can create one and link your Plus Card through the app. Don’t have a Plus Card? You can add a new one when you create your digital account.



· 直接从应用程序创建和跟踪提货、交货和发货订单
· 在店内结帐时使用Kroger Pay-一次扫描适用于您的Plus卡和付款
· 轻松构建您的在线购物清单,并使用它在店内购物或下在线订单
· 查看您的每周广告,并快速将销售商品或特价商品添加到您的购物清单中
· 剪辑数字优惠券,并使用它们在店内和网上保存
· 获得现金返还交易,以赚取你已经购买的物品的钱
· 通过独家促销、个性化优惠和奖金奖励,发现更多的节省
· 直接从您的手机或平板电脑重新填充并跟踪您的Kroger药房处方的状态
· 检查你的燃料点
· 使用我们的定位器找到最近的商店或燃料中心
· 查看您的购买历史记录,并使用它轻松地重新订购您最喜欢的产品
· 将您的Plus卡添加到iPhone的钱包中。








I am using Kroger pick up for the second time. I absolutely love it! Beckley Crossing is the best store and pick up. 我第二次使用Kroger pick up。我绝对喜欢它!贝克利十字路口是最好的商店和提货。


This app always freezes— Impossible to use. I love shopping at Metro Market, but I hate the app. Just use the website to order pick up 这个应用程序总是冻结-不可能使用。我喜欢在Metro Market购物,但我讨厌该应用程序。只需使用网站订购提货


Competing grocery store apps make it easy to choose a store. Kroger app is the worst design I have ever seen. If you aren’t going to take the time to care about app usability then you get 1 star. Should be 0 stars. That’s how much effort they put into it.


The only thing I would suggest is bagging. Most of the time there is one item in a bag or items together that really should be. A bagging class might be something to think about. But other then that, great service.


The most useful feature, location of the item in the store, is gone. Bring it back. 最有用的功能,商品在商店中的位置,已经消失了。把它拿回来。


Please add “regulars list” back under “start your cart.” It disappeared with the latest update. That is how I always started my list and made ordering much easier! Please consider or let us know if it just moved somewhere else in the app.
请在 “启动购物车” 下添加 “常规列表”。它随着最新更新而消失。这就是我总是开始我的清单并使订购变得容易得多的方式!请考虑或让我们知道它是否只是在应用程序中的其他地方移动。


I don’t find where you can shop by aisles. I know where things are in the store but can’t find them on the app. 我找不到你可以在过道购物的地方。我知道商店里的东西在哪里,但在应用程序上找不到。


I absolutely love the same day pick up option! 我绝对喜欢当天接送选项!


We love this service but for every order we have placed in the last 2 months , there are things on our list that doesn’t get fulfilled and we don’t get a notification about it. Also, the shoppers could do a better job with substitutions. We often go back in and find a suitable substitution ourselves.


It’s nice to be able to order our groceries and just pick them up. Sometimes the app does glitch. I think I ordered something and it wouldn’t have gone through or I get something I didn’t order but it appears on the receipt


Rushed up to pick up my prescription, lady said not in the system. Ordered from here yesterday. Big problem if you ask me. Unreliable 赶紧拿起我的处方,女士说不在系统中。昨天从这里订购的。如果你问我,大问题。不可靠


This app is a disaster on the iPad. Locks up every time I try to load and click on digital coupons. When I call apple customer support they tell me the app is not compatible with apple. Since when and why. It always was before. What’s up with that?! If it’s a bug, please fix it. Susan P
这个应用程序在iPad上是一场灾难。每次我尝试加载并单击数字优惠券时,都会锁定。当我打电话给apple客户支持时,他们告诉我该应用程序与apple不兼容。从什么时候开始,为什么。以前总是这样。这是怎么回事?!如果是bug,请修复。苏珊 · P


I enjoyed how easy everything was. This was my first online order for pickup. I have enjoyed using the shopping list tool on this App too. 我喜欢一切都很容易。这是我第一次在线提货。我也很喜欢在这个应用程序上使用购物清单工具。


This is an ideal way to shop without the hassle of going in. Food and s always fresh and the service is excellent. 这是一种理想的购物方式,无需麻烦。食物和食物总是新鲜的,服务也很好。


I just got home with my groceries. I was charged for dog food, 17.00, Reese’s peanut butter cups, 9.00, deli ham ham,9.00, Kraft cheese 2 packs 8.00 .How do I speak yo a manager? This happens every week. I never get a receipt.


I like the Kroger app but you can’t sort items by price and you can’t see the total price with coupons deducted before payment. That’s not the way to do business. I should be able to know the exact cost before I click the pay button.
我喜欢Kroger应用程序,但是您无法按价格对商品进行排序,也看不到付款前扣除优惠券的总价。这不是做生意的方式。在单击 “付款” 按钮之前,我应该能够知道确切的费用。


It is confusing when I circle an item on the weekly sales pages and then try top add them to my cart. after 10 attempts I somehow managed to get them added to my cart. This shouldn't be this complicated and frustrating. Sometimes I just give up and do my shopping at Walmart instead.


Given that COVID has changed how people shop and pay, you might think Kroger would have an up to date Application. They don’t. No employee has a clue what Kroger Pay is and since it’s been out for more than a year, you would think training could be completed. Nope. Your Pharmacy feature on the application is pretty much an afterthought. The drug stores have user friendly features to refill your meds on line...Kroger’s app lists meds that were discontinued 2 decades ago and trying to refill them through a simple on line service (the actual Kroger App) is pretty much a waste of time. I’m disappointed in the Kroger App altogether and challenge Kroger to do better. I do like the ease of loading coupons to your loyalty card, but one really has to double check that you are given the credit. I’ve found many errors with this as well. I’ve then had the pleasure (being sarcastic) of spending some quality time at the customer service desk which is always the highlight of my day. Sigh... Come on Kroger... step it up on the digital side! I assure you , people will leave you behind if your technology isn’t updated and user friendly!
鉴于COVID改变了人们购物和付款的方式,您可能会认为Kroger将拥有最新的应用程序。他们没有。没有员工知道克罗格的工资是多少,而且由于已经使用了一年多,您会认为培训可以完成。没有。您在应用程序上的药房功能几乎是事后才想到的。药店具有用户友好的功能,可以在线补充您的药物... 克罗格的应用程序列出了20年前停产的药物,并试图通过简单的在线服务 (实际的克罗格应用程序) 重新补充药物,这几乎是浪费时间。我对Kroger应用程序完全感到失望,并挑战Kroger做得更好。我确实喜欢将优惠券轻松地加载到您的会员卡上,但是确实必须仔细检查您是否获得了积分。我也发现了很多错误。然后,我很高兴 (讽刺) 在客户服务台度过了一段优质的时间,这一直是我今天的亮点。叹息...来吧克罗格... 在数字方面加快步伐!我向您保证,如果您的技术不更新且用户友好,人们将把您抛在后面!


I search boneless skinless chickens Brest and it gives me 0 results, I search chicken, and get 908, I search chicken breasts, and get cat food, I search ground hamburger, and get a $225 steak. Absolutely horrible app, and deserves to be removed from the App Store.


Second time in a row they didn’t bother to ask about substitutes and just gave me food I didn’t want at all. I’m never able to order in time so most of the stuff on my cart gets substitutions even if I order the day before in the morning. Last time I made a point to place my order the day before so I could pick it up early cause I had stuff to do all day. They instead rescheduled it to noon so I could barely make it. Suuuuuuuper convenient


I got out of hospital and was weak. I used pick up for the first time and it was amazing. 我出院了,身体虚弱。我第一次使用pick up,这真是太神奇了。


I uploaded my prescriptions and the app recognized them. I filed for refill and the app said they would be ready. I went in the next day and the pharmacy never got the order. To sign in, the app does not use my fingerprint, so I have to sign in via my email address every time. It then asks me to choose how to shop, every time, despite that in -store shopping is the only available method in my town. I just tried to use the app to find my pharmacy status, but cannot figure out how to do that. I did a search for pharmacy and got soap products. The CVS app is great. Even Walmart is OK. But Kroger continues to put out unusable software.


Very useful for laying an aisle-to-aisle plan to minimize time in store and COVID exposure, however accuracy of availability in store varies on a store to store basis. Good for ordering groceries, applying coupons automatically to your Kroger account. There are some difficulties with sorting in-store and online items when searching.


I’ve shopped at King Soopers for 53 years and have a membership card but I am unable to find out how to access digital coupons. Please advise. 我已经在King Soopers购物了53年,并且拥有会员卡,但是我无法找到如何使用数字优惠券。请指教。


It keeps on freezing when clipping coupons 剪贴优惠券时,它会一直冻结


Kroger pick up rocks! 克罗格捡起石头!


I would not let me add notes 我不会让我添加笔记


User friendly. Good app. Just wondering, is there a way to check in at store in the app? 用户友好。好应用。只是想知道,有没有办法在应用程序中的商店签到?


I don’t understand why you advertise products and they are not available or the person doing the shopping does not ask for substitute! I’m in a wheelchair and can’t drive or not all and I don’t mind paying for the service but in these past two orders are not filled🤦‍♀️


This is by far the fastest and most convenient way to keep my family of 7 fed! Kroger is the best, hands down. The pickup employees are excellent...always friendly and thorough, and I have never had any order wrong or missing items. Great job guys!
到目前为止,这是让我的7口之家吃饱的最快,最方便的方法!克罗格是最好的,放下手。皮卡员工非常出色... 总是友好而彻底,而且我从未有过任何订单错误或丢失的物品。干得好!


App wont let me cash out my cashback. It gives me the option for $16.00 PayPal which I can’t do until I hit $20. It won’t let me add to my shoppers card and keeps telling me I have $0 available. Also the pharmacy portion on the website gives me a different default pharmacy and personal info than the app. Tells me I don’t have refills or I submit refills and they get canceled.
应用程序不会让我兑现我的现金返还。它为我提供了 $16.00 PayPal的选择,直到我达到 $20时,我才能做到。它不会让我添加到我的购物者卡上,并不断告诉我有 $0可用。网站上的药房部分也为我提供了与应用程序不同的默认药房和个人信息。告诉我我没有笔芯,或者我提交笔芯,但它们被取消了。


I’ve seen that certain things like other flavors of Bluebell ice cream and fresh deli options have yet to be made available. 我已经看到某些东西,例如其他口味的蓝铃冰淇淋和新鲜的熟食店,还没有提供。


Hate when I can’t remove unwanted coupons. Seems like this app has gotten worse as time goes by. 讨厌我不能删除不需要的优惠券。随着时间的流逝,这个应用程序似乎变得越来越糟。


I think I would add the option to move an item from my list to the cart... seems a bit difficult to do this. If I pick something off of the weekly add to move to my list, then I can’t get it moved to my cart


When I went to pick up from bay, no order, Management was very nice to make it up to me And allowing me to re order and helping me. . 当我去海湾取货时,没有订单,管理层很好地弥补了我,允许我重新订购和帮助我。。


I’ve done Kroger pickup several times and I’m very satisfied with the service. 我已经做过几次Kroger接送,对服务感到非常满意。


Non-essential updates, at that. 非必要的更新。


I like your profile but wish you could display the cost as I go along to see how much I am spending along with my items thank you for being there when we need you 我喜欢您的个人资料,但希望您能在我前进的过程中显示费用,以查看我和我的物品一起花费了多少,谢谢您在需要时在那里


Your App is not user friendly and the navigation is a nightmare. Have your web and app designers ever heard of auto fill? 您的应用程序不是用户友好的,导航是一场噩梦。您的web和应用程序设计师是否听说过自动填充?


This whole system has been a lifesaver for me 整个系统对我来说是救命稻草


Completely done with this app. They NEVER have what you in need AND the shoppers are just lazy at this point! Definitely going to keep getting things from Walmart. At least I don’t have to deal with too much disappointment from them. Might as well not charge a delivery fee if you’re going to never have things in stock or people that know how to find them!


It would be awesome if you could add items to the cart as you were looking at the weekly ad. Currently you can only add to the list. Also it would be great to be able to see the sale/promotion when searching


This app is as great until the last update You can no longer print your shopping list 这个应用程序是伟大的,直到最后一次更新,你不能再打印你的购物清单


I absolutely love the Kroger app. I’m able to shop for groceries in the safety and comfort of my home. I also save more money when I shop using the app versus in store. 我绝对喜欢Kroger应用程序。我可以在安全和舒适的家中购买杂货。当我使用应用程序购物时,我也可以节省更多的钱。


The app still feels bloated. They should streamline various apps to suit what you need. For example, Store Pickup should be one app. Coupon browsing, another. List making, calendar, another. Shipping to your home. Delivery. Each a separate app. I believe the bloat is due to the large inventory being shared with store inventory systems. If they make the browsing experience as fast and robust as any professional website, tailored to each device constraints, it will be useful. I want to be able to see items properly sized on my ipad, not tiny thumbnails appropriate for iphone. Once my browsing generates a list, it can be exported to a shopping cart in the various apps, where out of stock items then generate substitution options. That’s how it works irl anyway- your order is sent as a list for a specialized crew either at pickup or shipment locations. They try their best but I am finding that I am not being notified about substitutions properly. I’m not seeing any substitution notices when I check in before letting them know I’m on my way. But the clerk always asks if I’ve already seen them. Two stars removed until I start getting in app notifications for substitutions. (I don’t use a phone, so if they’re texting it, that’s doubly undesirable, because I’d rather see it on my device where I ordered it from)


App is changing my pick up with no explanation 应用程序正在改变我的选择,没有任何解释


As of latest app update, cannot use app because i Cannot update app on my ios11. Please load an app download option to still have access for older ios versions! I rely on the app to fillmy prescriptions and do grocery shopping. My phone has no room to update ios as i use it as a medicalevice.


Used Kroger online for a long time, app is even easier and I love it 使用Kroger在线很长一段时间,应用程序甚至更容易,我喜欢它


It would be really helpful if you could add an item from the ad directly to cart! 如果您可以将广告中的商品直接添加到购物车,那将非常有帮助!


My order was in error. I received corn starch instead of corn meal. My cereal was not delivered nor substituted. If the cereal was not available, i should at least been informed. I would like a refund. Thank you.