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Free Math Notes应用简介

This app helps you with your math! Look up what you need, when you need it. All presented in a format that makes it easy to find what you need, and as easy as possible to follow it once you find it.

The notes include the following topics:

• Algebra: Laws of addition, multiplication, exponents, and logs. Change of log base. Geometric Series. Different types of polynomials. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

• Calculus: Definition of Limit. Definition of deriviative. Differentiation rules (product rule, chain rule, etc.) Antiderivatives. Integration rules. Fundamental Theorem. Indefinite integrals. Definite integrals and area.

• Complex numbers. What are complex numbers. Complex arithmetic. Complex conjugates. The complex plane.

• Geometry. Pythagorean Theorem. Distance between two points. Facts about triangles, circles, ellipses, and lines.

• Trigonometry: Definitions of trig functions. A ton of trig identities (Angle addition and subtraction formulas, half and double angle formulas, pythagorean identities, even and odd trig functions, complementary trig functions, and trig linear combinations.) Also Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.

• Vectors. What’s a vector. Length of a vector. Vector addition. Scalar multiplication. Dot product and cross product.

• Vector calculus. Div, grad, and curl. Curl as a determinant. The Laplacian. Vector calculus identities.

• A bonus section on classical mechanics. Mass, speed, velocity, acceleration, force, Newton’s laws, momentum, work, potential and kinetic energy, conservation laws.

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